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Player Reports

Report a player breaking the server rules.

Player Reports Section Rules

Player Reports Section Rules

Player reports are the system put in place to help with in-game player disputes that aren’t fixable in roleplay. This report should be used as such to report bannable behaviour, though take into consideration a few things before filling out your ban report:


  • Is the player in question new to the server? Is it possible they are just unclear on rule specifications?
  • Have you contributed to fueling the dispute in some form? It is possible you are liable for rule-breaking if you have contributed to the dispute negatively.
  • Is it possible to solve this issue without the use of a player report? Have you tried contacting a Game Moderator in-game?
  • Do you have genuine reason to report this player? We do not accept personal dislike as a suitable reason for a player report.


If you’ve read through these dot points and still hold the opinion that you have valid reasoning to fill out a player report then read on! If not, perhaps try contacting a Moderator in-game or speaking further with the individual/s involved after everyone has cooled down to work towards resolving the issue.

Some rules to take into account when creating or viewing player reports, note this is subject to change and should be re-read upon creation of a player report, so as to keep up to date on the latest guidelines on creating player reports.

1- Do not reply to reports that you are not listed on, posts that are made by non-permitted community members will be removed regardless of content. You can determine if you’re listed on the report by checking the top of the first post in the thread. If you feel that you are meant to be a part of the report, but are not listed; contact the OP of the post to be added. 

  • The player who the report was made against is allowed to request a GM add specific people to the list of allowed players, within reason.


2- You’re required to mention (@<username>) players within your report that you authorize to comment on the player report.


3- The validity of evidence will be determined by the Game Moderator overseeing the case.


4- Intentionally withholding relevant information involved in the report is not allowed and may lead to action taken against those involved.


5- In the event that you are added to the report, keep conversation on topic and stray away from off-topic conversations. Posts that are shown to add nothing to the conversation, or otherwise violate our forum rules; will be removed and repeat offenders warned.


6- Suitable evidence of your attempt to solve the situation at hand prior to making the report is required, and can be submitted in the form of screenshots, video, recording, and in the form of written logs from a Skype, Discord or Private Forum Message conversation.


7- Evidence given must be relevant to the player reported situation, this means bringing up old evidence (two weeks or older) is not recommended and may be considered invalid.

Player report Application

Title: Please list those being reported within your reports title along with the words “Player Report” For example “Player report - z3m0s”
Feel free to copy/paste the application below:

Person/s Involved:
Person/s with permission to post within the report:
Rules Broken:
Relevant Evidence:
Proof you attempted to resolve the issue with person/s involved:

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