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Electric Evocation Guide

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Electric Evocation


Basic Understandings:

Though evocation is one of the more basic and simple forms of magic a caster can learn, electric evocation is arguably one of the more dangerous and difficult of them all. Electric evocation is as the name implies; the summoning of electrical energy into the mortal realm from the void. As all other arcane evocations, this unnatural process is fueled by mana. Due to the fact that this is simply one evoking electrical energy, it in no way gives the caster the power to control any sort of electric energy outside of the ones that they have summoned from the void. Though this is the case, electric energy summoned from the void still acts as it would in the real world- IE: if someone were to cast electric energy near metal, it would redirect itself to said metal no matter where its intended location was.


There are many reasons why electric evocation is a difficult magic to study and even more difficult to actually utilize. One must first understand their element, just as all other evocations. This could be done through multiple means, as long as in some form it helps the caster gain knowledge on said element, in this case one could perhaps watch a thunderstorm and see the way the lightning strikes the soil, have an electric evocation user give them a small jolt to see how it truly feels, or even study an electrical current provided by an electric evocationist. As expected however, the study of electric energy could easily take a turn for the worst. One could possibly get zapped in the process of closely studying the element, or in the worse cases, permanent damage or even death.


Roleplaying Guidelines:

As stated previously, electric evocation is a difficult magic to study and even more challenging to use compared to other subtypes of magic evocation. The reason for the difficulty in studying the element is listed above, however the difficulty in actually casting the magic is much greater. Due to the fact that electric evocation is quite literally somebody summoning forth electrical energy from the void, they have to be completely focused on their task at hand and shouldn’t toy around with this element. There are multiple forms that electric energy can be presented in, however one of the most common and one of the most powerful forms would be bolts.


Bolts of electricity have the potential to be powerful, quick and accurate, however the nature of electricity is wild and unstable. The caster could easily end up shocking themselves, being one of the reasons why a novice caster would run into multiple problems at the beginning of their casting. Though this is the case, one would be able to gain better control over their element the higher they climb in skill level. The more they practice, the easier it becomes and the more they are able to do.


A safe route to take when learning electric evocation is first learning about your element alongside learning how to connect to the void; which will likely take up most of the caster’s basic training. The caster will eventually get to the point where they’re able to summon small sparks, quite ineffective in combat. Once they progress forward and gain further knowledge on how their element is created within the void, the caster would eventually have the capability of summoning forth bolts of electrical energy and electrical streams- though at an incredibly vast cost of mana. The process would gradually become easier and less taxing as the caster continues his practice; yet still taxing nonetheless due to the fact that electric evocation is one of the more difficult evocations to use. Eventually, the magic user may reach the level of mastery, where they are capable of summoning something known as a call down: a spell in which lightning is summoned from what appears to be the sky and strikes downward at incredible speeds, hopefully crashing down on its targeted location.


Here we will look at an example on how a beginner level electric evocationist would go about creating simple sparks:


Toby’s wrists roll in a circular motion, his arms giving a quick yet noticeable twitch as his hands shift around, his palm now facing the ceiling.


He inhales and exhales sharply, his eyes narrowing on his palms as he lets out a grunt of frustration. His expression turns into one of strain, his brow furrowing.


A small bead of sweat races down his forehead as his hands give a small twitch, a crackling sound being heard which is followed by the sight of sparks twitching in and out of existence for only a moment. A loud wincing sound slips out from between Toby’s parted lips.


Toby suddenly lets out a breath as if he’s been waiting to breathe, one arm dropping to his side as his other sluggishly rises into the air in triumph.


Here we can see how taxing even just a mere spark is to beginner level electric evocationists. Now we will look at an example of an adept/proficient skilled evocationist who chooses to summon a quick bolt of lightning:


Ayche’s arms whip outward, aiming directly toward the dummy completely made of hay, his hands giving a small twitch which is then followed by the soft sound of crackles.


A buzzing sound becomes more apparent as small sparks begin to form inches away from his finger tips, his brow furrowing in concentration as his forehead appears to take on a glistening appearance.


Ayche inhales and exhales sharply, his gaze remaining locked on the dummy as his hands suddenly seem to make a slight move forward, his teeth gritting together for only a moment as the crackles suddenly cease.


As the crackling sound ceases, a bolt of electrical energy dashes through the air at incredible speeds, an obnoxiously loud buzz now being heard as it soars through the air.


The loud buzzing sound is then replaced with a sound of impact, the energy meeting the hay dummy as it suddenly bursts into flames; half of it even crumbling to the ground.

Ayche simply remains standing, letting out a loud huff as his arms fold in front of his chest, staring intently at the blazing dummy as his breathing heightens a great deal.


Displayed here is the power of a moderate lightning bolt, but also the fatigue that even someone proficient in the art of electric evocation will have to deal with after using such a spell.


Red Lines:

  • Just as all other evocations you are not allowed to control elements outside of the ones that have been summoned from the void by your character.

  • If there is any metal near the area of the casted evocation, you must RP the redirection of the electric energy flowing toward that metal. If not, this is considering powergaming.

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