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Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

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Republic Star State of Kanata




Connections are made to the Ganvius before several small flotillas are sent into their system in hopes of bolstering their participation against the Kalronians. The fighter counts in many of the vessels are reduced to make space for additional marines within the vessels.  A total of 5,000 marines and 150 A.T.C.-70’s are sent across the Ganvian space to support the Edonians in the war effort.


Current Colonies (Station Level)(Trade Outpost Level)(Industry Level):

Jardun III (SL6) (TO1)(I1)

Carspan II (SL0)

Eranus II (SL0)


Total Population:

590,000 Canadians


Population Dispersion:

Jardun III -  

235,000 Canadians

Carspan II -

195,000 Canadians

Eranus II -

168,500 Canadians


Trade Partners (Types of Trade):

Ganvius (Civillian)

Trialition (Civillian)

Grand Alliance (Civllian)

The Interstellar Accord (Civllian/Technology) ((6 Separate players))

Trade Federation


Developed Industries:

Industry - 0/20 AP

Agriculture - 0/20 AP


Researched Technologies :

Handheld Gauss Weaponry

Tri-Phased Deflector Shields

LAS VI Program

LAS II Program

Itoron S-50 Alloy Plating (Steel-Itoron)

Carbon-Itoron Plating

A.T.C.-70 Mechs

T-60 Combat Armor Suits


Deuterium Tritium Explosives


Military Personnel:

Army -

40,000 Active Duty

20,000 Reservist

Navy -

20,000 Active Duty

5,000 Reservist

Marines -

60,000 Active Duty

20,000 Reservist


Fleet Capacity:

Fighters -

100x A-1 Falcon

Corvettes -

3x Rideout Class Corvette

- R.S.S.K.. Crossroad

-R.S.S.K. Disruptor

- R.S.S.K. Hornet

Frigates -

4x Dundas Class Frigate

- R.S.S.K. Wellington

- R.S.S.K. High Garden

- R.S.S.K. Endeavor

- R.S.S.K. Talisman

Destroyers -

2x Hamilton Class Destroyer

- R.S.S.K. Concord

- R.S.S.K. Driver

Light Cruisers -

2x Richmond Class Light Cruiser

- R.S.S.K. Ironwill

- R.S.S.K. Avenger

Support Carrier -

1x Queens Class Support Carrier

- R.S.S.K. Retaliator

Battleship -

1x King Class Battleship

- R.S.S.K. Redeemer

Dreadnought -

1x Wharnecliffe Class Battleship

- R.S.S.K. Defender


AP Activity (28 Total):


The new shipyard is put into full effect with three ships being made, two of which being of a mass scale. A dreadnought, battleship, and another colony vessel are produced. (24 AP)


Scientific vessels are sent throughout the neighbouring systems of the Kanatans in hopes of finding both a colonizable planet, and a rich planet which could be used for resources. (4 AP)


Many flotillas are sent out from the nation. The Northern and Southern groups are made of a corvette, one frigate, and a destroyer each. The central being a light cruiser, one frigate, and an additional corvette. They are at the disposal of the Ganvius for their efforts. (0 AP)


Navy Documents: https://tinyurl.com/yddqrok4

Army Documents: Coming Soon!


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Free Asgard Forces



Leader -  Admiral Stefan Kolberg

Pop - 8900


Occupied Worlds Details:



Asgard Republic


Leader - Chancellor Henrik Steiner

Population - 577,750 Humans (includes free forces and civilians)

OCCUPIERS - 55k Kalronian Infantry





Asgard (Asgard Sector)

Muspel (Asgard Sector)

Vanaheim (Vanaheim Sector)



Shipyard L3 - Asgard

Trade Station - Asgard Sector [UNDER CONSTRUCTION](on hold 5ap)

Space Station - Vanaheim



Asteroid Itoron Mines - Asgard Sector

Itoron Mine - Muspel (Asgard Sector)

Xylorite Mine - Vanaheim



10,000 x Regular Infantry (Standing and Reserves)

1000 x Hunter Bots

50 x Tank Bots


3000 x Ares II Laser Rifles

3000 x Itoron "Ranger" Jump-Suits





Starting Techs

Warp Drive

Quantum Comms

Military Bots (Solarin Federation)

Itoron Exploitation, Construction and Munitions

Xylorite Exploitation

Tri-Phased Shields (Solarin Federation)

Artificial Gravity (Thulean Republic)

Ares II Lasers (Human Technocracy)

Xylorite Power (Human Technocracy)

Military "Jump-Suits"



Sensor Improvements (on hold, 6ap saved)

"Distantium" Research (on hold, 5ap saved)

Ship Lasers (on hold, 4ap saved)

Os'laran excavatations (on hold, 4ap saved)

PROTOCOL 12 (on hold, 2ap saved)



Industry: 9/25AP

Agriculture: 0/25AP

Business: 0/25AP



Lithruan Coalition (4 nations)

Trade Federation

Han Dominion

Imperial Provinces


Solar Ascendancy



ACTIONS - AP Pool: 10

Base: 4

Tiles: +1

Population: +2

Trade: +3





4 hours were given by the Kalronians. An impossible ultimatum. Asgard could not defend its world against such impossible odds. It's defenders could not fathom the burden of choice - to flee, or to stay and die. And so the decision was made for them. Protocol 12 of the Asgard constitution allowed for any decision outside of conventional morals and the democratic ideal to be taken in times of great existential crisis. During the Skadi Nielsen administration this Protocol was given champions, in the form of an organisation designed as the shadow arm of Asgard. Those who acted on the Protocol's behalf risked damnation of their souls and condemnation in the eyes of the public, should their heinous but necessary actions be discovered. It was easy to be a saint in paradise. But for paradise to exist, compromise must be made with the realities of a cruel and uncaring universe that dealt not in idealism but in the harsh calculus of how far you were willing to go to ensure survival.


And so it was that on the day the ultimatum was delivered by the Kalronians that Protocol 12 went into full effect. Those aware of the Protocol's existence were informed of the grave reality of the situation and what was needed to ensure the best possible outcome for the situation. A last stand in honour may have been the romantic thing to do, but the honourable dead would still be dead. No. Survival was imperative.


2 hours prior to the deadline's expiry, orders were received by Asgard Republican Navy. All ships and station-berthed strikecraft were to form up into ready positions and receive any cargos and crews attempting to dock. The requests unnerved Admiral Stefan Kolberg, but he obeyed them, as they had the seal of the Chancellor, Henrik Steiner. After the first transfer was complete a delegation from military intelligence, under Colonel Hedeager came aboard. And so began a legal mutiny. Hedeager came aboard the bridge of the ARN Sleipnir and demanded the Admiral prepare the warp engines for activation and a course be laid in for the Republic's eastern border. At Kolberg's protest, the hologram of Chancellor Steiner informed the admiral of the grim truth of their new mission - Asgard could not defend itself at home, and nor could it afford to lose its navy, which could potential tip the balance of any future liberation conflict. The navy, Asgard's defenders, were to abandon their posts and flee for the territory of the Kingdom of Armathwaite. Such a decision was unconscionable to Kolberg, yet the decision was taken out of his hands as the taser buzzed against his ribs.


1 hour and 40 minutes later, with no warning or explanation to those outside the circle of trust of Protocol 12, the ARN jumped out of Asgard territory. Panic ensued, and recriminations. Steiner locked himself in his office as he transmitted the following message to the Kalronians: "The Asgard Republic surrenders unconditionally to the Kalronian Ystor Rule."




It was to be known as the "Cincinnatus Contingency", named for the hallowed hero of the Roman Republic who, in his retirement, was granted ultimate power over Rome and her armies in order to lead his people to victory against an aggressive neighbour and, with Rome at his mercy, returned to his fields. The Contingency called for a warrior, whose idealism would not allow him to become a warlord. A leader who would supercede the checks and balances of peace time to allow the Republic to survive in the face of an existential threat. Whether Stefan Kolberg could be what his nation needed him to be remained to be seen. But the forces who had manouvered him onto this track of destiny did not leave things to chance. Whether he liked it or not, Kolberg was now the Cincinnatus of the Asgard Republic, and men like Hedeager were there to make sure his destiny was carried out to the letter.


Kolberg would hate his role, as much as he hated those who had forced him onto this path. With Protocol 12 agents riddling all sections of the surviving fleet he could not oppose his mandate. What's more, he understood its necessity, the cold logic of it. What must be done. But it was the inhumanity of it, that stuck its claws in his soul. For he had seen the true price of Asgard's freedom in the face of Markus Hedeager, and for the first time doubted whether he had the stomach for it. Those thoughts, however could be kept at bay - by the bottle, or by the pill.




The military fleet was joined by the scattered survivors of the Kalronian invasion and blockade. Recriminations were flung about, but ultimately pointless. For months the migrant fleet travelled, alone in the dark, from system to system and border to border, searching for a safe path to those who had offered refuge. Outside. They found sojourn in a border port of the Grand Alliance, their keep paid for by the generosity and compassion of a Da'nor noble. The Lithruan Coalition had long been friends of Asgard, and so a request was made - a pilgrimage to the cradle of mankind. Earth.


In orbit of their ancient homeworld's shattered spires and scorched seas, a promise was made by the new Cincinnatus; just as these pilgrims had now returned to Earth, so to would they all return home to the Asgarder homeworlds.


They set course for their new home for the forseeable future - Armathwaite. It was on that world that the Free Asgard Forces would make their headquarters. An organisation dedicated to the liberation and reclamation of those oppressed by the Kalronians, and those dedicated to the idea of a world where fear did not rule the hearts of the righteous.




2 x Light Cruiser

3 x Destroyer

2 x Frigate

6 x Corvette

100 x Asgard Fighters

100 x Saqr 2 Heavy Fighters


3450 x Crew/Pilots

550 x Shipboard Marines




ACTIONS - AP Pool: 4

Base: 4


[Totals include AP spent this turn and previously]



0AP - Asgarder refugees, including their entire military fleet and a number of civilian vessels (all in all totalling 8900 people) are granted asylum on Armathwaite. At the decree of King Edward, a sizable compound on their homeworld and much of the surrounding land is given over as sovereign territory of the Republic, for the duration of the crisis. The civilians are settled and the military ships refitted in orbit. Armathwaite will be the base of operations for the newly minted Free Asgard Forces.


2AP - Having brought a copy of their technical and scientific archives with them, and using facilities kindly provided by Armathwaite, Free Asgard begins to remedy its obvious manpower shortage with mass production of robots. Hunter Bot Mk I's are produced en-masse, armed with Ares II laser rifles!


2AP - Efforts are devoted to a mass propaganda campaign across all friendly human and alien nations. "GALAXY IN PERIL! KALRONIANS SWEEP EAST! WILL YOU ANSWER THE CALL? FREEDOM FOR ASGARD IS FREEDOM FROM FEAR!". The campaign is designed to bring in volunteers, charitable aid and private sponsorship, both human and alien, to aid in the coming struggle against the Kalronian oppressors. Images of the Corruptor War are evoked in some of them, appealing to veterans of the campaign to rid the galaxy of their horror - a new evil rises in the west! Volunteer fighters and civilians are directed to the Asgard Enclave on Armathwaite for training, work assignments or donations. Much of the funds and resources are also devoted to hiring mercenaries."ASGARD TODAY... [INSERT PLANET HERE] TOMORROW! DRIVE THEM BACK!"



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The Sanctum Regnum Melitae

Anno Domini MMCL




The throne of the Sanctum Regnum was occupied by a Post-It note.

"On an adventure -Franz and Afaya"


[16 AP] - Both Maltese Shipyards are upgraded. (One from SL2 to SL3 and the other from SL3 to SL4)

[8 AP] - Colony Ships are built.

[10 AP] - The Heart of Things Initiative (Let's take this to PM's. Not research.)

[2 AP] - Project Sicily [14 Total]

[5 AP] - MD Device [75 Total]

[0 AP] - Maltese ships are equipped with Maltese projects!

[0 AP] - Malta begins to start selling out of its xylorite stores to friendly governments and private organizations, up to 700 tons a year total at a conversion rate of 10 million lira to 20 tons [1 AP | 20 tons]. [Current Stockpile: 3400 Tons | Current Output: 500 Tons] 

[0 AP] - The xylorite offer is made to the Ar'gakari as well for up to 240 tons a year, on the condition that they do not invade the Sanctum Regnum. Borders will be opened to the fleet for restocking, and friendly relations sought. It is noted the Maltese spent half their treasury securing the safety of the Ar'gakari inhabitants of the Sanctum Regnum from the evil Darkul!


On another note, the government subtly bans volunteering for the war against the Kalronians, declaring all those that wish to fight for the fatherland would find themselves better tasked with the cold war against the Keerim.

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Occupied human provinces


Location: Novam Domum, Imperial war room.

Horus Varellion sighed sadly as he finished his transmission to the Kalronian Ystor offering surrender to the Kalronian Ystor. Behind him he could feel the angry glares of his people or the sad acceptance that there was no other choice drilling into his back. As he turned around and met the glares or acceptant attitudes of the people Horus did what he knew was his last speech. "People of the Imperial provinces, I did not offer our surrender to the Kalronians so I can live long and benefit from the rule of the Kalronians. I did this for my people not for myself. I could have always fought on, offered a valiant last stand, made our names known for all eternity but that is not what a true leader does. A true leader cares for the welfare for his people, so they can live and prosper. We may not prosper in these years but at least we will live. I refuse to let Novam Domum and the other planets of Imperial space turn into a new ultima Thule. A monument to a valiant last stand by a people but with all that remains only being a lifeless world, a graveyard of thousands. For this act I will go into history as a coward but a good leader learns that it does not matter how they are remembered, but what their legacy is. My legacy is the survival of my people, even if it will come at the cost of my own." Then an angry commander Dante spoke "Be that as it may we can better continue fighting the Kalronians, even if it is a long war with much attrition it is much preferable to the oppression of an alien overlord. Sir destroy your honor and just fight this war with the Kalronians. We as human beings deserve the right to live free of oppression, we can not let ourselves be bullied and become slaves." Horus smiled sadly, a resigned smile with acceptance in it, acceptance of his coming fate. "I will not break the offer Dante, and there is not much you can do to change it." Dante then quickly drew his gun and put it to the head of Horus "I care to disagree, Varellion." He would say with much hostility in his voice but with a quivering finger on his gun. He had fought Corrupters on the battlefield and taken part in countless military operations but he could not simply kill his countrymen and boss. He knew he intended well but they could not simply surrender. "Dante, I have failed you and our people, my family was not meant to lead this country into war. I hope you can do what I can not, make our people survive and make them free." Then resigning himself to his fate Horus puts his hand on the hand where Dante held the gun to his head. Held it in comfort for a moment as commander Dante shook with indecisiveness he pulled the trigger of Dante's gun. And then as Horus pulled the trigger his life flashed past him. All the good moment and all the bad, all the mistakes he had made. All the people he could have saved and all those who died because of him. All his friends, all his enemies, humanity shattered because of his actions, how could he have failed so much. Then the bullet went through his skill, into his brain and out the other side. The last Varellion was dead. 



16 ap is spent on improving the agriculture of the occupied provinces.

12 ap is spent on project Geminos


Population: 1,210k humans and 100k Kalronian garrison


Imperial remnant

The remnant accept the colony ship of the Edonians and settle a colony east of Edonia and West from Kanata with the aid of the Edonians.

The remnant military also goes through Edonian bootcamp for a year to get more military experience.

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The Han Dominion

Autumn, HSC 8

Year of the Dog





The battle for Jianshan was not going well.


Feng clutched his rifle as the distant sound of gunfire echoed through the valley, trying to keep his rising worry under control in front of his men. The capital was lost. More than fifty thousand troops had appeared in orbit without warning, and within two weeks their original landing sites expanded to fill thousands of square miles. Jianshan was well-fortified, but the invaders had charged any defenses they encountered with reckless abandon, seemingly having no mercy for the “heretics.”


As his force had fallen back, Feng had called for reinforcements from Taiyuan, but his hopes were secretly low. Support from the Dao Yi had been lackluster of late. His men depended on him now, and so while the situation was dire, he had to keep up the fight. So long as he was alive, they could hole up in the mountain villages, prevent the fanatics in the lowlands from getting the xylorite they needed from this world.


The thought gave Feng another thing to worry about as he jogged into the village serving as his temporary headquarters, passing by one of the pinkish crystal formations on his way. If he couldn’t get xylorite of his own off the planet, the insurrection as a whole would be out of fuel.


Villagers shrunk back into their homes as he passed, frightened by his urgency, and one of his lieutenants flagged him down. He slowed, and took in his surroundings. Supplies and materiel were being packed up to move elsewhere. Good. If the invaders had found them here, the position was officially untenable.


“How much time do we have?” Feng asked, before the soldier could speak. The man shut his mouth for a moment.


“Difficult to say, sir,” he finally said. “It seems like they’re making a major push, but they’re stalled at the waterfall.”


“We can hold them there. At least long enough.” A boom rolled between the mountains, and the lieutenant winced. Feng pretended not to notice, and looked to the center of town, where the transports were being loaded.


“Where are the supplies? The rice?”


“Sir, we don’t know.” The man was clearly nervous. “We received a distress call from their convoy less than an hour ago, about a mile north. None of our scouts have come back, and we don’t have enough men for a full counterattack on whoever hit us.”

It was all Feng could do not to swear out loud. Instead he nodded, with what he hoped was an expression of confidence. “Then there’s no choice. Take what you can from the villagers. When Yuguo takes this village, they’ll be compensated.” The soldier looked reluctant, so he briefly clasped his shoulder. “I don’t like it any more than you. But for all that Yuguo’s done, they still don’t want these people to starve. Do it quickly.”


Feng walked past his subordinate before he could answer, and hoped what he had said was true. This would be the third time they had had to move from a strong position, and for the third time he told himself it’d be the last. Two planets still defied Yuguo. If he could just hold out, reinforcements would arrive.


But just as he was finishing the thought, a low rumble thrummed through the air. The village froze. Everyone knew the sound of bombers. But it would be mad to use them here! Every mountain for miles was packed with the most unstable substance in the galaxy.


Nevertheless, the sound only got louder. Around him, he could see panic setting in: they’d be here in moments, surely. The transports wouldn’t be able to escape, and there was no cover in this valley. A dozen eyes turned towards Feng, and he could almost hear the silent questioning. What were they supposed to do.


Feng only stared at the sky. Clearly, he had miscalculated. This wasn’t supposed to happen. In the clear air, several small black shapes could now be made out, approaching rapidly. The gunfire from downriver was gone now. Perhaps they were watching too.


The rumble grew louder, and as the village realized what was happening, and that Feng clearly had no answer to it, it was accompanied by screams. As soldiers and villagers ran like ants, he could only stand transfixed. Only seconds now…


He felt a hand grab his arm. An unfamiliar voice spoke.


“Hold your breath.”


Whoever it was needn’t have worried about that, for he already was. And suddenly, there was a loud pop, and Feng was somewhere else.




The year 2150 turns out to be one of intense bloodshed for the Han, as the invasion of Jinshian takes a turn for disaster. In an airstrike intended to kill the notorious rebel general Shi Feng, Triple Crescent forces unwittingly ignite copious xylorite deposits in the area. The resulting conflagration instantly wipes out all life within miles, and over the following days the chain reaction spreads, as seismic activity causes landslides and volcanic eruptions all over the planet.


So severe is the disaster that the planet’s crust itself cracks in places, and the atmosphere is quickly filled with hot ash. The once-lush lowlands experience a mass extinction of most native flora and fauna, and human settlements don’t fare much better. Evacuation efforts prove in vain as the city of Nanning is buried alive. Soldiers in the field from both sides are helpless, and most meet their deaths as the air becomes toxic to breath.


When the situation finally stabilizes, no less than 80,000 Han have disappeared, whether from the military or the planet’s population. Geologists predict the planet will become habitable again in perhaps five hundred years, and so a mere ten thousand Han remain to mine its xylorite, eaking out an existence within hastily-constructed biodomes. Jinshian has been taken for the central government, but it is a hollow victory, won at great cost.


When the news reaches Yuguo, accusations and recriminations for the disaster fly heavy through the air. While Zeng Xue seems regretful and retreats from the public eye, his Triple Crescent describes the destruction of Jinshian as divine punishment for the sins of its wayward citizens, and insinuates loudly that the mandate of heaven is still within Xin Xi’an.


The Jinyiwei is far more taciturn about the event, but behind closed doors they jump into action. At last, public outcry has reached the fever pitch they need to act. The Daos Er through Wu give their consent to a full culling of the religion’s leadership, and the black-and-red agents are more than eager to jump to the task. In the dark of the night, they close on the soon to be declared enemies of the state.




Meanwhile, another atrocity on a far smaller scale is being carried out on the jungle world of Houshu. The paranoid Shi Yimu, upon hearing of an Ar’gakari arrival to the east, decides to end all possibility of the Dominion’s Gakree slaves calling for help -- by purging them. A battalion of Jinyiwei agents arrives on the planet and sets about their work. Marched in single file from the rice fields into the forest, over two thousand slaves are systematically killed, before being buried in unmarked ditches, for the worms.


But the Jinyiwei does not stop there. Under the command of an ambitious captain by the name of Wang Zhen, the agents interview large segments of the human population, searching out those with known sympathies toward the former slaves of the colony. Those who appear threatening soon disappear in the night, with no explanation.


For good measure, offplanet civilian communication is banned indefinitely, as is emigration. The agency installs commissars in all population centers to control the flow of news and to report any apparent disloyalty among the Han and Xie, before they finally declare the threat dealt with.


Well pleased with his performance, Captain Wang boards his transport and sets off to report his success to the High Inspector...but things on Yuguo do not go as planned.






As it turns out, the cult that had been born amongst the Jinyiwei has never fully been stamped out of it. When Shi Yimu’s loyal agents reach Zeng Xue, they find they’ve been sold out by more disloyal ones than he ever would have guessed. The Triple Crescent is prepared, and the streets of Xin Xi’an devolve into chaos. Jinyiwei contingents are waylaid, surrounded and surprised in multiple outmaneuvers, traps and ambuscades. As it turns out the army is already within the city out of uniform, and at Zeng Xue’s order they purge all known Jinyiwei safehouses.


Come morning, the capital city of the Han Dominion is indisputably under the Triple Crescent’s control. At first light the planetary garrison finally assaults the Capitol Palace itself with ten thousand men. Resistance is sporadic and mostly concentrated in the palatial wing, but even so the sheer size of the structure results in a battle which takes the better part of two days.


Nevertheless, three days after the cataclysm on Jinshian, the result is clear. Under a particularly heavy thunderstorm, followers of the Triple Crescent drag the Dao Er, Dao San and Dao Wu into the capital’s central square, bound and filthy. Before an awed crowd and on public broadcast, each has their mask ripped from their head, revealing nothing more than shriveled old men: politicians from years past, previously thought dead. Each is forced to recite their true name, and before the crowd can finish processing their fascination, they are shot.


The shock immediately sends ripples throughout the Dominion. Three of the Daos are dead; in an instant their carefully-constructed illusion of immortality is shattered. The rebellious Dao Yi on Taiyuan and the Dao Si in Huizhou both denounce the action in the highest terms, calling it not just high treason, but a rejection of the order of nature itself. Nevertheless, unrest within Huizhou rises sharply, and mobs from within the slum begin to encroach on the port district, where the Dao Si resides.


The situation is only saved when Shi Yimu resurfaces within Huizhou’s slums, having somehow escaped the butchery on Yuguo. A deal is reached with the two triads of the city, and the population finds itself squeezed back into line by the criminals, who may have been stoking the unrest in the first place. Yimu, meanwhile, presents himself to the Dao Si as a humble servant. It is declared to all foreigners that the legitimate Han government now resides in Huizhou, and the city prepares itself for a fight.


Requests for aid from both the Dao Si’s regime and the newly-formed theocratic state soon arrive on Huang Jie’s desk, as he orbits Rhodium. But Jie is reluctant to leave the front, and his ships remain far from Han space….




Han Stats Link:




Despite the ongoing crisis, development of scaled-up plasma weaponry continues in earnest on Yuguo. Designs and test data are forwarded to Huang Jie, who with his extensive experience insists on reliable quality before they can be installed on Han ships. - [16 AP]


A colony ship is ordered from Beijing Stronghold, to carry the message of the Triple Crescent to a new world… - [4 AP]


The Dao Si orders the construction of a shipyard in the sky above Huizhou, with which a navy can be built to take back the rightful capital of the Han. - [6 AP]


Above Yuguo, a light transport is commissioned from Beijing Stronghold. - [2 AP]


The Shenhua Mining Corporation sells 100 tons of xylorite on the open market. - [0 AP]


All Gakree slaves are purged, and the records of their existence are scrubbed clean. - [0 AP]


80 thousand Han perish. (Factor into population growth) - [0 AP]

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The Erakat Caliphate

Year 2150

Shipyards: 7, 4


Shadows surrounded Nassef Erakat. The Ar’Gakari, the Xenos, the Infidel… his own family. Regardless, the Caliph knew he had a nation to run and saw these efforts through in 2150. In the Grand Shipyard, he oversaw the construction of and completion of a grouping of four colony ships. Once again, the Caliph found himself preparing for the worst.

100,000 Eadni were conscripted to fill out these colony ships and prepare for a journey. This core group of Eadni would form the backbone of a new state, should something go awry. Salman Erakat is tasked with leading this new force and is appointed Sultan of the Kingdom of Amal, a new Eadni client state composed of the people of these four ships. The ships are given a designated area relatively out of the way and, to much ceremony, are sent off. They are celebrated as the guarantee that no matter what happens on Amal, Eadni culture would live on. Though the journey would begin in 2151, much of the resources are allocated now for the journey.

The Eadni knew war well. They also knew war’s consequences. Their last great conflict left them defenseless and without hope. This new effort would ensure their continued survival.

AP Expenditures & Actions
Available AP:
- Given the massive increase in population combined with the loss of a colony ship to the Ar’Gakari, four new colony ships are produced this year[16].

- The construction of four new destroyers are completed this year in the Grand Shipyard to supplement the growing fleet. [12]

- The first Carrier in the Reformed Navy is completed this year and is supplemented by the construction of a new bomber wing consisting of 200 Bombers [8].

- A down payment is made on the loan this year to the Silver Knights with the remainder to be paid next year. This is simply a declaration of intent to pay the rest in good faith [10].

- Research continues on an entirely new class of ship, the Leviathan. Commander Hussein Al Noor heads the engineering team developing the project, and right now the chief focus is on integrating various new and innovative technologies into a ship of such a scale [6].

- To supplement the new class of ship and a reformed navy, research begins on practically applying ribalite. As of right now, the resource appears rather… useless. The Eadni hope to change that - quickly [5].

- 100 Fighters are produced [1]

The Ar’Gakari are made an enticing offer, if they’d even be willing to hear it.

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The Kingdom of Unified Systems


 Fleet + Pop Link 



Edit in






4AP + 2AP + 1AP + 2AP - 50%

(4AP Base + 2AP Colonies +1AP Pop + 2AP Eric)

More is invested into Violet Noise [5AP]


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Chapter II: Old Shadows







2151, the onset of the largest conflict the galaxy has ever seen. War machineries let loose, when diplomacy is at an end.


The Ar’gakari have come for a reason, and one reason alone. They are here to conquer. And thus they act in this interest. Negotiations attempted with the Saryns failed in the end, Margek was unable to ascertain a peace or at least limit the extent of the upcoming war. The news are horrifying. Dire. Devastating.


According to the Saryn State, the Ar’gakari have arrived in the Milky Way galaxy with a fleet of one million ships of all classes. And it appears more are yet to come. Seeing as everyone was embroiled in war, the Saryn have taken up the duty of defending what they are able to defend. The Saryn State and Saryn Guardian Assembly have secretly pulled together all forces they could muster, to fight off the many Ar’gakari fleets that have now begun scouring the milky way like a plague, attacking and conquering relentlessly, one world after the next. And they do not discriminate.


At the same time, the Kalronian Ystor rule begins a new offensive against the Ganvius forces, supplemented by the Humans of Edonia and the Expeditionary Force of the Protorian Council. As war is all about, news have it, that the Archivar, Kradoku Remvate, as the first Archivar ever, has taken command of a fleet in combat against the advancing Redon Imperium. Another of the many wars taking place, the Redon Imperium has won a series of very decisive battles now and the Republic of Galaron and Backhatta Hive both have lost far stretches of territory.


In sight of a secret operation of the Solarin Ascendancy against the Redon Imperium, a declaration of war is issued. But what follows might be unexpected. The Slavic Federation, along with the Tassaran Republic both declare war upon the Redon Imperium, as allies, but also in condemnation of the aggressive politics pursued by the Imperium and the Redon himself.


As if a dam was broken, the Keerim war fleets begin pouring into Lithruan Coalition held space, attacking them full front, simply warping through the demilitarized zone. Only New Siam remains silent, its space uncontested by either side, as thousands of ships engage in the second conflict, that has yet to see a winner.


North or South, it did not matter, for these upcoming years would be years of lives being lost, a season for tears and terror.




Republican Systems of Edonia


With its capacity hitting the limit, nine warships leave the Edonian shipyard as scheduled, ready to fight in the interest of Edonia.


Itoron-Steel, whilst offering much more protection is respectively heavier of course. It’s a sacrifice of some mobility for the greater protection of the wearers of the suits, but the transition goes without much of an issue.


The colony ship though could not be built this year as the capacities of the shipyard were insufficient for the task.


The entire stock of Itoron is being bought up by a government representative of the Ceri Collective. (20 AP this turn)


The Backhatta Hive orders the Ribalite accordingly. (18 AP this turn)


The expeditionary forces of Edonia are due for one of the hardest battles in their history. (Encounter)


Solar Ascendancy


The shipyard’s expansion concludes, providing additional capacities for bigger and more numerous ships.


Whilst it is a new product for Hephaestus, the genuine engineering skills and efficiency of the women and men at Hephaestus Enterprises turn out to be a boon. With an additional first-time output of about 20% for this new product they are being delivered faster and in good quality (like their microwaves) to the Solar Ascendancy.


Four (!) new colonies are founded: A desert world rich in Xylorite deposits. A boreal world, frosty and familiar, remarkable for its extraordinary size and lack of oceans. Two temperate terrestrial worlds, one appearing to hold an old Saryn facility.


And the Horizon had an end.


Given the events that took place, the Solar Ascendancy is now officially at war with the Redon Imperium. This does mean these forces are now directly partaking. Positioned on a Backhatta core world, they are due to see combat sooner than expected. (Encounter)




To infinity and beyond.


The world they find is oceanic, but has more landmasses that resemble the mediterranean of Europe a lot. Warm climates, lush and wide fields, sparse forests. A bit with the touch of odd colors, given there are tendrils on those trees instead of leaves and that they are yellow, blue and silver. Notably though are undersea deposits of Itoron.


Hephaestus Enterprises


More stuff sinking.


Given that swarm missiles are a typical armament on practically every nation’s light cruisers, there is enough reference data. The scientists improve and improve, faster, harder-hitting, more explosive. Making gains, but nothing out of the ordinary.


If the Han Dominion fields enough capacities, the ships are naturally finished.


One the other hand, the colony ship is quickly finished, leaving the Auroran shipyard.


The Backhatta Hive in the end buys the Itoron, urgently in need, building ships and repairing existing ones. They take all 2400 tons for a set price. (90 AP for this turn)


The maneuver is acknowledged but mostly goes unheeded by the nations, as they are too busy fighting eachother. That would be the case, if not the Ar’gakari made their move. Reports come in, that an Ar’gakari warfleet has entered Hephaestus space, heading south. (Encounter)




Whilst the colony ship is prepared, the Light cruiser enters construction accordingly, yet to see readiness for duty.


A second shipyard is rapidly being erected, reaching a bigger capacity soon enough.


Any hostile entities, explosives or detonation charges on the weapon itself are found and dismantled accordingly. Odd that they knew about that.


Whilst secret projects are secret, a mere 2,000 robots of the Hunter type are being finished by the production capacities of Andorra.


All three of the nations agree to the trade, though given that trade is rather difficult, as so much war is about and there are fewer and fewer safe zones for merchant ships to pass through.


The Trade Federation


These projects. My, my. (Skype)


The shipyard is finished, boosting the production capacities respectively, whilst yet another colony ship and 300 combat craft join the forces of the TF.


Defenses are being built outside the station, whilst two nations agree to have embassies established inside the station, so to speak. Though an observant spectator would sense tension between the two nations.


Kyber Kore  


The university is quickly and efficiently built on the colony, providing the nation with more research capacities than before. (+1 RP)


The Grand Alliance actually expresses interest in purchasing Itoron stockpiles from the subject state.


Cybernetics steadily advance, with the quality and compatibility with the wide range of genetic types increasing by the year. If this goes on, Kyber Kore might actually become a standard exporter for cybernetic implants (for humanoids).


The colony ship leaves the shipyard, prepared to colonize where needed, there are so many worlds yet to be claimed.


As the industry concludes, a Grand Alliance official orders the construction of more industrial capacities for the later production of cybernetic implants. (25 AP from the Grand Alliance into Industry on the capital world). With the war finally broken out, soon there will be a vast amount of women and men that need replacement limbs.


Kingdom of Armathwaite/Silver Knight Corporation


The Heavy Cruiser is finished as planned, but given the limited capacities of their own shipyard, the destroyers are not. (From what I can tell you simply lack the capacity. Upgrade your shipyard or build more.)


The mech line receives its improvements and is ready for production now. The engineers and scientists have made sure that there would be absolutely no flaws, and everything is up to expectations.


The Itoron is being offered to be bought by the Backhatta Hive for a set price (65 AP). The Dakite on the other hand finds a very unusual buyer. The Confederation of Xaplonius is willing to buy all 100 kilograms of Dakite for the price of [100 AP].


And lastly, the colony ship finds a new world, covered in forests, not jungle, but forests, everywhere. A very living world it seems, with a distinct lack of fauna.


Republic Star State of Kanata


With an excess production capacity even, the Republic of Kanata bolsters its fleet with these impressive ships, ready to fight foes left and right if must be. Naturally, the colony ship does not do that.


In a sector west of the capital sector, they find an alpine world, with the very demanded but dangerous Trizendrium deposits.


Free Asgard Forces


As a rough 2000 bots join the Asgard Forces… they get a surprising response to their advertisement. They call themselves the Band of the Broken, former Colonial Militia citizens, who in majority joined the Imperial Republic, except for a few thousand. Those have been roaming ever since, keeping quiet, unseen. They were driven off by the Kalronians, pursued and killed whereever. Now, 12,000 Humans, women, men, children, elderly, all ready to join their brethren of Asgard to perhaps gain another shot at avenging the fallen and reclaiming a world for themselves.


The Sanctum Regnum Melitae


More capacities for more ships. Needless to say, the two colony ships are finished as well.


Projects. I can only state it so often. Hah. (Skype)


And in fact, they sell all 700 tons to various manufacturers in the LC, given that with the onset of war, they urgently need it. (+35 AP this turn)


The Ar’gakari do not reply, but maybe it worked? The closest fleets are of course engaged with the Keerim in the East, or headed towards the Han Dominion and other LC space anyway.


Occupied human provinces


Agriculture expands even more. Who knows though what the Kalronians have in mind.


Geminos discontinues for the while being, as Kalronian authorities are having a say in the matter. (Skype)


The Han Dominion


All ships are constructed as ordered, thanks to the expansive production capacity of the Han shipyards. And perhaps that will be needed soon enough.


Without a trace, as if they have never been, both Humans and Ar’gakari perish.


The 100 tons are being bought by an Ascardian energy company. (5 AP)


And in the end, the Ar’gakari arrive, a warfleet having entered the Eastern territories and holdings of the Dominion. (Encounter)


The Erakat Caliphate


With the right amount of production capacity, all orders are done as intended, and that is the case for the  caliphate, as hundreds of combat spacecraft and almost a dozen ships, civilian and military, leave the shipyards.


Some structural issues in the design appear yet unresolved, but by next year with good effort, they might have a prototype hull design ready to be built once.


Ribalite, for all it is grey and gooey, is a wonderful adhesive, that can be broken up (once hardened by the right wavelength of light) with sound. And in space there is no sound. How convenient is that? A scientists suggests the concept of a ship with a hose that sprays Ribalite onto holes and ruptures of other vessels, to temporarily patch it up.


That depends on the offer. (Skype)


The Kingdom of Unified Systems


Violet noises are very colorful.






It’s getting hot.


The markets are plummeting galaxy-wide, the cost of goods is rising, war industries are roaring, bullets and beams are flying, people are dying. (+1 trade partner needed for trade bonus stacks)


The Ka’cezh are standing their ground, as they win the first set of important battles against the Zaxx and Darkul alike.


The Redon Imperium is making heavy gains on the Backhatta Hive and Republic of Galaron, the Protorian Alliance hard pressed to withstand their onslaught.


At the same time the Kalronians start another offensive and gain ground on the Ganvius.


The Alduu’uuranean Protectorate has announced the demand of an unconditional surrender by the Cooperative of Lorbi.


The Ymorian Unity Council seeks a truce with the Darkul, to fall on deaf ears.


The majority of the Northern nations are attacked by Ar’gakari fleets in the thousands. War is everywhere.


The Saryn and Saryn Guardian Assembly have won two heavy battles against two separate Ar’gakari warfleets, wiping them out entirely.


Terror bombings and sudden unrest and revolts begin to seep through the United States of Arcturus. Military personnel as well as civilian populace are dissatisfied with the current government it appears. This turn of events is cut short with the Keerim Imperium finally striking.


The Keerim Imperium attacks the LC and their allies on the entire length of the demilitarized zone.


The Replicants remain idle and silent, nobody truly knows their intentions.    








Imperial Provinces - 1,305,000 Humans (100,000 Kalronian Garrison)            


Erakat Caliphate (Eadni) - 1,204,500 Humans (Clones)               


Solar Ascendancy - 855,500 Humans, 112,000 Grgl, 69,500 Tassarans, 56,000 Libellans, 45,000 Human-Tassarans, 16,500 Karass, 2,000 Chupan’Mo, 1,000 Alduu’uuraneans    


Silver Knight Company - 720,750 Humans, 120,500 Tassareans, 60,500 Backhatta, 100,750 Redons, 40,000 Human-Redons, 38,500 Human-Tassareans, 100,250 Galaron, 12,000 Human-Redon-Tassareans, 19,750 Redon-Tassareans, 9,000 Karass               


United States of Arcturus - 465,750 Humans, 34,750 Da'nor, 6,000 Human-Tjieran, 29,500 Skellar, 28,750 Libellans, 5,500 Ceri, 2,000 Ascardians (40,000 Ceri Garrison, 45,000 Ascardian Garrison, 100,000 Da’nor Garrison, 25,000 Skellar Garrison)                


Hephaestus Holdings - 1,255,750 Humans, 230,500 Grgl, 304,000 Tassareans, 88,000 Human-Tassareans, 60,000 Libellans, 56,000 Redons, 58,750 Backhatta, 44,000 Human-Redons, 180,000 Galaron, 26,000 Redon-Tassareans, 20,000 Human-Redon-Tassareans, 38,500 Protorians, 8,500 Karass, 3,500 Skellar, 3,250 Adaptaar


Free Human Technocracy - 740,750 Humans, 96,500 Da'nor, 50,000 Human-Da'nor, 1,000 Terraskolarians   


People's Council of Utopie - 611,250 Humans, 46,500 Protorians, 60,750 Libellans, 120,500 Grgl, 90,500 Tassareans, 50,750 Human-Tassareans, 42,000 Backhatta, 51,000 Skellar, 84,000 Galaron, 16,000 Human-Protorians                   


Order of Malta - 1,200,000 Humans, 33,000 Ganvians, 55,250 Ceri, 50,250 Tjierans, 90,000 Ascardians, 56,500 Da'nor, 28,000 Human-Tjierans, 35,000 Human-Da'nor, 31,750 Human-Ascardians, 24,000 Tjieran-Ascardians, 20,000 Ascardian-Da'nor, 36,000 Skellar, 42,000 Libellan, 3,750 Tjieran-Da’nor, 3,500 Ar'gakari, 91,250 Adaptaar, 2,500 Alduu'uuranean, 1,750 Cevelli, 3,000 Kalronians, 6,000 Grgl, 1,250 Terraskolarians, 250 Chupan’mo, 250 Human-Cevelli   


Han Dominion - 1,060,500 Humans, 175 Kuilei                   


Star Republic of Edonia - 656,000 Humans                   


Republic Star State of Kanata - 660,000 Humans                   


Ultima Thule - 385,000 Humans, 42,000 Da'nor, 16,000 Ceri, 25,500 Ascardians, 18,250 Tjierans, 33,500 Redons, 62,000 Krib, 4,500 Human-Da’nor, 3,500 Human-Ascardians, 2,500 Human-Tjierans, 2,500 Human-Redons, 2,750 Da’nor-Ascardian, 2,250 Da’nor-Tjieran, 2,250 Tjieran-Ascardians, 1,000 Chupan’Mo (100,000 Redon Garrison)            


Asgard Republic - 600,250 Humans (57,500 Kalronian Garrison)            


Porton Technocracy - 550,250 Humans, 36,000 Cevelli, 24,000 Ka'cezh, 26,500 Zyrka, 30,250 Ymorian, 17,000 Alduu'uuranean, 56,000 T'jell, 131,500 Krib, 14,750 Human-Cevelli, 9,500 H’Wong, 3,000 Karrass , 8,500 Cynn, 1,500 Chupan’mo            


Andorra - 536,750 Humans, 29,000 Cevelli, 9,500 Zyrka, 4,250 Ymorians, 5,250 Human-Cevelli, 60,000 Krib, 19,500 H’wong            


Kingdom of United Systems - 586,000 Humans, 15,250 Tassareans, 14,750 Grgl, 3,750 Human-Tassareans                   


G.E.N.S. - 681,000 Humans (Clones)            


New Siam - 590,500 Humans            


Slavic Federation - 1,200,000 Humans   









In work.    




Year 2151 by Earth’s calendar.    







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Republican Systems of Edonia


General Activity:


The man in the mirror was unfamiliar to him, ten years in office had taken its toll heavily on him. The short brown hair he had faded into a light grey, his face was more sunken and his brown eyes looked cold and unnatural. A door opened behind him prompting him to turn, it was none other than his most trusted advisor.


“Good morning sir, there’s quite the crowd outside the building right now waiting for you.” Behind the man stood two heavily armored guards in power armor, they had protected the Praeses his entire term. “Are you ready to give your final speech?”


A smile creeped over his face, “Let’s hope they don’t break past the security line to get in autographs. Take it all in, this is going to be the last time you see me in this blue suit.” The Praeses directed the advisor and guards to lead him outside.


Outside he was greeted by the cheers of one hundred thousand souls, many of whom traveled from other colonies to see this event in person. The wave of endearment swept through the crowd as he stepped up to the Podium, these people adored him. It was a shame that it was his time to leave.


Coughing as he looked over his script, he signed looked at the crowd who had gone quiet as he moved. The Praeses smiled then threw his script to the side deciding to speak truly from his own heart. The paper flew into the bystanders to the front, many of them began reaching for the paper trying to grasp history in the making.




“People of Edonia, my brothers and sisters… today is the final day I’ll be donned with the title of Praeses. Since our inception as a initiative in the days of earth, we’ve wanted nothing but peace and prosperity. Our position in the galaxy has put us in a very safe position to do so but that has been jeopardized by the extreme gravity of the wars being fought around us. I’ve led our nation headfirst into this conflict and thanks to your support and courage, we’ve made massive gains technologically and socially. We’ve seen places in our galaxy that many could only hope to see, some of you remember the days where the majority of us wondered if we were alone.”


Optimism was beginning to flow through the crowd many of them talking about the somber tone the Praeses took on his final speech.


“As of today, thirty-thousand Edonian’s have died in the armed forces. Our first steps as a fledgling nation led us to send our severely unprepared forces against an alien foe with thousands of years to hone their skills. We’ve been stuck fighting this foe and now we have the possibility of an extragalactic invader that dates back to the time of the firstborn. The age of strife has approached us ladies and gentlemen and the only thing we can do is persevere and adapt. The time for improvement is now! The time for industrialization is now! The time for our nation to strike out and do its part!”


The Praeses slammed his hand onto the podium before him, the crowd beginning to chant a familiar adage, “For the dream.” Inside he could feel the electric energy of the crowd and for the last time he nodded to the people and thanked them for coming out. It would be the final time he walked off the grand stage.



Population: 656,000 Humans

Feldspar - [SL5] [Lvl.2 Trade outpost]

{25/50 Industry} (SL5 = 30 capacity)

Aldebaran - [SL0] (Itoron)

Frostbrand - [SL0]

Irontoad - [SL0]




(24 AP) Constructing four destroyers, a carrier that will be added to the Edonian fleet. A Colony ship would also be constructed and sent off to colonize the world.


(4 AP) 300 fighters are constructed in the shipyard and supplemented to the carrier and support carrier, the current 100 are rebuilt into a better design.


(6 AP) Construction of a single heavy cruiser in the Kanatan shipyard.


(18 AP) The necessary production facilities to mass produce the second variant of Dragonsnake armor and Federation designed disruptor rifles would be constructed on Feldspar. The equipment is immediately sent to the front lines where soldiers have been extensively briefed on how to properly use it.


(2 AP) Complete review on current targetting computer systems. (Skype.)


(10 AP) Research into Project Shadowed Veil continues. (15 Invested.)


(0 AP) The last 400 tons of Itoron left in the Edonian storage is sold. 


(0 AP) The captured Ar'gakari firearms looted from their ships are processed and about 75% of the stock acquired is offered to the Zyrka for purchase.


Total AP:  27 + 38 (4[base] + 8[trade] +3[colony] +  6 [pop] +4[Expansion] +2[GTC] + 38 from various trade.


Allies and Trade:

U.C.F: Alliance and Trade

Malta: Trade

Free Human Technocracy: Trade

Ganvius: Trade

GTC: Trade

Interstellar Accord (6 Nations)d

Han Dominion: Trade

Lithruan Coalition (4 Nations)

Hephaestus Industries: Trade


Fleet Registry:


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The Sanctum Regnum Melitae




[15 AP] - "For the good of the Sanctum Regnum, the navy must grow ever larger." - Stacey Edelman, Captain of the OMN Gran Italia | A heavy cruiser, a support carrier, and 100 fighters go into production.


[20 AP] - "More battleships!" - Syl, Kalronian Delegate to the Privy Council of the Re | The SL 4 of the Sanctum Regnum is upgraded to SL 5.


[25 AP] - "I need a doctor..." - Unnamed Edonian Soldier | The MD Device reaches an unprecedented amount of investment. If complete, it would immediately be equipped. [100 AP Total]


[5 AP] - The Heart Within Initiative.


[6 AP] - "You make Sicily seem so nice, Franz...I wish your planet wasn't a boiling ball of magma..." - Rexina Afaya'olm, on a wine and dine date | Project Sicily [25 Total] [Research Project]


[1000 Xylorite] - Another 1000 tons of xylorite is spread across the market, for the same price. [20 tons:1 AP | Current Stockpile, after sale - 5,000]


[0 AP] - The Maltese make it clear they'd like to stay independent, to the Keerim and Ar'gakari.


[0 AP] - It is again asked, by the government to its citizens, that all psionics come forward to serve the country - in the navy, if they should like, or on the home front. All young psionics are to be immediately placed within the Maltese Academy Program's top exchanges, should they wish, or taught within the Rhodium Military Academy. In addition, the Grand Alliance Psionic Foundation, GAPF, is invited to establish a branch on Rhodium given the large number of psionic-possible citizens in Malta, and the closeness to Francis' heart of psionics, given his wife is one of noble background from the Grand Alliance.


[2 AP] - Sectors diagonal to the left of the capital are scanned for rare resources, hopefully xylorite, and the 2 colonies are placed on planets in the sectors, hopefully xylorite. Northeast and Southeast of the capital sector, please. Place the TCs, 6 because two will be removed, anywhere.


[0 AP] - The Sanctum Regnum's Inquisitio, or intelligence agency, begins to do voodoo sci-fi stranger things research on the infected Replicant man, like putting him in a sensory deprivation chamber and seeing what happens or what he feels.


[0 AP] - Franz posts a message on quantum networks, offering the man in the white suit a pretty swanky apartment in the House of Malta on Rhodium.


The nation celebrates the birth of a son by Francis and Afaya, named Philip.

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The Han Dominion

Winter, HSC 8

Year of the Pig



As the year 2151 dawns, the Han civil war reaches a crescendo. The fragments of the Jinyiwei loyal to Zeng Xue’s Triple Crescent find themselves under a brutal onslaught in the shadows of Xin Xi’an, as Shi Yimu reasserts his authority over the organization. Though Yimu remains exiled in Huizhou, his tendrils soon reach back to the capital, and Xue soon finds himself cut off from any sort of intelligence.


The theocratic revolution on Yuguo soon begins to run into obstacles: with characteristic subtlety, the Jinyiwei sabotages seasonal rice harvests all over the globe, and as grain prices sharply rise, Xue faces mounting unrest. Just as he attempts to compensate with imports from the offworld colonies, the situation worsens, as the Dao Si arrives in the system with a fleet of mercenaries.


The Silver Knight Company, under contract and protecting the interests of their own kingdom, immediately establishes a perfectly legal blockade of the Han capital, and begins to prepare for a siege: though Beijing Stronghold is fortified against frontal attacks, it is vulnerable to a land assault. Han troops from Huizhou soon set up camp on the stronghold’s moon, and begin to whittle away at its shields, pressing in from all sides.


As damage from the siege begins to be felt on the Dominion’s most valuable facility, the Ar’gakari purpose in the galaxy seems to become clear, as they launch invasions of nations across the Milky Way. But with the exception of certain movements of the Jinyiwei, none within Han space seem to take the threat seriously. News from within their borders speaks only of conflict and inaction…






“What do you make of this, Long?” Huang Jie scanned the reports from home, bearing summons from both sides of the conflict over Yuguo. “Seems to me Xue’s lost his damn mind.”


His flagship’s captain, Mao Long, pursed his lips. “You expected him to surrender?”


“I expected him to do his duty. That was what we were all raised to do. He’s lost. Why does he insist on inviting more Han death?”


“The stronghold is well-fortified. He might win.”


Jie looked up with tired eyes. “What if he does? What will be left of the Dominion?” He rose, staring out the window. “Three warring states, too locked in their own differences to even consider what’s happening beyond their borders. We’re weak, captain, and the galaxy knows it. It’s only a matter of time until someone seizes the opportunity.”


Long was silent. Beyond the window stretched the horizon of Rhodium below, and the fleets of the beleaguered human coalition’s eastern front.


“I’ve been away from home for too many years, Long,” Jie finally continues. “We all have, and we’ve accomplished nothing.” His voice was quiet, thoughtful. “I don’t like waiting.”


The captain leaned in. “Sir...what are you suggesting?”


Jie nodded, as if confirming something to himself. “I think it’s time I had a word with our hosts.” He pressed a button on his console, ordering a shuttle to be prepared. Then he turned back to his companion.


“Signal the fleet. At the end of the day, we jump to Shaanxi.”


With that, the grizzled admiral strode out of the room. Before he even reached the planet’s surface, the fleet was locking in coordinates, accessing the Dominion’s anchor network, spinning up their FTL drives. Marines checked their weapons and shuttles. Captains from every nation of the fleet rose from idleness: at last they would have the chance to show their mettle.


And at close of day, each ship turned its prow to Yuguo, and split the fabric of reality as they jumped to do something that should have been done a long time ago.




Han Stats Link:




Oblivious to the coming Ar'gakari storm, the warring factions within the Dominion continue to build for their internal struggles. Two new shipyards pop up above outer colonies. [12 AP]


Yet another colony ship is constructed, as despite the war the Han population continues to rocket upwards. [4 AP]


Another freighter is constructed, ready to bear Han troops to unclaimed soil. [4 AP]


Proceeds from the sale of xylorite last year are funneled into a survey of some of the Han’s western sectors, where hopefully they will be able to uncover valuable resources. [5 AP]




Hephorstus Enterprises, now claiming a monopoly over the Han's resource production, now sells 200 tons of xylorite on the open market. [0 AP]


Exiled from his home, Shi Yimu’s son Feng nearly falls into drinking and despair, but eventually journeys north, to seek his fortune with whatever mercenary company will take him. [0 AP]


Dai Hanying, crown princess of the new Celestial Human Empire, spends the remainder of the year on Yuguo, where she becomes a driving force in the centralization of power and once more enjoys the presence of her dear Saryn mentor. In time though, it's decided that certain questions brought up after the recent battle require answers. Reluctantly this time, she again leaves the planet in search of the Archivar. [0 AP]


Just before the Armathwaite blockade is put into place, a colony ship leaves Yuguo, and sets off to the west, bearing a payload of Triple Crescent fanatics. While under normal circumstances colonists would claim the most useful planet they find, these are devoted to their religion, and will be looking for signs of the Old One's will. They could really end up choosing anywhere. [0 AP]






Frontier Colony Affiliation


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Kingdom of Armathwaite/Silver Knight Corporation


"Keep Calm, Perform Professionally"







The Council of the Armathwaite Corporation


Chief Executive and King, Edward Armathwaite

Crown Prince Alfred Armathwaite

Defense Minister, Field Marshal Lyle Morgan

First Space Lord, Admiral of the Fleet James McGraw

Minister for Innovation/Chief Engineer Shinzo Sato

Minister for Science/Chief Scientist Miranda Keynes

Governor/Chief Executive of Gibraltar Stanley Hunt

Governor/Chief Executive of Falkland Rex Tucker

Chief Inspector of Huizhou Police Station James O'Mally


Colony Stats



Population - 502,750 Humans, 120,500 Tassareans, 60,500 Backhatta, 100,750 Redons, 40,000 Human-Redons, 38,500 Human-Tassareans, 100,250 Galaron, 12,000 Human-Redon-Tassareans, 19,750 Redon-Tassareans, 9,000 Karass  (1,004,000 Total)

Royal Security Forces - 40,000

Royal Navy Active and Reserve Naval Personnel -10,000

High Skilled Workforce (Science and Engineer Corps, Executives and Administrators) - 250,000

Low Skilled Labour (Farmers, Builders, Factory Workers etc) - 370,000

Shipyard Level: 4

Tile Improvements: 40 Business, 7 Industry


New Gibraltar:

Population - 125,000 Humans

Royal Security Forces - 10,000

High Skilled Workforce (Science and Engineer Corps, Executives and Administrators) - 30,000

Low Skilled Labour (Farmers, Builders, Factory Workers, Miners) - 60,000

Tile Improvements: 4 Industry



Population - 70,000 Humans

Royal Security Forces - 5,000

High Skilled Workforce (Science and Engineer Corps, Executives and Administrators) - 20,000

Low Skilled Labour (farmers, Builders, Factory Workers, Miners) - 30,000

Tile Improvement: 1 Industry, 25 Agriculture




Population - 20,000


Huizhou Police Compound (SK Private Police)


Population - 6,000 (2,000 Native Huizhou)

Silver Knight Police Force - 5,000 (2,000 Native Huizhou Officers)

High Skilled Workforce (Administrators)  - 200

Low Skilled Labour (Cleaners, Cooks, Facilities Managers) - 800


Total Population: 720,750 Humans, 501,250 Xenos (1,221,500 Total)




55,000 Ground Forces

5,000 Police Officers (Huizhou)

500 Mech Suit Operators (Standard Infantry Mech Suits)

300 Mech Suit Fighter Pilots (Strike Suits)

200 Mech Special Forces (Gawain Suits)

20,000 Active and Reserve Naval Personnel

Orbital Defense Belt

1 East India Light Freighter

1 East India Regular Freighter

15 Cumberland Class Corvettes

10 Carlisle Class Frigates

9 Duke Class Destroyers

1 Lancelot Class Destroyer (Lancelot Tech)

2 Lancelot Class Frigates (Lancelot Tech)

1 Wessex Class Support Carrier

4 King William Class Light Cruiser

1 Victory Class Heavy Cruiser

1,000 Standard Issue Infantry Mech Suits

200 Strike Suit Fighters

300 Gawain Suits




Warp Drive

Quantum Communication

Advanced Exoskeleton Design (Mech Technology 81AP Invested in Total)

Railgun Technology (Longshot 40AP, Traded from Edonia)

Artificial Gravity

Transformable Mech (Strike Suit Fighter)

Xylorite Torpedoes

Xylorite Reactors

Duo-Infused Reactors

Project Lancelot (Phase 1)

Miniaturized Xylorite Reactors

Dual Phased Shields

Tri Phased Shields (Traded from Thule)

Miniaturized Shield Technology (Dual Phased)

Gawain Mech Suits

Swarmer Missiles (Manufactured on Contract with Hephaestus)

Laser Technology (Manufactured on Contract with Hephaestus)

Gatling Laser (Small, Medium and Large, mixed use for Mechs and as turrets)

Mech Missile Pods (Ground to Air, Ground to Ground)

Miniaturized Rail Guns for Mechs (Mechs only, maybe put on tanks later)

Concentrated Laser Cannons (Mechs, i.e a laser for the mech to use as a secondary weapon of sorts)

Combat AI for Mech

Miniaturized Duo Infused Xylorite Reactor




Advanced Production Fabricators (Armathwaite)

Orbital Defense Belt (Armathwaite)

Shipyard (Armathwaite, Level 4)

Mining Infrastructure (New Gibraltar)

Police Compound (Huizhou)

The Bank of Armathwaite (Armathwaite)

SGTC (Armathwaite, Level 3)


Trade Partners


Solar Ascendency

Hephaestus Enterprises

Trade Federation

United States of Arcturus

Frontier Colony Affiliation

Han Dominion

Redon Imperium

Backhatta Hive

Protorian Council

Cevelli Pact

Cynn Foundation

Cooperative of Lorbi

Galaron Republic

Ascardian Principate

Libellan Union
Confederation of Xalphonius

Tassaran Republic

New Siam


Production (AP)


Base: 4

Trade: 12 (8 as of 2151 Modifier)


Population: 3 (Armathwaite), 0 (Gibraltar), 0 (Falkland)

Center of Southern Galactic Trade: 6

Federation: 12 (8 as of 2151 Modifier)

Grand Bank of Armathwaite Trade Bonus: 14 (12 as of 2151 Modifier)

Grand Bank of Armathwaite Business Bonus: 0

Business: 2

Banking: 2

Expansion: 2

GTC: 2

Total: 52 (Base) 257 (Total 100 from Itoron Sales, 65 from Dakite Sales, 40 from loan repayments One Turn)


Resources (Stockpile and Generation)


Dakite: 120 Kilos (10 Kilos a turn)

Itoron: 2,400 tonnes (200 Tonnes a turn)


Naval Registry











Armathwaite endures a Market shock due to the ongoing galactic crisis and war leading to a general drop in the market, those investors who had solely invested in trade had lost millions. Trade had dropped by nearly a quarter in only a year but it had stabilized for the time being. Thankfully for Armathwaite it had not put all its proverbial eggs into one basket, general growth in the financial sector such as banking, territorial expansion, resource extraction and arms manufacturing had ensured the Corporation remained viable and the domestic markets were not volatile, diversification in the business had proved to be successful.


The Majority of the Armathwaite Royal Navy was on assignment on behalf of the Armathwaite Trade Company ironically even with the downturn in trade. A perfectly legal blockade of the Yugou System was put into effect on behalf of the Han Dominion, a contract was struck between the Kingdom and Dominion that essentially gives the Armathwaite Trade Company full reign over the Han Dominion’s only trade port. All that needed to be done was to defeat the Theocratic Rebels that had taken command of their Capital. Planning was made but for now all the Fleet did was blockade the system, not allowing any material supply for building weapons to get to the mighty Han foundries. However as the Ar’Gakari enter Han Space, it may be wise for a tactical withdrawal to occur.


The Silver Knight Corporation and its weapons division had successfully researched and developed a successful line of Mechs that are for use at home and for foreign sales. Production would begin as soon as the facilities are constructed that can handle this level of mass production. Domestic Shipyards were also due upgrades so that production capacity in Space can also meet the requirements that would be desired in such a heated time in Galactic politics. The Navy would at the same time be get its time for expansion as the Home Fleet was fairly small though without threats for the time being.

The New Colony of Newfoundland was a curious one, it was full of life with massive forests covering most of the ground aside from any of the oceans that might be on the planet. The proposed settlement would go through, but the Company would act with a sufficient amount of caution. The planet needed to be observed and monitored incase there was anything wrong with the world. Planned developments for the world were almost entirely civilian and high skilled work. The Settlement was planned to become a major player in Armathwaite’s services industry, with planned business centres.


There were more research projects to be undertaken in this year with massive profits, looking into new energy based weapons using particles, looking into building neural interfacing for mechs so that piloting them can be easier and have a far greater access range for the pilots. New facilities needed to be constructed and the resources mined needed to be restocked in future for any potential future requirements of a flash sale.


Action Points


Resources are given to the Solar Ascendancy for the building for a new Heavy Cruiser and for their Shipyards to receive an upgrade (26AP)


Resources are put into building a new level 4 Shipyard above New Gibraltar to be ready for production for the following year. (22AP)


The SGTC was due an upgrade due to the situation of the market presently, as such it was upgraded once again. (10AP)


Ten new Corvettes would be ordered from the shipyards above Armathwaite (10AP)


A massive industrial scale project is undertaken on New Gibraltar seeking to create massive foundries and factories to be able to build the new lines of Mech (25AP)


A Research Project would be undertaken, seeking to look into Ion Particle based weapons otherwise known as Disruptor Weapons, seeking to make their own Disruptor Particle Based Weapons. (40AP)


Research is undertaken to find a better and easier way for Mechs to be piloted, the idea is to build a neural interface that allows Mechs to be controlled through thoughts rather than analogue controls (20AP)


The Corporation wishes to open training facilities for the operation of Mech Suits, this is to cover roles as commanders, commandos, general infantry and advanced mechsuit piloting. (20AP)


The Kingdom of Armathwaite would attempt to upgrade Lancelot Stealth Systems quite significantly, to greatly improve the systems so that they can avoid detection in future. (20AP)


The Armathwaite Security Services would spend mass resources to root out any potential infiltrators, spies or saboteurs so that the security of Armathwaite and its intellectual property is ensured. (20AP)


The Silver Knight Corporation would begin to invest in scanners working off of technology shared from the Republican Systems of Edonia. (40AP)


The remaining resources of the Company for that year would be put to use doing an extremely thorough survey of their new forested colony of Newfoundland. (4AP)


The Galaxies greatest Bounty Hunters would be invited by the Silver Knight Corporation for a meeting, which can be conducted either via hologram or in person. A special offer for a special hunt is made but they must meet to know the price. (Mod)

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The Erakat Caliphate

Year 2151
Population: 1,204,500

Shipyards: 7, 4

AP Expenditures & Actions
Available AP: 58
- The Bank of Armathawaite receives the remainder of their loan [40].

- Another massive push is made on the Leviathan-class ship this year, focusing on schematics and designing a digital prototype from which they can work to build the first real prototype when more resources can be allocated in 2152 [5].

- The idea presented by the scientist to implement a sort of instant-repair ship is wonderfully received, however Eadni scientists want to take it a step further. An idea is proposed wherein rather than an entire class of ship, small drones could be deployed from any class of ship and hover around the hull, making quick repairs as damage is done. The concept would go under extensive testing this year with the goal of being able to deploy prototypes to the fleet in 2152 [5].

- Research begins on the construction and implementation of a next-generation power plant, specifically to compliment the new Leviathan research and the ever-growing Eadni fleet [8].

- All four colony ships built in the previous year embark on their journey with the intent to set up shop close to one another in a remote part of 

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The Trade Federation




AP: 59


Project Evil Twin continues unabated. (25AP) (135 invested)


Ruthless Monkey continues to climb trees, fall down and try again. (20AP) (75 invested)


An extensive amount of research is put into understanding Cynn and Chupan'Mo traditions, ways of life, food, cultures, anything and everything that can be learned. And all of it is taught to the diplomatic corps on the Citadel. Everything that can make the two species feel at ease, comfortable and welcome. (4AP)


A project to modernize it and achieve the highest standards of living that they can realistically achieve with these resources. It is designed to be highly cosmopolitan. Many new sections are added and designed as living areas, shopping, etc. All in all, the goal is to turn Citadel into a true city in space. (5AP)


Tri-phase shielding, heavier itoron armor, hangars, point-defense, railguns of all shapes and sizes, swarm missile pods, mine deployers, repair stations, emergency access tunnels. All sorts of defences are set up on Citadel, learning from the mistakes of Nexus. This time, the station will not fall. (5AP) (9AP invested)


A popular notice is spread through friendly territories and refugee heavy zones stating that GTC-2 welcomes refugees as long as they can pass a simple application that proves them capable of work, and can be found a job in the nearby TF holdings. They must also go through some rigorous administrative processes to avoid war criminals, terrorists, etc. (0AP)


A new sector is colonized. (0AP)


TAROT-M begins to scan for mineral deposits in large swaths of unclaimed territory around GTC-2. (0AP)

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//Text_Missing//--Please contact administrator



Written RP awaiting the end of the coming battle.


4AP by default,
16AP from trade (-4AP due to trade blockages),
7AP from population,
10AP from sectors,
4AP from business,
8AP from industry,
2AP from the Trade Federation,
1AP from cargo capacity,
90AP from itoron sales (One turn only),

Total = 141AP

-Ravenous Industrialism: -5AP off industry investments, +25% manufacturing output.
-National Idea, Peace: 1% extra growth on primary population.

The panic caused by the arrival of the Ar'gakari took hold first and foremost within the Boardroom. The board-members looked through their options: Surrender wasn't viable, as the Ar'gakari had a history of enslaving weaker civilisations, negotiation was impossible, as the Ar'gakari ignored all transmissions, Running wasn't possible, as the corporation didn't have the infrastructure to build enough colony ships to hold all its employees. With only one option left, the Board fearfully informed High Commander Phelps that she would be defending Corporate property against the invaders. 

-CEO Steven Penrith calls in the heads of all his R&D subsidiaries (including the GAIT, and undisclosed Laboratories A and B) to inform them that they would all now be working on a new super-heavy armament for the Corporate capital ships. Many remarked that designing a new weapon of that calibre in that short amount of time was simply impossible, even with the help of their friends in Armathwaite. Steven asked them - with all the politeness and patience of a constipated moose - what they did know how to make. The engineers agreed among themselves that they were all well-versed in laser technology, having developed them almost continuously over forty years. "Then," Steven remarked, "make me the biggest, baddest, ****-off, **** of a laser you can." With a blank check tossed haphazardly towards them, work began in earnest. (-100AP towards cap-ship mounted laser-lances)

-Other smaller subsections of the engineers work on improvements for the regular laser cannons. May as well keep them up to spec, right...? (-15AP towards laser-cannons, total of 65AP invested)

-Another subsection works on improvements to the swarmer missles. (-15AP towards swarmer missiles, total of 65AP invested)

-The shipyards around Aurora and Hades pump out a number of corvettes to join the main fleet. There isn't even enough time to name them! (-11AP towards the construction 11 corvettes)

-John Penrith and his young family are sent out of Hephaestus territory to finally continue his psionic education in Grand Alliance space. Good timing, wouldn't you agree? (-1AP)

-A new planet is colonised! A lot of employees seem to want to leave the capital for some reason... (-0AP towards colonisation) 





-Hades (Capital) (SL2) (Trade Station)
-Grand Ares
-Aurora (SL4) (Quantum anchor)
-Crabsfear (Next turn) 

Population:   1,255,750 Humans, 230,500 Grgl, 304,000 Tassareans, 88,000 Human-Tassareans, 60,000 Libellans, 56,000 Redons, 58,750 Backhatta, 44,000 Human-Redons, 180,000 Galaron, 26,000 Redon-Tassareans, 20,000 Human-Redon-Tassareans, 38,500 Protorians, 8,500 Karass, 3,500 Skellar, 3,250 Adaptaar
Hephaestus Enforcers: 90,000 troopers, after voluntary sign-ups (Applications are closed for the moment)

 Corporate Naval Rates: (Pending when I can be bothered to do the math again)



Hades, Tier 2
Aurora, Tier 4

Trade Ports:
Hades, 20AP 
GTC-East, 10AP

 Accumulation List
Industry: 160
Business: 80
Agriculture: 25 (Sweet, sweet worm-eggs)

-Laser weaponry (26AP)
-Laser Cannons (65AP invested next turn)
-Warp-drive technology (Gifted unto them by the Terran Federation)
-Quantum Communications Technology (Via trade with Terran Federation)
-Tier 2 Xylorite power Generators

-Xylorite energy cells
-Artificial Gravity technology (Via trade with The Remnants) 

-Itoron-Steel alloys
-Mk I Hunter/Mark II Hunter combat bots.
-Tithonus/Alastor combat droids.
-Jump-packs (Gift from Utopie)
-Tri-phased deflectors
-"Project: Lemon"

-Swarmer Missiles (65AP invested next turn)
-Quantum Anchor

-Advanced AI systems (Appropriated from Aurora)
-Railgun weapons (Good ones! Appropriated from Aurora)
-Machine-Human interface (Appropriated from Aurora)

-Ten Firstborn Servitors (One now residing in Steve's office, the others at GAIT)
-"Project: Pineapple"
-Longshot Railguns (45AP)
-Anti-gravity (5AP)
-VITC (45AP Trade with Edonia)
-Helios Laser-Lance (100AP invested next turn)


Trade Agreements
-Solarin Federation,
-Free Human Technocracy
-Trade Federation
-Silver Knights
-People's Agrarian Republic
-Confederation of Xalponius
-Han Dominion
-United States of Arcturus
-Sovereign Military Order of Malta
-Thulean Republic,
-Lone Star Arms & Armour
-Republican Systems of Edonia

-Kingdom of Unified Systems
-Tassaran Republic




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