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[Denied]Sky's Trial Game Moderator Application

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Minecraft name/s:

Alonsus, RuthernLad & RideTheSky.





Time zone and availability:

AEST +10, though I tend to be all over the place.





What is something you have always wanted to change on the server?:

I have honestly always wanted to assist with the relations of players and staff members, since my first days as a Global Moderator back in Anthos up to this day even. Other such things would involve modreq waiting times, ban reports/appeals and other important duties of a Game Moderator.


What is something you would like to change on the game moderator team?:

This question is new, but as I stated above, I would love to assist change the way the players look at the team and assist in changing it from a mostly negative to a hopefully mostly positive outlook, which can be achieved in lots of small ways, and lots of big ways too, mostly simply doing their job efficiently.


What are your finest qualities?:

“I'll definitely say you're one to stick to your guns and follow up on your word when you say you'll do something. Or call people out when they're bullshitting. I'd definitely say that's some solid parts about you.” -Dakirennis


“I do believe that you're a very easy to approach person. You're very logic-oriented in a way that you think things through before jumping into them.” -Filavandrel


“I'd say your integrity and honesty when dealing with any kind of sticky situation, you are diligent when it comes to doing the job and doing right. You are an easily approachable guy, but can have a stern hand when it comes to doing something right.” -Frottimer


“I'd say you're observant to problems and quick to react to them, you've got an eye for detail and you're analytical enough to spot problems in places most people would overlook.” -Tahmas


“Your finest qualities come ICly and OOCly, you know how to play characters dynamically and from what I've seen, literally switch on a dime to effectively play another character as if you weren't just a completely different person. I don't know why, but I find you persuasive and very credible when speaking on things pertaining to various pieces of lore. I feel that I can ask you a question and get not only a correct answer, but also a brief explanation of why that is the correct answer.” -tuslwmonster


What are your worst qualities, and how could you improve these aspects?:

“You do come off as a little proud sometimes, not that it's bad in some circumstances, but it can sometimes come off as a little smug when I'm sure you don't mean to be.” -Dakirennis


With this I’ll be sure to put more thought into my words so it comes off the way I wish it to, either way I am always approachable and happily to talk things out if you feel I came off wrong.


“You can be emotionally driven, which isn't always a bad thing, though it may interfere with thinking clearly at times.” -Filavandrel


I’ve been actively working to make sure that I am not what people call “Someone who has their heart on their sleeve” and I believe I’m much better, though people tend to allow stuff get to them.


“I'd say your worst quality is how bull headed you are at times. Like even if you are right or wrong, you will argue, which can be difficult to get along with sometimes. But once proven wrong, you are willing to accept it” -Frottimer


To not assess a situation immediately and allow some time to pass before coming in with decisions, that way I’d have time to think them over and assess it properly.


“You're a bit hot headed. You see a problem and you hate seeing it, and you go to tackle it quickly. It works, you solve the problem most often but the way you're seen doing it can come across as a bit firey. You're passionate about certain things and you get a bit carried away when talking about it.” -Tahmas


Allowing things to calm down before I make assessments, as well as taking a break to let myself come from a better position into the issue and from there make better decisions.


“As for worst qualities, to be honest, sometimes you just disappear and no one seems to know where you've gone. I can't seem to think of any of your 'worst qualities' any further in depth from that. You're a nice guy and a hell of a lot of fun to be around.” -tuslwmonster


Communication is the only thing I would say could fix this, and lately I’ve been trying to get much better at it like I once was, only time will tell if I truly do get better.


What members of the current staff could you look to for guidance?:

Depending on the situation there are a ton of people I could go to for assistance and guidance, be it; Fire for Game Moderator or Administrative help, Freema for general Game Moderator help or Event-esque parts, Benbo mainly for lore, Nathan for magic information and Dohvi for forum assistance, as well as Thomas for overall help in general.


Who do you not get along with on the current team?:

I feel like I can easily get along with everyone upon the team currently, I have no feuds with anyone on the server at all honestly.


How much free time do you have? Will this change in the foreseeable future?:

Too much free time honestly, I can easily be on the server for a good 8-12 hours a day (with the exception of two days for college) and I highly doubt it would change in the foreseeable future.

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Yes! Sky would make a great game master. Complete support +1

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I believe he is level headed from my RP experience with him and isn't set upon his own goals. His activity upon the forums I think shows that he'll be attentive to what's happening My support whether it means something or not +1

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31 minutes ago, Corvoo said:

He has my complete unbiased support. +1


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I make much like of this fellow. +1


(Got you with the red +1 you dingus <3)

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+1 He's already held numerous roles in the staff team before, so why not again?

(Also listen to the song, it's great)

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