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-= Celestial Familiar Guide =-

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-= Celestial Familiar Guide =-





So you want a Celestial Familiar?


Sure. Okay. Yeah, let’s get you there.


First you should make yourself aware of the lore for Celestialism and Voidal Horrors


For the Voidal Horror lore scroll down to Physiology. Some differences to mention are as follows:

  • Celestials live off of an Arcanist Stone

  • Their bodies are not always rough and tough and take virtually any form

  • Celestials tend to have minor magical abilities of their own, at least the ones you will be using for yourself.




Celestial Familiars act like staves in that they can be used as focal points or rather cast for the mage as an alternative. This gives the Magic user enhanced mobility and positioning when casting spells while also giving a companion to aid in your daily RP adventures.


Celestial Familiars are sentient forms of life and have a mind of their own and thus will not necessarily obey their caster. They can be taught and trained to work with their caster better in combat scenarios and have much greater intelligence than your normal beast.


To find yourself a Celestial, whether you are a mage or not, you must seek out a Celestial Arcanist to participate in the binding process. Before this it is recommended that you decide on your aura color and bring three pictures of Celestial Familiars you might want to have. Pictures are taken literally so size, color and any other goodies illustrated on the picture will be roleplayed. Because of this please be wary of the size of beast you find in photos. Small-medium creatures only.


Ex:  Iat’s aura color is white



These are the three choices he brings to the Celestial Arcanist. The Celestial Arcanist’s aura color is a combination of white and another color. Let’s say blue. So they toss in one of their own choices like so.



Then during the binding process you will /roll 4 to decide. You will be given three rolls to land the Celestial you really want or be stuck with another just by chance.





Now that you have a Celestial what do you do?


Celestials should only be RPed by their Caster/Owner and the Celestial Arcanist who binded them. They are not able to be communed with via druidism and usually cannot speak on their own. You will also be given the Arcanist Stone that they were bound to which can be placed anywhere you like. The Arcanist Stone cannot be modified after it is used in the binding ritual however it can be used as the head of a staff or a centerpiece on jewelry.


Arcanist Stones require maintenance like any other enchantment. At least once a month you must seek out the Celestial Arcanist so they may recharge the stone. Alternative ways to charge the stone is to learn transfiguration yourself. Transfigurationists may recharge their own stones but no one else can. Only those who participated in the binding process may recharge that Arcanist Stone.


In combat if a Celestial is killed their form dissipates back to the stone and the stone is damaged. You are required to inform your Celestial Arcanist whenever this occurs so it may be documented. The status of a stone starts at 100% and if allowed to drop to 0% (3-5 deaths) the Celestial will unbind and go back to the void were they will likely be feasted upon by ravenous Voidal Horrors. Another way an Arcanist stone may drop to 0% is if you prolong the time you go without recharging. If you wait too long the status will deplete. You can get your Celestial back if it is unbound but only if you are lucky.


Abilities of Celestial Familiars are infinite in potential. If you think of an ability that you would like your Celestial Familiar to have talk with your Celestial Arcanist. These abilities along with the Familiar may take on attributes of any of your magics that you cast. While Celestials may be used with Holy & Dark magics abilities regarding these types of magic will be discussed on a case by case basis with the Magic Team. It may be hard to identify when a Celestial may or may not attack in combat using their own abilities, form, etc... The rule of thumb is that if they are aggro-ed, meaning they have become the target of an attack, they can and will defend themselves if possible. In most other scenarios the Celestial will not attack. They act on the need to survive and thus if they are not in danger they will likely idle. Concerns regarding this may be PMed directly to me, BrandNewKitten, when and if they arise.







We must accept that there are greater powers in our world.





Important post in the RP section:

Celestial Documentation


I will update this guide if I find that I missed any important details.


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