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    Greetings Applicant! Welcome to The Lord of the Craft!

    Before you can begin playing on our server, you need to Apply.

    The following guide is designed to walk you through that process.


    Step One, The Forums:

    • Create an account on our forums, found here.
    • Read our server rules, found here.


    Step Two, Before Applying:


    • You must be at least thirteen (13) years old to join LotC. There are no exceptions to this rule.
    • Your application must entirely be your own original work. Plagiarism isn’t tolerated.
    • You cannot create a noble or royal character, or create a character that is friends with a noble or royal, without the permission of the player whose character’s child, or friend, you will be playing.
    • You cannot create a character that possesses magic, knows the details of magic, or is of an otherworldly or supernatural nature.
    • You cannot create a physically flawless character, as that would be a form of powergaming.
    • You cannot create an omniscient-type character, most knowledge should be learned in-game.
    • Elven characters must be at least fifty (50) years old, all other races must be at least eighteen (18) years old.
    • You can create an evil character, however, you should keep in mind that villainous characters must adhere to our villainy rules, and poor-quality villainy roleplay could lead to a blacklist.



    Step your Application:



    • You must have completely read the server rules to be accepted.
    • Your Character Name can be anything that fits into the fantasy spectrum. If you cannot come up with something yourself, we recommend using an online fantasy name generator.
    • Your Character Race has to be one of the descendant races, as seen on the drop-down list.
    • Your Character Gender has to be male or female, as seen on the drop-down list.
    • Your Character Age has to be at least eighteen (18), although if you are playing an Elf it is recommended, although not required, that you be at least fifty (50).
    • Your Physical Description should be a short summary of your character’s appearance and attire.
    • Your Personality Traits/Quirks should be a short summary of your character’s convictions, and other interesting personality aspects, with at least one negative characteristic being required.
    • Your Character Backstory should be a summary of your character’s life from birth up until their current age. You are required to reference at least two parts of lore on LotC, and this section has to be at least ten sentences in length.
    • Your Character Skin should match the gender, race, and physical description (as best as possible) of your character.
    • The Roleplay Scenario question should be kept short and sweet. Answer it to the best of your ability, and don’t be afraid to ask one of the Community Staff for help.
    • Generally, try to keep your application free of grammar mistakes and spelling errors. We aren’t looking for perfection, but a well-written application makes the reviewing process much smoother.




    Step Four, After Posting:

    • Keep checking to see if a Community Team member has picked up your application. You will receive either an Accepted, Pending, or Denied response. Most of the time, apps are placed on Pending, which means you need to make a few changes before you can be accepted. Once you’ve made the requested changes, send the Community Team member who is handling your application a message on the forums.
    • While waiting to be reviewed, feel free to log-on the server as a [Soul]. This is the unwhitelisted rank that applicants have, allowing them to fly around and explore the map, as well as chat with members of our community in the [WS] chat channel. Feel free to ask any questions you might have, whether they are about applying, roleplay, or whatever else you want to know about LotC. Our staff and players are always happy to help out new applicants!


    Roleplay Scenarios Example: 

    Imagine you’re roleplaying the character you’ve just created. Read and respond to the following scenario depending on how your character might react. Your response should be one emote, including a line or two of speech, and a line or two of action. 


    The following is an example answer we’ve created for your consideration:


    Example Scenario Question & Answer:

    You are walking down the steps of your small abode after hearing the sound of shattering glass in the middle of the night. As you round the corner of the wall at the base of the stairwell, you come face to face with a masked thief, shocked at almost having run into you.


    How do you respond?


    Out, out, get out of my house!” Charles barked, with a flustered and angered look. He jutted his arm out, with finger extended, to point at the rear door of his house.


  • Your Age: 19 Rules: Yes Timezone: GMT - 8 (Pacific Time US & Canada)
    Referral: minecraft-server.net
    Define Meta-gaming in your own words: using out of character knowlege to put your character in knowlege they shouldent have
    Define Power-gaming in your own words: powergamers are the ones who gives themself succes on anything they do even against other people who dont have a chance to reply or counter
    Status: Accepted

Raithrin Pellenor of the princedom of Fenn was born in a family directly worshiping wyrvun she was almost glowing as her skin was as white as fresh snow. at the age of 4, she started walking – she looked rather thin and scrawny also having a bit of trouble with her vision but had a voracious appetite.  at the age of 14, she was deep into knowledge and book and loved to hear the tales of the merchants and bard’s she came across. at 15 training to be an officer and to be ready to battle when she gets to 50 began as a birthday gift almost as she enjoyed the challenges and at 50 became a fully trained military women being ready if a war or battle was to come and later on at the age of 78 she wanted to know more and quit the military but still offered to help when needed. and soon after she also got herself a tattoo on her back representing wyrvun.  with her being a mute she could only write her phrases in the text of a small notebook she kept with pages to spare as she wrote her dictionary incorporating visual aids  she drew making her quite the adept artist also using a form of languages with her hands and arms using hand signs to speak making good use of her facial expressions also. being from a family in the capital she had a wide assortment of garments from lapis lazuli blue to light blue with many trinkets of jewelry and a set of armor which was adorned to be quite stylish.  motifs which she loved to wear a bit more than the casual clothing.

Character Name: Raithrin pellenore
Character Race: Snow Elf
Character Gender: Female
Character Age: 80
Physical Description: pure pale skin= bright blue eyes=sharp lowered ears. silver blueish medium cut hair=strong muscular feminine build=wears silver-framed glasses.6,2ft
Personality Traits/Quirks: is a strong, curious and naive girl born a mute. and has a surprising appetite
Roleplay Scenario:

with another big smile and wave as I would write in my notebook the following phrase [hello its a pleasure to meet you. I came here to learn about the world and fight alongside friends to make history with  ] as she would turn the pages to demonstrate an illustration of a tavern 

Screenshot of Skin:

User Feedback

Recommended Comments


You will have 24 hours to make the following changes to your application.


  • Your backstory must include at least one piece of lore from the Lord of the Craft wikipedia, as well as excluding any forms of magic/curses/etc. Unfortunately, locations and races do not count as lore as they are far too easy to use. If you need any help finding lore you are welcome to use any of the following places:

  • You have not included a  powergaming definition. This is mandatory for you to be accepted to the server. Please change this to prove you understand the definition of this word. You are welcome to use this definition given on our wikipedia as a reference.

  • Your metagaming definition is  incorrect as well as vague. Please revise this to prove you understand the definition this  You are welcome to refer to this definition given on our wikipedia as a reference.


If you require any assistance feel free to PM me or add me on discord and/or contact me at armajesty#5043.


You are also welcome to join our New Player Discord where you can contact other community staff, ask questions as well as speak with other new members!


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Welcome to Lord of the Craft and congratulations on completing your application! You are free to  use /creq in-game which will contact me or my fellow Community Staff members who can offer our assistance! Here is the New Player Guide! I recommend you look it over and ask any questions if you are confused. Have a great time roleplaying, and I look forward to seeing you around in future! Here is the link to the New Player Discord., it is highly recommended that you join. 


If you require any help feel free to contact me through forum dms or on discord at armajesty#5043.

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