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The Stargûsh'Stroh, Apohets Realm of Ancestors

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The Stargûsh’Stroh

Apohets Realm of Ancestors






Death… death is inevitable. Though often thought of as grim and dark, there is a certain beauty to it all. For death is part of nature. However, death is not the end. Quite the contrary, it is the beginning of an entire new chapter which starts its way in the soulstream. Here those who linger in between the realm of the living and the realm of that what lies beyond float about. It is from this stream, that the Daemon Apohet takes certain souls or.. Spirits, and brings them to his realm of Stargush’Stroh; The Ancestral Plane.


The Realm



Made by @SeventhCircle


Gundâr Broshan - The Plateau of Arrival



It is in this desolate landscape, where Apohets ancestral plane connects to the soulstream. On this plateau of black barren rock and green hued cracks the spirits appear in fragments where they either fall back to the mortal realm, or materialize and walk the path to the Gate of Kor.



Doraz agh Kor - Kor’s Gateway



High above the dead lands of Gundâr Broshan stands the gateway to the Stargush’Stroh: Kor’s Gateway. From here the Greater Spirit of the Dead himself stands as a warden of his lands. It is here where he who encompasses all that is dead and all that are, guards his gate. Every spirit that wishes to enter must be granted his approval, for only those that lived an honourable life may call themselves worthy enough to live in the Stargush’Stroh.


Olû Tiil Frautal - Walk to Final Rest



From Kor’s gate the spirits venture forth into the boundaries of the Stargush’Stroh. They will follow a long and narrow path beset on all sides by stone canyon walls. Above them the lesser spirits under Kor oversee them and their walk to their Final Rest. It is during this walk where their simplistic mortal mind is adjusted to that of a spirit. They shall forget their previous life on the mortal plane, keeping core memories of their existence and personality. At a certain point the pathway shall split, where the Greater ancestrals will separate themselves from their Lesser kin, to meet later in the many realms in Stargush’Stroh.


Ruzob Ukûzrii - The Halls of Eternal Joy



The grand halls that house many a parties, feasts and celebrations. It is said that Krug himself made these upon arriving in the realm, as a testimony to his greatness.


Turu Dobu Ziimarum - The Many Fields of Tranquility



The endless fields, a sea of golden grass that stretches beyond ones vision. It is in this realm that the Lutaumen are able to contact the greater and lesser spirits of old for guidance or simply for a talk. Many loved ones and family members shared tears of joy upon reuniting through the help of a Lutauman.


Skoiug Goiz - The Soaring Cities



A realm filled with towns and larger settlements that are located close to one another. In this realm there are three larger cities where the many blargs (homes) of those that wish to settle in their eternal rest are placed.


Notable Locations :

  • The Grand City of ‘Ker

  • The Grand City of Uruk

  • The Grand City of All


Tauob Bûbhosh Hoital - Forest of the Great Hunt



It is said that Freygoth and Votar made a pact to create the vast and beautiful flora and fauna that grow and live in this realm, for only they could create such a glorious field for the Hunt. In the middle a large pallisade surrounds a temple filled with long halls of hunted tribute.


Notable locations :

  • Votar’s Halls of Tribute

  • Freygoths Grove


Ruzob Ukûnûrlug - Halls of Endless Study



A smaller realm that contains a multitude of different biomes filled with their respective diversity to be studied till the end of time. In the middle of these lands stands a large library, filled with books from Theruz himself. Most often it is the goblins that spend their time here.


Notable Location :

  • The Grand Library of Theruz


Dâlzob Hûrûrz Mazauk - The Planes of Fearless War



An enormous battlefield where the spirits may partake in the endless battles if they so desire. Upon being slain in honourable combat they are revived at its entrance at every days beginning.


Fîgûga Uzg - Dishonoured Lands




An isle that lies separated from the lands of Stargush’Stroh and is connected through a solitary landbridge through the Dotagh Bhraf. It is here where fiends linger. For more information refer to:




The Oceans of Mist - Dotagh Bhraf



Surrounding Apohets ancestral realm is a vast sea comprised of a thick mist. Its surface smooth like an ocean though ever so deceiving. For those that enter, never returned.


The Speakers of the Dead

The Lutaumen are shamans that have been taught the ways of the ancestors, the first one able to do such being no one but the great Krug himself. These shamans are gifted with the ability to travel in between the realm of Mortals and the Stargush’Stroh and may commune with the ancestors if they so desire. If the shaman wishes to bring other descendants with him he may do so freely, making them able to re-unite lovers, family or friends in the afterlife that is Apohets Realm. They may also, if in dire need, call upon the Greater Ancestrals for blessings onto themselves. They do not have the ability to share these blessings, but can act as a medium to relay the spiritual energy and use this for multiple purposes. (Muyakelg refueling, the creation of Totems, etcetera.)


The Matumdâg

(Awaiting acceptation)



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Just gun' bookmark this.

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Are you familiar with the Inferis, who are otherwise known as Dark Ancestrals? They would likely have a place here, though as more of an ominous predator than anything else.


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Just now, Swgrclan said:

Are you familiar with the Inferis, who are otherwise known as Dark Ancestrals? They would likely have a place here, though as more of an ominous predator than anything else.

The spoiler under 


8 hours ago, Hedgehug said:

Dishonoured Lands


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