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Long Overdue Mod Post

Saudi Arabia:

With the Iranian fleet gone, most of Iran’s ports have been bombed into submission, however they still carry a large amount of troops on the land. Iraq however is another story entirely. There Irani and Iraqi troops have been pushed out of the region entirely. Neither side wanting a full scale war, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kurdistan, and Iran come to a peace agreement.


Iran and Saudi Arabia end the war with no exchanges of territory, but with massive reparations owed towards the Saudis. Along with this, military restrictions are placed against Iran, preventing them from again building a fleet.


Iraq is ceded to the Saudi-backed Sunni Iraqis. Saudi Arabia will maintain a hand in the Iraqi government until the government stabilizes, though Iraq shall be a religious state.


Meanwhile Kurdistan’s government and corrupt assets flee to the Kurdish lands in Iran. The new Kurdistan government comes until the joint handling of Israel, Syria, and Saudi Arabia.



Things continue to go well with the Pan-Asia pact, as thanks to China the countries strive forward.


Tests on the new rocket seem to be going well, and all looks promising that it will indeed work.



The test for such a group comes up with only a few hundred results, though some of them are a stretch. The biggest catch in Italy’s whole plan for their new military group is the whole “having few contacts outside the military”. Of this, there are a few dozen that truly have almost no friends or family they talk to.


The Scholarship seems to be having the wanted results. Due to making college more affordable for some, more students are staying in college.



Attempts to sell the Aquila gang’s land don’t go as intended, as the government seizes most of the land before they can make any money off of it.


Phoenix Industries immediately finds itself struggling to get any foothold in the USA. With bigger companies already established and with more funding, Phoenix appears to be struggling to compete with them.


Most of the campaign against the French sees minimal success(I messed up and mis-modded the post, so I’ll give a correction update to it). Belgium and Luxembourg, while they renew the pact, are rather hesitant about being too militarily brash.



With the war over, India now faces new problems. The war, obviously being very costly, also led to a big toll for the civilians. More people in India are starving now than ever. With drugs now rapidly spreading throughout India, civil unrest is at an all-time high as crime rapidly rises. Moreover, the divide between Hindus and Muslims is at an all time high and many from the two groups violently lash out at each other. The Muslims are obviously outnumbered and largely being beaten up on, but with the Taliban backing, many successful large scale attacks occur, leading to the deaths of hundreds of Hindus. While the upper levels of society and government seem to be avoiding this, only time can tell how much longer they will avoid being drug in.


Aseel Al-Hindi quickly becomes a loyal, strong servant of the Indian government, doing a great deal to fight the Taliban. Then one weak after taking office he is shot once in the chest before having his head blown off by a Taliban sniper. The Taliban make it very clear that they do not accept India’s occupation of their lands. The Gurkas meet similar success and launch a campaign which amounts to hunting ghosts. The Taliban hide in plain site or off in the middle of nowhere. Occasionally when the Gurkas to wipe out a Taliban, it’s only after they’ve been caught by surprise and taken more casualties. The Gurkas quickly learn what the Taliban’s game is and begin a campaign mercilessly gunning down any civilians they suspect to be targeting them, though this leads to heighten actions by the Taliban. At this point in time, near ten-thousand Pakistani civilians are dead, thousands of Gurkas lie unmoving in the Pakistani sands, and an estimated few hundred Taliban have passed on, offset by the amount of people that joined the Taliban, prompted by the Gurkas’s bloody tactics.


The Mobile infantry positions see no more success, wasting many of their resources going after ghosts and only killing a few dozen Taliban.


Attempts to locate Taliban sympathizers turn into a crap shoot. With disorder growing in India, trying to track down any one specific person is all but impossible.


Few countries accept the invitation, seeing as India is in minor chaos and has had little contact with most of the countries invited.


All countries that have been sent the message by India inform the nation that they don’t wish to bring any war to their country or see the middle east further devolve into war, which is exactly what would happen if they accepted India’s offer. This all all, except for Iran. Iran clearly has no interest in helping India and fails to respond.



The Russian Armada’s casualties lessen as they pull back from the German coast. However, they still face attacks from German aircraft, which strike in small waves and often, rising up over the curvature of the Earth so as to avoid Russian radar until they are relatively close, strike fast, and disappear. Most of these attacks fail and occasionally Russia takes down an aircraft, but roughly 20% of the time the Germans at least score a hit. This leads to a few ships being sunk. It becomes clear to the Russians that should they continue to leave their main navy in this position, they will inevitably lose.


Attacks on the front with Finland are few and far between. Just as Russia does, Finland falls back mainly to fortified positions and starts bolstering their defenses. The most action that happens are airstrikes against the Russian fleet in St. Petersburg, operating under the same tactics that the German Air-Force is employing.


While fortifying cities does indeed work, it does nothing to push back against the Ukraine, and inevitably the Polish and German armies do arrive. With this, the fight on the Ukrainian front is renewed in full force, though Russian fortifications lead to the three nations poking at the defenses rather than full on charging into them.


As I previously discussed with you, I was under the possible belief that Sarin Gas was a WMD. Based of the FBI’s website, I will have to label Sarin Gas as a WMD, thus meaning that unfortunately Russian production of such must be voided.


Russian Morale spikes because of Dmitry and his generals visiting the front lines of the war. Furthermore, more men enlist into the Russian military.


Sun Yee On:

Taiwan and Korea continue to try and fight the drug trade and, while the Sun Yee On does manage to spread drugs to more people, they also notice that more of their assets begin to get seized as the government crack down. They also struggle to gain ground in India against already existing gangs, but South East Asia and Africa turn out to be goldmines as the people their throw their money at the Sun Yee On faster than they can deliver drugs.


The sales of run off do little to harm the Taliban, but do a great deal to harm civilians and Indian soldiers in the area.


The weapons trade in Africa doesn’t go too well, as there are few Warlords left after many African nations began developing more.


The 14k ignores the Sun Yee On’s taunts.


Attempts to Rig North Korean elections fail, as the Korean government steps in upon finding evidence of the rigging. Quickly, most of the riggers are detained and await trial, while others have been shot. With this, Korea begins a large crack down on crime and corruption in old North Korea, which is rapidly eroding the Sun Yee On’s presence in the area.



Unfortunately, funding towards Middle Eastern terrorist groups, of which there are few left, drains a large portion of Al-Shabab’s funds. Without funding from other terrorists groups and no real source of income, Al-Shabab has almost no money. Most Somalian pirates have no interest in Al-Shabab, but aren’t going to go out of their ways to inflict more than the usual amount of trouble for the group.



Oil helps create plenty of jobs and starts to boost the Australian economy. While it has only been a short while, it is undoubtable that with time the oil fields in Australia will greatly help the economy.


With the new education system, no one is certain what it will accomplish as they still wait to hear plans of what it will change. While some people are excited for it, many people are also unhappy with the change due to the fact it is not well defined.


With no solid plan, crime remains relatively the same. Illegal fishing decreases as more people get caught, but everything else stays consistent. Some people start to move into Australia, but it’s not a great number.


The US is more than happy to sell Australia military equipment.



((Update. So basically last mod post I said france was in a civil war. Well, that was wrong. Instead the PPF was targeting its own members rather than opposing parties. There sort of is a civil war, but it’s between members of the PPF.))


Contrary to initial reports, the PPF opposition had not been wiped out, rather reports were misread. Nearly one third of the PPF had abandoned the party in armed resistance. Most of the members that abandoned the group still stand. It is rumored that many have fled the nation, heading to near every country bordering France seeking Asylum. However, this weakness has shown cracks in the French government. While the three major parties do indeed rival the PPF, two bigger events occur. The Languedoc region and Alcase-Lorraine’s separationist movements gain traction, which grows day by day.


What France suggests is shrugged off by nearly all members involved. Germany, Ukraine, and Finland only take interest in curbing Russia’s military before any of them become the next Kazakhstan. For the time being, they have no interest in creating a diplomatic mess with other nations. Spain as well rejects, not wanting to get involved in a war.


Djibouti informs France that they are not content with France sitting in their military base. Rather than backing them in their time of need, France waged war against Djibouti when it easily had the manpower to throw back Ethiopia. Djibouti demands the withdrawal of all French forced from their nation.


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South Africa


June 2024

Bryntirion Estate. Pretoria, South Africa



President Ilubesi sits in his office, reviewing documents in reference to crime in South Africa. He’d browse the numbers rather slowly, before his gaze would settle upon the number of citizens charged with criminal drug possession. He’d pull up last year’s statistics on his desktop, comparing the two. Within the hour, the Minister of Police is called in to discuss the rise.

The invitation to the Maharaja’s wedding is formally declined. However, a pin in the shape of India inlaid with South African diamonds is commissioned and soon sent along with a handwritten congratulations to the Maharaja from President Ilubesi.



Internal Affairs

The inflow of drugs to South Africa worries the government a good deal, especially after hearing of Hong Kong. The police would be encouraged to look into each case of drug abuse, using whatever intelligence that could be gained to attempt to locate labs and/or where the drugs are flowing into. As well, the training of detection dogs and handlers is increased, at least two officers placed at each major port and airport, as well as one dog in each government building and school. (mod please)

Modernization is continued, and most plans around the major cities is expected to be completed within the next two years. As minor projects are completed, the extra workers are sent to aid in the construction of AEMFC mining facilities, which are the result of the recent mineral scans. (mod please)

With the fail of the tourism advertising campaign, the project is scrapped for a later date. Instead, the money is turned internally to an anti-drug campaign, ranging from billboards to TV and radio ads.(mod please)

Mainly among PAC members within Parliament, talk is started of an amendment to the Constitution removing the two-term limit on the President. However, no action is yet taken- only talk.




As many of the bases around the country are outdated, the government would increase military spending slightly, allowing for minor modernization within the bases strictly.

Continued inflow of new recruits is expected to allow the military to continue to expand to around ~130,000 troops. (mod please)


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The sun shone brightly over the eastern side of the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. In the stands nearly seven miles away from the massive rocket sat various state officials, military officers and reporters. Towering 125 meters nearly 15 more than the Saturn V the Long March 9 rocket dominated the surrounding flat areas of the Mongolian Steppe. An large flip clock that had not been upgraded since the first successful launch of China’s first satellite many years ago slowly sat paused at T-3 minutes. Several PLA army trucks sat outside the launch control complex ready to retrieve debris from the open plains that stretched along the rocket's flight path should anything go wrong.


A voice echoed over the loudspeaker


“The arm is confirmed retracted, we are going to go ahead and continue the countdown on my mark, ten…..nine....eight….seven…..six...five…..four..three….two…..one…….mark.”


With that the clock began rotating to 2 minutes and 59 seconds.


The old fashioned clock outside the launch complex was a stark contrast to the interior of the launch control building. Inside sat numerous engineers at their consoles, the whir of high speed computers doing a plethora of last minute tasks under careful observation of the launch controllers. Massive monitors displayed 4k video of the rocket as it sat on the launch pad, condensation drifting off the rocket. Several important looking officials wearing the communist pin upon their black suits watched on nervously as the launch controllers below carried out their tasks. The clock struck two minutes and continued its journey down to zero

“T-minus two minutes and counting. The rocket is on internal power.”

Across the steppe and arm holding several umbilical cables pulled free from the rocket and moved to the retracted position as the onboard fuel cells took over the rockets power requirements. In Beijing many kilometres away mission controllers sat ready to take over the rockets processes after launch. At the flight director's console a green light blinked several times and he picked up the phone a voice on the other end delivered him the confirmation he had been looking for “Flight control, this is launch control we are still on track. Go for launch” The flight controller nodded and responded “Copy that launch control, go for launch.” He put the phone down and keyed his mic. “All flight controllers this is the flight director, We are go for launch”

Back in Jiuquan the countdown continued as it hit thirty seconds.

“At this time computer processes are being handed over to the Long March’s guidance system.”

The loudspeaker boomed

The countdown continued to fifteen. Crowds that had gathered watched in awe at the rocket as it passed into the final stages of launch. “T-Minus fifteen seconds to launch…….T-minus 10 seconds to launch nine…...eight…..seven...ignition sequence start.” The primers beneath the massive rocket motors sprayed sparks out underneath the engine bell and the fuel began to flow the rocket engines springing to life “Four…..three…...two…...one…” The rockets throttle shot up to 100% and the entire complex shook as the rocket sat on the pad engines at full. Within less than a second the computers activated the launch clamps and the rocket was released. “Liftoff of the Long March 9, bringing the Peoples Republic one step closer to a centuries old dream….” The behemoth rocket slowly lumbered upwards thundering through the air as it began to pick up speed. It quickly rolled to face the east with the help of its fins and began to pitch towards the direction of the rising sun leaving a thick contrail behind as it soared across the sky. The sonic boom echoed over the empty steppe below as the rocket broke the sound barrier climbing ever higher. Into the upper atmosphere. The engines slowly faded to nothing and the explosive bolts fired separating the upper and lower stages. The next set of engines ignited and the upper stage continued it journey higher the flight controllers back on earth watched as the camera mounted on the rocket passed through the atmosphere and the deep blue sky was replaced with a cold dark beauty of space. The rocket was climbing ever higher the apogee reaching 130km before the rocket was at a horizontal angle relative to the earth as it began its circularization burn. During the trip to the moon which by the pace the program was taking would surely happen within a few years the rocket would not circularize but continue burning to reach a trans Lunar injection orbit. For now however the rocket had passed its test and orbited the earth silently and slowly passing over a sleeping United States bathed in darkness as it continued its orbit. The smoke and fires over Europe and Russia burning brightly in the early morning darkness. Yet unaffected the test payload continued its graceful journey around the earth. One thing was clear above all. The World was a large place and the Chinese Engineers took a moment to reflect on this eyes widened as they sat stoic and silent watching the monitors, and they all had one thought in their minds. They were going to do it…



Domestic affairs

Money continues to be poured into the CNSA as they continue further with their goal. Programs are brought into the schools, broadcasts on TV and constant updates being spread over the media. With the much expected success of the Long March 9 rocket it proved a small but important step in the vision of the CNSA. Not wanting to chance they continue running ground tests upon the rockets as another Long March 9 is prepped for yet another test launch later in the year. Government contracts are soon up for bidding to produce the vehicles needed for the space program.


Foreign Affairs

China offers to sell numerous arms shipments seized by the PLA during their highlands campaigns to the Australian government for a considerably cheaper price than the United States, should Australia choose to continue with the purchase.


With India in chaos the chinese government offers the starving Indian people aid, food shipments and hospital ships to the starving and hurting Indian people should Ravi accept.



Things continue as normal



Covert actions (Duh Duh Duh)


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French Republic


Trying to form a political union in Europe was a failure. But it was part of the plan, at least elements of it. France had merely wished to introduce the idea again. It had been the first time a coalition had been spoken of for years. It was apparent more radical actions had to be taken however. The French navy and army for some time had been kept mobilized. Mainly for drills and training, they were now put on alert. Prime Minister Maurice Gaudman announces to Europe his parties ambitions.


"We call out now to Germany and her allies in the Russo war. It is apparent you do not wish to join a coalition not focused on your war. France however will keep to what has been founded. We will practice a balance of power, and aid however we can. Russia is gaining to much traction on the mainland. Kazhakastan is just another example. And so after conferring with the national assembly, France will come to Germany's aid. Already having a defensive alliance in place, we felt further steps should be taken. And so Germany is offered a full military alliance with France. In turn we will begin to help curb the Russian power." (Mod)


Thought the PPF had taken a serious blow, they still were maintaining power. And action needed to quickly be taken. Fear of the Russians had long been a thread in French society. With such a large land war, and close allies, Russia was a looming threat. Many in goverment also did not like how easily Russia had manipulated English politics. And so the PPF and there allies push for war. No official declaration so far is made. But the French army elements already mobilized are put into action. Naval elements having laid at port in the Mediterranean build steam. Ten thousand marines and Legionnaires load up with the navy. They begin to make way for the Atlantic, their intentions unclear. In the channel the majority of the French navy remains at port. Patrolling and escorting merchants, they stand off with English ships. It is unclear how the British will react to France's mobilization.


The French army is also put into motion. Regiments begin to assume the long ago established defenses. For years France had spent large amounts of national defense. And now it pays off, as the border is a ring of steel. Manned by zealous units, the borders will be kept locked down. The main focus of troops are garrisoned near Italy and the English channel. No aggressive actions are taken however. Italy is assured they are not an enemy, and not a target. France will take actions however to ensure no preemptive strike is made into their land. The main reason Italy being in the same coalition as Russia. The reserves are activated after careful deliberation. Paratroopers and reserve units will remain in the core of France. They will be a reaction force, to anything that should happen. Heavy tanks, self propelled artillery, supply trucks, and mobile infantry head into Germany. From there they will dictate the best action.


Russia is reached out too by the French goverment. They are urged to stop their Imperial ambitions. France does not wish to fully commit to this war. However with the way things are running, it is inevitable. An so France offers Russia the chance to enter a peace conference. They would aim to negotiate the end of the war and see a restoration of peace to Europe. Failure to do so will lead to a stain in foreign relation.


Djibouti's plea is heard in French goverment. Having little ambition for African politics, they are inclined to relent. They strike a deal. France will withdraw fully from the nation, for large sums of payments. (Mod)


French provinces seeking independence are reached out to. In Alsace - Loraine their motives are questioned. The PPF assures them that French interest lay with allying Germany. They would see no need why they should seek independence at this time. So provinces seeking independence are asked to list their grievances. French government would do everything it could to allay the wrongs. (Mod)



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The Russian Federation


A New Plan


The War is starting to stagnate for now, but with Polish and German Forces bolstering Ukraine and beginning to prode Russian Defenses it’s only a matter of time before they take action and attack Russian Forces in Full.


Thus Dmitry and his General Staff begin devising a plan. They look to old Military History Tactics and come to a solid conclusion that Modern Warfare is a continuing adaptation of Older Warfare. As times change, so do weapons, technology and most importantly information.


Dmitry looks over the map “These major roads and highways are key for supply routes yes?” he looks to his most trusted General Vladimir Chekov “Yes Sir, which is why I believe the plan me and my Officers have devised will be capable of gaining us a huge advantage over Western Alliance Forces. While it pains me the amount of destruction that it would cause, it is what must be done to protect the Motherland.”


Another officer speaks up “But this plan also brings great risk to our Air forces..We will be forced to greatly rely on Air Superiority, if we are unable to successfully control Russian Air-space it could cripple the amount of capable craft we may need to to defend. But if your theories and strategy holds...we could force the enemy into an unwanted position..”







The Image above depicts a rough sketch of the Battle-Plan overall but more details will be described per Front.

Red Represents Northern Front Forces

Black Represents Southern Front Forces.


-Russian Military Deployments-

Total Active Personnel: 3,000,000

Total Reserve (In Training): 215,000

Kazakhstan: 350,000

England: 325,000

Ukrainian Front: 1,250,000

Finnish Front: 650,000

Georgian Front: 425,000


-Russian-Finnish Front-


The Russian Defenses against Finland hold their own as intended but Russian High Command looks to decrease Finland's Air-Strike Capabilities. In 2009 the MiG-35 was considered a Prototype and to this has not been fully introduced into the Russian Air Force. Of the 13 MiG-35s ever produced 10 are deployed to St. Petersburg, the Primary Mission is to offer Air Superiority in hopes of either crippling or denying the Finnish Air Force of its ability to make Air Strikes against St. Petersburg and its defenses.



The Russian Ground Forces are to maintain their defensive holdings against Finnish Forces as before, Division's continuing re-deployment amongst the random Russian fortifications in place, in theory to decrease probe attacks effectiveness at locating a weakness in the Russian Line.


Russian Fortifications on the Finnish Front also begin receiving more Anti-Aircraft equipment in hopes of more successful counter-defenses against Finnish Aerial Forces.



-Ukrainian Front-


Northern Front Deployments: 435,000

Southern Front Deployments: 815,000


The Russian Forces on the Ukrainian Front have held their defenses against the probing Ukrainian Army but with the now approaching Polish and German reinforcements a new strategy needed to be devised, Russian Forces would need to maintain a constant and adapting strategy and remain on the offensive to keep their enemies on the edge.


The Majority of defensive position will be slowly re-deployed from the northern section of the Ukraine Front to the Southern Sections. With the enemy's army probing defenses for a weakness it is hoped that they will attack the defenses to the North which will hold off against the Western Alliance Forces for a time before giving up the land to the enemy letting them advance deeper towards Moscow. The Army’s of the Southern Ukrainian Front will then attempt to make a push into Southern Ukraine.


The territory being abandoned on the Northern Front will not be given without cost. Combined Artillery and Russian Air Force Strikes will target Major Highways and roads. The Theory hopes that when Western Coalition Forces take the territory it will put them at a disadvantage to attempt to push forward forcing them to bunker down in the devastated areas they’ve taken.


A Number of Northern Front Divisions that were re-deployed as part of this plot are devoted to the Offensive in the Southern Front hoping the Ukraine will take the bait at an advance towards Moscow giving Southern Front Forces a better chance to push through Western Coalition Forces defensive lines into Ukraine.



-Russian Naval Actions-


The Russian Fleets in the Baltic continue to defend the Coastline and Waters outside of St. Petersburg.


The Russian Armada pulls away retreating and regrouping in Irish and Scottish Shipyards to repair and refuel. All ships that do not require repairs or finish re-supplying begin forming defensive Patrols meeting French Naval Forces in the water not wishing to show any weakness or fear of French involvement.


-Russian Internal-

The MiG-35 was meant to be put into service in 2018..however politics and development issues had delayed this till now.


The MiG-35 is officially being deployed as Russia’s newest Air Superiority Fighter and Russian Leadership opts it to begin being produced en mass for the Russian Air Force.


With Citizens joining the Russian Military everyday they are posted to training areas away from the front-lines and are not rushed into Active Service to ensure they receive proper training before being deployed to the front lines.



-Covert Ops-


(Will PM)




The Russian Federation begrudgingly accepts Frances demands for Peace Talks, however war efforts are not slowed or delayed. Russia will not halt its actions unless Peace can be reached. Until then the War continues on.

The Russian Federation advisors and diplomats call upon dignitaries in England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland to discuss France's recent Aggressive Actions towards the Isle’s Nations. (MOD PLZ)


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Republic of Italy

(Sorry for lack of RP; It's 2AM)

National Actions

Italian troops are moved to the French border, matching Frances troops with Italian. No actions are taken, merely securing the border, should France choose to act on suspicions.


The few dozen soldiers with few connections, that had passed the test are separated from the primary military, and given advanced training. They are given the best possible training the Italian Military can offer. This new section of the Military will act directly under the president's orders. They will be known as Maestro Regale (MOD)


International Actions

A representative is sent, with a small guard, to attend Maharaja's wedding, along with several bottles of the finest wine Italy can produce, without breaking the bank.


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Image result for australia flag


Domestic Affairs:


James Ritch, under pressure from the public instates a new minister of education, installs a popular ex school teacher as new minister to be controlled by the Government. The new system goes as follows:


1)Australia will implement a modified IGCSE and A level system from the UK.

  1. In the ‘life skills’ class pupils will  learn about military service.

  2. Sports will be emphasised with each student having to do a sport to be able to finish school.

  3. The rest is normal IGCSE.

  4. Life skills is compulsory for all children aged 11-18.

  5. The new system will implemented next year.


With Australia finding oil in the outback, Ritch begins heavily in the drilling of newly found oil mines and discovering more. He also uses this industry to create jobs, he invites companies to drill into some oil reserves in return that they only employ australian works and allow for taxation. He also puts away some money for a rainy day.

Army & Navy:



Australia continues to buy smaller warships and amphibious landing devices from the USA. He also tells the sydney and Brisbane shipyards to begin construction on the bigger warships ships with the new found oil money. Australia continues to recruit for the army, and hopes it pays off after a few years with the implementation of the new IGCSE system.


The army continues training and begins drills in landing on boats.


Ritch begins to put up army propaganda on television and radio. He hopes this will allow for more members.


Australia, having consulted with Germany and the rest of the European leaders fronting this offensive has decided to enter the war, out of the need to halt a continuous Russian Imperial stature. Ritch announces to the nation through a televised speach from his office in Canberra that they are officially at war with Russia. And while conscription is not in place, the Australian goverment will heavily support any soldiers to join the war effort. Emphasis on bomber building and bombs is also heavily increased while the navy is put on the backburner.


Ritch also states that this will only be an aerial war with no troops setting foot in Russian territory. Only the Austrlian RAF and some naval vessels will be deployed.


The warplan goes as follows:





5 bombers equipped with Australian made bombs will arrive to North Korea along the isolated planes of the Jedong river, a small base and a temporary runway will be built with a security fence and troops guarding the area.  3 cargo planes filled with fuel, bombs and supplies will circle back and forth towards North Korea consistently every other day. More bombers are planned to be deployed soon as the current projects are finished and the new ones are started. 


Blue bomber squadron will be deployed to the Russian City of Vladivostok, aiming for shipyards and using quick high explosives to deliver decisive blows to the Russian pacific fleet.


Pink bomber squadron is deployed to the Russian Border with China, the here is to destroy any Russian Strongholds and troop placements on the Chinese border. Drones will be used excessively in this attack to scout out bases but will not be used to bomb. Bombings will only be done by the bombers. The bombers will circle back with green bomber squadron's flying line. 


Green bomber squadron will be deployed to Siberia with an aim to cut off Russian supply lines in the western front and bomb oil depots and mines. As a lot of Russia's oil supply comes out of Eastern Siberia.


Ritch also begins a vigourous campaign to garner public support for this issue.






Ritch tasks his top engineers and scientists with continuing the development of a new weapon. ((will message mod.


Ritch continues his recruiting campaign, he starts in regions around africa and the middle east saying its a way to a better life in a better place. He also says all refugees must do at least 2 years military service.(ironic lmao)



Foreign Affairs.


Australia begins investment into theNew Zealand's economy.

Australia contacts the president of Japanabout a close alliance.

Australia contacts Franceand Poland about help with the war with Russia.

Australia buys a small amount of China's weaponry.





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        German Federation


News of the Russian Retreat from the Baltic Sea would strike joy into the hearts of the General Staff and into the mind of Karl the German Chancellor himself. The news would ironically arrived in the middle of a Military Staff meeting occurring in the Defense Ministry.


Still though it was well known how lucky the air raids had been on the Russian Navy and the damage it had caused delaying the Russians plans of a attack on the German Homeland for months. The Chancellor would sit at the front of the table studying the map of the European theatre which lay in front of him.


“With the Russian retreat from the Baltic sector a new plan must be formulated, something which will put us on the Offensive before the Russians repair their armada and learn from their mistakes. What do you have in plan Wilhelm?”


He would turn his head to the man next to him Admiral Wilhelm Zindorf the man in charge of the Baltic Region.


“Well sir, with the Russian retreat from the German coastline and most of the Baltic sector. My staff and I have come up with a plan which could secure Victory in the Baltic. We detach a division of the Navy to the entrance of the Baltic sea, patrolling for when the Russian Armada is repaired. This is while another contingent is sent to the entrance of the Gulf Of Finland enclosing the Russian fleets in Saint Petersburg. After that a German land contingent in Kaliningrad will travel through Lithuania, Latvia, and Belarus striking the Russians heading towards Moscow and Saint Petersburg”


All the men at the table would nod agreeing with the plan, with Karl responding


“All right then it is settled, your Operation is approved but first we must get military access from Belarus, Latvia, and Lithuania”   


Karl would nod at the man present from the foreign affairs ministry. Another man would finally speak after the moment of silence identifying as General Adalbert von Richton head of the Luftwaffe.


“These Plans produced by General Zirndorf will be backed up by the Luftwaffe in the Baltic Region under the command of General Zimberg, Interceptors will back up the east group launching off from Hohn Air Base. While  the west group and the land contingent will be backed up by bombers and Interceptors coming from Rostock Laugen Air Base then refueling at Kaliningrad. The bombers will strike Russian Air Bases near Moscow and in the General region of Saint Petersburg airspace and the port itself, while being escorted by German Fighters and Interceptors…...A large impeccable movement into Russian Land..”




Domestic Action


Germany introduces a new education scheme with a newly implemented education minister. This new scheme is well thought over through a year of polling of teachers, parents, students and people working high up in the education industry. This system is only implemented in high school and follows a Finnish model with a few modifications. Days are shorter and more productive but there is less homework and more small breaks rather than a longer lunch break. It also introduces heavy exams.

Germany also offers a free military program to all college students, with all students over the age of 18 who do a year in the military will be able to get a ‘military scholarship’ where, because of their military service they can have reduced pay on colleges. It is especially advertised in poorer parts of Germany where admissions to colleges are less successful. Germany also introduces a scheme where soldiers who die will have their families compensated for. It is to be called the ‘soldier insurance’


Military Operations






Blue: German Navy

Black: Bomber Routes With Targets with Black Lines

Red : German Army Offensive

Gold : German Luftwaffe Support Within Yellow Lines


The German navy would set sail from Rostock in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern dividing into two squadrons the first would be deployed to the mouth of the Baltic Sea, this would be supported by Air Squadrons from northern Germany specifically Hohn Air Base. The second contingent would be placed as the mouth of the Finnish Gulf which would resupply at Kaliningrad Military Facility in addition to having support from the Luftwaffe specifically German Fighters and Interceptors refueling at the utilized air strips at the Kaliningrad Military facility.


The Luftwaffe would launch an ambitious air war against the Russians. This would result in 20 Bombers being dispatched to the St Petersburg and Moscow airspace, Targeting Air Bases, and Radar Stations in these sectors while also bombing the cities themselves, these would be escorted by German Air squadrons comprising of Fighters and Interceptors.  


A German force of a large proportion made mostly up of Ground assault units, Armored Assault Divisions, and finally tank divisions would be sent to Kaliningrad preparing for the push into Inner Russia. The Luftwaffe would also be supporting this action making sure air space is in German Control. This would be comprised of German Fighters and Bombers.


Research & Infrastructure


The Chancellor would assign the most leading Military scientist and engineers to improve Depleted Uranium used in Tank Armor which is put between Steel and Metal. He would also assign lead Military build contractors to build a number of Armament and Tank factories in Bavaria and Brandenburg,  also constructing larger dry-docks and Military installations in the Rostock Naval Area.


While these are in production he would begin to Fortify Rostock Naval base and Kaliningrad naval base intending to keep such places in German Hands. This is while also including a larger naval installation capable of producing large ships. He would begin a large Naval Project in the Rostock Naval Area.(Will Message Mod)


International Affairs


Germany reaches out to Belarus, Latvia, and Lithuania

     for Military access or possible alliances. (PLZ MOD)


Germany reaches out to Denmark about the Naval possibility(MOD PLZ)

Germany would send diplomats to France to discuss French interactions with Russia.


Germany would send Diplomats to the United States to discuss possible Trade Agreements.  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               (IT WOULD BE SOME TIME BEFORE THE PLANS ARE PUT IN ACTION FOR THE GERMAN DELEGATION TO SEND THE MESSAGE TO  THE THREE COUNTRIES)


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Sun Yee On






SYSorKXGJvTx-lzEaXcu3iQ_ECXDtiaMhXkkLvv0aldaUhFzFa2WBmcxL6dB9XASb6np8sC9s57RHkaHLqK42ZjvQIh4eDyy5NGub6LQ6hcDA4AoekykuMZJtUSWRVAFr9JGcFT_Huang legs were kicked back on his desk as he listened to a Korean News Station on the Radio report on the outcome of the Sun Yee On's efforts in Northern Korea. A audible series of pops would be heard as the head of the Sun Yee On rolled his necked slowly about pressed his palms against his knuckles. The radio being turned off as let out a sigh and yelled for his guard to leave the top floor of the compound for the day. Huang placing a key in a small lockbox under his desk, a spring pushing the top of it open revealing a hypodermic needle and a small glass holding morphine. After placing the lockbox carefully on the desk he moved to the door of his office and closed the door, locking and deadbolting it. A clap of his hands turning the lights in the room off as he slumped back into his chair. A pleasant humm escaping from the stressed Triad Leader as he undid his tie and pulled back his dress shirt's sleeve, the hypodermic needle first plunging into the morphine bottle and next into Huang's arm.


The following day the buzz of the intercom affixed next to his door woke him from his place on the office's floor. Huang shotted out for a brief moment to clean himself up. Quickly he worked his way to a closet stripping off his clothes and throwing them aside before putting on a whole new outfit, then his way to his desk as he re-locked the lockbox and sprayed the air surrounding it to make it smell of lavender, and finally he moved a comb over his hair to move it slightly aside and back for the meeting. Huang taking a deep breath as he released the deadbolt from its locked position. Giving a hearty handshake to the two individuals armed with matching dual pins on their suits as they entered.



Bai Shui Lin moved drummed his fingers to the sound of 'Should I stay or Should I Go' which played over cassette in the jeep that carted him about the rural areas of Ethiopia. The jeep stopping short of a government checkpoint as it hooked left down a dirt road; the mass of steel bouncing about heavily as it kicked over stones and turf. A scratched up PP-19 Bizon withdrawn as he worked his way to a shack plumbing with smoke escaping from its rooftop. To the side of the building sat a truck being loaded with Sun Yee On product, Bai Shui Lin entered into the Truck's cabin as it finished loading. The truck setting shortly afterwards setting off in a small convoy towards a Ethiopian town.



Drug Trade


  • Drugs are continuously pumped into Africa, South-East Asia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and the Philippines. The urban centers of Taiwan and Korea are focused on. Attempts to seize product is now encouraged to be met with force; be it physical, legal, or through illegal blackmailing of officials.


  • The Drug Trade within the Philippines is ordered to be bolstered by Huang. Most of the product is sold in bulk to the gangs within the Philippines rather than direct sale by Sun Yee On.



  • Drugs labs continue their expansion within Ethiopia, Yemen, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria.


  • Drugs loaded onto trucks that are accompanied by a convoy of armed jeeps make their way about Ethiopia's rural areas. The drugs on board sold off the back of the truck under armed protection. Any attempts by government or locals to intercept the convoy would be met with equal force from those manning the convoy.


  • The Ye-Suun Corporation rolls out a small bill proposal to present to the Indian Government to allow more aggressive advertisement campaigns to be utilized by the Pharmaceuticals Industries within India.




Weapons Trade

  • Armaments housed within Korea are handed out to the exodus of gang members, former North Koreans, and those offered quick cash for coming to Northern Provinces of Korea. The armed individuals financially encouraged to set up tunnels underneath the earth, house up in villages, and establish outposts amongst the woods and mountain tops. Their orders simply to stay and entrench physically within the North and not yet to conflict with any Korean officials unless needed. The move is made abundantly clear to the Korean Government the Sun Yee On's position on their attempts to root them out.


  • Gangs and dissident groups within the Philippines would see their Black Market for weaponry bolster overnight as the Sun Yee On attempt to flood the nations with munitions to fuel the fires of hedonism and dissent. Any potential anti-government movements are offered the most serious of weaponry and the best deals for them.



  • Armaments continue their sale and pumping into African Warlord states sponsored by Sun Yee On and to Sun Yee On members on the African Continent.





  • As most of the Casinos enter their mid-way or near finish points of expansion Japan is sent the paperwork for a new Casino ran by the Sun Yee On to be placed in Tokyo.




  • Huang sends a letter to Sakar asking for the street for which his compound resides to be officially made private as for the Sun Yee On to be the sole group residing about the Compound. In addition to this Huang asks for Indian sponsorship of the Presidential Candidate they erected in Yemen. Funds and information is offered in exchange if Sakar positively responds to the requests.


  • Sun Yee On set aside a small sum of wealth for the President Candidate, Ime Kayoda, campaign for presidency in Yemen for the future Yemeni Elections.


  • The gang war with the 14k is allowed to settle into a Cold War state; retaliatory strikes generally being the new course of action followed.


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Mod Post

((BTW, I messed up last mod post. India is not in chaos.))


South Africa:

The effort to combat drugs goes rather well, though in some areas it falls short. The propaganda campaign against drugs managed to get some of the civilian population fired up about it. A minor amount of places with enough resources to find have been discovered.


While still in the earth stages of military modernization, all appears to be going well.



Everything appears to be going well in China. Nothing noteworthy can be said about anything happening in China.



England appears to take no notice with what is going on in France. They appear to go on about their business as per usual.


Djibouti, after a couple days, comes back with a counter offer that the French troops leave and they may withdraw with their lives. A large number of soldiers from Sudan and Djibouti have managed to gather nearby, vastly outnumbering the French units. They then tell France that, if they choose to leave with their lives, it will not be done via Djibouti’s Port.


Alsace-Lorraine’s list of grievances comes out, citing almost everything that the French government has done. To accommodate most of the problems the region has, France would have to completely get rid of their current government and return to one more democratic.



The additional anti-aircraft artillery works from the most part, staving off attacks.


The strategy in the Ukraine works, largely accredited to the German withdrawal of their troops. In North Ukraine, Russia loses some ground, but much more is gained in the South, where the Poles and Ukrainians are on their back foot. 


The training of newly enlisted civilians begins, and with Russia’s immense numbers, officials in Russia assure the civilians will have time to undergo a large amount of training.


It becomes clear to Russia, due to media, that a large amount of the German forces are moving back home. They also make a few air-raids into Moscow, all of which see minor success but are completely destroyed by the Russian Air Force.


All four nations accept the Russian call, in order to protect themselves from France.



The training of those few soldiers goes well, and it appears that they will already be better than your average soldier.



While more people are satisfied with the system of schooling now that they know what it is, there are still a greater majority that disapprove of this plan for one reason for another. Largely, they seem to disapprove of it because of points a and b.


Unfortunately, Korea is not willing to offer their runways in a war against Russia, as they seek no involvement in the war.


The recruiting campaign manages to pull in quite a few people from Africa, and some from the Middle East.


New Zealand is unsure why Australia is investing in them, but they chose not to question it and gladly accept the money.



While the offer to pay from some college seems to pull in quite a few people, soldiers’ insurance does not, as most people are concerned about the aspect of dying itself rather than the financial aspect.


The aircraft sent into Russia don’t return. They see minor success against the Russians up until they all get shot down.


The project on new tank armor is currently haunted, due to the fact no one knows what “between Steel and Metal” means, as steel is metal.


Latvia is open to giving Germany military access and an alliance, but the other two countries state they want no part in this war.


Sun Yee On:

While many places continue to fall on their face, Taiwan and Korea do not. Blackmail and force are met with more force. Sun Yee On agents begin dying in the hundreds in these countries as the government. They are fighting a drug war, and it is clearly one they have no intention of loosing.


The Philippines gangs mostly chose to ignore the Sun Yee On’s products and sell their own. However, many buy into the boost in weapons, though there are no super massive anti-government groups to speak of.


The small fortune set aside manages to do enough to win the Sun Yee On’s candidate the election.


The 14k mocks the Sun Yee On, clearly portraying them as weak for not following up on their promise of attack.


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