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The Brotherhood of the Golden Lion

The Templar

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Brotherhood of the Golden Lion





Let it be known, the Paladins of Xan shall assist the descendants in their efforts to purge any blight that roams these lands. The Maker and his chosen Divine wills it!


The Initiate’s Oath

‘I, namehere, do hereby swear that I shall walk upon the path of Xan, Aengul of Order and Guardianship. That I shall live righteously, and deny the sinful nature of my curse; for within my right hand I carry His hammer to strike away the Darkness. Within my left, his shield; holding firm to protect the Descendants of this realm. May those below take me, and those above shun me, should I break this Oath.


For those who seek to betray their fellow brothers and sisters, a warning:


As stated in the Divine Creed of the Lion, the punishment for Chaos sown is to be denied communion with our ineffable Lord. You have been warned.




The ranks descend from the Divinely appointed, to the humble Initiate.



The Prophet of Xan, the Lion’s own voice within the realm of mortality. He is considered the spiritual leader of all who profess loyalty unto the Ivory King. Traditionally, this seat is reserved for those descendants of Xan himself, the Athna, though there have been prophets self-proclaimed.



Keepers are the Avatars of Xan, as the Prophet is his voice. Upon his rebirth, Xan created for his service two beings to make his will manifest.. Thus are the Keepers of Guardianship and Order. To disobey them is to disobey Xan himself.  



The Highlord of Xan is the chosen leader of the Patron’s holy brethren. It is they to whom all ultimately answer to, and it is upon their shoulders alone that the Brotherhood’s direction rests.


High Templar

The High Templar is aide to the Highlord, serving as general and overseer. To become High Templar is to stand ardently by the Highlord’s side, handling the general operations of the Order.



Templars are those chosen few of Xan who have elected to take upon themselves the burden of instruction. It is they who are responsible for those apprentices taught, and it is they who conduct the final trial of an initiate.


Master Vindicator / Master Wyrmstalker

Those vindicators and wyrmstalkers who have beseeched the Highlord for a greater role, are the Masters. They are the assistants of the templars, leading the crusaders, initiates, and recruits upon their path. It is they who frequently lead the patrols that roam upon the lands, and rally a broken defense to stand defiant against the Deceiver’s legions.


Vindicator / Wyrmstalker

Those paladins who have completed their training, but have not yet felt the call towards leadership, are merely Vindicators and Wyrmstalkers. Honored for their devotion, they are the few who stand in direct opposition to darkness in all it’s forms, wielding the holy boons to devastating effect.


Vindicator / Wyrmstalker Apprentice

After being gifted with Xan’s holy boons, the newly christened paladin has risen to the Brotherhood’s meritorious service. The path of a paladin, be it wyrmstalker or vindicator, is determined shortly after connection by the apprentice themselves.



Crusaders are those initiates who have been deemed ready and reviewed, but yet await connection and assignment to a Templar.



Initiate is given to those recruits who have passed their tasks, and proven themselves fully committed upon the path. Initiates are assigned a Master to study under for combat training, history, lessons, and trials. When the Master deems them ready, they are brought before the Templars for review and connection.



Recruits are those desirous of joining Xan’s Holy Chosen. They are given an interview, basic information about our Order, the duties expected of Paladins, and are given tasks to show their dedication.



To those who wish to stand with us, we of Xan welcome you with open arms. Though it is no minor thing to pledge yourself thusly,  know that all are afforded the tasks, it is only upon your willpower that you persevere. Seek out those Templars mentioned, or send a bird to Highlord Ianril the Waveharp with your name, gender, age, and a little about why you wish to commit yourself to this holy path.


Those of you who seek to defy us, flee. You shall soon join Setherien within the annals of our long and prosperous history as but a footnote.




(( MCName: ))






(( Timezone: ))


Write a little about why it is you wish to serve the Aengul of Order:


Xan, Aengul of Order, Lord of Guardianship, Patron of the Brotherhood of the Golden Lion:



Revival of Xan:



Asura’s Demise:



Magic Lore:



Sunspear Lore:



Limbs of Light:



The Effects of Disconnection:



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Harold nods.


(( Too many ranks imo

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Name: My name is Fritlev of Goswin


(( MCName: Salier ))


Race: As Human as they come, my friend.


Gender: I'm a man, of course!


(( Timezone: GMT ))


Write a little about why it is you wish to serve the Aengul of Order: I heard about this Order fighting the dark of Axios, eventually I found more information on it, here I am writing this letter. I've been sitting in my 'cosy' home in the Westerlands, and these damned undead are just coming again and again at the city! I want to end that. Humanity shouldn't suffer from some dark threat.

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*A single bird has been dispatched to the lone applicant thus far, with good news.*

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Name: Clan Father Dangren Starbreaker


(( MCName: Dtrik ))


Race: Cave Dwarf




(( Timezone: EST ))


Write a little about why it is you wish to serve the Aengul of Order:

"For many years the dwarves have lived lives of defense against undead manace, but as a golden age of unselfish kings have inspired greatness within the race and nation, we are able to seek talents to reclaim a world covered by unholy menace. Through the Gods we are able to combat necromancy and other unholy evils that may plague a nation. I seek to unselfishly bind myself to the will of the Gods in an attempt to provide quick response to unholy transgressions to a land of Urguan."


((No one really has holy magic in the dwarven kingdom so joining a third party holy order and passing wisdom from two cultures might provide for joint opportunities in roleplay.))

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*A single bird has been dispatched, bearing a letter for the most recent applicant.*

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Mitchell Seregon



Human, heartlander





Write a little about why it is you wish to serve the Aengul of Order:

I am a third generation monster hunter, son of Holy Ser Sebastian Seregon a recognised hunter of Johannesburg and the Royal family of Horens Witch hunters; it has been the duty of my father and his before him, to hunt undead and abominations of chaotic origin for now three generations.

As such I would wholly welcome with open arms and heart, allies to whom which I can pledge my blade and faith upon; those who shed light upon the dark and protect the virtuous and faithful. Also throughout my life I’ve read stories and heard tales of the Aneguls and their deeds, as such it would be my honour to pledge my life in the name of Xan and walk upon his path.

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*A single bird has been dispatched, bearing a letter for the most recent applicant.*

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Name: Turnip Sodov


(( MCName: )) DesuVult


Race: Dirt Peasant


Gender: Vegetable-kin


(( Timezone: )) CST


Write a little about why it is you wish to serve the Aengul of Order:


"Why I want to be a paladin", in limerick form: 
by Turnip Sodov II
son of renown terrorist and sexual deviant Turnip 'the Bloody Awful' Sodov I

I hail from a long line of lynchers,
For ages we put spooks in the pincers,
But something went wrong,
Now my wallet's like a eunuch's thong,
Empty, in need of adventures.


In all seriousness though i'm in deep with the Burglars' Guild and in crippling dept, please give me a job,

Will fight evil for food.


Also a witch gave me some rock that's made of baby souls and heresy. It won't stop staring at me and frankly I haven't a clue on how to go about lynching the bugger. Please help.


*the application stinks of tears, cheap liquor, and mediocre poetry*

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Name: Faramyr Blackwood


(( MCName: Jentos))


Race: Highlander, human


Gender: Male


(( Timezone: EST))


Write a little about why it is you wish to serve the Aengul of Order: Only a few months ago, I was still a man struck with curse by an evil warlock, with the help of the druids, I have finally rid myself of said curse and it's dark nature. As of now, I wish to stop the dead, perhaps not to go out and hunt them, but to prevent them, or at least, the evil actions of the living dead, as well as helping others.

I know the darkness in which this world lays, I wish to help. For I am a good man, a loyal one, I know how to wield the sword and shield.


 I've know that the paladins are blessed with certain boons and spells, but those are secondary for me as I only wish to walk the path.

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Name: Halcyon


(( MCName: )) ClassyImperial


Race: Adunian


Gender: Male


(( Timezone: )) CST


Write a little about why it is you wish to serve the Aengul of Order: Why I wish to serve? Well, I have no great tale of how beasts of darkness murdered my loved ones, nor of being inspired by a passing knight of honor. My reason is simply that I was taught to do good when I could, where I could. Your group seems to do just that by serving this Aengul, so I too would wish to serve.

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Name: Flavius Junius Brutus


(( MCName: BornInThePurple ))


Race: Human, Heartlander


Gender: Male


(( Timezone: Eastern Standard ))


Write a little about why it is you wish to serve the Aengul of Order: Tis a welcome thought to contribute towards something that matters, a quest outside the normal workings of farm or mercantile as I have known in the past. Would prove a warming occurance to have the chance to prove myself worthy to smite the undead as an indubitably Holy Warrior.

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This current Guild has been deemed inactive and has hereby been moved. If you wish to appeal this decision you must present evidence to myself proving the guild is still active.

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