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The Champions of the Just


Within the Court of Kaer Angren, the seat of the Regency in the Kingdom of Renatus, court is held. Being headed by the Lord Regent of Renatus Edmund Horen, beside him stands Bishop Rags an unofficial religious adviser to the Lord Regent on a personal level. Peasants, common men and merchants fill the court, telling him of the stories of House Vladovic and their banditry in the countryside. Bishop Rags had also brought news of the Vladovic consorting with the Undead.


Bishop Rags speaks up “There ist no time Edmund, yuo as ze Regent must make ze First Act!” Edmund responds with a firm nod before standing and speaking to those in the court “People of the Heartland, fellow Renatian Countrymen, I cannot rebuild your homes or restore your dead to life, but perhaps I can bring you justice. We have left the Vladovics in peace up till now, they have shown us nothing but aggression, it is time for me to act.” he looks to the First Commander Thomas Delaney “Call the banners and rally the Kings loyal forces and prepare to lay siege against the Vladovic Keep.” he then turns to Bishop Rags “If you could do me a great service good Bishop, please inform His Majesty the Konig of Aesterwald that we march on the Vladovics for the crimes of banditry and consorting with those who serve Iblees. Send word to the High Pontiff as well as the Church must take action against those who turn away from the Holy Light to the dark one.” he turns to face the Court once more “We will march upon the Castle the Vladovics occupy, we do this to protect not just Renatus but the the entirety of mankind from their acts of banditry and their allegiance to the Undead. We will be a sword wielded by the hand of our Maker to be brought down on the corrupt and the wicked. Word will be sent to Petrus, Werdenberg and Aldersberg and their respective Lords to rally their banners to this righteous cause. Word will also be sent to the King of Akovia for it is known he would join us in our struggle against the Undead and their followers.” Edmund pauses.


“Duty calls all of us, we must all be willing to pay the price, I will lead the charge against the forces of Iblees.” Edmund would look at the portraits of all the great knights in the hall of Angren “Assemble the army!” he shouts drawing his sword and hoisting it in the air to the cheers of the men in the court. Ravens leave the coup of Angren, they fly in the direction of Petrus, Werdenberg, Aldersberg and Akovia with a message that tells them of the Vladovics alliegence to Iblees




Type of Battle:



Time & Date:

Saturday 27th, 10pm GMT (5pm EST)


Attacking Forces:

The Kingdom of Renatus, The Konigreich of Aesterwald and allies.


Defending Forces:

The Vladov Forces and allies.


Location and Boundaries:

The Vladov Castle ((and surrounding nexus plot.))




Terms of Victory:


Victory for attacking team:

Conquest of the upper and middle levels of the castle. Wiping out or routing of forces past Dragon’s Peak and out of the region. If the majority of the castle is destroyed, leaving nothing but mountain, this should also count as a victory. Hiding in Mt St Augustus/underground fortress type tunnels should count as a victory for the attacking team.


((Terms up for negotiation))


Victory for the defending team:

Attacking forces wiped out or routed back to Kaer Angren, Petrus or Owynswood.



Victory for the attackers means nexus region ownership transferred from the Vladovs to the Renatian victors, all items and loot inside to be done with as the victors see fit.


Victory for the defenders means nexus region ownership remains with the Vladovs and the chance for a counter skirmish on any settlement but the Capital (officially Kaer Angren) is given to the Defenders.



((Obvious server rules))

No hacking

No team killing

No fake statuses

No returning to battle

No metagaming


Defenders have the chance to REALISTICALLY fortify the keep.

No impassable traps

No underground unreachable tunnels

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Virak nods once. "Nae helpin'."


Father Lars rubs his chin and remains locked in his study, too engrossed in his studies.

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Lucas Black nods slightly and says "Yup...time to get me that library."

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Ni'Klaus Sharpens the head of his spear as he awaits orders from the Konig sighing as he gets word of the new warclaim

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"I once made think that Horen men where of honorable stalk, but that was before he made betray of Tuvya and his nation. Renati traitor scum."

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((May I ask where u got that map?))

I don't know I just found it in my pictures folder.



"I once made think that Horen men where of honorable stalk, but that was before he made betray of Tuvya and his nation. Renati traitor scum."

"I held no ill will against the men of Vladov, you continue to insult me and by many accounts have given their allegiance to Iblees. Prove me wrong and we don't have to fight because quite frankly I don't want to fight."
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Alexander lowers his gaze at the words spoken in court. He would cast his sword aside and move into his tower, locking the great doors.

"Never in my life..." His voice would boom from deep below the tower.

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Augustus smiles as he sees justice being given out, readying his blade for the battle ahead.

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No No team killing

((May wanna change that to 'No team killing' else the spies and infiltrators will have a blast killing their 'own' team. ))

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Weston sighs, staring into the fire of his camp. He looks over to his sword and shield, his helmet, whats left of his old days before he fell, before his injury. Weston stands, limps over to his sword, and sits beside it, picking it up and drawing the old sword. "Maybe..just maybe.."


He looks back into the fire "No.."


Weston then looks hard into the steel of the blade, taking a hand and running his fingers across the metal "Yes."

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