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Malchediael (Aengul)

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The Aengul of Courage

(Art by Numirya of Malchediael)


Symbol: Axe


Alignment: Lawful Neutral


"Corrupted" Alignment: Neutral Evil


"In ancient times when Iblees waged war against Mortality, Aeriel sent forth a collection of other Aenguls to assist the children of the Brothers." - Myths of Aegis by Jean Perain


Every scholar will tell you the mythical tale of Iblees and the curses placed upon the descendants. But there are pieces of the story missing.


Krug was the most resilient to Iblees' deception. Unwavering to greed, lust, and envy, Iblees grew furious over Krug's adamant mindset. He then challenged Iblees to open combat in rage.

-The Ancient History, by the Wandering Wizard


The Axe of Malchediael


When the four brothers, and children of the Creator waged war upon the great evil that was the taint of Iblees, it had become increasingly clear that the descendants could not defeat nor banish the immense power of of this malevolent entity without the help of the Aenguls and Daemons. At the bequest of the Arch-Aengul, Aeriel. The mother of the Ascended from the days of Aegis, it was said that four Aenguls were sent forth to provide aid to the mortals down below. In the sacred forge of the Realm of Aenguls, all four: Perpatiel, Gavrael, Jophiael, and Malchediael manifested themselves into weapons of great power and fortitude. Malchediael, the Aengul of Courage, manifested himself into the weapon which would be used by the brother Krug and which would come to eventually be known as the Axe of Krug.


The weapon was originally delivered by Aeriel to Krug, the ancestor of the Uruks, and became a mighty symbol of his strength and valor. Unbeknownst to Iblees, Malchediael lent his power to Krug to stay his mind from the tainting corruption of the Fallen One. His boon of courage is what enabled the descendants to hold as long against the Daemon’s armies, until the immortals intervened and unleashed the army of Aenguls and Daemons upon Aegis. Once the taint of Iblees took hold upon the four brothers, the weapons were lost and discarded due to the curse set upon them. Aeriel in a way had taken the weapons back, their purpose had been fulfilled and their service no longer required by the four brothers.


Iblees’s Return


Eventually the threat of Iblees would once more return in Aegis, to which the relics were granted upon the Ascended in a vision to Sage Omni to distribute within the realm by the will of Aeriel once more. On the day the Ascended ventured to bring the Axe of Krug to the leader of the Orcs, they were ambushed by the Undead. The Axe of Krug and in turn Malchediael was taken by the Undead, and corrupted using the vile and dark magic of the fallen Arch-Daemon Iblees.Malchediael became a tool for the evil being, and was locked away in the Nether. On the day the races set out to close the portals to Aegis by having their races champions enter the Nether, the Axe of Krug was once more found by Urir Ireheart. With the dwarf in possession of the axe, Malchediael was utilized to make an attempt at sieging the Nexus, and was thrown by Urir into an illusionary pool of lava within the Nether, in mistake.


Malchediael’s Deliverance


Upon the Undead’s return in Athera, Urir Ireheart’s burned skeleton endured the magma within Iblees’ realm using the power of the Axe, the weapon gifting its holder the regeneration and endurance to survive what would normally have very easily killed someone. Iblees resurrected the preserved skeleton and disguised Urir in the guise of a mortal dwarf. Utilizing the corrupted Axe, Urir returned upon the realm of mortals. While the Axe of Krug was corrupted, this had no effect upon Malchediael. The corruption was simply upon the weapon itself. The twisted magic of Iblees seething from the once pure relic of courage and valor. Eventually upon the destruction of the Axe upon the Aspect Stones, Malchediael was freed from his manifested state and left a weakened form of his once powerful self.


Vailor and Beyond


Malchediael's goal is to ascertain a following of mortals. Already in his quest he has gathered a following, and recognition even by the High Pontiff of Oren’s Cannonist faith as the Angel Michael, servant of the Creator. Malchediael defines himself as the Aengul of Courage once more, a vastly more neutral moral stance in appearance to the world.




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