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[Denied] Grungot Ironfist's Application 3.0

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What’s your Minecraft Account Name?:Reeper450.

How old are you?:12.

Are you aware the server is PG-13 (You won’t be denied for being under 13):yes.

Have you applied to this server before? (Please link all past applications):no.

Have you read and agreed to the rules?:yes.

What’s the rule you agree with the most?:no hacking.

Are there any rule(s) that confuse you or don’t make sense?(If so we can help clear it up! You will not be denied for having a question on the rules):no.

How did you find out about Lord of the Craft? YouTube.

What is roleplaying?:the acting out or performance of a role.

What is metagaming?:is like something that your character does not know but you do.

What is powergaming?is like making an action and the other character cant do anything about it.

Character’s name: Grungot Ironfist.

Character’s gender: male.

Character’s race:dwarf.

Character’s age:134.

Biography:  Grungot Ironfist was just a castle guard standing watch over the First Kingdom of Urguan but he got bored of that life so he started doing training to be in the dwarven military his first task was to pick up an axe and hit a dummy made out of straw and it had thick iron Armor he swung at the thick iron Armor and cut it in half even the amateur couldn't do that and he was only a recruit the trainer was so impressed that he got the King Urguan and showed him what Grungot had done so he started training him the way the best solders where shown  for 2 years he was being trained by the king and Grungot  new everything of by heart that the king had told him. his first task was to scout around the castle. So he did with 4 other dwarfs. They traveled 500 meter's behind the bunched up tree's and they saw an army of uruk's about 10000 of then and the dwarfs only had 5000 and had fierce armor and weapons.  so the dwarfs ran as fast as they could and told the King. Then the King told a messenger  to tell the soldier to prepare for war. So the dwarfs hurried to there armory and grabbed all that they needed axe's armor then waited... And waited.... Grungot was in the front line he was scared but never wanted to show it. Then the dwarf next to him said "Are you scared laddie?" "no"Grungot said Well my name is Foli the dwarf said.

Then the sound of a horn blew and the sound of hungry uruk's charged in and prepared the siege ladders they climbed and the sound of battle started war cry's everywhere. 2 uruk's charged at Grungot and he swung down and nearly chopped one of them in half then he banged his shield on the uruk's head and fell of the walls and broke his skull. Then Foli said nice kills laddie finishing of an uruk's head clean of then suddenly an orc pushed them of the wall and they well as they grunted the men behind them said "LOOK OUT LADDIE!" as the gate was broken and 3 Ologs charged in so the brave dwarfs charged Foli and Grungot leading the charge. Grungot hit the trolls leg 3 times and chopped it of then they heard a voice on the other said of the wall it was Dandalf the white leading an army of horse men then slaughtering them all leaving nothing but death and destruction the king thanked Dandalf Then he rode of with his army. then Foli ran to a fallen dwarf as Grungot caught up he found out it was Foli's brother as he was passing he said to Foli i love you brother and say that to my wife and childre......... Foli did not want to cry so he buried him and gave his respects and slowly walked away. 2 years later Grungot and  Foli shared a house together and both had wife's and children Foli was a lot more happier but never forgot his brother and Grungot and Foli never leaved each others side again.

Personality Traits: satisfied.

Ambitions: energetic.

Strengths/Talents: He is very strong.

Weaknesses/Inabilities:He is a bit slow.

Appearance Black hair,beard and blue eyes.


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- Your dwarf isn'f old enough to be from the first kingdom of Urguan

- Clarify on your characters meta-gaming definition

- Nobody named Dandolf exists that you speak of, try sticking to current characters that are famous or events

- Your application needs current lore and setting which can be found here

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Moved to Denied Application Forum.

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