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  2. The Dream of Elvenesse A brief overview of the Almenodrim; by Olórin Telemnar. Consider the children of Malin in their awakening. Proud and untarnished; yet to be afflicted by the Arch-Deceiver, Iblees and his curse. What is most apparent about the elves of that age was a singular concept of unity, under their forefather and progenitor. Now, conceptualise those who cherish that image; their motivation - to unite their fragmented kin in all their breadth. This desire harboured amongst the Almenodrim was not conceived through great acts of valiance, or legendary heroism. It is a tragic lament, laced with an age-old regret and failure. Such is the Dream of Elvenesse to be considered an expression of remorse; a wish right the wrongs committed in ancient history. Yet, what wrongs could be considered so sickening that they’ve lingered in peoples' minds since the marring of the old world? Why, it is the act of spilling the blood of one’s kin in an age of strife and hardship. Though considered what is in truth primarily responsible for the long-term polarisation of Malin’s descendants and the partition of Old Malinor, the true details of the crimes attributed to the first son of the King have since been lost from the annals of time. None have pinned, and quite possibly will be forever unable to pin exactly when Sylvaen’s hands were stained with blood, or when his own people fled into exile. But it is considered fact nonetheless, for though scripture may have decayed, grief has lingered. In exile, the Almenodrim truly marked themselves as ambitious but somber people, reflecting on the wrongs they had inflicted upon their kin. Yet, they did not linger in depression, instead channelling their grief into crafts and an everlasting desire for stewardship. Even in disgrace, the wayward children of Malin sought to follow the legacy of their sire, and proof of this was etched eternal into the stones of their citadels upon the distant shores. Centuries came to pass, and their eventual return to the lands of old was met with unease. Naturally, the descendants of those whose blood was spilt displayed justified skepticism, and such was recognised by the lords of old Aegrothond. No artefact, gift nor craft held then and there could suture the wound Sylvaen’s hand had carved. So, his sons, under the name Sylvaeri, offered their hearts instead - an exchange of oaths and hymns of repentance. Such words again, scattered into obscurity, but known to have lit a beacon of hope and inspired a dream. As a people, the Almenodrim are not completely defined by a right of blood and legacy, but rather they are a people who accumulate their membership through similar idealism. Thus, as the ages have passed, identities perhaps once not attributed to Sylvaen’s folk have come to stand beneath their crimson banners. The Dream of Elvenesse has proven to unite the elves, regardless of origin, for the purpose of forging a greater, unadulterated Malinor. What is keenly attributed then to the dream is not only a desire then to craft such a realm, but also the stewardship so maintain and make it a reality. Perhaps that is the truth behind their vast populace of artisans; folk who hone their skills at the forge and mast, so to temper their minds for the looming task ahead. People are then often swift to criticise the idealistic, for sometimes a dream may prove to be unrealistic and bear ill-fruit for the aspirant. Yet, to linger in what is a definite hovel would be to subject oneself to a fate of stagnancy. As the saying goes - nothing ventured, nothing gained. The Almenodrim take this to heart, for even as the ages have yielded hardship, still they have strived to atone for past grievances. To usher in a new golden age for the children of Malin. So to conclude this brief study, we can take away perhaps a clearer picture of what exactly defines their dream, the Dream of Elvenesse. Shaped clearly by their grief and ideals, this scholar could argue there are perhaps few more stubborn in their conviction amongst the children of Malin than the Almenodrim. Still, many paths still linger ahead, and one should be curious to see where they may next lead. Perhaps something to be elaborated upon further, when the next chapter in this world unfolds.
  3. Lurtz’Gorkil grins as he hears of these missives, ready to slaughter pinkies again!
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  5. “There must be something in the Sutican water supply...” Sir Erik Othaman would note to himself. “How else does one justify blatant murder and then turn right back around to claim it did nie happen? Clearly the tyrant king will lose his mind first before losing his domain.” Erik sighed at this thought, opening up his flask of Carrion Black and taking a long drink before returning to his patrol of the Sutican border.
  6. Isabel Baruch excitedly pointed to the picture of herself in the newspaper as she tugged at her father's sleeve, “Papej! I’s me!”
  7. Is this a funny or something? idk man seems like you’ve picked a generic places to go and expect something different from generic places, should try and go to places which are not complete aids, it’s a funny post though, made me chuckle
  8. “Note to self...find King Ivy...” The butler mutters to himself in a quiet and hushed tone, quickly jotting down ‘King Ivy’ into a notebook as he takes a secret break
  9. Entropy Ltd. Activity: Expenditures (95k G, 4 AP) - Further economic growth on the capital. (75k G; 10 Civ Manu) A force of Wojak are procured and trained for the army. (4 AP, 16k G; 2 Units of Wojak, Vet 1, T1 Equipment) Supplies are sent elsewhere. (4k G) Mod/Diplomacy (20k G) - Continued investment into Project E.Unity. (10k G [40k Invested] 3 Turns Remain) Development into the broadcast center is made due to the initial performance of the investment. Especially with the joining of the Aestival News Network, the project is deemed worthwhile to invest further resources into. (10k G [15k Invested]) Research (TECH 10, 10k G) - [Classified] :neet: (20.35k G After Bonuses; 5 Turns Remain) [Tier 4 Equipment] Woosh. (10k G [19.25k G After Bonuses];2 Turns Remain) [NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW PASSIVE SLOT 1 - Classified] :neet: [PASSIVE SLOT 2 - Classified] Woosh. [4 Turns Remain] [PASSIVE SLOT 3 - Classified] Woosh. [6 Turns Remain]

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  11. "Kaedrin elected HIM Peter III to be its king," notes a certain historian of the province. "Too bad Suticans don't understand how votes work."
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  13. Alluin just had been following the ongoing debates between Storm and Celiasil. The past months he had been forced to divide his attention between these debates, his duties as interim-okarir’tir and his personal schedule – not a great combination, as the now visible dark circles under his eyes proved. As he hadn’t contributed in a while, he rose once more, inclining his head to both Celiasil and Storm. “Celiasil, it seems that earlier on, we both made the mistake of judging one another to quickly. I do much appreciate your contribution to these debates and see that you have some valid and strong points. I agree with Storm that we could use your experience among elsillumiran and would repeat his invitation to join. As for Storm, ahern ito nae’leh for your elaboration on anonymity. As stated earlier, I personally do agree with your opinion, but I would advise to gove both elsillumiran and the citizenry the opportunity to share their opinions and act accordingly.” He sighed, glancing at a note he was holding. “Celiasil justly pointed out that elsillumiran have been lacking in presence and for rallies. Currently, divkinael Aeth’sulier and I are the only officers, with Elahern also having his duties elsewhere as tilruir. Practically this means that he can take on a small portion of the Secretarial tasks – and I am doing the rest on my own. I am not stating this to take any credit, but what it implies is that all necessary tasks are carried out – yet, I cannot give any one of them the attention they deserve. I simply cannot make sure all administration is in order, schedule trainings, give trainings, be accessible for all sillumiran and their questions and problems, organise rallies, attend Council Meetings, and so on, and so forth. Certain issues suffer, and I am fully aware of that.” Alluin shook his head slowly, looking around. “My current state is not my best one, and neither is the current state of elsillumiran. I would be honoured to serve elsillumiran as their okarir’tir, to serve elcihi in upholding the Silver Law and with that, maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. And, of course, as Storm mentioned, a leader not listening to ideas, suggestions and criticism from others is a fool. Being an okarir does not mean pushing your own ideas at any cost, but striving for the betterment of elsillumiran, the Silver Law and Haelun’or. And that, lliran, is what you may expect from me, or from any of the other candidates.”
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  15. but please, have mercy. In all honesty I do not think astral concepts deserve to be shoehorned into an applied lore magick. The idea of this niche is that it is by form and nature an unexplored and vague magick spoken of and described only to superficial lengths, while being otherwise torn entirely from pre-established facts and lore enforced descriptions. The void is there already to satisfy the venue of sorcerous spells and teasing power from unseen chasms, so why appropriate another perfectly abstract concept meant strictly to countervail the void? I just don’t see the point. I too once thought of writing on astral lores, but rightly came to the conclusion that the venue is better left well alone. It thrives thus far as an obscure realm withdrawn in entirety from all the glimmering elements we see casually deriving from the void. Just my honest thoughts.
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    Edmund was born a peasant, and will probably die a peasant if something good doesn’t come his way. He’s enlisted, but that doesn’t always provide a future that one can escape from. He is your average human, but he aspires to be more, anything more. He can wield a sword or bow, just as good as an axe or shovel.
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  19. From the mouth by Archambelt is a great book series. Seek it out at the Dragur library and give it a chance!

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  21. Background/Origin While most over the years have forgotten the name Astral-Harnessing by the Descendants one name has lasted, Velurana, one who was thought to be a living goddess created the art of using the power of stars and even connecting one’s self to the stars. A tribe of Descendants had blindly followed her long ago, in her false religion. But one was different from the others not. He was no moth running to a flame, to the powers presented, as he wanted more than what she could offer through blindly following, by kissing her boot and submitting. He wished to learn her arts, but he wanted something more, something he could not conceive. Deep in the night while the other tribal descendants were busy following Velurana to see her mystical art he was visited by a demon, its name unknown - as well as its purpose, at least for now. The demon could sense his jealousy, his envy for what Velurana had, and her effect over the rest of the tribe. He made his motives clear not long after to him, a whisper in his ear. He would offer to bestow a book that was bound with a seal in the shape of a fractures star. At last, power, did the man think.. Though it was not what he wanted. It would tell the envious descendant to use the text upon a full moon after watching the living goddess conjure forth her energies. The descendant still fueled by his jealousy hungrily accepted the bound tome. In the night he watched from a distance as the living goddess brought forth a strange cosmic cloud around her body. After the envious descendant took close watch he scurried back into the forest and tore open the seal on the tome. The demon would watch the descendant eagerly as the seal was ripped from the surface of the tome. As the tome would open a similar solar mist seemed to lift from the pages before swirling into a small star-like object, that then collapsed in on itself turning into a black hole. The tome corrupted what Velurana had done, starting to suck out all light within the area, draining the light from the descendant himself as well as that of.. The energies surrounding Velurana. The color drained from his hair turning it to a midnight black, his eyes appearing to be nebulas with the iris having the appearance of a black hole. Cracks started to rise up his skin, his mental state itself began to change. From what may have been idle jealousy and envy grew into anger and hatred. In the process of the corrupted light drain, the demon itself was sucked into the tome, trapped inside of its own twisted creation. Though there he would bestow something upon the descendant, a cackling laughter, as the demon’s dying form was preserved - albeit restricted. The corrupted descendant would close the dark tome, now becoming the first Astral-Harnesser, the first of the corrupted. He would now go out separating from the tribe that had followed the living goddess to learn more of his new power, as she was nothing more to him now. Over time he would hide the dark tome before his passing, making lesser tomes, ones that could be used by others to travel down the dark path that he had with the help of the demon, and the effects it bestows. Magic Explanation “What was yours is now mine” Overview Astral Harnessing is a strange variant of the lost art of Astromancy, far more twisted in nature than its ancient predecessor. Its primary focus revolves around the usage of deific energies that caress the fleeting-force of a celestial body, a fallen deity. The wielders of this odd variant of Astromancy more oft-than not take on severe mental deterioration as a result of the influx of deific energies channelled through their mortal form, these deific energies being derived from fallen deities that have taken their final rest amongst the cosmic-expanse. These individuals, those who channel this cosmic energy, are ushered forth into the ephemeral planes - twisting the very rays of light around them, warping them into something that resembles a construct of their own cunning design. It is with this manipulation of light that these so-called astral harnessers gain the fuel for their craft, leaving the space around them sapped of light itself. These individuals do not simply banish light - it is with their innate abilities that they capture brilliance, siphoning it back to their cosmic-lordships in exchange for furtherance and sustenance of their respective abilities. The process to achieve the unsung feat of astral-harnessing is extremely unpleasant, requiring years of study and dedication. It is a long, strained process, though the individuals that manage to survive are, more often than not, rewarded for their sufferings during their respective trials and tribulations. An individual descendant, be it of any of the Races, is brought to a place of great reverence in the eyes of the Astral Harnessers, a sacred land of which cosmic energy runs rampant. When an individual has successfully attached themselves to the site, it is made evident by the influx of chaotic energies flurrying throughout their mortal frame. It is with this newly established connection, this influx of energy, that the true path of the Astral-Harnesser begins. It is, of course, absolutely required for the individual Astral-Harnesser to take on some slight alteration after the attunement, whether this is through cerebral-warping or degradation of the physical state - the Astral-Harnesser takes on something that reflects the individual cosmic-mass they are connected to. Like in folktales of yore, the Astral-Harnesser's hunger grows, even moments after the connection is it made evident that the Astral-Harnesser must feed - like the wolf with hunger gnawing at it from within, the Astral-Harnesser seeks to devour the brilliance of light, in order to provide themselves and their cosmic-lordship sustenance. It is an addiction to them, one that must be indulged in, lest they wish to suffer the consequences. Astral-Harnessing takes up [3] Magic Slots, it is not a feat. Astral-Harnessing requires the user to have undergone a Soular-Collapse and have ample energy to cast Astral-Harnessing can be learned from those who possess an [TA] in the magic. Astral-Harnessing users must have a valid [MA] to use it in-game. Properties of Astral-Harnessing The energies brought forth by an individual astral-harnesser may vary, as it seems not each one is connected to a singular celestial-body, rather there are multiple that one may connect to, though they should choose wisely as they have but only one chance. Taking the aforementioned statement into account, it should be noted that the manifested energies of each Astral-Harnesser appear to differ from one to the next; almost all spells are reflected with some level of an odd light that is best described as ultra-violet, or perhaps a black light. It is not uncommon for Astral-Harnessers to have their energies appear as strange masses that reflect a cosmic miasma- the same of which is painted above in the night-sky of Aos and Eos. Properties of Physical and Mental Changes Physical Changes The changes that the body goes through when practising Astral-Harnessing is one to match the progression of the mage. A mage practising Astral-Harnessing, to begin with, will gain black hues to their features, specifically targeting their hair from the ends, and as they progress, to their roots. Another inevitable change is in their eye colour. Immediately upon ritual connection, their eyes will begin to lose all colour, the sclera of their eyes shifts to gain a dark tint to them, over time colour drains and drains and what was formerly the iris and the pupil take on a black hole look, their sclera now dark in colour, as if what was once their pupil had become a black hole itself and eaten the light, the white, from their eyes. The only colour to grace one practising Astral-Harnessing is when they undergo the second ritual, which is when their eyes will erupt with a misty cosmic miasma, their pupils resembling black holes and what was formerly their iris distorts the colourful mass that now emits from their eyes, swirling what is in the eyes itself around the pupil. It is at this time that their complexion will begin to shift to become paler, they will gain a rather sore looking affliction around their eyes stretching onto their cheeks, the actual immediate areas around their eyes up to their brow will look like they have thick eyeshadow on. The next changes are ones that purely come over time, due to the magic itself not causing incredible amounts of exhaustion, primarily bodily harm, the cracks that form on the body never fully heal the next elven day. Instead, they remain as nasty scars, almost like the user about ready to fall apart with a hard thwack from a hammer. And that is precisely a good description of what would happen, whilst one who practices the magic is not physically weak, they experience harm inflicted by overs thrice over, leading to some serious issues for the user. These changes will not stop until the mage has mastered their craft, so to speak, and cannot suffer further changes as they have undergone all changes possible. Mental Changes Not all changes are physical, able to be seen. The most powerful drawback of Astral-Harnessing is that of the mental changes one will suffer whilst practising the magic. Most should expect the changes that harnessing the power of a fallen daemon would inflict, but many are unprepared for the true effects. At the early stages, one will find their morals have changed, no longer is the thought of pushing a pregnant woman over so foul, no longer is standing on that cat so cruel. For the early stages that are. As one progresses down the line of Astral-Harnessing and masters their craft they will slowly and slowly turn more chaotic and dark in nature. Practitioners of Astral-Harnessing and find themselves undergoing very common mental changes Such as a fear of socialising and such fears often lead to practitioners of Astral-Harnessing seeking shelter within fortresses and fortified homes or residences mayhaps even drive themselves to live a life Underground. Another common reason for them seeking such is to safeguard themselves against the changes which constantly bombard their personality. Such changes to their personality may include mood swings and personality swings as a whole influenced by the energy they are Harnessing from aenguls and daemons. This often leads to encounters where one moment they might be praising someone the next, they wish to attack them through words... Mayhaps even physically. Guidelines Casting Astral-Harnessing The process for casting Star Magic is essentially the process in which the mage will slowly draw forth the light and energy they have stolen from the dead aenguldaemon’s stars. To begin with, the process of casting this energy that they have harnessed is their tell, typically the user will begin to emit a noticeable colour that can only be described as black light and related descriptions, again, still bright though around their person will primarily be a kind of warping/distortion like that of a black hole. Their eyes will turn black, at early stages, and at later stages, their black eyes will light up with specs of stars and emit a black mist, from them which carry the same starry property to them. Secondly, the user will begin to cast their respective spell, the most frequent spells will begin to condense the blacklight and energy they are harnessing or form tears above their heads, hands and other locations, to cast the said respective spell. It is hard to not notice that the mage is casting at this point unless one suffers from sensory impairment. Thirdly, depending on the length of the spell, the user will be preparing to launch their offence or ready their defence during combat. Their light has now either condensed into an almost space-like mist or energy, or it has remained a black light, preparing to cast a beam or primarily offensive spell, mayhaps a more complex spell if they possess the ability to do so. It is to be noted that once cast the user's glow will flicker or disperse momentarily but it does not need to be emoted coming back, as it will naturally come back within the same second. If one were to start exhausting themselves they will begin to find glowing cracks on their form as they have harnessed too much energy and will find themselves unable to cast as their blackhole above has been spent of it’s stolen energy, thus leaving the user practically exhausted. Alternatively, the second appearance the user will show when casting is some form of dark particles that seemed to condense around them and go into something such as a weapon of their choice (see spells below.) This is a form of a darker tell and could be mistaken for other things, other magics, so if one would cast this alternative to leave they should not be doing it in public unless it is an unavoidable scenario Magic Abilities Astral Harnessing is the way that the mage gains their power, as they are stealing the light of surrounding stars and turning it into energy that they can wield. It enables the user to use their arsenal of abilities and spells, both passive ones and ones designed for an offence on another individual. Soular Collapse This is the system in which the user takes over a star and corrupts it and from this, they will find a black hole has replaced it shortly after. It is to be noted also that this black hole is purely a background mechanic, and it cannot really be seen, moved closer to consume the world and so on. It is simply untouchable. From this black hole, warped energy is created, twisted within the depths of the black hole. From this, the dark energy, the dark particles and or dark matter produced, Is what allows the Astral-Harnesser to have a variety of abilities and spells. Rite of Harnessing In ancient times, when the heavenly spheres beyond ephemeral planes were widely regarded as untouchable, left to the awe-struck thoughts of the mortal mind when setting sight on the cosmic advance above. These thoughts, these dreams and ideas painted out across the midnight sky, became the very foundation upon which practitioners of Astral Harnessing came to create the ritual of harnessing. Light has come to be revered throughout countless centuries as a benevolent, powerful concept. The extent of its influence and power is still, after many varying generations have passed, unknown to any corporeal being, though this fact only encourages arcane delvers and those enlightened few to theorize, manipulate, and create. In ancient Aegis, there were few individuals like this, those who gazed up into the wonder of the cosmic expanse ahead, only to be given a purpose. Notably, the first from which all those blessed with the craft of Astral Harnessing came to know this well, and in turn taught his ilk various methods of ascending among the stars: through projection and a physical rite. Cosmic Poisoning [Passive] Being bound to a Black Hole means that you are also going to hold part of that Black Hole within yourself. For an Astral-Harnesser, this comes in the form of your body outright rejecting pure iron. With the rejection of pure iron, the AstralHarnesser will find it hard to even get near the stuff nor manipulate it in any way they need. As well as holding this terrible weakness, when casting from any form of Astral Harnessing, the mage's eyes will get covered in a see-through veil of a starry night sky or another image of Space. Tome Creation Tome creation is the practice in which the user will create a replica of the book that the demon bestowed upon the original discoverer of Astral-Harnessing, it will contain the same texts that he read after being gifted the book by the demon when it was based around a tribe of Descendants. A practitioner of Astral-Harnessing will typically use their energy to coat a book or tome as well as a more focused form of Astral marking to specifically avoid the user. Disconnection The method in which a practitioner can be disconnected comes in two forms. The first being a self-caused disconnection and the second being an external disconnection such as being forced or disconnected by another. However, an astral harnesser may not disconnect another astral harnesser without them having shared or leaked secrets, only justified disconnection is allowed. Self Caused Disconnection is simple, the user has broken the tenets that they are bound to, or have gone against other harnessers and released information and secrets, essentially starting infighting or inciting betrayal. There are not a lot of tenets to follow, but as the tome states - they are; ‘Revealing the information bestowed upon you, by their will, is a betrayal to me, and a betrayal to all who follow. I strip you of your rights, should you do this.’ ‘Your guide is wise, and they have maintained my lineage. Listen to them’ ‘Unjustly attacking those who follow the tomes is a severe punishment. You will be punished. Mental Projecting An ability in which the user will be able to commune with allies and those comfortable with their presence mentally. What this does is remove the hindrance that is their mental changes during a tactical/combat scenario, though unfortunately for those new to it the ability is only present for those in tier 4 or above. Warped Reality The changes made evident both physically and mentally are hard to miss, though there is a benefit to the physical changes, specifically the vast changes one’s eyes undergo. They are able to see those who are not present physically, such as phantoms, however in no way is this actually.. Normal. What they see are monstrous silhouettes, blurs, moving around. Not only this, but they will be able to see flickers of those concealing themselves with magic. As combat ensues, or stressful situations, this will.. Begin to grow worse, those concealing themselves with magic become something like a strobe light to them, and things such as phantoms will grow worse in their blurry silhouettes. Spells Star-Light [Non-Combative] An ability in which the mage can make a ball of light in their hand, it’s quite bright and will light up an effective area of 5x5, however, the most comparable light is that of a UV light. This will cost the user 25 energy and will remain for different times depending on the tier. Alternatively, the user may spend an extra 25 energy (50 total) to make a permanent light at t5 which will no longer be in the user’s hand, but more a floating light. This takes 1 connection emote and 2 emotes to cast. For a t5 light, it will take an extra emote. Spatial transporting [Non-Combative] A small circular tear opens up, this can be used if the mage is successful in getting through doors. (Aka if they succeed their /lockpicking.) However, if they fail they will be spat back out of the tear. This ability is simply out of Combat and it cannot be used during combat to teleport behind someone due to the stress required to focus the top and not be lost within the vastness of empty space. This ability may have many uses though it depends on the creativity of the user. If a practitioner of Astral Harnessing is captured and stored in a Cell they may try to use this to escape. it is to be noted that if you are successful and manage to get to the other side of the door at the base of the tear or you originally stood there will be a charred like effect on the ground until removed. Astral Marking [Non-Combative] The ability in which a mage can write using cosmic miasma looking energy to mark their students or allies. To everyone outside of Astral-Harnessing practitioners the markings appear warped and distorted - but still able to be discerned, however, they will be unable to understand the marking. The markings take on a darker tone, and will typically be a sure sign to those outside of the magic that the marking carries magical properties if they hadn't guessed such from the warped appearance. This can be used for a variety of reasons, to mark property, to mark individuals as allies, friends or foes and to enable a student in their rite of harnessing. Only those practising Astral-Harnessing may read this and understand the markings fluently. Astral marking can also be used for a demonstration type scenario, in which a mage is able to cast, on a solid surface, a tear that takes on the appearance of space. This map will show a localized cluster of stars as one would see if they looked to the night sky above and can be used for a variety of reasons, however, it is to be noted that this will cost the user more energy, as well as more time to create. Astral-Projecting [Non-Combative] Astral projecting is something that comes in three forms. The first variation of Astral projecting is the ability in which the user will propel their warped, corrupted, soul from that of their physical form. The physical form will remain static, the way it was left pre projection. What this will enable is that a near-invisible form (until revealed to someone) will be able to travel forth in a local area of 100x100. Alternatively, the second is a type of projection which is more so projecting yourself over to the area of a target that you both know the appearance and name of. In such, you will not be able to venture from the area they are currently in and will appear as a figure of cosmic mist, with the eyes of such akin to blackholes. Only the person they are projecting to is able to see such. The third and final is a far more.. Different form of travel. The user will be ripped out of their form, and sent far above to the stars, to gaze upon them, though they may not stay for long at first, as the light of such is far too.. Powerful for them. When they return, they will find themselves at the nearest soulstone pillar - as when they return they will find themselves having travelled, with their physical forms. If another has consented, they too will be able to travel with that of the practitioner, though most likely they will fail, if they are not prepared. Meteor Shower [Combative] An ability in which the user will create a tear which has stayed in to resemble space. with a process in which this happens is if one would look into said tear and into the vastness of space there, they would be able to see several small flaming lights approaching. Upon getting close enough the tear will then release a singular projectile based on the tier or multiple projectiles at a later level. This spell will essentially release flaming hot rocks from space at the user, roughly the size of a tennis ball. Fragmented Weapon [Combat] The ability in which the user is able to over the course of three emotes conjure and form a temporary weapon of choice this weapon will weigh nothing and require a constant connection to the wielder. It is not possible to keep it forever, however, as it costs the user 5 particles per emote during the encounter or scenario in which it is used. Those who practice astral harnessing will also find that they cannot cast the weapon on another person as it is purely a self weapon only. If one were to be struck by this weapon they would experience a brief flash of sickness followed by that of a typical blade doing slashing damage and all piercing. The weapon’s form will typically not be able to take on a form that would deal blunt damage as it is much more difficult for the dark particles to cluster together like such and form a blunt faced weapon Gravity Field [Combat] The gravity field is essentially a spell in which the user is able to create a 7 by 7 area that will manipulate gravity. Gravity can either struggle to exist within this area or simply become too much for an individual and they will feel like they're wading through thick swamps or bodies of water in full plate-armour. If the user chooses to lighten gravity then the target will undergo anything from being able to walk correctly as they won’t be able to gain proper traction on the ground. Alternatively, if the user chooses to strengthen gravity within the area then they will find that it's similar to being shoulder-deep in a swimming pool or body of water and trying to run against a mild current. At T5 Gravity field can be increased to a 10x10 area for increased energy spending. Vision Warping [Combat] If a practitioner is to make physical contact with another person whilst casting this spell they are able to distort someone's vision to make it appear extremely stretched out to the point of more than 4 blocks in front of them or 4 metres being condensed to the size of a pencil dot. depending on the tier at which this is cast will depend on the duration it lasts. Soular Poisoning [Combat] Is the ability in which a user can unleash cosmic miasma toward opponents be it a Voidal Mage, a Holy Mage or Dark Mage. However, this ability primarily serves those of the better and gives them a rush, a boost or more like taking an adrenaline shot, where this affects the previous listed as well as anyone else that is specifically mentioned in a like manner akin to that of a weakened state. they will often feel something similar to radiation poisoning, however, in no way is it actually such - and will fade shortly after the encounter. Warped Vitality An ability in which the user, over the duration of three emotes, is able to cast some of their harnessed/stolen energy unto a target, be it an ally - or foe. If this connects with an ally, i.e typically darker mages capable of handling the warped energy, then they will either feel invigorated, akin to adrenaline. alternatively, the CASTER is able to declare that it is used for the opposite of the adrenaline rush-type feeling it induced for others - being a sick feeling, that makes the recipient want to vomit and feel feverish. Time Warping An ability in which the user can cast on an ally or foe and they will feel the energy surge within them, allowing them to spend the energy on a one-time usage deduction from their casting time for the present scenario. Alternatively, this can be used on those incapable of tolerating the warped energy to increase their casting time is to be noted that this is not strong enough to allow mages to start throwing instant spells around Tier Progression The progression in which Astral-Harnessing uses is a custom time frame, as when a user delves further and further the slow, drawn out, process in which they will undergo changes and abilities rapidly begins to change and speed up - though their mastery stays at a relatively fair pace. Tier 1 - Novice The practitioner of the magic has undergone the rite of harnessing, and with such will be in a state of limbo whilst their form adjusts and their mental scape shifts. This lasts 2 OOC weeks. Tier 2 - Apprentice At this stage, things have successfully begun to change, some physical features visible. They will find themselves able to cast that of their first spell, though it is quite a taxing process. This stage lasts for 2 OOC weeks. Tier 3 - Adept At this stage the practitioner is able to now cast things with more ease, albeit they have a restricted arsenal. At this point they are able to bring forth their weapon for the first time, and manipulate its matter when casting. This stage lasts 3 OOC weeks. Tier 4 - Expert This stage is at the point where the practitioner has a solid understanding of what they are becoming, what they are shaping to be. They have a considerable pool of energy to cast from and their abilities and spells have increased, they are able to cast with a bit more ease, though newer spells may be more taxing. This stage lasts 5 OOC weeks. Tier 5 - Master A guide to those before them, a master practitioner is a deadly foe, and moreso a powerful ally to boast. They have before them all astral-harnessing has to offer. This is the final tier for the magic. OOC Purpose Astral-Harnessing is something that I have written up in order to provide natural conflicting magic with Astromancy (and its other areas) and those who practice it. I also wished to try my hand at writing a new concept on the more taboo magic scene, something for both other people and myself to experience. Though, the actual mechanics of astral-harnessing is to fill that support role that every team needs, just... Maybe not so much for the good guys this time. Though of course this isn't enforced, and the future of this magic could, in fact, go in any direction, regardless of the abilities and the lore underneath them. In my opinion, this magic also boasts a lot of routes it can take based on the initial encounters during its early stages, especially with the support role esc type class that this magic is. Overall, this magic serves to add strength to certain communities also, as alone those who would practice it will struggle. Citations Thanks to: ElvenMommaHacker/Pup for giving me the idea to write a wacky side to a star-based magic and giving me some ideas and feedback. Also, spell checking. Ztrog provided me with the origins story. The material used for ideas when writing this piece: Mephistophelian’s “Effect of Funnelling Deity Powers” https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/151046-%E2%9C%93-the-effect-of-funnelling-deity-powers/ ShameJax’s “Space; From Within the Void” https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/165638-%E2%9C%93-space-from-within-the-void
  22. Not an inside joke, just good ol' sarcasm.
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