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  2. Dear Faithful Flock, It seems that today is one of the few times that many of my public concerns have achieved a response from somebody in the clergy, sadly it is a rarity now to achieve a response to public missives. The response to my latest missive comes in the form of a thesis by Ailred Barclay in which he claims that the belief of ‘Favouritism’ is nothing short of heresy, a notion I completely dismiss. However he does little to respond to the several points I had in my missive and the analogy of the quotes from the Holy Scrolls, instead he has simply inserted a few quotes from the catechism and scrolls to try and cement his view, without explaining the context of these scrolls. He claims that Horen and Julia were not the first man and woman, this is strange for it has long been accepted that Horen and Julia were the first coupling of humanity. The Lord created four brothers, Krug, Urguan, Malin and Horen, with each their own race. The notion that there was some form of civilisation before the Lord created these four brothers is false. Let us further explore this claim in depth, for what Ailred says to be true it requires a large civilisation before them of an unknown race. A male and female of unknown races would have had to give birth to a dwarf, an orc, an elf and a human. How can this strange illusive race which we have not ever heard of, give birth to four different races and if this was the case, why then do we not see traces of this historic race and people throughout the entirety of our history and why are they not present today. I do hope, dear reader, that you can understand the nonsense that Ailred has claimed and why it is utterly false. Furthermore, Ailred leans heavily upon the current catechism of the Holy Canonist Church as his crutch to support his argument against ‘favoritism’, however like I have written before, catechism can change and be re-written. In fact the catechism has been re-written since the times of Sixtus IV, then one argues, what was before the catechism? He also states that is the official church teaching that all races are permitted into the Seven Skies, he says it in a way which implies that this is absolute and has been taught since the days our Holy Church was founded when the Exalted received the four Holy Scrolls. This is not the case as teachings of the church change with every new Pontificate, so perhaps it is true that is the teaching of today’s church, but certainly not the past. For this example we turn to High Pontiff Daniel III who received a series of revelations from the Lord, one of which was that only children of Horen and Julia could enter the Seven Skies, and this is cemented in the holy scrolls. He argues that because only Horen received the blessing of the Lord via the Aengul Aeriel, that the other exalted could not ascend to the seven skies however this too is false. For it is written in the holy scrolls that Exalted Owyn ascended to the Sixth sky, alongside his father. However this idea he has created would deny the existence of the prophets and their nature and blessing by the Lord, due to their very nature they ascend to the seven skies. Any other human ascends to the seven skies after receiving the same blessing given unto Horen by Aeriel, except in the form of baptism. To conclude, I reiterate my belief that only humans are granted entry into the seven skies and to deny this truth would be heresy most fowl. It is written in the scrolls themselves and I encourage all readers to read my latest missive which highlights quotes from the scrolls and analises them and their meaning which prove that the notion of ‘favoritism’ is true. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/195457-qui-absconditus-est-veritas/ GOD bless all true Canonists Friar Boniface
  3. Full Name (+MC Name): Franz Vladov- Galendar_Aveere Age: 25 Race: Human, Highlander City of Residence (+Discord name): None, grant#7914
  4. hello time to SPLURGE cherry picking – 5k herb gather – 5k dress that ruin france – 5k total: 15k discord: you know it
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  7. Skin: Awfully Middleclass, 1.3k Skin: Simplistic Blue with fur, 700Discord: you know it bb
  8. Franz Sarkozy votes AYE on the confirmation of Sir Edward.
  9. equality breaks techlock 

  10. Honestly man, yeah, this is pretty ******* good
  11. Halflings have 1.62% server activity. We’re half a nation at this point.

  12. things are heating up in the canonism fandom today.

  13. OOC: Hello there! This is an event designed to simulate a single day of halfling life as best as possible. Everybody starts at the beginning of the hour, having just woken up. Their characters then go about their day as they would IRP, eventually falling back to sleep at the end of the hour, which ends the event. Working, eating, talking, and other things your character typically does in a day can and should be roleplayed. There will be a single roleplay prompt happening during the hour to promote interaction, but attending it isn’t mandatory. Feel free to do as you wish. The intention isn’t to attract a large quantity of halflings into one location at a time, but rather to create as much immersion as possible. SoL Event Checklist (Optional): -Wake up ( ) -Eat something ( ) -Do some task ( ) -Interact with someone ( ) -Eat another thing ( ) -Go to sleep ( ) RP: [!] A new note is pinned to the Brandybrook Noticeboard Weather’s getting a bit cold.... anybody care to make me a coat? Little bit of woolen trim, rest of it made o’ leather, ya know, the whole ordeal. I’ll reward you with some fireworks if you do, either as a display right ‘n front of your eyes or the fireworks themselves so you can give it a go! -Filibert Applefoot ((7-8 PM EST, TODAY on the 29th of September, 2020. Time’s still not great, but it’s better than the previous SoL hour!))
  14. REMEMBER: halflings are the best race

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      Forest Dwarves close second.

  15. As a member of the guild i can tell you that it Is a brilliant opportunity to work with the best craft people this land has and a way to show your skills and learn new ones.
  16. Grand Architect and Omithiel Insitute Updated: Resignation of Grand Architect Darek Irongrinder & installment of Balek Irongut as Grand Architect
  17. HIS HOLINESS JAMES II, High Pontiff of the Church of the Canon, Archbishop of Visigia, Successor of the High Priesthood of the Church, Supreme Pontiff of the Church of True Faith, Keeper of the Canon, Missionary to Aeldin, High Servant to the Exalted's Testaments, Humble Servant of the Faithful and Vicar of GOD places his seal of imprimatur on the document.
  18. THE SCROLL OF VIRTUE. CRITICAL EDITION of the FLEXIO TEXT By the Venerable Father Humbert, O.S.J. With the “Canonist Commentary on Sacred Scripture” by Pius of Sutica, F.S.S.C.T. A.D. 1787. Venerable Humbert of St. Jude. ((OOC note: It is recommended to read this on the computer and NOT on the phone. It is very footnote heavy, and the footnotes don’t appear on the phone, so you would miss the greater part of the document! Also, if any of you happen to be Latinists and see errors, please correct. THE SCROLL OF VIRTUE.
  19. Philip Pruvia votes “Aye” on the confirmation of Sir Edward.
  20. The Prelate gives word that a reply to the venerable Friar Boniface’s QUI ABSCONDITUS EST VERITAS will be delivered soon to the clergy and others.
  21. M’lord – 1k Discord: BenjiBot#1207
  22. Cherry Picking: 3k Cactus Green: 1.5k Dress that ruined france: 1.5k Discord: cobbler#0001
  23. SITTING OF THE 20TH IMPERIAL DIET THIS HARREN’S FOLLY, 1787 Present: George Galbraith; Jonah Stahl-Elendil; Annabelle Kelmenour; George Dubois; Leonard van Halen; Thomas Aquinas; Adrian Helvets; Lajos Karoly; Lemuel de Langford; Absent: George Kovachev; Philip Pruvia; Franz Sarkozy; Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “The people of the Holy Orenian Empire have spoken, and have awarded the Josephite party a majority of nine seats.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “Observing this, and the conventions established in the previous sessions.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “This clear electoral majority grants the Stahl-Elendil Ministry presumed confidence to form a government.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “With this, we shall continue.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “The Josephite bench nominates George Galbraith for Presiding Officer of the House of Commons.” Edward Napier: “Good afternoon.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “Not yet, Ed.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “Five minutes.” Edward Napier: “Oh, damn.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “For honors sake, we open the floor to the Opposition to nominate one of their own.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “Or to accept the President we have deemed appropriate.” Adrian Helvets: “We nominate Lajos Károly for President of this Chamber.” Lemuel de Langford: “Hear hear!” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “And so we proceed to vote?” Lemuel de Langford: “What a splendid choice, upon my name.” Adrian Helvets: “Aye, the Right Honourable Gentleman may proceed to a vote.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “Stahl-Elendil votes aye for George Galbraith.” Annabelle Kelmenour: “Kelmenour votes aye for George Galbraith.” George Dubois: “Dubois votes aye for George Galbraith.” Leonard Skingaard: “Skingaard van Halen votes ai for George Galbraith.” George Galbraith: “George Galbraith accepts his nomination for George Galbraith and votes aye.” Thomas Aquinas-Elmpool: “Aquinas-Elmpool votes aye for George Galbraith.” Adrian Helvets: “Helvets votes NAY on George Galbraith, may god help us with his appointment.” George Dubois: “Six percent.” Lemuel de Langford: “What?” Adrian Helvets: “ORDER! The right honourable Dubois, please do not interrupt these proceedings with your commentary.” Lemuel de Langford: “Thank you. Langford fervently rejects the motion.” George Galbraith: “It seems as if Mr Philip Pruvia has also voted aye for my nomination through absentee vote.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “Any day now…gentlemen.” Adrian Helvets: “We have given our votes, Right Honourable Archchancellor.” Lajos Károly: “Károly would vote no for George Galbraith.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “Then, 7 Aye, 3 Nay, 2 in absentia.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “The Right Honorable George Galbraith passes, and is now the President of the House of Commons.” Adrian Helvets: “May he neutrally rule over this Chamber, har har har!” Lemuel de Langford: “Oh, goodness, what wit.” George Galbraith: “With this, I officially call this first sitting of the 20th Imperial Diet to Order.” George Galbraith: “All rise for the Nauzican Oath.” George Galbraith: “Repeat after me.” George Galbraith: “I swear to be true to the Emperor and the realm and not to maintain silence about any evil that I may know which is being contemplated against them. I swear to work tirelessly to the betterment of the Empire and the Orenian people that comprise it I swear also not to eat or drink with traitors and not to have anything in common with them, and always to defend the honor of the gentlemen I serve. This, I swear by the Holy Scrolls.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “I swear to be true…” George Galbraith: “You all may be seated.” George Galbraith: “What may the Right Honorable Leader of the House have for our agenda today?” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “Mr.President, we wish to address the Standing Orders you have presented to the chamber.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “Clerk Jimothy will distribute copies of the rules to all members of the Commons.” Adrian Helvets: “Must be a Josephite name..” Lemuel de Langford: “How horrid, poor fellow.” George Galbraith: “And as for other pieces of agenda today?” George Galbraith: “For schedule's sake.” Adrian Helvets: “I believe Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition has presented the legislative proposals to this Chamber beforehand, Right Honourable President.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “We also have a series of bills on our end as well.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “All will be heard.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “I promise you, Mr.Helvets.” George Galbraith: “Aye, the Leader will present all matters of the agenda for today's session.” Adrian Helvets: “I am counting on the Right Honourable Archchancellor.” George Galbraith: “The document you have before yourselves are the standing orders of the 20th Imperial Diet.” George Galbraith: “It outlines procedure and etiquette that all Members of the House are expected to follow.” George Galbraith: “Regardless of your partisanship, make no mistake that if a Member continuously violates these orders, you will be removed from the sitting.” George Galbraith: “With that, I implore the Right Honorable Leader to table our bills and confirmations for the sitting.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “Mr.President, we have a very busy day…We shall be presenting the Land Allotman bill, designed to ensure the end of blight and meaningless depletion of resources, and to regulate housing and property outside of municipal jurisdiction.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “The Double Jeopary bill, ensuring that no man can be tried twice for the same crime.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “We shall be ratifying the Ruby-Silver Concordat for His and Her Imperial Majesties, to secure a full alliance with the Elves of Haelun'or.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “And then…submitted last minute. The Safe Infrastructure bill, corruption prevention bill, and….” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “The humanity first bill….” Adrian Helvets: “Point of order.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “As well as the confirmations to the Circuit Court, Edward Galbraith and Edward Napier.” George Galbraith: “The Chair will entertain the point of order.” George Galbraith: “Mr. Helvets?” Adrian Helvets: “The Safe Infrastructure bill and the Corruption Prevention Bill are not brought before this Chamber last minute, and the Right Honourable Archchancellor is slandering our punctuality here.” George Galbraith: “Bills must be submitted 24 saint hours before the sitting. However, since this is our first sitting, flexibility of this rule will be sustained.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “Mr.President, my apologies.” George Galbraith: “The Chair will remind the Right Honorable Leader to stay on topic.” Adrian Helvets: “Apologies accepted, Dear Honourable Archchancellor.” George Galbraith: “If it is fine with the House, the Chair would like to prioritize the pieces of agenda sent down by His Imperial Majesty. This being the confirmations and the treaty.” Adrian Helvets: “Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition agrees with this prioritization.” George Galbraith: “The Right Honorable Leader of the House?” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “The Majority agrees as well.” George Galbraith: “Very well. With that we will begin with the Treaty.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “Foreign Minister Thelin, myself, Minister O'Rourke, and Her Imperial Majesty oversaw the construction and agreement of the treaty.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “The High Elves have agreed to our terms.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “This treaty is this balanced and advantageous to our goals of preserving our country against enemy forces abroad.” George Galbraith: “After reading this document, the Chair would ask for a Member to motion for moderated debate on this matter. Members will be recognized by the Chair to speak by raising their hands, and will be put on a list to speak.” George Galbraith: “You have a motion, Leader of the Opposition?” Adrian Helvets: “Yes, to make corrections on this document.” Adrian Helvets: “The signatories are, whether you follow the ascending or descending convention, oddly placed at the bottom of this document.” George Galbraith: “The Chair would like to remind the Leader of the Opposition that we are not changing the document. Simply voting to ratify it or not.” Adrian Helvets: “Either the most superior are at the bottom, or the top: But not the middle.” Lemuel de Langford: “Hear, hear!” Adrian Helvets: “We will NOT entertain this if the signatories are incorrectly placed.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “Ah, a formatting error that can be fixed.” George Galbraith: “That is noted. Do we have a motion that the House can entertain?” Adrian Helvets: “If these are fixed, yes.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “If I may, Mr.President.” George Galbraith: “The Right Honorable Majority Leader.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “Thank you. Mr.President, this can be fixed in the final document. This is just approving said terms. Order will be changed for the formal, final document.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “Thank you, Mr.Helvets, for pointing this out.” George Galbraith: “That is in order. We will be debating merely the contents of the treaty, rather not the signatories.” George Galbraith: “Now, do we have a motion?” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “I motion to vote, Mr.President.” George Galbraith: “That is in order. The Chair would like to see debate on this matter, but if this is the sole motion we have today, we will vote on it.” Adrian Helvets: “Her Imperial Majesty's Loyal Opposition sees no reason to debate allying the most civilized of non-Humans, and wishes to motion to vote.” George Galbraith: “We will be moving to vote, then.” George Galbraith: “On the matter of ratification, I will vote- AYE.” George Galbraith: “The Chair will now call roll.” George Galbraith: “Mister Stahl-Elendil.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “Aye.” George Galbraith: “Miss Kelmenour.” Annabelle Kelmenour: “Aye.” George Galbraith: “Mister Halen.” Leonard Skingaard: “Ai.” George Galbraith: “Mister Aquinas.” Thomas Aquinas-Elmpool: “Aye.” George Galbraith: “Mister Helvets.” Adrian Helvets: “Aye.” George Galbraith: “Mister Langford.” Lemuel de Langford: “Aye.” George Galbraith: “Mister Karoly.” Lajos Károly: “Aye.” Adrian Helvets: “Point of order!” George Galbraith: “The Leader of the Opposition?” Adrian Helvets: “It is mister de Langford.” George Galbraith: “That is noted.” George Galbraith: “This matter has nine Ayes, zero ayes, and two in asbentia. With this, the Treaty is ratified by the House of Commons.” George Dubois: “Point of order.” George Galbraith: “It looks like the fog turned on my glasses.” George Galbraith: “Mister Dubois, your vote?” George Dubois: “There we go, I vote aye.” George Dubois: “Point of ordered retracted.” George Galbraith: “With nine ayes, this Treaty is ratified.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “Thank you, Mr.President.” George Galbraith: “The Right Honorable Leader, our next piece of the agenda?” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “Mr.President. The Majority calls Edward Napier forward, for confirmation to the Circuit Court.” George Galbraith: “That is in order. Mister Napier, we thank you for joining us today. As with previous norm, you will have the floor to talk about your qualifications for the nomination. After this, the House will debate on your confirmation, and then vote.” George Galbraith: “You now have the floor.” Edward Napier: “Ah, thank you.” Edward Napier: “I have served in government, in a myriad of positions for near on thirty years. I am familiar with both the proceedings and systems of the House of Commons, by which Legislation is created..” Edward Napier: “I am familiar with the ORC, having put several parts to memory.” Edward Napier: “I have sat on His Majesties Imperial Cabinet, and understand the inner workings of both or Legislative and Judicial houses..” Edward Napier: “As well, I have frequently paid attention to, and catalogued legal cases throughout history for archival work.” Ostromir Carrion: “Orc Fucka!” George Galbraith: “Order.” George Galbraith: “^Order.” George Galbraith: “Order” Adrian Helvets: “Helenites, am I right?” George Galbraith: “Mister Carrion, if you continue more times I will be implored to remove you from the House.” George Galbraith: “Now, do the Members have any questions for Mister Napier today? Raise your hand to be recognized.” Adrian Helvets: “AYE!” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “Oh boy.” George Galbraith: “The Leader of the Opposition has the floor.” Adrian Helvets: “Before we proceed to debate regarding your legal knowledge, an important matter must be disclosed to the public.” Adrian Helvets: “We have good reason to believe that Mr. Edward Napier regularly involves himself in sensual acts with an ORC! As such, Her Imperial Majesty's Loyal Opposition doubts his morality.” Adrian Helvets: “What can Mr. Edward Napier say regarding this?” Edward Napier: “As I am before the stand, and in the persuit of honesty and honour - Yes, you are correct.” Adrian Helvets: “BY GOD!” Leonard Skingaard: “….” Adrian Helvets: “My Apologies, Right Honourable President.” Ostromir Carrion: “Tis' true! Tis' True! This man would bring his creature, into the grounds of Novellan itself!” Ostromir Carrion: “They have children!” George Galbraith: “Mister Carrion, please remain silent.” Adrian Helvets: “I humbly ask The Right Honourable Nominee to withdraw his candidacy to avoid further humilation. I yield my time.” Ostromir Carrion: “A Dark day, be it when an orc-fucker has the final say over the affairs of men!” George Galbraith: “That is noted. Will the candidate continue his candidacy?” Edward Napier: “I should like to, if permitted, yes.” Annabelle Kelmenour: “Mr. President, can we call for silence of those not on the floor?” Thomas Aquinas-Elmpool: “Please.” George Galbraith: “Order” George Galbraith: “Now, do any other Members have any other questions?” Adrian Helvets: “Point of order.” George Galbraith: “The Leader of the Opposition?” Adrian Helvets: “If a nominee has confessed that he committed a crime, shouldn't he be arrested and brought before the rightful authorities?” Lajos Károly: “W.” George Galbraith: “Law enforcement is not the House of Commons' authority, that is for the ISA.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “Mr.President, I move we table the nomination of Edward Napier at present.” Adrian Helvets: “Surely these are special circumstances.. A criminal is standing to be nominated.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “And proceed with the agenda.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “This is…interesting.” George Galbraith: “That is in order. Does the House agree to table this confirmation, Leader of the Opposition?” Lieutenant Crestfall: “Ensign, secure the confessed criminal,” Edward Napier: “I need no securing.” Adrian Helvets: “Her Imperial Majesty's Loyal Opposition agrees to table it, aye.” Lieutenant Crestfall: “Very well. You will be escorted to a cell.” ‎ VOTE ON THE CONFIRMATION OF EDWARD NAPIER AS CIRCUIT COURT JUSTICE After an agreement from the Leader of the House and HIM’s Most Loyal Opposition, the matter is tabled. George Galbraith: “That is in order. Who is our next confirmation, the Right Honorable Majority Leader?” George Galbraith: “Mister Napier, you may excuse yourself.” Edward Napier: “Indeed. Thank you for your time, Mr. Galbraith, it is duly appreciated.” Lajos Károly: “Disgraceful.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “Moving on. His Imperial Majesty's next pick for the circuit court, Sir Edward.” George Galbraith: “Sir Edward, please come before the Chair.” Sir Edward Galbraith: “Greetings, Mister President.” George Galbraith: “As per norm, you will have time to explain your qualifications for the position. After which we will debate and vote on your confirmation.” George Galbraith: “Sir Edward, you now have the floor.” Sir Edward Galbraith: “Thank you, Mister President.” Sir Edward Galbraith: “Honorable Members of the House of Commons, firstly, I would like to congratulate His Imperial Excellency the Archchancellor on renewing the josephite majority in this Chamber and the Right Honorable Leader of the Opposition on his election in this Chamber.” Sir Edward Galbraith: “A strong Imperial Government and a democratic Opposition like the ones we have in this Chamber nowadays are totally necessary in order to ensure the political plurality of our Country.” Sir Edward Galbraith: “Having said that, despite not many people know, before my career in the Ministry of the Interior I was an Imperial Solicitor of the Ministry of Justice under the current Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Joseph Adler, at that time Solicitor-General.” Sir Edward Galbraith: “Under his leadership, I represented the Crown in many important cases such as in The Crown v. Sokolov or in The Crown v. Corbish.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “Lieutenant.” Sir Edward Galbraith: “In the first aforementioned case I was able to convince the Court to convict the defendant to death penalty and in the second case I was able to get a Restraining Order penalty.” Sir Edward Galbraith: “In fact, it was my participation in those cases that led to my acceptance in the Imperial Everardine College as a member of the Committee of Solicitors and recently in the Adler Commission, a body of legal experts appointed by the Crown.” Sir Edward Galbraith: “Honorable Members, if you confirm me today I assure you that I will be apolitical and impartial in my decisions. As part of the imperial judiciary I will uphold the legislation that this House creates.” Sir Edward Galbraith: “Thank you and god bless the Holy Orenian Empire. I will now accept any of your questions, thank you.” George Galbraith: “Thank you, Sir Edward, Now-.” George Galbraith: “Members may raise their hands to be recognized.” George Galbraith: “Mister de Langford.” Adrian Helvets: “Get 'm Langford!” Lemuel de Langford: “Thank you, sir.” Lemuel de Langford: “Mr. Galbraith, was there not an impeachment inquiry on yourself, as part of your role as Minister of the Interior on grounds of negligence of duty and abuse of power?” Sir Edward Galbraith: “Honorable Member, in response to your question there was merely an inquiry to investigate on those accusations but I was never impeached or convicted for that.” George Galbraith: “The Chair will allow one more back and forth question between the Member and Sir Edward.” George Galbraith: “If needed.” George Galbraith: “Once Mister de Langford is done, Mister Skingaard will have the floor.” Lemuel de Langford: “My second question to Sir Galbraith concerns his relation to President Galbraith. Is it your intention to persuade our people in your lack of political affiliation despite that fact - one which may lead even more conerns surrounding Josephite nepotism -.” Lemuel de Langford: “-In our institutions?” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “Point of order.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “Relevancy?” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “George Galbraith is an elected official.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “Sir Edward is not.” Lemuel de Langford: “Your point of order was not addressed..” George Galbraith: “That order is sustained. The Chair would like to remind Mister de Langford of this distinction.” George Galbraith: “As well as the confirmation was sent down by the Emperor himself.” George Galbraith: “With that- is there a response, Sir Edward?” Lemuel de Langford: “My question is to the candidate, sir, not yourself.” Sir Edward Galbraith: “Yes, Mister President.” George Galbraith: “Sir Edward will have a chance to respond, and then we will move to the Honorable Member Halen's question.” Sir Edward Galbraith: “I was simply going to say that the President of this Chamber is also a Galbraith that does not necessarilly mean that I support his political party.” Sir Edward Galbraith: “And also, I would like to remind the Honorable Member that His Imperial Majesty was the one who sent my confirmation to this House.” Sir Edward Galbraith: “That's all.” George Galbraith: “Thank you. Mister Halen now has the floor.” Lemuel de Langford: “That inference can only be implied, Sir Edward. Thank you for the answers.” Leonard Skingaard: “Thank you. To the chair-…” Leonard Skingaard: “I wish to note that Sir Edward, when the impeachment inquiry first was announced, that he held a convention of the Imperial Everardine College in regards to the legality of the inquiry.” Leonard Skingaard: “I wish to know now Sir Edward's thoughts, and his current stance on the Diet's powers of impeachment.” Sir Edward Galbraith: “Thank you for your question, Honorable Member. Well, I truly respect the new system of confidence between the Diet and the Council of State established by convention in this House.” Sir Edward Galbraith: “And in regard to the impeachment process, I also recognize the power of this House to inquire and pass Writs of Impeachment against Councilors of State.” Sir Edward Galbraith: “I also want the Honorable Members to note that I have left politics and from now on I'll be apolitical and focus on the judiciary of our beloved country.” Sir Edward Galbraith: “That's all, thank you, mister president.” George Galbraith: “The Chair will allow one more back and forth question between the Member and the candidate, if needed.” Leonard Skingaard: “Thank you, sir. I yield back to the chair.” George Galbraith: “Thank you Honorable Member.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “Mr.President.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “I motion for a vote on the confirmation of Sir Edward.” George Galbraith: “That is in order. Do we have a second?” Adrian Helvets: “Nay.” George Galbraith: “Does the Leader of the Opposition have a question for the candidate?” Adrian Helvets: “Aye.” George Galbraith: “You have the floor.” Adrian Helvets: “Doesn't Edward Galbraith agree that with the past accusations of abuse of power, negligence, destruction of documents, et cetera: Plus his dodgy answering so far, that he might not have the character that is required to be nominated? What says the Right Honourable Nominee himself?” Sir Edward Galbraith: “Thank you for your question, Honorable Member. Well, I simply believe that an accusation does not mean that someone is automatically guilty. And, in fact, as I've already explained-.” Sir Edward Galbraith: “-There was merely an investigation, but this House never passed a Writ of Impeachment.” Adrian Helvets: “Yet the Right Honourable Nominee agrees that for such accusations to be even made, a context must exist?” Adrian Helvets: “Also, wasn't that because the Diet was dissolved?” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “Point of clarification.” George Galbraith: “The Chair will allow that back and forth response, but will finish the question after Sir Edward responds.” Sir Edward Galbraith: “Yes but having a suspicious on someone does not imply that person is automatically guilty, Honorable Member. And no, in the first inquiry the House decided to cancel the impeachment inquiry as far as I remember.” Adrian Helvets: “In the first inquiry?” Adrian Helvets: “There were two, Sir Edward.” George Galbraith: “That will be all.” Adrian Helvets: “Point of Order.” George Galbraith: “A back and forth question was already exhausted.” George Galbraith: “I will allow this point, only.” George Galbraith: “Leader of the Opposition?” Sir Edward Galbraith: “Yes, because there were two, that's a fact. But none of them were concluded and no Writ of Impeachment was passed so I also want to highlight my presumption of innocence.” Adrian Helvets: “Isn't the Right Honourable President too quick to interrupt my line of questioning against a relative of his?” Sir Edward Galbraith: “Also, as I've said I have retired from politics, Honorable Member.” George Galbraith: “It is not fair to allow more than 2 questions for one member when another member only asked two.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “Mr.President.” Adrian Helvets: “I wish to have an answer whether it was during the first, or second inquiry?” George Galbraith: “The Chair will allow a third question for Mr. Helvets if so needed.” Sir Edward Galbraith: “If the Honorable Member could repeat me the question I will be more than happy to answer him.” Adrian Helvets: “Aye. Right Honourable Nominee, was this during your first, or second inquiry? I hope this Chamber recognizes the implied baggage behind this nominee as I ask this.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “R I did.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “Point of Order, Mr.President.” George Galbraith: “Leader of the House?” Sir Edward Galbraith: “What I've recently explained applies to both inquiries since none of them went further than the investigation stage: No writ of impeachment was passed.” Sir Edward Galbraith: “I hope that I've satisfied your question, thank you.” Adrian Helvets: “Thank you Right Honourable Nominee, although I wish to correct you: That both were dissolved before they could even pass such.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “Mr.President, the opposition leader is incorrect.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “The first inquiry was deemed insufficient during the session. He was find not in violation. Second, Mr.Galbraith resigned his post during the second inquiry.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “And no criminal charges have been levied pending any investigation.” Sir Edward Galbraith: “That is correct.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “I motion for cloture.” Adrian Helvets: “I guarantee you, Right Honourable Archchancellor, that Her Imperial Majesty's Loyal Opposition does not partake in incorrectness.” Lemuel de Langford: “Hardly helps his case…” Adrian Helvets: “He resigned before he could be impeached.” George Galbraith: “The Chair notes this. Mister Helvets has exhausted his time, being allowed an extra question than the other Members.” George Galbraith: “Do you have a second?” Annabelle Kelmenour: “I second that motion.” Adrian Helvets: “Thank you, Right Honourable President.” George Galbraith: “That is in order. We will now call roll.” George Galbraith: “On this matter- I will ABSTAIN.” George Galbraith: “Mister Stahl-ELendil.” George Dubois: “Aye,” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “Stahl-Elendil votes Aye.” George Galbraith: “Miss Kelmenour.” Annabelle Kelmenour: “Kelmenour votes Aye.” George Galbraith: “Mister Dubois.” George Dubois: “Aye,” George Galbraith: “Mister Halen.” Leonard Skingaard: “Skingaard votes Ai.” George Galbraith: “Mister Aquinas.” Thomas Aquinas-Elmpool: “Aquinas-Elmpool votes aye.” George Galbraith: “Mister Helvets.” Adrian Helvets: “A firm Nay, Right Honourable President.” George Galbraith: “Mister de Langford.” Lemuel de Langford: “Nay.” George Galbraith: “Mister Karoly.” Lajos Károly: “Nay.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “Absentee voting, then.” George Galbraith: “With 5 Ayes, 3 Nays, 1 abstentia, this matter will move to absentee voting as it has not reached majority.” George Galbraith: “You may be excused, Sir Edward.” Adrian Helvets: “Based.” Sir Edward Galbraith: “No problem, thank you, Mister President.” ‎ VOTE ON THE CONFIRMATION OF SIR EDWARD AS CIRCUIT COURT JUSTICE AYE: Jonah Stahl-Elendil; Annabelle Kelmenour; George Dubois; Leonard van Halen; Thomas Aquinas; NAY: Adrian Helvets; Lajos Karoly; Lemuel de Langford; ABSTAIN George Galbraith; The matter does not achieve majority and will be put to absentee voting. @Esterlen @SerFinnick@Nectorist Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “Honorable members of the House of Commons, I wish to proceed with the final confirmation for the evening.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “God help us all.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “I call Albert de Falstaff.” George Galbraith: “The House summons Mister de Falstaff to the floor.” Adrian Helvets: “By god, hopefully not another Josephite nepotist pick.” Lajos Károly: “Aye.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “By God, hopefully Mr.Helvets doesn't burn a hole in his nose.” George Galbraith: “Mister de Falstaff, you will be allowed time to explain your qualifications for the candidacy.” Lajos Károly: “Point or Order.” George Galbraith: “Mister Karoly?” George Galbraith: “The Chair would like to remind the stands to reduce noise.” George Galbraith: “You may proceed.” Lajos Károly: “The statement by the Honorable Archchancellor is quite disrespectful and towards the Honorable Leader of the Opposition.” George Galbraith: “The Chair reminds the Leader to refrain from such comments. If that is your point, Mister de Falstaff now has the floor.” Albert de Falstaff: “What do I need the floor for?” Adrian Helvets: “By god.” George Galbraith: “You will have time to explain your qualifications for your nomination.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “Tell us why you oughta be a judge.” Albert de Falstaff: “Ah, apologies. My qualifications largely lie in my work as a scholar in the Society of Saint Everard, and my works under the Kaedreni government.” Albert de Falstaff: “Ah, I've also administered the Guise estate for the past five years.” George Galbraith: “Thank you, Mister de Falstaff. Members may now raise their hands to ask questions.” Adrian Helvets: “Aye.” George Galbraith: “Leader of the Opposition.” Adrian Helvets: “Point of order: It is the Right Honourable Leader of Her Imperial Majesty's Loyal Opposition.” George Galbraith: “Point sustained. Do you have a question?” Adrian Helvets: “Anyways. The Right Honourable Nominee is tied to Guise, and wields a lineage, that is embroiled in a lot of territorial disputes and potential future legal procedures.” Adrian Helvets: “Doesn't the Right Honourable Nominee have a self interest to be apart of a judiciary that in the future might have to rule on this?” Albert de Falstaff: “I intend to defer any cases regarded or related to my or my family's properties to other judges. Furthermore, it is only now in my self-interest because my family is One of One that, with its territories chiefly in Haeseni territories, declared its continuing loyalty to the Empire.” George Galbraith: “The Chair will allow one more question from the Right Honorable Leader of the Her Imperial Majesty's Most Loyal Opposition.” Adrian Helvets: “Second question. You state that you have served the Kaedreni government, yet find no records of your service within any ministry, nor have I personally see you in Kaedrin as a citizen.” Adrian Helvets: “Does the Right Honourable Nominee have proof of his governmental employment?” Albert de Falstaff: “The Society of Saint Everard approved my tenure under the previous Chancellor, who I am sure would have the files related to it. In regards to Kaedrin, the court there posted a roster with my name on it, dated 1770, that was legally active until the Rochefort Resolution of 1785.” George Galbraith: “Thank you. Does any other Member of the House have a question?” Adrian Helvets: “So you were six years old?” George Galbraith: “Order.” Albert de Falstaff: “The Count Rochefort was my esteemed mentor at the time of my original posting.” George Galbraith: “Mister Karoly.” Albert de Falstaff: “I was originally posted to the region as a Page, like all in noble courts, and then rose to Master of Ceremonies later.” Lemuel de Langford: “A Kaedreni's ministerial skill… to die for.” Lajos Károly: “How old were you when you became Master of Ceremonies?” Wilhelmina Beatrix: “I didn't know the House of Commons was a congregation of children.” Wilhelmina Beatrix: “Surely you've some important legislature to discuss.” Annabelle Kelmenour: “Mr. President, can we call for silence of those not on the floor?” George Galbraith: “Order. He'd bang his gavel.” George Galbraith: “Order.” Adrian Helvets: “Point of Personal Privilege.” Lt Colonel Peter d'Arkent: “He will have a trial soon, so keep quiet.” Lieutenant Crestfall: “Silence or be removed.” Lt Colonel Peter d'Arkent: “He's out on bail.” Albert de Falstaff: “I was sixteen at the time.” Adrian Helvets: “Point of Personal Privilege.” Albert de Falstaff: “Though the date itself escapes me.” George Galbraith: “Leader of the Opposition, if the point is in regards to Mister Napier, the Lt. Colonel has already answered it.” George Galbraith: “I'd suggest leaving law enforcement to the body that actually does it.” Adrian Helvets: “Nay.” George Galbraith: “Leader of the Opposition, what is your point?” Lemuel de Langford: “Point of Order: The correct term is the Honourable Leader of Her Imperial Majesty's Most Loyal Opposition.” Adrian Helvets: “I am uncomfortable to stand here as a representative if the eyes of a Josephite maniac are looking down on me, someone that has made love to an Orc!” Adrian Helvets: “Bail or no bail, I ask for him to be removed.” George Galbraith: “Then you may leave. Law enforcement has responded to your inquiry.” George Galbraith: “Now, Mister Karoly.” George Galbraith: “Do you have a second question?” Lajos Károly: “What makes you qualified to hold such high positions at such a young age?” Adrian Helvets: “Asking for The Leader of Her Imperial Majesty's Loyal Opposition to leave?” George Galbraith: “You have the option to leave.” George Galbraith: “I am not asking anything.” Adrian Helvets: “Point of order.” George Galbraith: “Now, please refrain from interrupting your colleague.” Adrian Helvets: “The democratic process is put in peril if a member of the House of Commons feels too uncomfortable to stand. The source of the discomfort should be removed, not the elected representative.” Albert de Falstaff: “My qualifications for said position were loyal assistance given to the Kaedreni Court in my time there, beginning assisted writings at the age of 14, and the training given to me from youth as a prospective inheritor of the Falstaff estates.” Adrian Helvets: “I humbly ask The Right Honourable President to remove Edward Napier from the stands.” Lieutenant Crestfall: “The Right Honorable President does not command the Imperial State Army.” George Galbraith: “You and Mister Napier have the option to stay or leave at your wish. I will abide by law enforcement's decision to let him stay on bail.” George Galbraith: “The Duke is correct.” Edward Napier: “If I can withstand your hollow wit and foul stench, I ask you return the favour, though the burden is much lessened in your favour.” Adrian Helvets: “Silence, orc lover! This is not your turn to speak.” George Dubois: “Point of order,” George Galbraith: “I implore Mister Helvets to abide by the law, and the decision of the Imperial State Army. Anything else will be taken as a violation of law.” George Galbraith: “Now, Mister Dubois.” George Dubois: “I call a motion of vote.” Annabelle Kelmenour: “I second the motion.” George Galbraith: “That is in order, we will now call roll.” George Galbraith: “On this matter, I vote- Aye.” George Galbraith: “Miss Kelmenour.” Annabelle Kelmenour: “Kelmenour votes Aye.” George Galbraith: “Mister Dubois.” George Dubois: “Aye,” George Galbraith: “Mister Halen.” Leonard Skingaard: “Ai.” George Galbraith: “The Right Honorable Leader of Her Imperial Majesty's Most Loyal Opposition.” Adrian Helvets: “The Right Honorable Leader of Her Imperial Majesty's Most Loyal Opposition votes aye.” George Galbraith: “Mister de Langford.” Lemuel de Langford: “Aye, Mr. De Falstaff proves adequate in his candidacy.” George Galbraith: “Mister Karoly.” Lajos Károly: “Aye. He is overqualified.” George Galbraith: “With 8 ayes, Mister de Falstaff is confirmed to the position of Circuit Justice. Congratulations. Do we have any other motions?” ‎ VOTE ON THE CONFIRMATION OF ALBERT DE FALSTAFF AS CIRCUIT COURT JUSTICE AYE: George Galbraith; Annabelle Kelmenour; George Dubois; Leonard van Halen; Thomas Aquinas; Adrian Helvets; Lajos Karoly; Lemuel de Langford; NAY ABSTAIN Majority is achieved and the candidate is confirmed. Annabelle Kelmenour: “I motion to ajourn.” George Dubois: “I second the motion,” Lajos Károly: “Well he left in a hurry.” George Galbraith: “The Chair recognizes that the session has gone on for far too long. Any agenda pieces for today's session will be convened at the next session. With that, I herebly declare this sitting adjourned.” Lemuel de Langford: “What a fruitful sessio.” George Galbraith: “Providence.”
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