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Asura and Her Itharel

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Asura, Mistress of Chaos.


“T’iss believed that once, in the early ages of our kin, we were not cursed with truth. The world ran without issue as communications flowed freely and betrayal was not to be feared at every corner. Yet this did not please the daemon of truth, for truth itself could not exist without a webwork of lies and deceit. And so she made it happen.


-A unnamed man’s portrayal of truth.”


The daemon’s title is manipulative in its own right, for it makes the fabled daemon seem one of grand power and influence amongst the many inhabitants of Iblees’ dominated realm. However they’re merely deluded thoughts, Asura’s power came not close to the others such as Iblees or Apohet and instead lingered far below their capabilities.


A spark, a whisper, a lingering flame slowly growing to create and instill chaos for she does not seek pure destruction nor power to truly dominate the realm. Her focus and very being lies within disrupting order and balance. Since the beginning, it lured her. Such disorder, mayhem and chaos continually reacting and flowing within the realm of the void, she only need to do a flick of her wrist or a simple movement here or there and chaos would follow.


Such thing delighted Asura, watching such chaos bloom from one small act or movement. For one does not need to be as powerful such as the Betrayer himself to create such disorder. Thus in lies her true power. Her gaze watching the other daemons and angeuls as they place their influence upon the mortal realm. Watching some create order while others disrupt it, Asura’s eye falls upon the Archdaemon. For his influence and deception intrigued her as she watched him bring havoc and destruction upon the realm. Her attention fully drawn when he recently came physically into the world to not only have shatter the Aspect stones, but to unleash an anguel as well before disappearing back into his realm. She watched and waited, seeing what he was planning or trying to do. Her wait ending as she watches the other react, one of which being Xan as he casts wards upon the tainted area, sealing it off to stop the corruption from spreading. Another being that of Tahariae’s clerics and the children of the Aspects moving into begin to cleanse that of which Iblees created and bringing order to the realm once more. Asura continued to watch, becoming more and more displeased by this. Where was the Archdaemon and why was he allowing the others to bring about order and balance on the realm in which he brought such destruction? She continued to observe until her patience had ended. A new game will now begin and her influence and will start with those that restoring order and balance.




Jonathan Leroux had been walking along the pathway leading to his inevitable destination. He was never one of ill-thought, mind never dwelling upon the negatives however he had one trait, something to drive him towards Asura’s goal, curiosity. This singular trait atop a bed of neutrality made him perfect for the ever observing Asura, for ambition and restrictive thinking that plagued many a soul of the mortal realm was not present with him, the perfect mold to her power.


A faint rumble beneath his feet.


Looking around, Jon furrowed his brow to the curious shaking before deeming it nothing more than his crude imagination playing tricks. Continuing his amble towards the neighbouring village with hands preoccupied by the gripping of a sacks side, struggling to hold it atop his shoulders as his feet steadily move on after another.


Another rumble, this time with greater strength.


His thoughts became dazzled, halting his movements as he concerns of the increasing intensity. It could no longer be his imagination alone for something was causing these mad disruptions of the land beneath him. Casting his gaze he observed the nearby tree line, the ruined housing in the near distance and the ever approaching wooden walls of the village. Nothing. Everything the same and little threatening. Perhaps his mind had given into madness? Nevertheless he continued his hike with increased caution as his head continued to circulate like that of an owl.


“Help!” A voice called within the far distance, instantly grabbing the attention of Jon and pulling him towards it. Dropping the weighted bag from his shoulder he chased the repeating and leading voice, rushing through the foliage as his vision becomes hazed by greenery and arms scratched by stray twigs to only appear at the foot of cave. The cries continued “Help! Help!” as they struggled from the cave, slithering outward as they rode above an echoey wave. Without a moment of thought he rushed inwards towards the cavern, fingers curling around the conveniently placed torch that flickered upon the entrance as his footsteps thundered around the expansive area of the cave.


Yet he did not find that of a distressed women, fearful child or even a weeping pet. Instead his visage was met with an aged steel brazier just barely sucombed to time, flames danced within it’s tremendous base of yet they produced not that of light but only further shadow for the already gloomy cavern. Jon could only observe as the blackened flames flickered, sparing no light that dared near their surface as they quickly tore it from the brittle plain of reality.


Shortly after he had witnessed the flames a voice came from within them, being that of a women and rested perfectly against the receiving eardrums of Jon, soft yet harsh, demanding yet caring, trustful yet deceiving. It spoke not of the power it could grant nor the intent of the voice but instead just asked him to enter the flames, over and over “Enter the flames my child” until Jon could take it no longer. The spark of curiosity that forever devoured his mind had now exploding into a lightning bolt of thought, pacing around his mind as his stare gazed meaningfully into the darkened inferno.


So Jon stepped forth into the unknown, movements adorned with a sense of caution and unease as he sluggishly approached. Whilst the distance began to collapse he could feel his skin burn despite the lacking heat and just as the bolt of curiosity could not take it no more, he tossed his once mortal frame inwards.


As soon as his visage met the innermost parts of the flame, a geyser of dark conflagration erupted from the untold. It consumed his entire figure, spilling outward and harshly eating away at the surrounding ground. Jon was overcome with immense suffering, both from a physical and mental perspective. The flames eroded away his skin and then targeted what lay beneath, every ounce of flesh being replaced with an everflowing darkness imbued with tones of red, orange and yellow. The almost metallic like substance soon replaced his entire form and his vision became tunneled and blurred, he was somewhere different. Three others stood beside him, their very anatomy undergoing the transitions he was forced into as they too lay upon the shadowed ground begging for relief. However one character stood peering over the cowering beings, nothing more than a distant shadow with no figure or form and even with this haze of anonymity resting atop his identity, Jon felt a closer bond to this being than anything else. He knew of it’s interests, intent, feelings, thoughts and yet he could not place a face, just a lingering presence over his frame as he suffered, the mother like bond holding him hostage.


He awoke.


The once flamed brazier nothing more than a scorched pathway upon the ground yet although disappeared it was not gone, a tugging sensation leading him towards the object elsewhere as his connection flowed through to an unknown plain. Struggling to his feet as they quiver beneath his weight, ever limb shaking for unknown reasonings as Jon’s thoughts once timid and peaceful now held nothing but images of chaos and burning hatred.


A new purpose. A new drive.


Standing fully, he looked back upon the scorched earth before making a hesitant exit from the cavern. Flesh restored and disguise governed, he began to take meaningful strides away from the before encroaching wooden walls. His thoughts slowly becoming more influenced by the hand of Asura, soon to be knowing of the power that lay within the ichor beneath his skin.




A new breed of Itharel


The itharel of Asura are a twisted version of their holy counterpart, their form taking image from the deepest thoughts of a Daemon instead of an Aengul. However Asura formed them from many observations, the true blueprints of the itharel being locked away and thus they hold some flaws which are explained below.


Clerics, from both Xan and Tahariae, are their main goal. They wish to see the work of Iblees maintained and offer resistance to the seemingly unstoppable force that clerics continue to bring to Athera. However this is not their only goal, for the temptations of chaos and the opportunities to crush that of chaos continue to remain outside of the holy forces. Situations presented in which a spear can be placed into the turning cogs of order will not be ignored.


The Deluded Thoughts


Asura’s itharel are not bound by the constricting thoughts of their connected daemon, instead free-will adorns the minds as they’re capable of doing as they please. However they’re constantly aware of the overholding restrictions of life itself placed upon them, resisting the asks of Asura and perhaps working against them only threatens the bond.


Despite having free will thought process differs greatly from when blood reigned over their veins, the power the daemon giving having negative repercussions. For one everything they come to witness is distorted, order becomes seen as horrific whereas chaos seen as perfection. The emotions that once remained calm and fluent now jump about your mind sporadically with little direction, one moment you could be arranging an alliance and as a single image of chaos becomes apparent everything transitions, those once ‘friends’ now seen as a threat.


Another point is they only share true bonds with their brethren and Asura herself, alliances and the like will be manipulated and skewed to only benefit themselves. When such a use has expired they’ll spare no thought into ripping the alliance upwards and crushing any that oppose such.




Placed next to current itharel and the similarities would be noticeable, both confined ichor held within sets of plated armor, both manipulating light in some manner, both connected to a divine being. However for each similarity a contradiction is found.


The armor that plates their form is not that of gold nor silver but a blackened steel that imbues fear into the very souls of man. The ichor that fuels does not glimmer within light but eats away at it with shades of orange, black, red and gray constantly flowing within. Their abilities taking that of darkness over that of light.


Their abilities, armor and weapons all seem to consume light that nears them, dissolving and consuming even the finest scraps that daudle close. As the light and darkness collide they both constantly compete for dominance over the other with neither taking the lead at an equal balance of power.




The creation of an itheral begins with the brazier, one existent for each voice. As an itharel comes to be non-existent and the voice left unfilled the flame that once danced within the brazier would die out, for it represents the very connection to Asura herself. With the assistance of two itharel a small spark may be added to the brazier igniting it’s flame for a given period of time, the power given now reforming the connection towards Asura.


As the flames come to rest within the brazier, itharel’s power forcing the connection to be formed, the selected being must enter the flames. This brings them into the vision of Asura as the barrier between the mortal realm is weakened, allowing the connection to be threaded within them as the flames tore away the restrictions of flesh.


There are two means in which the flames not longer burn within; the first is where the itharel voluntary gives up the power Asura grants and in turn is returned to the mortal form he once was. The second is more forceful, perhaps where the Itharel refuses to return to the brazier and in turn Asura forces them away. Without the connection the once unlimited power source becomes restrained, the ichor burning away with no replenishment offering hours of life remaining.


As of this moment it isn’t possible to forcefully extinguish the flames as an outside force, several Itharel may be capable of dimming the flames for an extended period of time and yet never fully combat the flowing connection of Asura. However this isn’t to say that certain artifacts crafted beyond the mortal realm could hold enough power to permanently destroy the flames.


The four voices of Asura.


Much like that of Tahariae’s Itharel there are four varying Itharel, each designed and moulded for a peculiar purpose. With the title granted by Asura a further ability is added, although minor it allows them to continue their purpose with greater success.


Voice of Severance: Acting upon the separation of a bond.

Certain Power

Lingering Whisper - The ability to add a random thought or feeling within someone’s mind. Much like an uneasy feeling, a sudden feel of caution, or perhaps a general distrust.


Voice of Treachery: Acting upon deceit, lies, mischief, and tricks to cause chaos

Certain Power

Lingering Shadows -The ability to create a minor illusion to create distraction of sorts. Such as seeing something move from a far distance or from peripheral vision, drawing ones attention.


Voice of Desolation: Acting upon creating absolute destruction and mayhem

Certain Power

Lingering Flame - The ability to summon a small flame, casting it within an area that lingers for a time. Any followers of light near it would feel a slight drain effect from the flame.


Voice of Anguish: Acting upon creating torment, suffering, distress, pain

Certain Power

Lingering distress -The ability to inflict minor, yet consistent stress or wariness upon one’s mind.  The effect of such would not be indefinite, soon fading after a small given period has passed.




Asura’s form:- The stance in which one becomes fully attuned to Asura herself, large flames bursting from beneath their figures and completely shrouded it from vision. As they come to dim, the once mortal seeming frame has been replaced with nothing more than corrupt ichor held in place by black plated armor. It would seem to lash away any light that comes near it, creating a hazy image of darkness amongst the surface of the plate as mortal eyes struggle to compensate what lays behind. Along with offering further protection from that of holy magic, it allows them to reach their full potential as an Itharel of Asura with the ichor concealed beneath now capable of flowing freely.


Asura’s flames:-  Embers radiate from the burning ichor inside oneself, drifting with haste towards the target location. As they come to settle against the ground and the command issued, they’d erupt into a soaring blackened flame devouring surrounding light and forcing darkness, forcing harm against anything connected to that of Tahariae or Xan. Should the flames continue to flicker without interruption, the form of the holy being would soon wither into nothingness.


Asura’s protection:- Similar to that of the darkened flames, the embers would come to rest against  the ground and from there explode with haste. However these flames are rather more compact, disallowing access from anything other than their brethren. To those unconnected to the divines only a wall would be presented, yet those who are would suffer immense pain trying to pass through.


Asura’s ember:- The Itharel summons forth an ember of increased size and after allowing it some time to develop would force it forth, propelling with a straight path towards the selective location. When contact is made it combusts into a moderately sized flame very briefly before dissolving back into the air, producing that of a knockback effect to all and significant damage to those divinely connected.


Asura’s retainment:- The capability to allow the effects of Asura’s magic to remain constant despite the lacking of the Itharel. However the effects are bound to that of a small, flickering frame within the vicinity. A minor pulse of holy magic against the flame would shatter the effects brought forth thanks to the work of the Itharel, it soon becoming extinguished as the effect completely vanishes.

Asura’s weaponry:- As the embers come to a collective within the grasp of the Itharel, they bend to the mould set out within his mind. They can take the form of many a item, from shields to that of a spear. However the process does not product that a fine edge a blade would hold, instead remaining rather blunt and only offering impact against those undivine. However if one holds such a connection the blade would feel as sharp as any other, much like theirs would should they come into contact.


Red Lines


- Under no circumstances can one be forced into becoming an Itharel, it will always remain the players choice to avoid forcefully PK’ing a character.

- The process of the transition to Itharel is near-permanent, your physical form changes and you hardly resemble the person you once were. This means that the option to become mortal again is rare and even when allowed your mind often remains corrupt from the countless experiences of terror inflicted upon others. Needs LM approval.

- Even in the mortal appearing form your mind is still corrupt by thoughts of chaos, such should be represented in your actions.

- There is a constant battle between the effects of holy magic and that of your own, for the clerics are weak to the flames and you’re weak to the light. Ensure you respond appropriately.

- There can only be one itharel to each brazier/voice.


(Written by Pandan and Delmodan)

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