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[✓] Origins of the Orcs and Mor'Ghuun, the land of Warfare

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3 hours ago, Aesopian said:

For an orc, life is war. 


The struggle. The strife. That is what tells an orc he is alive. 


This is the Good Life for an orc, because it is a reflection of the struggle within an orc. The war without is a reflection of the war within. 


It is the conflict between competing feelings for duty and love, it is the lust for power and the restrictions of honor. An orc's internal conflict is as much a war as the battles he fights in the real world.


I agree, which is something I tried to reflect in the cycle of progression and destruction throughout the submission, something that also extends into our RP history.

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This Lore has been accepted. Moved to Implemented Lore, it will be sorted to it's appropriate category soon.

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