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    How do you avoid powergaming in roleplay?: Using information, skill, certain behaviorial judgments that cannot be possibly acquired from one's roleplaying and using this in-game to gain an unfair advantage.
    How does metagaming disrupt fair roleplay?: Abusing roleplay powers for one's own gain during combat or other rivalry as to gain an unfair advantage and alter the game in an unrequited way.
    Status: Denied

None of your business stupid fool.

"I'm just lookin' for a steady job." says Vlogrago as he grins forcefully.

"Job! Why, of course. There is nothing here but job, job jobs! But take a seat, will ya? Tell me what you're really looking for."

He takes out a now genuine laughter. Not bothered by the fact that he gives this "an excuse of a living" time and space to talk, because he knows that his aim is greater than all the babbling and chattering.

"Well, you saw right through me." Vlogrago replies. "You see, now I am at the age of 53, I can feel my heart wanting to venture out, and maybe with some luck, court and settle down with someone right."

"Oh, why! This is the city of love! You see those bearded men over there shouting and drinking? They all found their wives in this very city!"

Just when Vlogrago gets ready to gabble on with him, a soft finger comes knocking on his right shoulder.

"Sir, she is ready to see you."

Man sitting across from him shivers with surprise. "Why didn't you tell me you were a friend of our lady! Why, sir, forgive me if I babbled something stupid, you know, my wife always sa..."

He stops with the comforting words of the now important. "All right gentleman, good to see you. Another time for a drink hopefully!"

Vlogrago follows the usher. Under the torchlights that follow up the stairs, his face becomes familiar: Lady's brother. "It's been a long time, and you still stand to these monkeys with beers on one hand and an empty glass on the other."

He thinks to himself. That is the exact reason your plan's bound to fail.

While I am getting to know my enemy, you despise and mock them from your glass castles. One needs to be more mysterious these days.


Character Name: Vlogrago
Character Race: Dark Elf
Character Gender: Male
Character Age: 53
Physical Description: Dark-blue eyes, white hair, dusky skin, blue dress. Muscular. Height taller than the average dark elf.
Screenshot of Skin:

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Hi there, as you can see your application has unfortunately been denied, check below for the detailed reasons why.

- Your powergaming definition isn't just there yet, please check out the Link to the definitions and try again.

- You asked in the confusing rule tile that you were wondering what happens after you revive: After someone revives they lose all memories of they died, or leading up to their death and you may not return to the place of death for 30 minutes. One will respawn at Cloud Temple (spawn).

-Your biography unfortunately contains too little lorereferences, you will need at least two lore references. You can use these Links Nations and Major Charters .Races .Arcas 

-What is 'The book of the undead?' It is not in the lore, and one cannot posses any magic or magical items, unless taught or given irply.

-Your roleplayscenario is also not correct, you cannot describe your thoughts in the roleplayscenario

-You mentioned servants in your familiy, one is not allowed to play as a noble family.

-Your skin is also not up to LOTC standards, for skins you can look at the Skinarchive for any skins.

-You did not describe what you think roleplay is like asked.


Need help? Feel free to contact me via the forums or my discord [ Minth#6303]. I’m often online too, so you can message me with /message Minth_11 to find me in game. If I’m not around, you can also use the LotC Discord which is right here! : https://discord.gg/fwEQA2F

Also, I would recommend that you read over the wiki! WIKI


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