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The smash hit "Remove Nexus" is back and better than ever in Remove Nexus Reboot™. Join in and show your mutual hatred for Nexus and all of its facilities.

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  2. No clue why this was posted in a group forum, but either way as one of the people that knew Nexus very intricately before its removal. I would be more than interested in helping the server create a system beneficial to all and ushering forth a more stable economy. JuliusAakerlund#0658
  3. I’ll make a Discord with all of us in it as well as the Coders and anyone else who wishes to join. Perhaps the staff could also have a “Your View: The Economy” or something as well
  4. @NotEvilAtAll @Man of Respect Economy, professions and grinding. For Lotc I don’t think it’s possible to make a fluid system that makes sense in terms of roleplay, logic and realism and at the same time works for everyone on Lotc. There are two types of players; Grinders and non-grinders. While it would make sense to have a need for grinding and gathering, the server should not punish those who don’t grind, whether it’s because they don’t want to or have less time online. It has to be optional. Economy should be based by supply and demand, professions should be realistic but also engaging and grinding should be optional. But with the resources of the server and the game combining these as they should be is probably impossible, not to mention all the complications that come with bending the mechanics of minecraft. Personally the first place to start would be custom recipes and balancing the use and gathering (supply and demand) of resources. → Making mail armour common and easy, iron armour more expensive etc.
  5. You heard the man. @Man of Respect @NotEvilAtAll Add my Discord: Treshure#1981. Let’s hash it out.
  6. Just going to let @Papa Liam respond to this if he wishes to. The idea I suggested there was basically his but modified slightly.
  7. I sanction this thread, whatever that means. The 3 of you who I brought up are the most serious from what I’ve seen about a mechanically-based economy system. You also have vastly different opinions. How to achieve it, therefore, probably will require a lot of discussion. So it’s up to you to work through it and reach a consensus that also appeals to a majority of the community. With this, I wish you the best of luck, because I know it won’t be easy. Anybody else with a proactive attitude that you can involve in this will also be welcome. In the meantime I’ll be working through a 1.13 setup that will hopefully be self-sufficient enough to the point that I have time to actually code something. @SeventhCircle will also have to be convinced since he’s the most involved with 7.0 and can do the resource nodes, scarcity, and most importantly decides how land is to be distributed (real estate being one of the most valuable resources for nations). Cheers.
  8. What is creating inflation is the immense amount of influx of money on the server with the combo of voting, caravans and hunting plugin. There’s also nothing for the general playerbase to invest on with their money, so money isn’t moving around from hand-to-hand. Every single thing that generates money into the economy and is highly profitable will make people turn their heads to that stuff. Nowadays, we have people claiming to be “economy geniuses” because they grinded nullers when they were a bigger thing; there’s no player-to-player trade on that and the influx of money isn’t kept track of. People would set incredibly low or no taxes at all. I also do not believe that this would fix the economy by “burning” it and I need to come with a better and more worked on argument, but the current state of the economy on this server can’t be fixed. There’s a surplus of money and nothing to spend it on, the little things that are eligible to be spent money on have their value increased in immense amounts (such as selling cobblestone for 1 mina/each)
  9. Perhaps a good way to remove minas from the economy could be through something similar to how nations collect money. Instead of having housing be either free or cost minas paid to a nation to be re-circulated, make it so that in order to have a house you’d have to pay minas directly to the server for it to be deleted. I don’t know how this could be done exactly (Maybe by requiring minas be deleted in order to have locked chests/doors?), but it could be a great way to stop inflation. By doing something like that, it WOULD be affecting the playerbase on a grand scale and taking out minas on a grand scale. That way we could have lots of ways for minas to enter the economy and be certain that the minas will one day leave it.
  10. I’m on mobile, so I’ll keep this short. I’m no fan of professions and I likely will never be. If you tweak these “new professions” to give players relative self sufficiency, it will have little to no impact for the playerbase. Nexus was impactful because it created a value system with a gun to your head. If you wanted good equipment, it was difficult to find. As for Mina and creating a good economy, good luck man. There are infinite ways to introduce Mina into the economy, but very few ways to sink it out. Things like warclaim expenses and nation charters help, but that doesn’t involve the playerbase on a grand scale. Personally, my gig is at molding the environment and creating resource scarcity at that. Seasons to diversify food and restrict food, geography to scatter staple resources and create competition – artificial scarcity to create value in it all. I’d say be careful with suggestions like these. Drastic changes to the server are drastically difficult to remove. Nexus was despised long before it was even possible to wrench out of the server. I’d stay start very incrementally and move on from there.
  11. Expanding on my last post... To understand how economy currently works, we must pay attention to some elements of old and anew: The current ways of injecting money into the economy are by doing caravans, hunting plugin or voting. These inject massive amounts of money into the economy yet there are very few things that this money can be used on. (also, caravans create inflation) What can gather value and what can’t gather value; we have a couple of items that can be considered slightly more valuable, which are: Building materials (wood, cobblestone, coal to smelt resources). What this improves into the economy is the fact that building materials are absolutely in high demand everywhere. To have a building, you need to go through the basics of Minecraft, which is resource gathering, promoting economy. A lot of people aren’t willing to gather these resources because they’re either short in time or lazy (but they can surely spend 12 hours a day roleplaying, oh boy!) To gather resources, you will need iron or diamond tools, which will promote player trade and better the economy slightly since there’s a demand on building materials. Feathers Feathers can gather value because they’re extremely important to PvP when making arrows and they’re hard to come by due to the difficulties of breeding chickens. Slightly more dedicated people can make a profit out of this. Diamonds Diamonds are the tier below the Aengulic tools. People will be willing to spend their minas on them to get their hands on diamond tools to gather materials more efficiently. Iron can’t be valuable because everyone can get it with large ore veins, and there’s a large influx of iron whilst its the only tier of armor. It’s incredibly easy to go mining and return in 10 minutes with the necessary resources to make an iron set where you need only 24 to craft a full set, which makes it completely invaluable and makes the price drop hard. And everyone can do everything. I’ve got to a point where I sold a cobblestone for 0.7 minas each, which is the result of inflation. People have a lot of money and nothing to actually spend it on. The Shop of Wonders is a terrible idea, because it’s not inclusive of everyone but a very small parcel of the server that is willing to acquire these special items. Its better if everyone can play a part on it. On Nexus, everything that required Nexus professions could gather value because it: Often needed more than one person to do, creating player-to-player trading Things were harder to come across by Promoted nation competitivity, creating a higher demand
  12. This is somewhat similar to another idea I thought up of yesterday. My idea was to have the skills plugin consist of picking one thing you are better than average at and two things you are below average at. The idea is to have people be more or less self sufficient (as they are now), but not self sufficient in the two areas they picked to be below average in. By letting people pick what they are not able to do, the Nexus issue of “I cannot craft a door because I didn’t pick Woodcrafter” is basically eliminated because instead of picking 2 skills and every other skill being nothing, you pick 1 skill to be great at and 2 skills to be terrible at while everything else is normal Minecraft. By having people be self sufficient in every skill but the skills they do not wish to do themselves, you’d be improving the old Nexus concept of skills greatly.
  13. Just came back from my grandmother, so I decided its finally time to write this, since you pinged me, thanks! I’ve came up with a system very similiar to Nexus but that should hopefully appease both sides, and I’ve made the pool to gather ideas about Nexus, recently, which can be found here. I’ve also explained on that same topic that I’d bring a fully new system based off from Nexus but as a mean to replace Nexus whereas its not obligatory yet it contains the grind. It works like this: Everyone can craft everything, and there are professions. But these professions are much more different. You can pick up to 2 professions per persona and mass-craft items on that persona, of which, are instantly-crafted but they cost energy. As you craft these items, you will gain specialization, which will reduce the required amount of energy to craft certain items a day. For example, someone with 0 specialization on blacksmith can make a maximum of a full set a day, where someone with high specialization can craft 10 or 12 sets a day with no trouble, based off from xZaebos idea. Then you have slightly better equipment (just like we have the Minotaur and Berserker Axes), but they’re something along the lines of “Steel Sword” and very minimal buffs to damage, such as a 10% increase up to a maximum of 20% (which would be slightly better than a diamond sword). This will promote economy because it’ll be something unique that requires a certain amount of specialization to be constantly crafting and pumping out alongside some effort. Lets say for example, specialization on mining with the intention of the “Steel Sword”. For each block of iron that you mine, you’ll have a very small chance of acquiring a special type of iron, such as Steel Ore, and everyone has this chance of getting the Steel Ore. The biggest difference is that, the higher your specialization on mining, the more likely you’ll get the special ore, yet, absolutely everyone can get this ore. This will create grinding for slightly better equipment that cannot be too impactful on PvP. Also for example, lumberjack. The higher spec you have in lumberjack, the most likely you’ll be to get special branches that can be used to make slightly better bows. These new, special resources, will create an economy on the server because they will be different and sought after; a small jump above regular weapons and armors, yet, they can be crafted by everyone, it’ll just take longer because it’ll use up more of their energy. Now I’d like people to send here or message me about how they feel on this system so I can gather more feedback and improve this topic. Lets build a new Nexus, bois!
  14. Hello there everyone! Recently I’ve been thinking about some ways that farming, mining, and other things can be made useful and/or profitable come 7.0. Now that Nexus is gone, a lot of its economic features were removed as well and now we must rebuild something different from scratch. So, without further ado, let’s get started with some ideas Ideas for Farming: -Make certain crops grow far better at different times in the year so that not every crop is profitable at once? This might encourage people to mix up what they are growing in their fields and could give some more variety to people’s diets. -Reduce the amount of wheat gained per plant down to 1 when using a hoe. This means that hoes only exist to be faster and easier than breaking crops by hand and do not improve production so much that everybody is sitting on massive stocks of hay all the time. Perhaps the increased wheat yield could be given back to players who take some kind of farming skill or profession (If skills/professions are to be added back in 7.0). -Caskets could be added back into the game when diamond hoes are used to farm crops. This would give people a reason to use diamond hoes, which improves the value of diamonds. -Silly little events could happen while farming just like how silly little events happened when chopping trees back in Nexus (Remember the Pomegrenades? That’s the sort of thing I’m talking about). If done correctly this will make farming more interersting and enjoyable. Ideas for Animal Breeding: -Remove the cap on how many animals you can breed per restart, and replace it with a 75% failure rate on animal breeding. This both allows dedicated players to produce more meat if they have the time and forces you have to use more crops in order to breed animals, which could make meat more costly (due to it taking more resources to make meat), and more plentiful (because people can make more meat over an extended period of time). -If a 75% failure rate seems to strange, perhaps a custom crafting recipe for “Animal Feed” could be added to the game. This “Animal Feed” has a 100% chance of producing a baby when two animals are bred with it, but costs a lot of farm produce to craft. (Carrots, potatoes, hay bales, etc. could all be crafted into this Animal Feed in whatever crafting recipe seems fitting). -Special items could be dropped by animals which could then be used in custom crafting recipes to create all sorts of fun things. -Eggs, Milk, Feathers, and Leather could be used in more recipes in order to give them more value (See: Cooking) Ideas for Cooking: -Custom crafting recipes galore, all of which unique in some way -Just like how food provides basic buffs in most MMOs, LOTC’s custom food recipes could provide speed, jump boost, haste, and night vision when used in certain permitted areas. This makes sure that bakers will have more to do and more to sell. (Note: Foods providing speed buffs and jump boost should only work on roads, Foods providing haste should only work in mines and the Resource Isles.) -Just like how Berserker axes are different from Iron Swords yet still more or less their equal, certain foods could have similar mechanics. For example, a certain custom food could give metric tons of hunger and saturation yet blind you for 20 seconds after eating it, or a certain potato could heal you up to full health yet remove all of your hunger and saturation so you are almost starving. @Treshure @Man of Respect it’s time to get to work fellas
  15. Probably but we'll write something to redirect "*message" to the emote channel and "((message" to the correct looc channel.
  16. Will the new chat plugin be the one that uses /me to do emotes?
  17. Some concern here and there about the chat plugin. To wrap that one up VentureChat has almost all of the features of the current chat plugin. There's channels, local chat, ooc chat, party chat, emotes, persona cards, and most everything else. Some features lost include customizable emote colors, mumbling and continuity (aka auto " this is my message-" buffering). There'd be a much smaller compatability plugin to preserve all other features. In return we are able to preserve chat logging, which was jeopardized by HawkEye being discontinued. We'll also gain on discord integration and cross-server chat which is the crucial first step in splitting server load and eliminate lag.
  18. Very much like that we get a little update in the situations, only thing truly concerning me is the chat plugin issue. I feel like a huge part of LotC is the chat and how we use it, a completely change of that and a loss of features in it won’t do that good, in my opinion. CoreProtect does have some loss of features compared to Hawkeye (from what I see) but I don’t think that’ll be an issue in the long end.
  19. Understandable for most of that stuff BUT DAMN DUDE NOT THE ******* CHAT PLUGIN
  20. Oh god no I won't be able to do massive emotes anymore.
  21. I don't know how impatient people are, but I wanted to make sure people were in the loop as to why 1.13 is taking so long. Tofuus and I (but mostly Tofuus) have been updating the possibility on getting all the plugins 1.13 ready. This is somewhat daunting of a task, but there's luckily some progress that was made both on our side and that of the bukkit plugins. However, there's also many obstacles. Here's an overview. TLDR: certain features you've taken for granted will disappear. Worlds will break. Everything will take time and cost money 1.13 Spigot status is still officially in "development" status but is getting more stable. We might try to update on this map, although its just as likely we won't / have a temp map. Either way expect stuff in the current world to break when we officially make the switch. Break badly 🙂 Despite this md5 is a genius and a diligent Spigot release scheme has made most of our off-the-shelf plugins immediately functional in 1.13 HawkEye, our block logging plugin, is officially discontinued in 1.13. Because the logging is so closely related to the names of materials this one will very likely no longer work properly. This means we have to switch to the only option left available: CoreProtect. This will cause a lot of feature loss and a very big work effort to get the transition going, and can be considered the major holdup. The alternative is to do away with block logging, but suffice to say the GMs don't trust you guys 😉 NoCheatPlus is discontinued and likely not functional with the 1.13 protocol. I doubt this will upset anybody ArcheCore works, but we might turn off seasons altogether for 1.13 Our version of WorldEdit is mostly okay but important people up in the coding community have recommended against its usage. What we end up doing here is mostly a judgment call, but the choices are stability (less world corruption chance) vs speed (ability to do calculations without upsetting the main game loop). Regardless of which option is chosen we might have to ask people to use large WE operations sparingly or during server valley hours. NPCs have been very difficult to make compatible but Tofuus has been giving it his best efforts and succeeded. Most smaller plugins should work fine except when they do fancy/stupid stuff that calls the Minecraft code directly. Our disguise plugin has gone premium in 1.13 and might not be available. This breaks mob Hunting and the ETs ability to be a minecraft mob. Obelisk gets to be in a category all of its own: Most Obelisk modules should work out of the box Data conversion is really difficult for Obelisk modules because things are encoded in Base-64 for reasons beyond my comprehension. This makes it even more likely we will just move to a temp map when this 1.13 stuff is done. Our chat plugin named RPEngine is the largest issue as it is utterly chaotic and not maintainable. To prevent future dev suicide urges we will likely use this opportunity to switch it out for an off-the-shelf plugin like VentureChat. However, you can expect a lot of feature loss to occur from this, for example the continuity feature or the mumbled speech through walls.
  22. Not necessarily the best place to see it for visibility. I just post here cuz I like to have my blog on archive. Either way with 1.13 you might see something on this from our coders 😉
  23. I just liked that people got to choose their profession. As long as people can't choose every profession to be theirs, I'm cool with p much any system tbh.
  24. Recently, there has been a lot more talk about Nexus and whether it should be brought back. According to Sporadic’s thread, Nexus will never be brought back because it would take too long and would result in an endless cycle of removing and restoring the system. However, this does not mean we cannot theorize about possible future systems that could make crafting and resource gathering more interesting than vanilla without all the lag, server issues, and imbalances of Nexus. So I decided to make this thread so people could discuss these things and develop ideas for LOTC that look forwards towards the future instead of backwards into the past. Just because Nexus has been removed permanently doesn’t mean we cannot add back the few elements of Nexus that people liked along with newer ideas to create something that works for everyone. So, what are your suggestions?

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