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We want to reward our donors for their generosity - and that's exactly why we offer a wide variety of exclusive perks to them! All donations go directly into the server funds which help us to pay the bills. If you're interested in donating towards the Lord of the Craft then check out the table we've whisked together below. We've tried our very best to give you the best rewards, and that's exactly why our donation system meets the following criteria that we have set for ourselves:

  • - Fast - our system is entirely automatic, meaning you will receive all of your perks within 30 minutes of donating.
  • - Easy - the system works via a simple and quick storefront, meaning that you have very little hassle during your donation phase - simply click and get.
  • - Rewarding - our donation scheme is designed to give you the very best rewards possible for your generosity. We carefully choose each perk and which package it goes with to provide the maximum rewards.*

Remember: Donating does not exclude you from having to follow the Lord of the Craft's rules or from having to adhere to the Terms of Service. We will not ever revoke donation ranks, however if you are banned you will not receive access to the perks nor will you be refunded. We never refund donations - they are a donation, not a product you've purchased.

If you choose to donate, simply scroll to the bottom of your the donation package you'd like, enter your Minecraft Username and click: "Donate", and you'll be taken straight to PayPal!

Already a VIP? If you want to donate again for the next rank above, you should simply donate for the rank suitable to that amount e.g. if you're a Iron VIP - donate Iron again for Gold.

Confused about what a perk does? Hover over it's name in the far left column, and it'll tell you!

Perks Member
Coal VIP
Iron VIP
Gold VIP
Diamond VIP
Bedrock VIP
Ender VIP
Aether VIP
Forum Inbox
Buddy List
Donors Distinction
VIP Server Access
Book Database
Forum +
Bound Items
Red Pillars
Hall of Heroes
TS Channel
Custom Items
Game Hats
Scary Mount
Custom Tag
Hall of Heroes Statue
Particle Clouds
Choose Your Package

By purchasing any of the donor ranks above you are confirming that you have read, and that you agree to the following Terms and Conditions:
All purchases made via the Lord of the Craft are final - no refunds will be provided after the purchase is complete. In the event of the termination of access to your account on any of our services, your donor rank will remain, however it will again not be refunded. You understand that by attempting to 'charge-back' any purchase via PayPal you may have access to your Lord of the Craft account terminated for fraudulent behaviour - and we contest all chargebacks. 'donor ranks' may not be transferred to other accounts even if you have access to your account, the privileges remain locked to the account the rank was bought for.

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