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  2. this wont be a case where its a culture and then becomes a race right then the high elves will get two of those
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    Unfortunately, you failed to make the necessary changes in the allotted time. You may, however, choose to re apply at any time if you so desire. If you have not already, I highly encourage you to join the server’s New Player Discord, should you seek to continue with LOTC, where you can meet other players and keep in touch with our Community Team. Should you choose to re-apply, remember you can use our Wiki to find any information you may need for your application. You can also contact me via discord (pundimonium#9142) Remember, you are free to re-apply with a genuine attempt at any time. Have a splendid day!
  5. The Mali’Asul Elven Dwellers of the Desert A tribal culture of High Elves, hailing from within the desert. Rich, noble, and elitist, the Sun Elves are a proud group of tribes, seeking glory and power. Ancient History Though commonly believed the scrolls and books containing countless lines of history of the Mali’asul were destroyed long ago, many few people still retain the memories and ancient folklore of an ancient elven culture who called the desert their home. Tales ranging from a handful of ‘aheral flocking the quiet dunes of the desert from their ‘thill brethren to a group of elves born from the sand itself; the true origin of the Mali’asul remains a secret. Though, amongst the tall tales and folklore, many stories remain consistent; stories speaking of a great nation forged in the desert led by a ruler with an iron fist counseled by the tribes of his people. Years progressed into decades as these people lived in solitude and amicableness. As the years went by, so did the sense of concord leave these people. Soon, famine and drought raged the desert lands and rendered these people to nothing more than simple tribes in chaos amongst each other. Another handful of years went by before an agreement was made between what was left of these people. The made the realization that these lands they once called home could no longer house them. They must move elsewhere in this world the resided in. And with an agreement made, they sought out; looking for new lands and resources to claim. A new place to settle their newly conjoined kingdom. Modern History Years of searching led the Mali’asul to the shores of a nation that called Arcas home: Sutica. There, they set camp and vassalized under the Great Trade Federation’s flag; creating tents and small stalls to make a name for themselves. And as the relation between the ‘asul and the Trade Monarch grew, so did the Sun Elves little encampment. Walls soon erected from the grounds surrounding their encampment and create what was known as the City of Alarak. More stalls emerged, houses were built for the people who called Alarak their home, and a grand palace was forged along the shore. Alarak stood for many years after it’s formation and so did the Sun Elves. With a new nation soon afoot, they sought to reform their government to create a stable society. Alarak was ruled under the ancient Mali’asul Pharaoh's daughter, Rana Arak, and alongside her, her sister and dear friend leading the remaining people of the Arak and Nekhabet tribes; Masika Arak and Kesi Nekhabet. And as their first civilization experience, disaster followed them to these lands of Arcas. Rumors of the Nekhabet speaking of treasonous thoughts to their allies and such broke out till it was no longer bearable by the Pharaoh herself. Rana sought to take action, calling a meeting and council amongst her people in the newly created palace which quickly turned into a trial of Nekhabet leader. After much bickering, a verdict was enacted. Kesi Nekhabet, the elder of the Nekhabet tribe, was the be executed where she stood in that palace. Chaos broke out soon after as the wife of Kesi brought her form towards the square of the city, lighting a flame within her hand and torching the entire city till nothing remained. Any survivors vanished and fled the city; some taking residence in Sutica such as Senet Nekhabet, Shani Nekhabet, and a man of the name Modus and others simply vanishing from the land itself as their Pharoah and many of the Arak did. Decades of silence followed. The mali of the sun made no reappearance until quite recently as the Ex-Arak Elder, Masika Arak, brought organization to what remained of the people. Culture Purity Like their ‘thill brethren, the ‘asul hold a similar sense of purity amongst their people. People of direct and pure Asulian blood are held with high regard; their most prized and treasured people. People of pure Asulian blood are believed to be the strongest of their warriors, wisest of their scholars, and most creative of the artisans. All other people are seen as lessers, especially the Vahal. Valah are forbidden to hold positions of power and not even an impure ‘Asul could even think of reaching a position such as an elder. Clothing The Sun Elves desire and admire a lavish lifestyle, rich with ornate clothing, jewelry, weaponry, and glory that goes along with it. The most powerful and esteemed of the culture can be easily identified by the golden piercings and similar adornments they often wear. Combat and Military Combat is another large part of their daily lifestyle. Whether it’s settling a petty argument through a brawl between friends or going to war for a show of power, the Mali’Asul hold great warriors in high regard. The leaders are the best fighters, known for both their wisdom and intelligence and their prowess on the field. Gold colored tattoos mark the skin of accomplished members of their society - further showing off their lavish lifestyle of fancy design and earned honor. Despite the Valah’s inability to hold a position of power, they are still allowed to participate and can often be seen as great warriors and earn glory within the culture. Honoring the Dead Even in death, the great warriors and leaders amongst the Asul keep their glory and honor. Laid to rest in tombs with their wealth, their death is celebrated with a ceremony known as Amentacaln. Accomplishments and memories of the dead are reminisced about as their remains are placed in the dunes of which they came. The dead are sacred and respected among Sun Elves, and the families of the fallen are oft provided gold or money from the grand coffers - severance for their families service. Horses Throughout the years of the existence of these sun elves, the value of a horse has always been retained. The Mali’asul see horses as a companion; rather for simple travel or as a steed to take into a mighty battle. To attack or steal a mount is a crime of the highest order in the eyes of these people. Though it may seem petty, many executions have been held for a valah who slew a single Asulian horse. Architecture The exteriors of the Asulian’s structures are generally large and impressive, tall pillars and monuments for both support and aesthetics. Carvings and etchings and implanted into their building’s walls and monument sidings recall great moments of history - battles and the like - and the names of tales of the soldiers and leaders that have passed away. But the bulk of the Mali’Asul’s building was hidden away beneath the ground. Tunnels and great underground halls hid them away from the harsh desert sun. Above the ground, tents and homes with few windows were used. Tribes Though having many of their people fleeing or killed after the destruction of Alarak, the tribes of the Mali’Asul still stand - albeit with a smaller number of members. Tribes among the Mali’asul act as smaller families; usually working together and providing their skills to the group as a whole. Each tribe is leaded by an Elder, usually from a bloodline of previous elders, and are governed by such. The Elders speak on the tribes behalf and act as a caretaker for their people. Nekhabet The Nekhabet are the Mali’Asul’s most prestige and wisest scholars; taking pride in the scrolls they write and provide to their people. They hold the most similarities to their ‘thill brethren as they enjoy a good debate amongst their peers and take refuge in their books and scrolls. Members of this tribe make for good advisors to the court, knowledgeable of the doings of the other populations across the world. They’re also frequently the scribes and diplomats of the culture. The Nekhabet can commonly be recognized by their pale skin - compared to the other two tribes - spending more time taking cover from the sun. Arak The Arak are the Asulian’s natural born leaders. Children of promising families are groomed from childhood to be potential generals or leaders within the community. Being keen in combat and strategy, the Arak have, so far, been the only tribe to place a member of their community in the seat of the Pharaoh. The average Arak being easily stronger compared to the scholarly Nekhabet, there was little contest in power for the higher positions within the court. Ibartos A newer self-proclaimed tribe, still made up of Sun Elves and named after the land they frequent. However, they worry more about their personal wealth, and power rather than the betterment of the group. Wayfaring and hostile, a group of tightly knit members roam the lands preying on loan travelers, caravans, and smaller settlements. Even with their personal values and community, there is still an established hierarchy among them. For a leader to emerge amongst the Ibartos, he or she must prove themselves against any and all challengers. Cliques are common, and the loyal followers of the elder or aspiring challengers support their chosen in their claim to power. With their greed and restless nature, most of the aggression is focused elsewhere - other ‘Asul or whoever their sights are set upon. With their more outdoors focused lifestyle, the Ibartos can be recognized at a glance with their tanned skin and cooler clothing. Image Reference Sources (In Order of Appearance) Elisheva by littleulvar on DeviantArt https://www.deviantart.com/xpe/art/desert-castle-428283242 https://www.pinterest.com/pin/489062840780212380/?nic=1 https://www.deviantart.com/artnothearts/art/Cavalry-Knights-366671944 Text and Lore Sources https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/181455-culture-sun-elven-tribes-of-nekhabet-arak/ Cigarette__butt Marshmallower EntyElephant UwUMeansILU ((Without CUwU, the Sun Elves wouldn’t have ever existed, so much thanks to them for creating a wonderful culture and bringing a neeto take on new High Elven RP. All credit to the original culture page goes to them and spr0nk.)) Interested in joining the Sun Elves? Go ahead and join our discord if you have any questions or concerns about the group. Anyone is welcome to join, whether a new character or a preexisting. https://discord.gg/38BZmjJ
  6. when I was a child, I want to school every day, I learn a lot of fight class when I am a teenager < i was going to bars to drunk and when come day come my dad to take me to home.when i be man , I was so bad gay but one day I change to be a polite man.
  7. his dad was a knight and his mom was a castle maid.When he was a child his kingdom was attacked by elves and he had to flee and he lost his parents.And seeks revenge for his parents.
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    How can my definition of Metagaming be incorrect? It is exactly what the page in the forum says. “Using player knowledge my character can't possible possess to further my own gains.” are my words the page in the forum states: “If the player Ailan113 is in a nation discord, and received a PM from one of his friends to get online because "there are raiders in the city", and then Ailan113 got online and ran halfway across the map to help defend his friends, he would be Metagaming because his character wouldn't know the city was being raided, as his character wasn't informed, the player controlling the character was.” Please explain to me how my statement is any different, so that I may understand it better. I have updated my skin, going to update my roleplay response now.
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    There were multiple reasons why your application was denied: Your definition for Metagaming and Powergaming is not ONLY incorrect, but it’s also PLAGIARIZED. Your definition for Metagaming came from Here, and your definition of Powergaming came from Here. Please review the page on Metagaming and Powergaming, we do not accept plagiarism at all. Your backstory does not meet the minimum of ten sentences. It lacks grammar, a direct lore reference, and it does not fit on LoTC. Your character cannot have magic, know magic, know of magic, or have encountered magic until they are in the game. There is no lore where a person can be turned into a furry that looks like a panda. You can refer to the server’s Wikia Page for support. Your physical description does not fit that of a medieval roleplay server, nor that of a human. This section must also be 1-3 complete sentences. Your personality trait requires at least one significant, negative trait. This section must also be 1-3 complete sentences, not a list of traits. Your roleplay scenario needs to be rewritten, your action needs to be in third-person (He, She, Ragnok, Him). Your skin does not fit the theme of a medieval-fantasy Minecraft server, but fret not; LoTC has a Skin Archive for players who cannot make their own skins, or need a temporary skin until they can make their own. These skins are Free to Use. You may reapply at any time, but please take the time to read.
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    Runa was found by forest dwarf named Fidwe Alebreaker in the forest area outside Urguan, Fidwe took over the role of parent. the parents of the baby weren't to find, Runa was most likely to have been abandoned by parents that would not have their crossbreed baby (curving horns, different eye colors ect.) this makes Runa an halfling For the years to follow Runa spent her life traveling the forest and living in peaceful communities with her adopting parent Fidwe. in her younger years she learned about the forest and animals, how to pick plants and berries. also during this time Fidwe learned Runa traits that forest dwarfs have like lumber jacking, fishing and farming (forest dwarfs are said to be almost as good at farming as the halflings) she also got a bow and arrow from Fidwe that became something Runa would carry around and practice with every day. in her teen years she had become an believer in a variant of the Brathmordakin, accepting the Druidic deities known as the aspects as the Aspects as the tow silver rings of Anbella. she have also taken on other beliefs by the forest dwarfs like honor, respect an the belief to help other in need. she begun spending time with other dwarfs that was the same age as her. and visited Urguan quite often. from Runa’s teen years to current day, she has spent her time studding the Brathmordakin religion with her friends (dwarfs ) in Urguan. she have done some traveling around the world and on her journeys she have encountered other halflings and have made plans to move to Brandybrook, she have a wish to get in touch with her race (others like her) and learn their culture that she have been missing out on. her adoptive parent Fidwe Alebreaker and her dwarf’en friend wish her good luck on her new journey and tell her she’s welcome to return whenever she wants.
  12. Julius Salviatti nods "One of the best settlements of Arcas" he'd comment
  13. MOD POST 2 Tale of Tongues 201 Sun's Height-Evening Star World Events -The Dragonborn is seen leaving Iverstead after several weeks with the greybeards. Now rumors of Blades hiding in Skyrim begins to spread. -The Dominion starts to cleanse Valenwood of the ‘impure’ causing much unrest within the Province. -In the Dwemer ruins of Hammerfell reports of metal monsters attacking travelers who get close begins to come in, it seems the Redguards exploration has awoken these metal guardians. The Forebears- Hammerfell -Only six warships are finished by the end of 201. -Many Redguards begin to protest the war in High rock after attack by the pirates. Empire of Tamriel -With the Pale Pass and others blocked by avalanches and snow storms any supplies would need to be sailed around the whole of Tamriel. Meanwhile the Jarls donate what they can but the winter in Skyrim means they can offer little help without risking their own people. -After Titus Mede II speech many of the reformists use this support to push through the reforms. While many officers still speak openly against it they are carried through. However, reorganizing the frontier and an army the size of the Legion could take months or years. - The Thalmor diplomats warn the Emperor that these open acts of preparations for war and ignoring the treaty that ended the Great War will not be tolerated. Thalmor agents begin to crack down on Talos worship even harder in the Empire, causing unrest among the population especially those Nords who support the Empire in Skyrim. Orsinium -Many strongholds in Skyrim ignore the war in High Rock and see no reason to support anyone. -The tariff does bring income into the Kingdom but leads to high prices for the grain. -Some orcs begin to talk about a Challenger who will try to duel Atuba Gro-Duron for the title of King of Orsinium. Wayrest -After the defeat at the hands of Eric Cumberland, Moorfords army is scattered and routed. He and his knights managed to escape and plan to lay low. -The Pretender from Northpoint begins the march south to join the fight. -Many locals in southern Wayrest begin to join Erics side after his victory. Stormcloaks -Another two thousand nords join the Stormcloak ranks, all of them young nords with little experience. -Dawnstar sends messages requesting aid from Ulfric after the Imperials take Fort Dunstad. Daggerfall -The crack down on the slums cause much of the poor to see it as an attack on them. Soon riots begin to break out causing many of the patrols to withdraw. -Three more warships are completed, however a break in at the docks by a Schooma gang causes a fire that burns down one of the ships. The Crowns- Hammerfell -The plans for new defenses are expected to be finished by next year. -The Patrols on the border lead to an incidents, a Redguard patrol gets into a skirmish with several Orcs leading to one on both sides killed. The hatred between the Redguards and Orcs seems to be reamerging. Tribes of Blackmarsh -The army of Blackmarsh is on the move, the recent actions in Morrowind cause many Dunmer to now openly call for war once more. Thousands are either forced to flee or are killed. The Great Houses of Morrowind can’t ignore a genocide of their own people. House Redoran and Dres both begin to rally their armies for another war. Whiterun -The lack of grain begins to take a toll on the Hold, many begins to starve only surviving off of rations given by other Jarls. But it seems the nine smile on Whiterun has Rorikstead begins to send much of its surplus of crops to feed the people.
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  15. “Come come they’re all welcome.”
  16. @Corporatocracy Why did you cut out most of the fighting?
  17. Gadhaal the black got too high on cactus green and fell asleep fully geared at the gate “Dah klomp happuned? Nub zeem like ib, mi bruddahz am fine” hur hur hur, the elder orc laughed himself back to sleep
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    Changed Status to Under Review You have 24 hours to edit on the following changes. Your definition for Metagaming is incorrect. Please review the page on Metagaming and Powergaming Your backstory requires at least ten sentences and at least one direct lore reference. The name of a nation is not considered a lore reference, neither is the name of a race. You can refer to the server’s Wikia Page for support. Your roleplay response needs an action, not just dialogue. You may use the example to figure out how to format your response. I see that your skin is not up to par with the server, but fret not; LoTC has a Skin Archive for players who cannot make their own skins, or need a temporary skin until they can make their own. These skins are Free to Use. When you have made the changes, feel free to leave a comment on this page, or contact me through discord at Language#1688. If you require further assistance, contact me or any community staff member found in our New Player Discord
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    Was a normal boy when he encountered a wizard who he didn't help and was bewitched in to a panda but is now caring and regretful
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    Amdamir is still a very young Mountaindwarf, originating from a family of Smiths. He is the exception, not following right in the footsteps of his forefathers. He has been trading, haggeling and sometimes swindeling for his own good for as long as he can remember, albeit that not being very long. Someone told him a while back he started doing so as young as 4 years old. Due to his fondness of the trades he’s a worshipper of Armakak. He’s not well accustomed to meeting all kinds of different people, he doesn’t judge on appearance alone, rather on words spoken and movement. One might consider his biggest flaw that he can’t keep his mouth shut, he always has something to say, even if he knows he’s in the wrong he’ll keep at it. He’s the youngest of his family, not destined to inherit anything and although being honourbound to help his oldest brother, the urge to go out into the world to make a name of his own grew stronger with every day, until he finally set out. The past year of his life he’s been traveling all around, barely surviving off of simple trades he’s struck every now and then. After arriving in Urguan a couple days ago he’s given himself another fifteen (15) years to accomplish his goal of making his name known. Otherwise he will be returning to his old life, selling off the armor and weapons crafted by his family. Screenshot of skin (WiP): (This is only the 2nd skin I ever created, if you’ve got any suggestions, PLEASE do tell me.) (I only noticed after downloading the skin .png that I had plastered everything on the outer layer, I’ll redo the skin, but it’ll look almost identical.)
  23. Daily reminder Archons OP

  24. hello i have chaotic evil idea


    please list the current faiths on lotc for me, (if they’re ‘canon’ or not doesn’t matter to me)

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    I am sorry to be the one to tell you this but your application was unfortunately But don’t give up just yet, you can make another immediately! Your time limit expired. Make sure you add the corrections I said on my previous comment before you post another application. If you have any doubts, please don’t hesitate to contact me through a message in the forums or via the New Player Discord.
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