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  2. Who do we talk to about alchemy and making potions?

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    Changed Status to Accepted
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    Changed Status to Under Review Hi, you got accepted! Very exciting and good job on the app. I welcome you to the community of LotC! Need help? Feel free to contact me via the forums or my discord [Zach#5794]. I’m often online too, so you can message me with /message ZachsSlayer or Zachs_ to find me in game. If i’m not around you can also use the new player discord which is right here! : https://discord.gg/eySYjqw You can also use /creq ingame and me or my fellow AT members can help you that way! Lastly here is the new player guide, I recommend you look over it! https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/179894-new-player-guide/?pagecomment1690465=1 I’ll see you out there!
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    Imperial Folly

    A Mali’ker’s soft, yet long eyes gazed upon the missive that told her about the news, ”Shame I wasn’t there to assist my fellow ‘Ker. I would have loved to cut down those imperial swines.”
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    Just to make sure, the name does not include _ but a –, so it would be Haute-Bellegarde.
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    A ******* fish is in my boot... That is the first thing that my mind processes when i wake up on the shore, all around crates and bodies spilled evenly across it. I try get up but my body does not respond inmediately, first my hands tries to clean the sand and algae of my face to later help me get up, being helped by the other hand who responds much sooner than the rest of my body. “Where the **** am i?” i think, already standing and getting away from the waves before they swallow me up again. I try to think, to look for any landmarks but nothing comes to mind... The realization hits hard, like a slap in the face by a mother. Nothing comes to mind, nothing at all. Not a place, not a life nor anything of the sort. I can’t seem to remember anything and before i realize, i’m on the sand again, having fell like i have been kicked in the jewels... I try to think, i put my all in remembering anything, concentration on the important bits, anything else is unnecesary. A name comes to mind, Harkon. Lord Harkon. The name sounds good but the title does not...a lord of what? Other memories come flooding yet unfinished. The sea, sailing in it with the wind hitting on my face. A marriage in Sutica... Nothing else comes to mind...Why? Soon, i realize i’m feeling cold. I look around and find a few clotes in one of the crates, drier than the piece of cloth i have for a shirt at least. Soon, i recolect a good amount of clothes but the night is getting closer so i put on a fire and eat some clams i get from the shore... Everything comes naturally, but nothing else comes when i want to think about it...The night reaches it’s point, and i’m too tired to even care about things anymore, so prepare myself too sleep. If something doesn’t kill me while i sleep, i will follow the shore until i find people.
  9. hattori_b


    Haute-Bellegarde grew up in a town near the Duchy of Adria to a family who owned a small, nearly bankrupt tavern. Haute served as a serving boy and did not attend any official schooling from business with his work. But his oldest sister did spend time after dark teaching him to read and write, and much about faith and religion. Growing up in a lower-middle-class household, religion was big for his family and kept them going during tough times. They Tarciel’Embearts are devout followers of The Church of Canon, even if it may result in a loss in the family. There has been many a time when they have spared money and food for others when they desperately needed it themselves. As Haute grew older he began to be taller, stronger, and better built than his father. His father decided to put money into having Haute trained for combat, and from age 12-22, he trained. He had different trainers and different times, and he decided to not get to attached too attached to these men. He would grow as a fighter, eventually becoming equals to those who trained him. At the age of 23, Haute-Bellegarde had reached a point in his life where he wanted to move past the tavern owners son. He wanted to make a name for himself, and so he did. He started off taking small jobs in his home town, guarding trading carts, bouncing parties, small work. He felt that he was in the same position he was before. The money paid well enough, but he wanted more, something beyond just a village guard. At the age of 30, Haute left his village and family for an adventurers lifestyle. He said his final goodbyes to his old mother and father, and his sister, who was married with two children of her own, bought himself a suit of armor from the armorsmith, a longsword from the weaponsmith, and went to find work. As he left his home, Haute swore to do only honest work and has tried to do so as much he can. Since then Haute has done jobs of many a different nature and travels around the Realm looking for job opportunities. Although, he has not found much luck with larger, more important jobs. This has left him traveling, looking to work mercenary jobs for noblemen and lowborn alike.
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    Rejoice, Silver Blooded

    Gweiyr smirks. ~Ay’Larihei~
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    I am done plz be fast I only just finshed this XD and I got only 6 hours left but I am done with it
  13. Alfonso X el Sabio

    From Ruination [FRP]

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IdHg_sDxzM DUCHY OF ULYADAR 1513 The sickly Duke Arvid in his chambers. The doors of the humble room burst open as Prince Bruce stood in the doorway, his jaw dropping at the sight of the ghastly sight of his fathers near-soulless body strewn upon the bed. The sheets were drenched in sweat, and the only thing audible in the room were the sounds of women weeping, and the groans of old Duke. Other then that, it was silent, yet the walls of the room were lined with visitors and mourners alike. Bruce, the Prince, had just arrived from the gathering at the realm of the Lithborn, and he raced over on his bear from Ulya to the keep at Tykirfell, where the King was, as soon as a maid bore him the ill revelation. “Father!” Bruce yelled, as his sword and everything he held in his hands dropped to the ground as he rushed over and kneeled at the side of his elder. The weak eyes of the man slowly made its way over to the prince, who was tightly clutching his bony hand. “Myyy sonnn…” mumbled the King, followed by a sequence of brutal hacks and coughs. “Father… the Bloodied Once can help you, we can sacrifice all the sl-” the frantic prince began saying until he was interrupted by the sickly royal. “No, my time has come, listen, Bruce,” “Blood for Blood father, Tykir can grant you blood.” “Listen to me, Bruce. I will not postpone my suffer-” a brutal, and bloody, combination of wheezes, hacks and coughs, would interrupt the commencement of the Duke’s monologue. Arvid’s other hand would, with a lot of effort, place itself upon Bruce's head, and he would smile lightly, a small glint appearing in his pale eyes. “Bruce, my son,” he would begin, almost as if his life is fleeing him with every syllable. “My death is here, there is nothing to be done.” He would gasp profoundly, the entire crowd of aides, guards, and members of the aristocracy would grow completely silent, and focused upon the pair. “You, my son, have things that need to be done, however. I have seen it in my dreams and in myvisions. A champion has told me that you, my son, will be close to Him, he will use you, and you will let Him.” Bruce would struggle to nod, squeezing out a response; “Yes father, I will,”. The Duke would continue,pausing after every few statements to recover the strength to utter the words that follow. “Bruce, my last words to you, will be the following. Take heed of them, and use them.” Bruce would nod, his adam's apple bobbing as he pushes his rising sorrows back into the depths from which they emerged from. “You have His favor. Conquer this land, its enemies likewise, and become not a Duke, but a King of the realm, a King of Blood.” And with that last sentence, the Duke exhales one last time, and his hands fall upon the white fur covers of the bed. The sounds of weeping and mourning would overtake the room, as Bruce’s face would sink into the sheets. When one door closes, another opens. Hundreds of men set out to the lands south of he-that-waits, and begin hammering the rocky earth with their iron picks. The scene is a similar sight for miles without end. Figures of men spread out across the terrain, hacking at the same rock for long, dreadful shifts. Some, after a several hours at it, find themselves in a foxhole some 2 metres deep, before they simply quit, and choose another rock to begin chipping at, and repeat the same process. The citizens of Ulyadar, especially the elite, have faith in the words of Assirbanakh, a stone effigy older then the very existence of any concept known as an Ulyadi. So much so that they have even offered a reward for the lucky individual who finds the coveted ice steel. When flyers advertising such an opportunity made their way onto notice boards in cities, towns, and colonies alike, there was a great rush amongst the peasantry of the nation, and hundreds of men took up the call for labor, and made their way to the designated areas. Now, for a month now, the great collection of peasant-miners has been combing the coastline, toiling in the brutal arctic gustsin search of the lucky clink that will be the forever craved ice-steel. NATION INFO CITIES: Star: Ulya(Capitol) Circle South :Yakur Circle Northwest: Alost (Port) Circle east, on small lake:Tykirfell TOWNS: Odeilia SETTLEMENTS: Circle on big lake, Odeilia Circle north, next to glacier:Rypapa East on peninsula: Elirkuta First on peninsula:Halsar Second on Peninsla:Grimsar POPULATION:3,997,670+7%+3k slaves=4,280,507 ARMY: 2 units medium infantry, 1 unit light infantry ARMY UPKEEP: 0K GOLD NAVY:3 GALLEY 3 COGS UPKEEP FOR NAVY:2K GOLD GOLD:3K(BASE)+12K(POP)+6K(TRADE)+12K(MERCHANT GUILD)+2k(PORT)+ 4K(ECON POINTS)+7k(MANUFACTORY)+9K(TOWN BONUS)+500(Bulgar trading thing)+5k=60.5K GOLD GOLD FOR THIS TURN:60.5K TRADING PARTNERS: Chapel of True Knauledge, Fortress Libraries, Kingdom of Bulgar, The Order, Herzaka, Trident BUILDINGS FARMS:16 MERCHANT COMPANY:4 CATHEDRAL:1 MANUFACTORY:7 PORT:1 TRADING COMPANY:3 SETTLEMENTS:3 TOWNS:1 CITIES:4 KEY CHARACTERS DUKE ARVID, DUKE OF ULYADAR PRINCE BRUCE OF ULYADAR TANCRED, ORACLE OF THE BLOOD FORGE ACTIONS -A Trading offer is sent to the Kingdom of Icefell. -In order to supply the new settlements built in the north, three fish farms are constructed to give them a constant supply of food in such a hostile and inhabitable environment, even to the hardy Ulyadar, who still starve to death and succumb to diseases on the isolated colonies.(-15k) -With the rapid expansion of Odeilia, the crown grants Odeilia with a city charter. As is custom, accompanying the city charter, is a sizeable convoy of gold and chests to be used for the expansion of the town of odeilia into a city.(-15K) -A sizeable outstanding loan is repaid from the treasury onto the hands of the demanding nobles as they skyrocket interests rates, forcing several greedy accountants and financiers to cough up the necessary gold..(-7.5k for population mess up) -The long voyage for the raiding parties of the realm commence once more as they leave the port of Yakur right after the harvest, and set sail for the coasts of Naros. They sail from village to village, port to port, and nation to nation as they plunder indiscriminately. They will return only when the hulls and holds of their fleet is full with wealths and riches of slaves, bounty, and gold from the Narosian nations.In order to secure Tykirs blessings for the plunder, a ceremony is conducted at the blood forge, where a levy of 50 slaves are paid in blood to the fiery depths of the forge.(-5k funding) -After consultation with the ancient entity of Assirbanakh, its wisdom is followed as the parties follow the direction of the rock and head due south, and begin to mine and dig in search of a deposit of the legendary and famed ice steel.(2k) -After the construction of a cathedral in Ulya for the Duke and the denizens of the Duke’s domain to use for their own worship of the all seeing Blood God, his home, the Blood Forge, still remains untouched, in its original state as it was left by earlier civilizations thousands of years ago. The construction of a shrine at the site of the home of the Blood God begins.(-16k)
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    I am done I did everything that you told me I AM DONE 🙂 I realy like role play servers …..
  15. Pokemon991


    I am done
  16. BaldurTheButcher


    The name is baldur i was born in the town of Kal'Azgaryum my mother was a town lady and my father a warrior. i am one of 3 brother i have been known to wield a kitchen knife and a sword if needed. you can find me in my meat shop or in the local brothel i am very wise i can fight any man or at least attempt to haha. I am a man of loyalty so if you cross me the price may be paid with your head on a spike i am also a ladies man with a hard nose English accent bareknuckel boxing is my idea of fun and dancing betwixt the sheets with the town wenches.
  17. TheLordsHand


    Green skin tone, 102 lbs, long nails, very little hair, long sharp teeth, 42 years of age, 4’2’’.
  18. Elennanore

    Imperial Folly

    “This word is disgusting, please don’t use it. Anyways, good work butchering Imperials.” An elf comments.
  19. NoZaku

    The Defence of San'Strohk

    "Easy." Blah'd Zkrew-Luz, who didn't even show up.
  20. we gonna rock down to

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      and then we take it higher

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      Top ten terrible opening sentences to a thesis on the use of the electric chair

  21. TheNanMan2000

    Rejoice, Silver Blooded

    Wargoth Murak’Gorkil didn’t bother reading all the drivel, however could ascertain it was not backed up by action or military prowess.
  22. sx20master


    Kerraline was born 19 years ago in Dunshire, just before the move to Arcas. One day, when she was around 16, she challenged another halfling to a fencing duel, and she lost her eye. She made an attempt to fight her opponent with just her fists, and was stopped. Reluctantly, the other halfling decided to let her go, deciding that the loss of her eye would be a good enough lesson. Kerraline did learn her lesson about humility, though she’s still rather confident, and a bit loud. She now wanders around Arcas, earning money where she can find it, and just enjoying her travels. Kerraline’s mother is the woman who taught her everything she knows about fencing; her father taught her academic subjects such as mathematics and Common. Kerraline’s relationship with her parents is good, and they all love each other. Lastly, she has a “younger” brother, who is actually her twin, younger than her by under an hour. Her and her brother, Jeriam, are on good terms, though they tease each other constantly.
  23. Aquaquean


    Ø Your character’s biography should be about your character, not yourself. Ø Please reference the war your character’s best friend fought in or emit this from your application if it is not part of the server lore. Ø While this is not necessary, I would recommend that you try and develop/revise your character’s past a little more so that it doesn’t fall under the cliche of their parents being killed by orcs and their best friend dying. Ø You must include at least one clear flaw in your character's interesting facts/traits. A flaw should generally be something to do with the character’s personality/behaviour. These facts/traits must be at least five-word sentences. You’re nearly there however there are a few changes that you must make to your application before you can be whitelisted. You have 24 hours to make the changes above. Once you’ve finished editing your application, shoot me a message here on the forums or through discord and I’ll take another look. You can always check out the server wiki page for an extensive collection of server lore information, as well as the metagaming and powergaming definitions. Feel free to also join our New Player Discord! Here you can ask questions to our Communication Team, meet other players and view up to date roleplay opportunities. If you ever have any questions or need help, please feel free to contact me here on the forums, through my discord (Aqua#5363) or by /msg Aquaquean in-game. You can also /creq on the server to place a ticket if you require assistance from any of us Communication Team members.
  24. MangoArt

    [FRP] Gods and Men 5 [RP]

    In the dawn of the era, the sea was silent. Painfully silent. An ancient titan sleeps undisturbed, and has done so for time immemorial. That time is to end. The coral encrusted body of the titan rose, scattering his loyal subjects of sea creatures that had tended to his resting body. His head rose above the sea and he gazed out at the vast expanse of ocean surrounding him. Displeased by the emptiness and his mind full of questions, he placed a hand on his scraggly and algae colored beard. He had a name, something given to him ages ago by a force he could not remember. He had a purpose, that he knew- to be the guardian of this ocean and see it prosper and grow, to assure its borders are ever-expanding. Even he could not achieve that alone, for a god is weak without worship. From the depths of the ocean, he raises a trio of mountains of monumental size. The craggy, mossy rocks sprout above the rocking waves. They shape themselves, moss becoming grass and grass becoming trees. Soon what was once a rocky outcropping was instead a set of fertile, beautiful islands. A lush, tropical atoll for his subjects. It began to rain on his islands, invigorating the divinely constructed ecosystem. Mhoric grew a race of men from these stormclouds, fair in hair and strong in body. They were to be his servants, and all would be right in time.
  25. Ambduscias

    Rejoice, Silver Blooded

    “Mastering others is intelligence; Mastering yourself is true wisdom. Knowing others is strength; knowing that the ‘Aheral are not fit to live free of the Shen yolk is true power.” Cao Cao Shen remarks, running his fingers through his goatee.
  26. Auriel_

    The Celestial Order

    “How odd. How bold – of you to assume that th’ void is both not a benevolent god, but that of a weapon of the righteous. I find you concerning if not entirely rent mad by your own failed delving into the ever-expanse. Your authority, being bound to the kith and kin of Sutica, shan’t speak on the subject of ‘rampant magic’ or ‘weaponized void’, for you are yet doing nothing for the sake and protection of it: is challenged. Said the archimandrite as it derives forth it’s essence onto Arcas in a flurry of power, truthfully, however, it was merely a message; for they, the order, to take how they liked. The notice as it were is simple in it’s make if not ornate and decadent in it’s writing. “You are not a paragon of truth and righteousness as is expected one of that watches over the ever-expanse. The Celestials are a people of power, obvious as it is, but left unchecked, are a danger to all in perpetuity in protection of the realms of Arcas and are thusly a threat to the concept of righteousness and the vows of a defender as one takes as a true Arcanist.”
  27. EpistleofEnoch

    Rejoice, Silver Blooded

    “The Silver Elves are mutants warped by the taint of the so-called Golden Pools. Their forebears baptized themselves in cursed waters, and when Larihei and her followers emerged, they wore that very curse upon their skin and in their souls. Their bodies were left feeble and misshapen, their minds clouded by conceit, and the basest notions of common sense had abandoned them. And when their transformation became complete, Larihei spoke to her flock of degenerate mutants, ‘procreate among thineselves, and let not the bloodline of the purest stray’. Rejoice, this is the result of centuries worth of inbreeding, my friends!” A tattooed Ithelanen read aloud amidst a crowd of his fellows, including the majestic Cao Cao Shen. @Ambduscias
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