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Character Name: Amechirr Celianto
Nicknames: Chirr, Anto
Age: 119
Gender: Male
Race: Elf
Sub-Race: Wood Elf
Status: Alive
Height: 5'8
Weight: 140
Body Type: Slim
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black
Skin: White
Markings/Tattoos: Ancient Elven Marks on lower back, Ranger Markings on upper right arm
Health: Healthy
Inventory: Bow, Quiver with an assortment of arrows, Ring Of Darkhaven, Journal on Ancient Elven, Abresi guard papers.
Further Details: Always wears thick cloaks to hide the markings of the Ancient Elves that distinguish him among a secret society of elves that know the true meaning of Mali.
Life Style
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Deity: Malin
Religion: Ancient Elven Amellir
Alliance/ Nation/ home: Ranger Of Ame/ Changes/ Ame
Job/Class: Guard of Abresi, Ranger, Writer
Titles: Guard, Ranger, Mali'Ame, Mali'khel
Profession(s): Writer and Fletcher
Special Skill(s): Shadow Walking and Expert Accuracy
Flaw(s): Loyalty
Current status: N/A
Current Spell(s):N/A
Fighting Style: Stealth
Trained Weapon(s): Bow, Hand-To-Hand, Fighing With an Arrow
Favored Weapon(s): Bow
Archery: Expert shot
Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Children: None
Extended Family: None
Pet(s): Chirr ( Wolf)

Deep in the Ame, a shadow came over a child that had been abandoned. Then the cold came, making the the child cry. The Ame watched to see what the child wood do. If the child harmed the forest, the Ame would let it die. However, if this wa a true Amellir, then he would live, and the Ame would send a Chirr to gude the child. As the child took steps toward the wood, as if to break branches off the tree, the Ame began to take its focus off the child. But after hearing or feeling no break of branches, the Ame decided to look on. The child had climbed to the nearet limb of the tree, and huddled close too the bark. That night a Chirr snatched the child, and brought it to its den. 


In the morning the child awoke to see ten figures sorroundig him, and strange drawing on the ground around him. At the age of three the child immediatly began crying, hoping someone would attend its needs of warmth and hunger. The figures began to talk, each raising a hand to the child. They all took a step foward and a step to the right, leaving ten gaps. As they continued chanting, Chirr filed all but one of the gaps left by the figures. The child, looked at one of the chirr and began luaghing. "Puppie" the child said between luaghs. As the child stood to walk over to the Chirr, a hand rested on his small shoulder."You would be wise to stay put young Mali," a voice said, almost whispering compare to the chanting going on. The child could not understand the chanting, however the deep male voice was perfectly understood by the child. The remaing Gap was filled by a slim looking Chirr, with pup hanging from its mouth. The chanting suddenly stopped. The child suddenly let out a scream in agony as his lower back seared with pain. As the child was knocked unconcious by the pain, the Chirr with the pup moved foward, dropped the pup next to the child, and left. All but one chirr, and one figure followed the chirr out of the den. The figure then toke their hood off and smiled. An older Mali women smile and put a hand on her chirr. "It has been some time since we have had an Amellir join us, We must keep him safe." The chirr let out a long howl and then picked up the Chirr pup as the women cradled the child and left.
Ancient Elves
Oaken Rangers

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((What in the name of hasenpfeffer is the ring of Darkhaven?)) 

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(( When the first Darkhaven was built like 8 months ago(The one before it was ransacked) I was in charge of building the Mali'Ame District,(Wood Elf District). However one day a guard imprisoned me for some reason I dont remember and Azeil Bloodseeker gave me the ring so I could show my Authenticy. Its really just a paper named the Ring Of Darkhaven but it is important to my characters Lore. I will go more into detail when I finish my Characters story.))

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