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Jordan Gai'la, The Cheerful

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“So you think only a woman, can truly love a man?

You buy me the dress, I’ll be more woman than a man like you can stand.”

-Jordan Gai’la-

Basic Information:

Jordan has quite a cheerful attitude and look

Nicknames: Jordi


Age: 53


Gender: Male [Often mistaken for a female.]


Race: High-Elven



Jordan is small, with soft pointed features. Jordan is seen as feminine.


Height: 5’4


Weight: 89 pounds


Body Type: Delicate, petite build. Very thin.


Eyes: a dark shade of aquamarine


Hair: silvery ash-blonde, reaches down to his first rib.


Skin: pale ivory


Markings/Tattoos: N/A


Health: in good health


Sexuality: Homosexual


Mental state: Mentally healthy, Minor Narcissistic behavior


“You’ve got to dance like there’s no body watching,

Love like you’ll never be hurt,

Sing like there’s no body listening,

And live like it’s heaven on earth.”


Personality traits:

[Negative] Impatient- Jordan doesn’t know how to wait.

[Negative] Low attention span- OH what’s that?!

[Negative] Driven by Desires- if jordan really wants something, his actions may be driven by said thing.

[Negative] Narcissistic- Only to a minor degree, but still there. It’s obvious if you get to know him.

[Neutral] Suspicious of behavior- Jordan has learned to be suspicious for his own life.

[Positive] Social- even though jordan has a lot to say about people, he is still social.

[Positive] Kind- Jordan is genuine with his kindness to people

[Positive] Affectionate- To those he loves, Jordan is affectionate with the way he treats them.

[Positive] Intelligent- self explanatory.

[Positive] Personal Problem solver- Jordan is smart with what he says, and what he does. He is very careful, and prevents problems for himself and those he cares about.

[Positive] Accepting/Open Minded- Jordan accepts most things.


“I am not a fighter,

So I rise my mind as a weapon.”


Alignment: neutral good


Deity: N/A


Religion: N/A


Alliance/Nation/Home: Haelon’or


“I’m not perfect, and I don’t live to be,

But before you start pointing fingers,

Make sure your hands are clean



[Very skilled at] Tailory

[skilled at] Harp

[skilled at] singing

[good at] cooking

[good at] painting

[Very unskilled at] fighting

[unskilled at] dance



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Yas queen

I enjoy these character sheets a lot, might make some of my own.

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