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    Greetings Applicant! Welcome to The Lord of the Craft!

    Before you can begin playing on our server, you need to Apply.

    The following guide is designed to walk you through that process.


    First things First:

    • Create an account on our forums, found here.
    • Read our server rules, found here.


    Before Applying:

    • Due to the potential for semi-mature content, you must be at least thirteen (13) years old to join LotC.
    • Your application must entirely be your own original work. Plagiarism is illegal, and that isn’t tolerated.
    • You cannot create a noble or royal character.
    • You cannot create an otherworldly or magical character.
    • You cannot create a physically supernatural character.
    • You cannot create an omniscient-type character, most knowledge should be learned in-game.
    • Your character must be at least eighteen (18) years old.
      • Culturally, Elven characters below the age of  fifty (50) may be treated as an adolescent.
    • You can create an evil character, however, you should keep in mind that villainous characters must adhere to our villainy rules, and poor-quality villainy roleplay could lead to a blacklist.


    When posting your Application:

    • You must have completely read the server rules to be accepted.
    • Your character backstory (aka bio) must include at least two direct references to LotC lore. For help with this, consult the wiki, found here, or the implemented lore section of the forums, found here.
    • Your character’s name, age, and skin should reflect their race. For names, you are free to come up with something unique or use a generator from another fantasy universe. We understand that it can be difficult to find decent skins, so just try your best! If need be, you are free to look for something in our skin archive, found here.
    • Your Interesting Facts should include something positive, something neutral, and something negative. The most important part of this section is the negative characteristic, whether a mental trait or physical ailment, having a character with imperfections makes for better roleplay.
    • Generally, try to keep your application free of grammar mistakes and spelling errors. We aren’t looking for perfection, but a well-written application makes the reviewing process much smoother.


    After it’s Posted:

    • Keep checking to see if a Community Team member has picked up your application. You will receive either an Accepted, Pending, or Denied response. Most of the time, apps are placed on Pending, which means you need to make a few changes before you can be accepted. Once you’ve made the requested changes, send the Community Team member who is handling your application a message on the forums.
    • While waiting to be reviewed, feel free to log-on the server as a [Soul]. This is the unwhitelisted rank that applicants have, allowing them to fly around and explore the map, as well as chat with members of our community in the [WS] chat channel. Feel free to ask any questions you might have, whether they are about applying, roleplay, or whatever else you want to know about LotC. Our staff and players are always happy to help out new applicants!
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  • Your Age: 13 Rules: Yes Timezone: GMT - 7 (Mountain Time US & Canada)
    Referral: minecraftservers.org
    What is Metagaming?: a game where you can't know what's going to happen
    What is Powergaming?: it's a game you can interract with other like role-playing
    1 Status: Denied

Lord_of_hell was born in a poor Ologs family. His family was poor because of war.  So he decide to avange his family. Today at 23 years old, he came to destroy everything. He want to kill the Frost witch -Fjarriauga


Character Name: Lord_of_hell
Character Race: Orc
Character Gender: Male
Character Age: 23
Character Description: A big Orc destroy evrything.
Interesting Facts:
His little brother die in fire
He have a strange hability to drink a lot
He love bread within orange juice
Screenshot of Skin:
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User Feedback

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Hi there! As you can see, your app is almost ready! Just a few changes you need to make, but don’t worry - you are doing great!

- Your metagaming and powergaming definitions are incorrect/unclear, and could use some work,, please fix these ❤️ Here are the definition pages, just make sure not to plagiarise!https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Metagaming



- Your bio is very short with not much detail, and does not include 2 lore references... It also does not make much sense that your character would start of with knowledge of Frost Witches, as they are a highly secretive group, hidden from public knowledge. Please make sure to include 2 lore references

- Your character’s name cannot be ‘Lord_of_hell’. This does not really fit with lore, as character names generally are names rather than titles, fit their culture and do not include underscores... Please change this to a more suitable name ❤️

- Your character cannot be an olog/part olog, as Ologs are a CA race. Please change this..

- Your interesting facts must include a negative trait, such as a physical ailment, fear/weakness or negative personality trait. Please add this ❤️

- Your character description should be a physical description of what your character looks like. Please change this.

- Your character cannot have the ability to simply ‘destroy everything’... please correct this.



You’ll be given 24 hours to correct the changes above. Once you are done correcting, please contact me!

Whenever you are done, or have any questions, feel free to message me via the forums, or in-game with /message puffables! If I’m not around there, you can add me on discord at duckybreb#4385.

If you still need help, make sure to check the wiki! WIKI


If you need to contact me, or need help,  you can join the new player discord here :https://discord.gg/eySYjqw




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Hi there, as you can see your application has unfortunately been denied, check below for the detailed reasons why.

I’m afraid that the 24hr editing period has expired, and you have not corrected the points listed. Please refer to the pending notice above for the issues that need fixing.

Don’t worry though! You can submit a new application and try again right after, just make sure you correct the things listed!


Need help? Feel free to contact me via the forums or my discord [duckybreb#4385]. I’m often online too, so you can message me with /message puffables to find me in game. If I’m not around, you can also use the new player discord which is right here! : https://discord.gg/eySYjqw

You can also use /creq ingame and me or my fellow CT members can help you that way!

Also, I would recommend that you read over the wiki! WIKI





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