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Soviet's WT Application (Hi mom)

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MC name: SaltySoviet

Forum name: Matthew AKA Soviet

Skype Name: Matt - Soviet/LetUsParty

What is your timezone?: UCT:+03:00 (Brazil)

How do you wish to work on the wiki? (Media, writing, etc): Writing mostly, but I haven't wrote much on lore recently, I've worked on the Edawg878 (Creative server) wiki and also spent some time on Massivecraft and WoodyCraft's wiki writing up some rules and adding to the already existant ones, since they aren't fully commited RP servers I didn't have much connection to Lore Writing itself.

Have you worked on the, or any wiki before?: As previously stated, I've worked on Edawg878, Massivecraft and WoodyCraft's wiki.

Which lore are you most familiar with? Human and Orc, though my knowledge on Orcish lore can and will be improved. School and life matters aren't allowing me to commit much to read lore.

Please showcase your abilities with either:

  1. A short writing on the subject of your choosing. I have a bunch of Forum Posts showcasing some of my Writin/Media skills, though the formating gets buggy due to my computer. 





    (Sorry if its too long, feel like linking some of my best posts.)



"Make the wiki great again" -K0llu

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