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  2. Concerning the halfling race in Dunshire Alright, so as many of you may be aware, the halfling playerbase in Dunshire has waned a bit ever since I went on hiatus after PKing Madeline Applefoot. Compared to the massive spike of activity and great roleplay we had back then, Dunshire has fallen quite a bit. However, we still have a lot of active and semi-active players in the Discord and village, and thus I believe we can easily bounce back from this state of relative inactivity. What I want from you all is feedback on how we can improve things in Dunshire and how we can keep the place more active and less prone to massive spikes and drops in activity as halflings join Dunshire and as important halflings go on hiatus. Here's my current plan: -Bring back the Dunshire Drinking Nights, or similar weekly events that are broadcasted to all on the forums. -Try to establish some more storylines in Dunshire (silly little villains, small adventures, etc. Like what me and @_SuitAndTie_ plan to be doing) -Wait for the halflings currently on break/busy with work(I know there's at least a few) to come back, thus making the activity situation in Dunshire much better. -Keep on promoting good halfling morals in the current halflings, and remove any random locks that are in Dunshire (Which shouldn't exist in the first place outside of the Storage Burrow) -I've heard many Elder halflings suggest that we require residents to do fun little tasks in order to gain and retain control over a burrow, perhaps we could implement something like that -Maybe hold a festival or two, with lots of booze and food of course. I am open to any other ideas, and while I'm no longer an Elder in Dunshire and thus don't really have a say in how it's run anymore, I feel like the community trusts me enough where they'd generally go along with anything I plan to do, or any suggestions that other members of the halfling community may have. See you all in Dunshire!
  3. Does anyone have any suggestions as to music I could add to my halfling music playlist? I want to make it even larger for even better halfling immersion.
  4. This is going to get spicy real fast
  5. So, it looks like the Dunshire Drinking Night forum post was removed due to the Forum slip up, but I can re-make it in time for the event. In the mean time though, I suppose we can discuss things about Dunshire here!
  6. Interesting! I can’t wait to see what that is! In the meantime, I might as well post my own opinions on the questions I’ve asked. 1: I would like to see more adventures in the village. Things like _SuitAndTie_’s event with the Arcane Pumpkin and the big dragon that was part of an event in Asulon or something. A little something to contrast the day-to-day halfling life and make things more exiting. 2: If we are to have a storyline, it could be interesting to borrow one of the themes used in LOTR. For example, We could have malevolent characters take control of the village and industrialist at the expense of the inhabitants, much like the Scouring of the Shire. Or maybe we could play into the more universal themes of LOTR and try to reinforce the message of said theme. Or maybe we could not do any of that and just do completely unrelated but fun events. Anything goes, really. 3: Probably once every 2 months. That’s enough time between festivals for each festival to be unique and interesting, yet enough festivals for lots of partying fun! ((On second thought, maybe my Scouring of the Shire example isn’t the best of examples with the CT being protected against villainy and all... Eh, I guess it still works as an example otherwise))
  7. The AT will likely be contacting the halflings near CT soon to discuss a project.
  8. What sorts of events and storytelling would you like to see in Dunshire, be it player made or ET run events? Would you like to see Dunshire have an overarching storyline/plot around it? If so, what sort of plot would you want? And lastly, how many festivals should we have?
  9. Halfling main here, I spend my time personally with the Druids. Though the majority of the halflings are in Sutica yes. Do you wanna be added to the halfling discord?
  10. We are picking out a name for our new village, then settling in today/tomorrow. Maybe a festival soon once we get ourselves all set up!
  11. We're going to be living in a very nice looking village inside of Sutica, it should be pretty fun!
  12. New player, came in shortly before map change. I'm just generally curious on the activities of the other Halflings since I've not seen many since starting.
  13. Lee wimpy or pal would evict him instantly for being a dwarf though In my personal opinion we need to have more hilarity in the village, we need to do more silly and fun things like pumpkin raids and... ...And silly yet meaningful roleplay such as this
  14. How about the return of Boldrumir Cottonwood ;) I mean he's the father of Balorien his wife
  15. We already do log online, and we have many active halflings who do indeed go online a lot. You’re statement is not correct. If you never see anyone at the village it’s probably because you aren’t looking during the village peak or you’re looking at the wrong village to begin with. Edit: was I supposed to interpret your message as a serious suggestion or as a subtle insult? It’s hard to convey tone over the internet
  16. We are not a dead race, and I’m looking for more specific suggestions.
  17. Comment what you'd like to see more of in Mapleshire, be it random player events, shogging, festivals, booze, pipeweed, anything goes!

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