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The Grandaxe Clan

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The Grandaxe Clan




The Grandaxes are an elder clan of fire-haired mountain dwarves who value honour and tradition above all else. Founded by Bogrin Grandaxe in the ancient dwarven mountains of northern Aegis, the clan holds a fierce reputation for their skill with an axe. Renowned for their strong influence on dwarven politics for over a millennium, many of the most revered Grand Kings of Urguan are descended from its lineage. During the fourteenth century, a dispute between its elders led the clan to become fractured into two distinct bloodlines; the Braveaxes, the purest of the first lineage and loyalists to the dwarven crown and the Blackaxes, their unruly kinsmen who struck out on their own as honour bound mercenaries. It was not until faced with the threat of an invasion from the orcish War Uzg that the clan reunited under a new leader, Bazian Grandaxe, successfully forming a vanguard against the green scourge from its mountain holding of Kal’Anart. From that day forth, the clan became united around its defence of the dwarven realm, leading at the forefront of its armies and serving dutifully on its councils as marshals, statesmen and ambassadors.


As time wore on, the old ways have become no less important, and the Grandaxes stay true to the legacies left behind by their forefathers. Honour dictates their course in life, oaths and grudges fundamental to defining their temperaments. A clansmen can make a loyal and devout ally to those who befriend them, but also a fierce and unrelenting foe if one is to make the mistake of paying them dishonour. In later years, a new bloodline in the clan was granted legitimacy by the clan elders, despite lacking many of the Grandaxes’ defining features, most notably their distinct fiery red hair. Distinguished by the various exploits of Thorin Grandaxe, the bloodline proved its worth as competent strategists and battlefield commanders, coming to be known amongst their kin as the Grimaxes. Today, the Grandaxes reside in the dwarven metropolis of Kal’Omith, serving in a wide variety of roles and occupations throughout the city, but ever weary of what the future may hold.




-={Origin & History}=-




The Grandaxe clan was founded by one of the sons of Urguan, Bogrin Grandaxe who gathered his family and his followers to the northern ranges of Aegis. The clan participated in the politics of Khaz’Urguan from a distance, and when Velkan Ironborn rose to power and formed the Empire of Khorvad, the Grandaxes joined in Simppa’s rebellion against the Ironborn rule. When Simppa marched on the Ironborn, the Grandaxes followed suit alongside the Frostbeards and Ironguts and vanquished the Ironborn. Thus the Kingdom of Urguan was restored and the Grandaxes stood by it.


A tragedy would soon befall the clan however, as the new King Grimlie declares war on the human Kingdom of Oren, the clan descends into disagreement. The Clan Father, Thrain Grandaxe wanted the clan to support the Kingdom in its war effort however his brother; Decks Grandaxe opposed the war and was banished from the Kingdom. Decks now disgraced took his brothers Gulik and Grady and their children and moved into Kal’Domhain, one of the old Grandaxe holds. With the clan split in two, Thrain Grandaxe and his brothers Rhakun and Gilneas named themselves the “Braveaxe Clan” to show their loyalty to the Kingdom while Decks and his followers became the “Blackaxe Clan” a name meant to bring disgrace but was accepted by them.


Many years had passed, eventually Decks passed away and his son Bazian Blackaxe became the leader of his clan. Bazian, tired of the grudges between their kin brought the Blackaxes back to Kal’Urguan to live with the rest of their kin. At this time the King was Gotrek Firemane, known to frequently travel and be absent of his people. Thorik Braveaxe, son of Thrain was disgusted by the status of the Kingdom and couped Gotrek from power, taking up the mantle of King himself with support from both the Braveaxes and the Blackaxes. Thorik formed the Grand council out of his supporters Chaecus Braveaxe, Stronghold Braveaxe, Broski Braveaxe, and Valen Blackaxe. The Grandaxe councilors do much for the Kingdom, protecting Urguan in the Great War of Aegis and defeating the Elven-Orcish alliance and later conquering Alras in the Dwarf-Alras war.


The Undead of Aegis had begun to further their foothold, forcing the people of Aegis to convene against them. Champions were sent by the four descendants into the Nether to try and destroy it, from the dwarves was Kjell Ireheart, Urir Ireheart, and Valen Blackaxe. At the cost of Urir’s life the attempt was a success, however it was short lived when the Undead overran Kal’Urguan and the other nations, forcing them to flee to the land of Asuloun. In Asuloun Thorik continues to rule the Kingdom until he is supposedly assassinated, the title of King falling to Broski Braveaxe, then Stronghold Braveaxe before finally falling to Kjell Ireheart.


With Thorik’s kingdom in shambles and the dwarves in a state of decline Bazian Blackaxe calls the Blackaxes and the Braveaxes together to unite back into the Grandaxe Clan. Both clans agree and the Grandaxes are made whole once more. With Kjell’s new Kingdom, the Grandaxe clan founded Kal’Anart on the northern border of the Dwarven lands, defending them against the Orcs not far from their hold. The Kingdom had now been made up of a great expanse of land, including the Irongut hold of Kal’Dwain, the Grandaxes in Kal’Anart, the Goldhands in Kal’Alras and the Irehearts in Mount Ire and Kal’Mugdor. Under this system the Empire of Urguan was founded, the lords of each hold becoming the council below Emperor Kjell to assist him in managing the Empire. The Orcs attack the Kingdom, and enjoy initial success but are pushed back into the north by the dwarven armies before they are able to conquer any major dwarven holds.  The clan continued to live in Kal’Anart through the end of Kjell’s and into Hiebe Irongut’s reign and until the destruction of Asuloun, where they fled to Elysium.


As the opportunity to avenge the death of their former King, Thorik Braveaxe arose Valen Grandaxe marched the Grandaxe Clan in full force into the hold of his killers, but found something they did not expect. Under the possession of an ancient evil, Thorik still lived and with the Hammer of Urguan, was freed from the prison of his own mind from Ondnarch, the bringer of the silent cold. The return of the old Grand King had dwarves of all clans and creed rally beneath him as he claimed his right to the throne. With the backing of the Grandaxe Clan, Thorik Grandaxe was once again crowned Grand King of the newly formed Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Thorik started restoring the Grand Kingdom with the Treaty of Aturial, forging an alliance with Emperor Godfrey and the Holy Oren Empire, it was his hope that peace would soon ensue. Thorik also wrote the Articles of Urguan, a constitution to govern the Grand Kingdom with Valen Grandaxe, Bazian Grandaxe. After the articles were finished Thorik stepped down and Omithiel Strongbrow took to the throne. After discovering the path to Anthos, the clan set sail with the dwarves and lived within Kal’Azgoth, the new dwarven city.


In Kal’Azgoth Omithiel ruled until he decided to step down, allowing Thorin Grandaxe, a skillful Legion Commander, to become Grand King. When a dwarven lord was killed by the White Rose on the way to Kal’Azgoth, Thorin grew furious and broke the pact with Oren and declared war. The dwarven Legion marched north and met the Orenian army on the battlefield at the Nation’s Crossing, but was pushed back after a flank from the west. Despite the victory, many Orenians decided to leave Anthos for another land, allowing Thorin to pressure many of the human lords into submission and conquering the rest. With the Orenian lands beneath Thorin he divided up the former Empire into individual kingdoms and named himself the Emperor of Urguan, forming the second empire in dwarven history.  The clan had little time to enjoy the victory however, as the deaths of Valen Grandaxe and later Thorik Grandaxe left the clan with little leadership outside of Thorin himself. But even then the clan did not have time between its grief, as Thorin Grandaxe himself is slain by Ondnarch, releasing the conquered kingdoms.


The clan fell through the leadership of several dwarves with little time in between until falling to Fimlin Grandaxe. Fimlin obtained the position in the midst of the Orenian invasion of Urguan, and urgently called for his clanmates to return and fight against the invaders. Fimlin was largely successful, reviving the clan and bringing it back into an integral part of dwarven politics after both he and his brother Fili Grandaxe earned spots on the King’s council. After the war had ended with the Grand Kingdom successfully repelling the invaders in The Battle of Indagolaf the clan began to further come back to life, and was able to see Wulfgar Grandaxe onto the throne after the death of Indago Stormhammer who had ruled during the war. Wulfgar not only began to rebuild the Grand Kingdom post-war he also helped the clan further gain back its power by promoting Fimlin Grandaxe to the Lord’s Council. The clan continued to grow in numbers and when Anthos fell it followed the Grand Kingdom into Kal’Arkon until eventually moving on to Athera.


In Athera, Midgor Ireheart the son of Kjell Ireheart was Grand King, ruling from the mountain city of Kal’Agnar. Early on, the Grandaxes and the Ironguts moved into the north of Athera, founding Hiebenhall and Kal’Akyth respectively. Midgor was not pleased at the leaving dwarves and threatened action, thus when the time arose the council removed Midgor from Kingship. In his place Fimlin Grandaxe was elected and the Grandaxes returned to Kal’Agnar with Fili Grandaxe as the Clan Father. Fimlin ruled the Grand Kingdom when Khaz’Urguan was rediscovered, and the Undead released back into the world. With the return of the Undead, a remnant of the ancient Ironborn clan waited for an opportunity to invade Kal’Agnar, and found that opportunity when the Starbreaker clan rebelled from the “Underkingdom.” The Ironborn with the backing of the Starbreakers and the Undead launched an invasion on Kal’Agnar and overran the dwarven Legion, forcing the remaining dwarves to retreat to Hiebenhall. The clan took many losses in the invasion but continued to persevere with the rest of the dwarves in Hiebenhall until the dwarven armies rallied up to retake the Grand Kingdom and were able to successfully do so despite the fortifications in their way. Fimlin then tried to rebuild the Grand Kingdom after the war, commissioning the construction of Kal’Karaad but was removed by the council before it was finished. The clan then held an ongoing distrust for the council and its deeds, believing it to be corrupt and against the dwarven interests. The Grandaxes, disheartened with the politics of the Kingdom founded Kal’Bogrin north of Hiebenhall for the clan to reside in. Zahrer Irongrinder was elected Grand King and tried to re-establish the Lord’s Council of Anthos but the motion was rejected by the Grandaxe and Frostbeard clans. Furious the Grand King removed the Frostbeards from their power and replaced them with the Doomforged who voted in favor of the council. The new Lord’s Council was made up of its supporters which further angered the Grandaxes, who were then the largest clan in the Kingdom. After an incident with Zahrer’s elven concubine, the Lord’s Council wished to banish the Grandaxes from the Kingdom. When Zahrer refused, the council removed him from Kingship but the Grandaxes had already abandoned Kal’Karaad and moved into Kal’Bogrin. The Grandaxes declared their independence but soon came under immediate threat from the Kingdom of Oren, which marched on Hiebenhall. The Grandaxes vowed to defend Hiebenhall despite the council, and eventually with a majority of dwarves dissenting against the council the Lords were expelled from the Grand Kingdom and the land given over to the Grandaxes. The Grandaxes then without hesitation gave the lands to the elected Grand King Hodir Doomforged and marched south to defend Hiebenhall. The Orenian army, surprised to find a united dwarven army was repelled.


The initial victory was soon lost as the dwarven Siege of Drakenburgh failed and the Orenian army given time to recooperate. With a renewed offensive, the Orenian army attacked Kal’Bogrin and captured the hold, which had luckily been evacuated after being warned. Hiebenhall too was captured, at night by a squadron of Orenians while the Legion was fighting in an ancient hall. With the war lost, the Grandaxes moved south of Kal’Karaad in the foothills where Kal’Eknar was founded. Peace would not last long however, as Vrograk’Gorkil became the new Orcish Rex he warred on the dwarves and besieged Kal’Eknar. Although the Orcish horde initially dominated the dwarves, the garrison at Kal’Eknar was able to charge out and cut down the Orcs while they were unexpecting. The Grandaxes, hoping to protect their kin from further tragedy helped form a Mountain Blood-Pact between the Grandaxe, Frostbeard, and Ireheart clans. They continued living in Kal’Eknar until Athera fell and the dwarves forced to move on to Vailor.


In Vailor, the Grandaxes established a hold on the Isle of Avar, named Kal’Valen after their renowned ancestor. The Grandaxes formed a vanguard against a potential invasion from Orenian forces, as Avar was a large island between the sea separating the two Kingdoms. Fili Grandaxe went missing and Fimlin Grandaxe became the Clan Father. This issue was used as an excuse for the Frostbeard clan to break the pact, dishonoring the clan greatly and setting a grudge on the Frostbeards. When Skippy Irongut was elected Grand King against his opposition; Verthaik Frostbeard, the Frostbeard clan rebelled and tried to forcefully take the throne. The Grandaxes stood by the Grand King, still angered by the broken pact and the rebellion was defeated.


The Grandaxe clan continued living in Kal’Valen when the Eighteen Year’s War broke out between the Dwarves and Oren. The Grandaxes rallied to defend their kin, losing the Battle of Rhewengrad but repelling the armies in the subsequent Battle of Khro’Nagaak. The Rurics, a house of northern humans living on Avar rebelled against the Grandaxes and vassalized under Oren. Launching a new offensive the Orenian army sailed to Avar and broke the Dwarven naval blockade of Seahelm, home of the Rurics. The Orenians then moved on to besiege the fort of Jarnstrand before moving onto Kal’Valen itself. The defence of Kal’Valen was valiant and nearly broke the Orenians however after a lengthy siege the Grandaxes had lost their hold. The clan had suffered great losses, of land and of kin but continued to fight in the Battle of Kal’Ordholm where the war finally ended with a successful dwarven defence.


Today the Grandaxes are scattered among the different dwarven settlements of Atlas.






-={Notable Clansdwarves}=-




Thorik Grandaxe “King of Kings”


Grand King of Urguan in Aegis and Asulon where he established dwarven military dominance, leading the dwarves through the Great War of Aegis. He later founded the first of the modern Grand Kingdoms of Urguan in Elysium & Kalos becoming the First Grand King of Urguan, earning himself the title “King of Kings” for which he became the Paragon of Kings.


Valen Grandaxe “The Wordsmith”


Revered lord of the Grandaxes that helped found the Legion in Aegis and assisted the Grand Kingdom of Urguan in matters of politics and diplomacy for nearly his entire life and helping write the first Articles of Urguan. Valen was also one of the three champions of the dwarves to venture into the Nether when Aegis fell. His death in Anthos prompted him to become a Paragon after his lifelong service to the dwarves had ended.


Bazian Grandaxe


A long-time Clan Lord of the Grandaxes since their re-joining in Asuloun and Clan Lord of the Blackaxes beforehand. Bazian was the face of the Grandaxe clan during Asulon in Kal’Anart and until in Anthos where he retired; he is still alive today, being one of the oldest dwarves alive. Bazian’s longtime service to the Grandaxes and dwarves earns himself respect and reverence within the clan and all dwarves.


Thorin Grandaxe “The Great”


Renowned Grand King of the Dwarves in Anthos where in the first Dwarf-Oren war he conquered the human lands and made them his vassals. Thorin was known for being a very skillful leader in battle and in politics which allowed him to conquer Oren despite the initial loss in the war that was named after him; “Thorin’s War.”


Fimlin Grandaxe “The Just”




The face of the Grandaxes from Anthos to present day Fimlin revived the Grandaxe clan during its decline in Anthos and brought it back to the forefront of dwarven politics. Fimlin also served as Grand King during Athera, leading the dwarves through the release of the Undead back into the world and the Ironborn Invasion. Fimlin Grandaxe is mostly known for his longevity in working with the Grand Kingdom and ruling the Grandaxe Clan; he is still alive to this day.


Fili Grandaxe


A Notable dwarven figure from the Grandaxes since Anthos, Fili’s longtime service in the Legion and in dwarven government earned him his respect. During the Exodus to Kal’Bogrin in Athera Fili guided the clan into retaking the Grand Kingdom of Urguan for the greater population and expelling the Lord’s Council.


Jorik Grandaxe


Grand Marshal of the Grand Kingdom in the Frostbeard Rebellion, the 18 Years War and the war that ended Oren. His ability to amass numbers for the dwarven Legion and  lead them into battle gave the Grand Kingdom back its military dominance.




-={Traditions & Values}=-





A Grandaxe will defend his honor with his life, and will demand the same of other dwarves. Grandaxes do not steal or harm other dwarves as it is considered highly dishonorable and nearly unforgivable. They also hold to their word and hold blood pacts in high regard, and will never break them.


The Dishonored

Grandaxes believe in honor being above all except the Brathmordakin, so when a clanmate becomes dishonorable it is a grievance to the clan. However Grandaxes believe that the Dishonored must redeem themselves so that they can be let into society once more.


Yemekar's Balance

The Grandaxes are staunch believers in Yemekar's Balance, meaning to maintain a world where the four races are independent and no nation is too overreaching and too imperialist to break this balance. Should one nation attempt to exterminate one of the races from the realm then that is a clear breach of Yemekar's Balance. Such a situation upsets Grandaxes, who take pride in the world as a place where there is great diversity and an endless amount of discovery.


Dwarven Unity


Grandaxes have strived to maintain dwarven unity, but also have oftentimes attempted to move further away. Grandaxes had historically established their separate holds many times throughout the ages, however after the Fall of Avar, the enthusiasm and drive over making holds collapsed. Afterwards Grandaxes understood the need for unity far better and no longer desired to separate as much as they had before. Additionally Grandaxes believe actions such as rebellion are dishonorable and thus take them very seriously. The last Grandaxe rebellion in Kal'Bogrin was bloodless and the clan promised to help the Grand Kingdom against Oren. Though the favor wasn't expected to be returned. The Grandaxes have a relentless loyalty to the Dwarves as a people and respect for the articles, however the clan typically desires to maintain its ability to operate with moderate independence and self-rule.


Patron Brathmordakin



Dungrimm, the Brathmordakin of war and death is the primary patron of the Grandaxes due to his affinity for valour and glory in war. Young Grandaxes especially choose Dungrimm as their patron, and hope for greatness in battle.



Ogradhad, the Brathmordakin of knowledge is the second patron of the Grandaxes, and is usually worshiped more fervently by the politicians and the diplomats of the clan. Nobles of the clan frequently go to Ogradhad for guidance in matters involving politics, and thus is more popular among the older members of the clan.









The Braveaxe Line


Dwarves of the Braveaxe line are characterised by their red hair and blue eyes. Their personalities tend to be more peaceful and diplomatic than kin outside their bloodline. Most notably, Thorik Grandaxe belonged to this bloodline.


The Blackaxe Line


Dwarves of the Blackaxe line are characterized by their red hair and their distinct brown eyes that have come as a result of breeding with other mountain dwarf families. In the old days, these dwarves became infamous for their raids upon settlements who were deemed to have broken their strict code of honour. Mostly notably, the brothers Bazian Grandaxe and Valen Grandaxe belonged to this bloodline.


The Grimaxe Line


Dwarves of the Grimaxe line are unique amongst the Grandaxes in that they tend to have brown hair and brown eyes. Many are also shorter in stature than most mountain dwarves, due to breeding with other dwarven families. They are the youngest branch of the clan and have much to prove to the rest of their kin. Most notably, Thorin Grandaxe belonged to this bloodline.










Within dwarven cities, family life remains a prime concern for Grandaxes, and while elders play a diminishing role in childrearing, the relationships between parent and child or siblings remain as strong as ever. Most mountain dwarves are literate and are taught to read at an early age, before being handed off to begin military training. As religion is an important part of Grandaxe culture, various rites of passage are taken before a younger dwarf can be considered a full adult. In the workplace, mountain dwarves are taught to work both for not only themselves and their family but for the greater whole of their clan and most dwarves are, while proud of their work, fairly humble and avoid ostentatious displays of decadence. After a mountain dwarf has expired his or her ability to work physically, they remain a valued part of the community for their experience and wisdom and when they die they are honoured with funeral rites appropriate to their legacy.



Most Grandaxes join the dwarven Legion at a young age, and are often taught diplomacy and politics as well, usually becoming key politicians in the Dwarven Kingdom. Grandaxes are known to be the woodworkers and lumberjacks of the dwarves, as most clans typically are miners and blacksmiths. Additionally many Grandaxes chose to be Leatherworkers and Breeders, and are known to produce well-made furs.


Grandaxes in Blacksmithing are different than most clans, they favor lighter weights and axes over hammers and swords. Grandaxes usually are focused on chainmail armor and fur for most situations, but during battles and sieges Grandaxes usually wear their notorious Black Plate armor (Khoroklad).


Clothing and Appearance

Most Grandaxes wear chainmail and fur on a casual basis, and wear heavier armor such as the Khoroklad during lengthy battles. Grandaxes usually have a light skin tone, contrary to most cave dwarven clans. Members of the Grandaxe bloodline, specifically the Braveaxe and Blackaxe lines have fiery hair with various hues of red and orange. This comes with one exception called the Grimaxe bloodline, of which they have darker brown hair. Most clansdwarves have brown or blue eyes although some Grimaxes are known to have had grey or green eyes as well.

Grandaxes just like all Mountain dwarves are slightly taller than their cave dwarf kin, making it easier to hike up mountains. Many Grandaxes keep more ragged beards, although some keep it trimmed Grandaxes do not put excessive decoration in gold and gems in their beard unlike their cave dwarven kin.



Food and Drink

The Grandaxe diet consists mostly of meat and fish, with the latter being the centerpiece of a typical meal. Grandaxes are known to hunt more than their cave dwarven brethren, who typically provide grain and mushrooms to the dwarven populace. An ideal Grandaxe meal has meat, bread and some form of cave vegetable. Families with beardlings occasionally provide candies, mostly made from the plant sugars grown by cave dwarves. Once a beardlings reaches adulthood however candies and other sweets are only found at feasts. Most clansdwarves eat four meals on a regular day, morning, midday, afterday, and night meals. The morning meal is had before work, while the midday meal is during the workday but can sometimes be avoided if the job is demanding. The afterday meal is usually eaten right after work or on the way home. The night meal is often eaten at the family home alongside the family. When it comes to drinking, Grandaxes do not fall short of their fellow dwarves, ale is the primary choice of alcohol and is enjoyed by all Grandaxes.



Like most dwarves Grandaxes express creativity and art through their architecture. There are few paintings within the Grandaxes and dwarves as a whole, thus nearly all art from dwarves is seen in architecture. The Grandaxes have adhered to age old architectural doctrine, being the first clan to use wood in its architecture; mostly in the roofs and walls of a hall. Grandaxes also abstain from using gems and ores in decorating their halls, instead choosing tapestries and various designs in the wood and stone.






-={Weapons, Armor, and Mounts}=-




The War-axe


Grandaxes use all forms of dwarven weaponry however all Grandaxes are trained with use of the war-axe. Waraxes are the typical weapon of choice for Grandaxes and they are often heavily decorated in runes and various inscriptions.


The Ordaz (Hammaxe)


The Ordaz or the Hammaxe is a dwarven war-axe with a flat hammerhead on the opposite side of the axe-head. The Ordaz is typically used in engagements that are close-quarters. The Ordaz are also moderately heavier than a war-axe because of the need to balance out the weight of the hammerhead on the other side.


Khorok-Klad (Darkclad)


Originally forged by a Grandaxe of the Blackaxe line Khoroklad armor is thick plate armor forged from black ferrum alloy and often underlaid with chainmail and leather undercoats. Khoroklad armor is noticeable by its dark complexion and sometimes has the symbol of a double-headed axe on the chest.


Azlann (High Ram)


Grandaxes unlike other dwarves have a tradition of taming and riding goats as opposed to boars and direwolves. The breed of “Azlann” or High Ram is a species of rams that live in the mountains of the dwarven lands that have distinctly long horns that curve steadily towards the back of their head. The Azlann typically dwell at the highest inhabitable points in mountains and are skilled climbers, making transportation across mountain ranges easier with this breed. Although useful Azlann have never been used in battle, and are very unbeknownst to most dwarves as it is discussed mostly within the clan.


Rune Cannon (Rhun-Ithring)


Although attempted and within the capacity for many dwarves to invent it was Fili Grandaxe who finally put together the various components to create the first modern Rune-Cannon. The Rune cannon is hardly just for the Grandaxes, as they are a great source of pride and a symbol of power in dwarven society. Grandaxes are no exception to this and are far from shy of incorporating them into their halls.





-={Rites of Passage}=-




Trial of Courage

In order for a beardling of the Grandaxe clan to become a full member, the dwarf will first be tasked by the clan father with bringing back the pelt of a direwolf that he has tracked down. After the pelt has been retrieved, it will be nailed to the beardling's wall, as a show of strength and pride.



Trial of Honour

The trial of honour, acts a test of the beardling's dedication to the ways of honour and bravery. The beardling is given a blessing by the clan father, before being tasked with bringing back the tusks of an orc slain in battle. This will then be carved into an orc tusk dagger and will be carried by the dwarf for use as a side weapon.



Trial of Faith

Once this has been completed, the clan father will have the dwarf obtain the blessing of the dwarf's patron god, by taking the pilgrimage to their shrine. The shrines are located across the Dwarven mountains. When there, the beardling will be required to make an offering of his choice. Providing he survives the journey, he must return to the clan father and inform him that the task has been completed.





-={Clan Leadership & Roster}=-





(Clan Lord)

Aemich Grandaxe [Quirklys]



(Clan Elders)

Darain Grandaxe [MrBamPow]

... Grandaxe [...]

... Grandaxe [...]

... Grandaxe [...]



Click Here for the Full Roster






-={Clan Holdings}=-








Kal'Domhain, the original hold of the Blackaxes, rested among the peaks to the far north of Oren. Far from the bustling cities of Aegis, it once stood as a home for mountain dwarves who wished to live away from the deep caves of Kal'Urguan. Many Grandaxes still live today who spent their early lives in Kal'Domhain, completing vigorous military training and living off of what the harsh land had to offer. Kal'Domhain was later abandoned when the majority of the remaining Blackaxes returned to Kal'Urguan and was likely destroyed in the fall of Aegis to the undead.





Kal'Anart, the mountain hold to the north of the dwarven Kingdom is well reputed as one of the finest works of mountain dwarf architecture, as well as one of the most defensive fortifications in Asulon. Originally built by Bazian Grandaxe and his kin during the third Dwarf - Orc war, it withstood many skirmishes by the orcs and their allies in House Flay. The hold acted as a home to the Grandaxes and a vital point for dwarven trade. It was left behind in the move to Anthos, and is believed by many dwarves to have been destroyed.



Kal'Bogrin is the hold that the Grandaxe Clan and its allies fled to after being banished by the corrupt Lords Council, and served as residence for the clan for many years. Built upon the ashes of Hanseti and the Undead castle after, the land of the hold was highly coveted by the Kingdom of Oren, who claimed to be the “rightful rulers” of the land because it was once settled by humans. The hold was abandoned during the Great Northern War between the Dwarves & Humans and the clan moved back south where it would later establish Kal'Eknar.






A hold located in the Kazradin Foothills, south of Kal’Karaad, positioned next to the naval port and connected to the capital by a railway running through the mountain. The hold guarded the route between Elven lands to the Orcish jungles which brought it to be attacked in the Orc-Dwarf war. During the war with the Orcs the hold was besieged by the Orcish army, but was successfully defended when the defending dwarves charged out and overwhelmed the siege camp.







A hold located in the Northwestern Valley on the Isle of Avar in Vailor, this was the capital seat of the Jarldom of Avar, which belonged to the Grandaxe Kazrikkin. The hold governed Avar under the Grandaxes and housed the Huscarls of Avar. The hold fell in the 18 years war in the Siege of Kal'Valen, a valiant defense yet ultimately unsuccessful.







A hold located in a portion of the Evraal mountains known as the "Giant's Foot" on the Continent of Tahn in Axios. This hold was built among the peaks atop of the revered Shrine of Dungrimm. When the Second Frostbeard Rebellion broke out, and the capital Kal'Omith was taken by the Frostbeards, the Grandaxes opened up Tal'Azmar to house the dwarves who were made homeless by this tragedy, making it the capital of the Grand Kingdom for a time, although still owned and ran by the Grandaxe Clan Lord. The hold was abandoned when the Grandaxe clan split in Third Frostbeard rebellion, leaving Tal'Azmar to the annals of history.








Recruitment is currently open. Upon being accepted you will be promoted to a Beardling, and then given the trials before being fully accepted as a Clan Brother


The Reason for your Discord being asked for is to you to the Grandaxe Discord chat, where information about times and dates of events are distributed.


MC Name:

Character Name:



An image of the skin you intend to use (not required):

Discord (If you have it):






Application Help


Character Name: Simply just your dwarf character's name, if you are making a brand new dwarf and need help with a name, Click Here


Appearance: Specifically hair and eye color, height, weight, and anything else noteworthy.


Skin: a picture of the skin for your Grandaxe character, is NOT necessary, but if you do not show the skin your appearance must be accurately described.


Bloodline: Bloodline of your character; Braveaxe Blackaxe or Grimaxe, details are above. Make sure your appearance matches your bloodline!






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MC Name:spartanred
Character Name:Heus Grandaxe
Character Age:184
Profession (Huntsman, Smith, Engineer, Farmer, Miner/Lumberjack):Smith
Appearance: a large dwarf, looks half way between a mountain dwarf and a cave dwarf. 
Bloodline and relation to other clan members (Feel free to contact me for guidance):Gundin Grandaxe (father)
An image of the skin you intend to use: N/A

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MC Name:spartanred

Character Name:Heus Grandaxe


Accepted, welcome to the clan!

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MC Name: lojo613
Character Name: Dargrind Grandaxe
Character Age:147
Profession (See above):Farmer
Appearance:Short 5,0  brown hair, with a black marking on his back, some gold jewelry, does not wear a shirt
Bloodline and relation to other clan members (Feel free to contact me for guidance):Younger Broher to Sarco Floreck
An image of the skin you intend to use:N/A

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MC Name: brolz

Character Name: Sarco Grandaxe

Character Age: 245

Profession (See above): Miner

Appearance: A short dwarf with a white rough beard, wears a heavy helm and chain mail

Bloodline and relation to other clan members (Feel free to contact me for guidance): Brothers: Dargrind, Kip and Goreck

An image of the skin you intend to use: N/A

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All apps above accepted! Welcome to all!

Also welcome those who haven't made an app on the forums but are now part of our clan!

Kip Grandaxe [brolz_2]

Magnus Grandaxe [sugarbritches1]

Thorik Grandaxe II [shadowking17]

Kailon Grandaxe [Hellsbane]

Bilkk Grandaxe [NTE_Killer4life]

(Sorry for not replying, the forums were not letting me for some odd reason)

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MC Name: Mangoho
Character Name: Argoth Bruuhd
Character Age: 145
Profession (See above): Miner
Appearance: Very large, big beard, dark, mountain dwarf.. Wears a mask.
Bloodline and relation to other clan members (Feel free to contact me for guidance): None
An image of the skin you intend to use: http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/3137536/dwarf-lord/

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Accepted! Welcome to the clan!

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MC Name: Juno_Ax
Character Name: Dzadi Grandaxe
Character Age: 127
Profession (See above): Miner
Appearance: Stocky but not chubby, short-ish for a dwarf, brown hair/eyes, short choppy hair, wears light leather armor
Bloodline and relation to other clan members (Feel free to contact me for guidance): Daughter of Thrain II
An image of the skin you intend to use: http://gyazo.com/770fe6fda1df464841dc178d26b2471c

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Accepted!, Welcome to the clan!

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MC Name: RedThunderr
Character Name: Gordarr Redaxe (would happily change last name to Grandaxe)
Character Age: 42
Profession (See above): Blacksmith
Appearance: Gordarr stands tall for a dwarf, around 5 feet tall. His Red/Brown beard shows of his Mountain Dwarf history/race. Bushy eyebrows sit on top of his intense eyes.
Bloodline and relation to other clan members (Feel free to contact me for guidance): we can work something out
An image of the skin you intend to use: http://imgur.com/z9AaOso

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Accepted! Welcome to the clan!


(also read my response to your PM for information on your bloodline)

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Wulfric walks into Kal'Klad along with Jorik, though not knowing most of his clan members he greets them with an aesthetic recognition. His slow walk has tired him on the journey. He informs that he is no longer missing and is in fact, very much alive. 

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Bazian grumbles as he has gotten lost in the basement and no one has found him.


"Ahm not missin', jus' a wee senile."

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((Reminder about the clan meeting today at 5:00 EST, this will be the meeting before 4.0.))

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