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[History] The Small Fishing Village Of Rahult

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In Athera, on the outskirts of The Reformed Kingdom of Oren, a settlement was formed, mostly human, on a fishing wharf. It was out of the way from major roads, and it's population wasn't high, so it's not hard to believe that the economy was so stagnant that the majority of the population lived in little more than mud huts along the small fisheries and make-shift dock.


There was one exception: a powerful wizard, likely of dark magic, held a tower that loomed over the little village. His name was Deinalt Mephistaurus, and he enjoyed the power he held over the peasants and fish-mongers. He relished in it and exercised it as a tyrant.




The villagers had little choice but to comply with his demands. The years drew, however, and they saw no way out, his demands becoming harsher and harsher as he pushed their limits. Sometimes, they were even summoned into the tower itself, either to never be seen again, or as a dry, pale corpse. Secretly, they sent messages out, begging for help from Oren, but Oren had been caught up with politics and, most importantly, wars, and their resources were stretched thin. The request went unheeded.


When war erupted in 1483, the villagers knew they would not receive help soon, if at all, and sought instead to hire mercenaries who would take the job for the meagre coin they could scrounge up. They eventually found some who agreed, and the group stole in at the dead of night to ambush the wizard as he rested, for they knew frontal attack upon his tower would avail little except their own deaths.




They did not kill him as he slept, as the wizard did wake, but he was still caught flat-footed and with his magical components outside of his reach. He cast what he could, but blind-sided as he was, the fight was intense but short. Deinalt Mephistaurus fell backwards upon the bed he had woken from, but not before cursing the traitorous villagers with his dying breath, promising pain and destruction to them as long as they lived.


In the end, the village rejoiced in the victory of their saviours. After much celebration, the heroes parted and Rahult enjoyed their new freedom. They found some measure of prosperity now that they were no longer bogged down with the unrelenting and unfair demands of the wizard.


Ten years later, on the anniversary of the wizard's murder, the Plague hit the town, and much of the population died over night. It was no coincidence, the villagers moaned as they mourned. Deinalt's grip still strangles them today. His curse continues!


Some of the villagers suggested seeking clerical help, but this idea was shot down for its massive cost. Besides, the Plague hit them hard; if this were truly the will of the mage, would it not be satiated?


Another ten years passed, and upon the anniversary, the village was torn with a localized earthquake. Many died in the fallen rubble. Many more lost their homes. Calls for holy intervention increased, but so did the flight from the village. Nothing could be done to circumvent the next tragedy but to wait.


When the 30th anniversary came, the villagers waited with baited breath, waiting for a swoop that would likely kill them off for good this time. But the night passed with no unholy intervention, and they all breathed a collective sigh... until the next morning. Several people (men, women, children) were found dead in their beds, throats slit. A couple people were confirmed missing shortly after, but it was unknown if they were still alive, or if they were, whether they were fleeing justice for the acts or fleeing the curse before it could hit them.




The villagers would have loved to follow up these events with a witch hunt, but their seeking was cut short; the Flood had overtaken Athera and their wharf was one of the first to drown below the constant rains. Those who were left had no choice but to leave their homes to be swallowed by the waters and go to Vailor.


Some of those villagers may still yet live, as could the Heroes of Rahult... as could the unknown murderer. And though the village is gone, no one knows for sure if the wizard's curse is done.


Known Former Villagers:

Sahar Tha'un


Known Heroes of Rahult:



1468 - Athera was settled

1469 - Rahult was successfully settled, building watched over by Deinalt Mephistaurus

1475 - Mephistaurus's demands become strange. Citizens begin to disappear

1483 - The Kingdom of Oren becomes Galahar. Rahult citizens look elsewhere for aid.

1483, Sun's Smile - Mercenaries are hired to kill Deinalt Mephistaurus, a contract is drawn

1483, The Amber Cold - Deinalt Mephistaurus is killed in his tower.

1493, The Amber Cold - Plague hits the town overnight. Many citizens die.

1503, The Amber Cold - A localized Earthquake hits the village

1513, The Amber Cold - Many citizens are found murdered in their beds

End of 1513 - Rahult is abandoned to the Flood

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I'd be excited to see the magic the sorcerer used specified. Otherwise, it's a pretty good read. 

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I'm sorry to say that this lore has been Denied.

While it is a very interesting read, it's effects on LOTC are quite small. This would simply be the backstory of a few characters, be it that the town didn't exist in the map. The magic doesn't exist, though it wouldn't be that problematic for an event, yet the way that some things are done, such as not hirering clerics because they cost too much minas (they work for free), and Oren not doing anything about the sorcerer (they would be happy to), don't seem to fit well with the LOTC story.

Non the less, you are allowed to tell of this story IC, and build your character with having believed that this has happened. Yet it will not be made canon.

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