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Disquisition Of Authority [Absolutism Vs Feudalism]

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Carrion absolutism is a philosophy coined by Siegmund Carrion and his son and heir, Ostromir I 
Carrion. The basic principles of Carrion absolutism is that the heir to Carrion Vochna is to be the 
supreme and divine leader in their respective domain; no single man or men may challenge the 
supreme authority of the monarch within the moral realm.
Hierarchy in sense is completely absent in his governmental form, all report to the sovereign 
and carry out his demands in a fashionably and direct manner. In the event that the demand 
isn’t met, the sovereign has the divine rite to act as the supreme justice and is in turn above any 
form of law and subject to authority similar to that of the Creator.
The monarch in essence is the center of the domain and it’s subjects revolve around the 
monarch and his will. Only the Creator may rule this monarch, and in some events the Creator 
does infact rule in the place of the singular sovereign.
This government style is an ideological rival of the ideals that Horen Monarchy practises.
States which have followed this style: Savoie, Ruska, Carrion­Renatus, Salvus, and Carrion-
Monarchist Feudalism
Horen Feudalism is a simple ideal group which formed under the rule of Godfrey I. It practises 
that the monarch is the center of state, yet hierarchy exists to rule in the King’s place. The 
monarch is the leader of the realm, yet the councillors can question the King’s intent and 
influence the realm in a whole.
The King and Councillors rule the realm as a whole, and delegate a select few ‘nobles’ to act as 
local Lord in respective land. Should the Lord’s hold issue with one another, they may fight 
within the King’s realm. 
The local Lord’s make up the authority within the realm, and the peasant and levy hold loyalty to 
the Lord with the interest of the King. The Lords have greater influence in the realm per say than 
the King.
This government is often the ideological rival of the Carrion Absolutism ideals.
States which have followed this style: Herendul, Adunia, Horen­Renatus, and Horen­Oren

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Aulfr would note that Oren currently has nobles and a hierarchy of nobles, and that Heinrik was in fact Siegmund's heir.


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"I have never understood the government of you people!" Justinian declares. "Despotism is the only cure!"


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