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  2. Cannons first ladies, we’ve already had ‘em and had ‘em revoked.. Let’s get to those and then we can focus on a halfling blunderbus to nuke a small door from it’s hinges.

  3. i patiently await the day i can kit out an RSASS w/ aimpoint reflex sights and 6 picatinny taclights w/ a geotex suppressor, pop on Pumped Up Kicks and Rainbox 6 Siege Helena’s keep

    1. Stargush


      “You’re the last one, complete the mission”

    2. Ryloth


      exactly my thoughts lmfao

  4. Victoria would go to let a light chuckle Out before sitting by the fire in her abode with a grin Whilst skimming over her notice of the two families reunion. “How great this will be no?” She’d look and say her hound
  5. Armand de Sevigny takes note, and plans to make an appearance at the festival. ”This will be a good introduction to our fair County.” The Mayor of Pestilles would comment, with a smile on his face.
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  7. Taleasin was born in a small shed, located in a dark and shady forest. He has never gotten to know his parents due to the incident of them being brutally slaughtered by collectors after his birth. During their raid for the elven ears they did not see young Taleasin. He was later on found by an odd couple who raised him. They were humans and normally nice. They also had a slightly mental side to them which was passed on to Taleasin. He was delivered back to Magara’lin where he strolled along with no friends for the most of his life.
  8. Just a uh, friendly reminder that lore team can’t accept guns until tythus and telanir says it’s okay. This is an admin issue, not a lore one . . .

  9. Eira grew up among the people of Vyranni and was part of the Randel family. She is the youngest of her family, with two older brothers and multiple older cousins. Eira lived with her single-mother, but had to live off the support of their wealthier aunt. She earned her belief that hard-work can get you almost anything from watching her aunt succeed as she grew older and took note at how much her aunt sacrificed for the family. Eira was the smallest in her family and not necessarily the strongest either, a majority of her family was either burly, tall, hefty, or a combination of all three. Yet what she lacked in brawn, she made up for in brains. She was well-educated and took to learning faster than her siblings, and this led her to becoming a perfectionist at times. Since she wasn’t very strong, she had to constantly be on guard so that she wouldn’t make a fool of herself and cause her family to doubt her intellectual integrity. By the time she reached about 15, her family had divided between her mother and her aunt, yet Eira was stuck in the middle of both sides. While this family tension was occurring, the dragons of Vyranni were also becoming a larger threat to her people. At age 18, the dragons got so close, they seemed to be flying closer and closer everyday, so after a very gut-wrenching family meeting the Randels decided to flee. As they loaded whatever they could pack onto a sturdy fishing boat in the dead of night, Eira’s mother changed her mind. She wanted to stay on Vyranni instead of risk sailing across deadly sea for a better life. Eira and her brothers had to choose between their mother on a land of deadly dragons or their aunt and the possibility of being able to live long, healthy lives. In the end, they boarded the boat and left Vyranni without their mother to find a new home with all the family they had left. After days of sailing, the Randel family made port in Llyria. The day they made port Eira decided to continue her education and rely on her strengths. She wanted to no longer only be smart, she wanted to be powerful too. In order to do this she started her own journey to seek out someone or something to help her learn more about magic. In her own mind, if she had put in the efforts earlier to learn such things, then maybe she would have able been able to keep her family together either in Vyranni or in their new home, Llyria.
  10. Let’s build a Death Star! That’s perfectly fine! Star Destroyers would be nice too! Let’s travel to other worlds!

    1. Corporatocracy


      ahyes the ‘i am an idiot’ fallacy at work once again...

  11. Hawk0712


    Del was an orphan who was grew up in the worst orphanage in the worst slum, with his younger twin brother Fel. After years of putting up with the horrible environment they were in, Del and Fel left for a better life. They join a thieve’s guild in the capital of their homeland. Fel was a natural, rising through the ranks, while Del wasn’t the best at the trade. Soon, other members of the guild got jealous of Fel’s success, and killed him. Del, heartbroken, fled from the guild, never looking back. Del is now a cold assassin for hire, dreaming to one day avenge his brother. Seeking better opportunity, Del packed his things, along with the only thing to remember his brother by, his knife. He boarded a ship and left his homeland forever. He now looks to the future hoping for a better life in these foreign lands.
  12. A very wise old woman would likewise gasp. “She’s an Ash though, not a Ruric, as she is descended by her mother, the women do not count. Simple as.”
  13. We are past Year 1600 in the Second Age. By this time in LoTR, the One Ring would have already been forged.

  14. “Sad that you would spend so much time complaining when you could be working with the poor souls of the realm.” Elene would retort!
  15. Give us muskets

  16. Xavis’s darkened laugh would emanates in his home as he counts on his fingers ”Breaking a lot of laws.. I’ll enjoy fining all of you” The elf would relax into his couch, rolling his stone eyes. ”The Ashwoods are my family, and anyone who hurts my family will pay in blood.”
  17. Honestly why do you people care if we use magical AI? You don’t rp in arcadia so it shouldn’t matter. Go fix your lore then come back alright. Lore team lost all credibility till lore games are done.

    1. _Hexe_


      no context status updates make me mad because i’m out of the loop

      thank **** i am tbh

    2. Ducklingator


      i dont know what the context is either, i’m just bandwagoning for rep

  18. elves and magicians fear the gun 

  19. Honestly why do you people care if we use guns?.. 

    You absolute buffoon, smooth brain.  Because they're not lore accepted and they break the techlock. I know Oren in someway wants to win; because y'all are too much mentally slow to do it normally without breaking rules, but at least try to make the situation less  worse for you or don't say random shits to look smart. You enormous jackass clown. @Dyl

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    2. Goblinberg


      @seannie ‘Immortal elven mage’ zzzz. y'all are so repetitive, but all right. i guess, just go around and break rules and use cannons. if you really like it.  and if you can't make the lore accepted, it's your fault. find a way to make things balanced,  but in the end; i really don’t care.

    3. TheAlphaMoist


      @seannie sorry to break it to you chap, but elven mage rpers arent the ones shooting you down. It’s two admins who don’t even play on the server. You’re just being immature and hostile to a playerbase that literally has nothing to do with the gun decision. 

    4. Goblinberg


      He’s saying about ‘Elven mages’. because they raided Haleun’or with cannons and muskets(or even normally and always failing),  Lmao. i guess he’s just salty.

  20. What if we just allowed guns and cannons, and arcane guns and arcane cannons? : (

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    Changed Status to Accepted
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    Congratulations, you’ve been accepted! Welcome to Lord of the Craft! Now that you’re accepted, you will spawn in Cloud Temple as a player and be able to interact with the world around you. If you need any help, you can message me in game by doing /msg Muzthag, or if I’m not online, you can find me on Discord @October#0121. Lastly, if you need any guidance in-game, and I am not around, please do /creq along with a message as to what you need, and another Community Team Member will get to you as soon as possible! After reading the below information and logging into LotC, I highly recommend sending this in chat so a Community Team Member can help you out: /creq I have just been accepted and would like a Monk! I highly recommend you join the New Player Discord using the invite link below, and please look through the New Player Guide! https://discord.gg/Zr4EpNa https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=New_Player_Guide In addition, I recommend taking a look at our Settlement Guides. Below, I’ve linked the settlements you may be interested in based on your character’s race. https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Human_Settlement_Guides https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Oren_Settlement_Guide If you aren’t interested in any of those, take a look at our Settlement Guide Hub! https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Settlement_Guides
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