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    Greetings Applicant! Welcome to The Lord of the Craft!

    Before you can begin playing on our server, you need to Apply.

    The following guide is designed to walk you through that process.


    First things First:

    • Create an account on our forums, found here.
    • Read our server rules, found here.


    Before Applying:

    • Due to the potential for semi-mature content, you must be at least thirteen (13) years old to join LotC.
    • Your application must entirely be your own original work. Plagiarism is illegal, and that isn’t tolerated.
    • You cannot create a noble or royal character.
    • You cannot create an otherworldly or magical character.
    • You cannot create a physically supernatural character.
    • You cannot create an omniscient-type character, most knowledge should be learned in-game.
    • Your character must be at least eighteen (18) years old.
      • Culturally, Elven characters below the age of  fifty (50) may be treated as an adolescent.
    • You can create an evil character, however, you should keep in mind that villainous characters must adhere to our villainy rules, and poor-quality villainy roleplay could lead to a blacklist.


    When posting your Application:

    • You must have completely read the server rules to be accepted.
    • Your character backstory (aka bio) must include at least two direct references to LotC lore. For help with this, consult the wiki, found here, or the implemented lore section of the forums, found here.
    • Your character’s name, age, and skin should reflect their race. For names, you are free to come up with something unique or use a generator from another fantasy universe. We understand that it can be difficult to find decent skins, so just try your best! If need be, you are free to look for something in our skin archive, found here.
    • Your Interesting Facts should include something positive, something neutral, and something negative. The most important part of this section is the negative characteristic, whether a mental trait or physical ailment, having a character with imperfections makes for better roleplay.
    • Generally, try to keep your application free of grammar mistakes and spelling errors. We aren’t looking for perfection, but a well-written application makes the reviewing process much smoother.


    After it’s Posted:

    • Keep checking to see if a Community Team member has picked up your application. You will receive either an Accepted, Pending, or Denied response. Most of the time, apps are placed on Pending, which means you need to make a few changes before you can be accepted. Once you’ve made the requested changes, send the Community Team member who is handling your application a message on the forums.
    • While waiting to be reviewed, feel free to log-on the server as a [Soul]. This is the unwhitelisted rank that applicants have, allowing them to fly around and explore the map, as well as chat with members of our community in the [WS] chat channel. Feel free to ask any questions you might have, whether they are about applying, roleplay, or whatever else you want to know about LotC. Our staff and players are always happy to help out new applicants!

  • Your Age: 14 Rules: Yes Timezone: GMT - 6 (Central Time US & Canada, Mexico City)
    Referral: Through a Friend
    What is Metagaming?: Metagaming is using information/knowledge that you, the player, have obtained while out of character, whilst in character. For example, if a character is illiterate, they wouldn’t know what the sign in front of them says unless told by another character.
    What is Powergaming?: Powergaming is playing an unusually powerful character, or making your character more powerful if they need it in a situation. For example, if Jenysara normally isn’t very tough, powergaming would be having her survive a multitude of strong attacks, just
    1 Status: Accepted

Kerraline was born 19 years ago in Dunshire, just before the move to Arcas. One day, when she was around 16, she challenged another halfling to a fencing duel, and she lost her eye. She made an attempt to fight her opponent with just her fists, and was stopped. Reluctantly, the other halfling decided to let her go, deciding that the loss of her eye would be a good enough lesson. Kerraline did learn her lesson about humility, though she’s still rather confident, and a bit loud. She now wanders around Arcas, earning money where she can find it, and just enjoying her travels.

Kerraline’s mother is the woman who taught her everything she knows about fencing; her father taught her academic subjects such as mathematics and Common. Kerraline’s relationship with her parents is good, and they all love each other. Lastly, she has a “younger” brother, who is actually her twin, younger than her by under an hour. Her and her brother, Jeriam, are on good terms, though they tease each other constantly.

Character Name: Kerraline
Character Race: Halfling
Character Gender: Female
Character Age: 19
Character Description: Kerraline stands at about 2'8", a faded red bandanna on her head, covering her right, empty eyesocket. She wears a cloth shirt and blue leather pants.
Interesting Facts:
Kerraline is missing her right eye; before she lost it, it was brown, a sharp contrast to her other green eye. Due to her lack of eye, her depth perception is impaired, causing her to often trip or stand too close to something or someone.
Kerraline is a bit hot-headed, and somewhat blunt, though she still is rather friendly. When you earn her trust or loyalty, it’s not easily lost, and she’s quite loyal to her allies and friends. She would even risk her life for many of her friends.
Kerraline is covered in small, barely noticeable scars, the most notable one on the right side of her face. Kerraline usually has some sort of injury; typically some sprain, bruise, et cetera. She sometimes is a bit reckless in her adventuring, thus earni
Screenshot of Skin:

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Your application has been ACCEPTED! Good job friend now all you need to do is wait to be implemented. During your wait I would suggest looking at the wiki page and learning more about the lore of the server. Here’s the link (LotC Wiki). Here is a link to the new player guide, highly suggested you take a look! New Player Guide   




Here’s a link to the New Player Help Discord:https://discord.gg/JzbhzCH  

Feel free to pop in and ask any questions you may have. Either I or another player or staff member will help you out! Welcome to Lord of the Craft!

If you’d like to contact me personally you can either message me on the forums, on discord at Austin#4276 ,or you can find me in game my McName is: EtherealPvP.

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