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17 hours ago, Barash said:

Mc Username:Yollyy

Rp name: Barash'Lak

Race: Uruk

Skill: Miner


7 hours ago, Gusano Arentonio said:

MC Username: GusanoArentonio

RR name: Dirk

Race: High Elf

Skill: Aengulic Leatherworker


16 hours ago, Masterchef89 said:

Mc Username: MasterChef89

Rp name: Ailduin Sylric

Race: High elf (Snow Elf)

Skill : Angelic Miner 

A note would be recived to everyone that  has applied " Meet me at Courland in a  few hours"


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((ill meet up with you sometime tomorrow..... after 4pm cst



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