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[✗] Pius_Malta's Ban Appeal [LeoWarrior]

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Ban Report/Banning GM (if applicable, please provide a link): Leo Warrior


Minecraft Name(s) (at the time of your ban): Pius_Malta, Pius on the forum


Rule Broken/Disputed (multikilling, Griefing, Xray, ect. Be specific): I assume, Trolling.


Character Witnesses (Name(s)): LeoWarrior, maybe GM Zhulik, maybe Trial GM Niccum, maybe good friend Kincaid_


Event Details (reason for actions, apology, ect): Without being repetitive, I engaged in a discussion on the Global OOC where I basically spoke in very brazen words while everyone were simply trying to have a decent conversation, I was haughty and without excuse. The conversation was in regard to topical political issues pertaining to my social conservatism. This all happened nearly, if not more than, a year; I can say without doubt that I have matured in that time, and I just want to have fun with the mates again. I say again, I have no excuse and the fault is 100% mine. Given this, I give to you an emphatic "Mea culpa, Mea culpa, Mea maxima culpa". I am indeed, sorry, and all those who know me know that I am. 


Screenshots/Vids (Link): I have none.

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