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[Resolved] [Magic Report] Josh3738 & Tahmas [Runesmithing]

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Minecraft name(s): Josh3738 & Tahmas

Rules broken: 

Use of a magic without Redlines, to move a very large, floating island to avoid RP.
This is an abuse of magic, and the issue that Runesmithing does not have redlines to even attempt to cover this.

Magic/creature that is misused:Runesmithing.

Brief description of the scenario:

There is no lore to say that the Runesmiths who live on Arcadia can actually move it, or how difficult it may be for them to do so.

They have runes to push and pull, but there is no lore surrounding how big, or how much can be done, with this one magical rune drawn by hand - it has no redlines.

Does it maintain a push, does it maintain a pull?

There is no lore surrounding how big runes need to be, to pull off bigger actions - all sized runes carry the same weight as each other, this has been used in the past to create rings of magical importance with a rune on the inside of the band, touching skin. This is power-gaming. 

How many runes would be needed to do this action, it seems to be incredibly more powerful than any other magic we have on the server?

They are moving it without room for failure - i'd like to see the RP they did to accomplish this never before seen feat, and what sort of failure criteria was set for runes being used, etc. 

They set up a charter almost immediately as one person put up a post declaring Arcadia as enemies? Wouldn't something this mammoth take longer to accomplish?





Why are they not being held to account like everyone else? 

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Pending investigation. This will be discussed by the team over the course of the next few days and a verdict will be posted here on Friday.

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Arcadia hasn't even been moved yet, the RP hasn't been done, if it is moved it will be discussed with the LT management prior. Thank you for bringing the issues with runesmithing to our attention, that is something we will be working on in addition to our shamanism clarification and other projects meant to make magics less vague in their abilities. Report closed.

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