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Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

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"It's time to leave."


It's the year 2107. Earth is nearing its end. No, moreso, the inner solar system is at its end. It was just a couple of years ago, when scientists managed to recalculate (and correctly at that) the age of our beloved humble sun. They came to the conclusion that the Sun would grow into a red giant within the next couple of years, rendering life on Earth an impossibility. There was not much to do, but ascertain the survival of the species, or moreso of the respective nation's people. A recent discovery of an potential interstellar drive gave a last hope to mankind and thus they proceeded to build the colony ships which would carry their wealth, knowledge, technology and the healthiest and smartest of the younger generations. There were panics, there were demonstrations, there were revolts, but the facts stood and the governments did what they had to do in order to give their people another chance.


The drive's technology origin was dubious at best, nobody knew who really invented it and what it did, but there was little time to practice. It had to be used to assure the survival of the human race. It was the fateful day, as the colony ships lifted off into orbit, assembling for the jump. The drives were powering up and preparing to jump. A last gaze onto the blue marble and the flaring searing reddish orb that is the sun, soon to grow substantially in size in a matter of weeks, finally putting an end to the birthplace of mankind. The captains of the ships send their best wishes to all others and to mankind down below on the planet, activating their charged drives.


Cracks in the space around the ships form, visible, but not audible for the lack of mass in space, swallowing the ships in bright flashes. The people onboard the colony ships and the crew would only see the flashing light around them, a darkness of a few seconds, to hear a loud bang throughout the ship, as it suddenly re-enters normal space it seems. In the vicinity of a solar system. But. Alone. Assured everyone aimed for Alpha Centauri, nobody appeared to end up there. But... somewhere else in the galaxy. The colony ship systems begin to calculate, validating positions. At least in the Milky Way Galaxy, but... off position. Quite far. There are planets at least and the resources are given. Given the lack of energy to attempt another jump, it was the best solution to settle a world in the local solar system. To hope that one day, they may meet their kin again.



OOC reference and issues to be directed here:




Some Rules:

Be nice.

Be fair.

Try to feedback with other players and the moderator.

If questions, ask first, then do.


And common sense, we all hate it, but it's necessary.




Brief guideline:


Every player has a baseline of four action points. The more you use to do a certain thing, the more success is to be expected.

100,000 colonists to start with. Such was the capacity of a colony ship.

For more guideline info in regards to game mechanics and technology, I refer to the OOC thread, second post from the top (first page).


















It has been scant a year since you left behind your homes. Everything has been quiet. No contacts. Nothing eventful happened. As if someone wanted the colonies to be peaceful and isolated. But mankind is restless, especially in such dire hours, where every colony fends for itself, assuming it's the only one left. A time full of hope, anxiety, expectations and surprises was ahead. Time to grasp the opportunity and act!




Nothing eventful is happening right now.




Particular stats:


None to report. Everyone begins alike. You are welcome to keep track of the stats yourself too in your posts. Eases my work ;)

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The Republic of Xie



Cheng steps out of the base carved into hill, he takes a deep breath, gazing at huge red circle in the sky that seemed to be consistently trying to wipe out the small blue streaks it already didn’t cover. He looks upon the quiet city the rest of the colonists had set up.

Being the richest man on a dead planet somehow allowed him to take control of an entire civilization. He was a young man, you could easily tell by regarding a large amount of stubble sitting on his face, he clearly hadn’t shaved in awhile but didn’t seem to be able to grow a beard. He began to walk towards the city, the sound of a quiet morning ambience persists through the streets as he reached the a towering building, easily the tallest in the town. A quiet reception worker sat sleepily, opening the electronic gate for him as he walked in.

His ears popped as the lift rose higher and higher. “Good morning” He smiles to a group of scientists, sitting in a room of computers they know who he is, everyone knows who he is. Walking swiftly across the room he leaves his guard by the door, entering a highly air conditioned chamber with a small young man sitting in it, the boy seems no older than 17 and he types furiously on a computer, ignoring even the entrance of Cheng. Cheng would call out to the boy, suddenly the man in the chair turns around grinning to Cheng, "S-s-sir" he stutters, clearly exhausted. "I only need a b-b-b-bigger team and we can do it, it-it-it will be just like on earth." he manages to smile before passing out from exhaustion. Cheng sighs disappointed, he leaves the room and waves for his guards to follow him before making his way back to the mountain.






Resource Collection:


3AP drilling on the resource rich moon from the outpost there. Looking for iron, steel, rubber, natural gas and possible rare new space elements.




1AP Researching better mining and farming resource technology using new techniques and automated machines.



A clear picture of the moon of Shuren.


Alien Planet Wallpaper High Definition 14967 - Amazing Wallpaperz

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                             The Imperial Republic of Mankind


Year: June, 2106

Location: Hyperspace, Colony ship the last of terra 


Alexander Varrellion the captain of the ship the last of Terra and commander of the 1st colonization fleet sat in his captain's chair as he watched the Hyperspace flow around the ship.

From an outside perspective he would look: calm, calculated and in deep thought.

Yet this was not how Alexander felt; he was panicking inside and having doubts in his head about the operation.

He thought "Are we going to survive, am I going to fail,  am I going to doom one of the last chances of mankind." and many other thoughts of uncertainty.

Yet he kept his appearances, since if he panicked then everyone would panic.

After a long journey and a silence in the bridge a message would appear on the central screen,"five minutes until arrival at unidentified planet".

Everyone got tense and look at Alexander, Alexander said "men go to stations , prepare:  a scouting party, prepare to power up the weapon systems and put the fleet on high alert."

At these commands the crew would do their tasks and prepare themselves for arrival.

Alexander from his chair would micro manage the different tasks from a computer attached to the chair.

Moments later a voice would be heard through the ships " arriving in system in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2,  leaving hyperspace.

A tug would then be felt in the ships and the ships would then enter out into the orbit of a new planet.

The planet would look remarkably like Mars and its orbit would be empty except for the small fleet coming out of hyperspace.

Everyone then snapped to attention as the captain stood up and all was silent, his words were spread throughout the entire fleet " Today we have arrived in a strange new world, this world is far away from our old one and we can never go back."

"yet here we have a new world with new opportunities new dreams and most importantly a great responsibility for us to bear."

"We might be the last of our kind, the last humans and it is our task, No our duty to all those who have lost or will lose their lives on earth to make sure we are not forgotten."

"We will stand strong and mankind will spread out among the starts and in hundreds of years we will be known as the first and last of our kind."

"We will be remembered as proud and strong and our story's will be told for as long as there remain stories to tell, and this will be known as the moment the new history of mankind started, men are you WITH ME ." he would say with a loud and inspirational voice and all around the fleet cheers could be heard and families would hug each other with sadness of what happened to Earth but with hope of a new life among the stars."


Year: March, 2108

Location: Novam Domum, command center


Alexander Varellion would never have imagined that his life would go this way, from living in a midd class unordinary household to becoming Emperor of the last remaining people of mankind.

It had not been an easy journey, first on earth to prove himself and now on Novam Domum to lead his people to glory.

Much had been done these last few years.

Homes had been established and a number of biodomes had been established and everyone had a home and there was enough food.

Yet nothing extraordinary had been done and all until now had been setting up the basics.

Now word had come that operation Establishment had been finished.

Alexander Varellion now simply known as the emperor spoke up" operation Establishment has come to a success and has finished, commence operation Reclamation"




3 ap: Minerals close to the outpost are searched for and mined.


1 ap: Basic industry is established with a side focus on producing as much Co2 as possible to help with creating an atmosphere, in the future  it is possible to decrease the amount of pollution released by the industry but for now it is left uncontrolled.

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The Terran Federation

04.17.2108, Unknown System, Planet Terra



“It is here and now, we prove humanity’s strength and ultimately our immortality. For what we have accomplished today has never been done before, People from all nations working not for a government, themselves, or a fanatic ideal, but for peace, prosperity, and the survival of the Human Race.” - Uri Vatsiznov, Director of Federation Military Affairs.


The year is 2108..The Arctic planet now known as Terra has been through it’s first year of success with establishing its colony. The Federation Council now works diligently to expand and secure Food, Resources, and Security for the 100,000 souls that now call it home.



It's citizens were chosen by profession, all colonist had a job to do in a particular field ranging from Ecology to Engineering and Military and everything in between.

The Capital City was built from the remains of the Colony Ship that had brought them their, the Colony’s first city carried its name.

Sol, Capital of Terra


-Federation Technicians and Engineers hard at work-

The Federation Council works together now to decide how the Colony should continue its growth and devotion of resources.


“I do believe the council is unanimous in the decision? I know that Dr. LaLone and Councillor Wilhelm are with me.” Uri states looking at the other Council members whom nod in agreement. “Then it is settled then.” Uri smiles looking to Councillor Wilhelm whom stands up from his seat “I shall tell my workers to begin surveying for minerals and ores immediately, I have also informed them to relay any information regarding new minerals or anything of note to us so that Dr Lalone and his scientist can begin their own research.”


-On the outskirts of Sol-


A man jumps out of his truck as several others all wearing winterized gear move about setting up surveying equipment and taking mineral samples. "Setup here!" he yells as the wind howls past. The loud noises of digging and mechanical mining equipment can be heard a mile away.


Colony of Terra

Capital City, Sol

Population: 100,000




The Colony devotes man-power and resources to surveying around the Colony for Mineral and Ore deposits. (2 AP)

Federation scientists work to study the Drive ‘Jump’ System dismantling it in hopes of improving its unstable nature (2 AP, Jump Drive Research)

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New Sephoria



Date: July, 2108

Location: New Sephoria, Angelos-4

Documented Event: First Official Meeting of New Sephorian Council


The doors opened, and the four current members of the council step into the room.


- Pope Rolando Subia, 34 Years Old, Italian Origins, Religous Representative, Orphaned at Birth, raised in Catholic Orphanage

- General Luciano Gaona, 28 Years Old, Spanish Origins, Military Representative, Born to single Mother, joined Spanish Military illegally at 16

- Head Researcher Maria Pontillo, 27 Years Old, Italian Origins, Scientist Representative, Orphaned at 5 due to housefire, prodigy in scientific fields

- Director Rosita Collazo, 23 Years Old, Spanish Origins, Infrastructure Representative, Born to married Mother and Father, showed capability in leadership from young age


The members find their respective seats, and settle in for the long awaited discussion. This is not the first meeting between any of them, but this is the first official one for planning New Sephoria's future.


Director Rosita stands, and begins the meeting. "Welcome, respected members of the council. Today, we start down the path to humanity's salvation. What we decide today will potentially shape the future of New Sephoria for years to come. Let us keep that in mind, as we discuss our plans for the future."


Director Rosita sits down, and Pope Rolando stands. "Thank you for those words, Director. I would like to propose a building, which while not necessarily the most vital for our survival, will be vital for the salvation of our souls. I propose we establish a proper church within the colony."


The other leaders nod in approval, and Pope Rolando sits, with a thankful nod. General Luciano stands. "I bring a proposal, which both myself, and Head Researcher Maria believe to be important, if we are to remain on this world. We must know if the resources of this world differ from our own, and how we can apply them to our lives. For this, both Maria and I recommend a survey of the surrounding area, and it's resources."


Both Pope Rolando, and Director Rosita give their consent, and General Luciano sits down, with a thankful nod.




The meeting continues for several more hours, discussing future plans, before the meeting is adjourned, and the council members leave the room.




(3 AP) A survey is done, searching for any resources of value.


(1 AP) Work begins on building a large church within the colony, for worship.

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Silver Knight Company 






Chief Executive Edward Armathwaite

Security Chief Lyle Morgan

Chief Engineer Shinzo Sato

Chief Scientist Miranda Keynes


General Activity


In the Colony on the Planet of Armathwaite was bustling with activity, the Capital housing the majority of the citizens of the Company, order and commerce had been established on the Colony. The Soldiers of the Silver Knight Company sworn to protect all those who came on the journey, all volunteers, chosen due to their records and personalities of being honourable, everything going as expected for the Chief Executive. 


Those who were chosen to become farmers worked outside of the City, watched over by smaller groups of soldiers, assigned bits of land to watch over and take the tax from the farmers as needed allowing them to keep the rest to sell privately. The inner workings of the City had a full system of merchants set up allowing the free exchange of goods and services.


The Central Government building there would be a meeting between the Officers of the Security Forces, the Chief Engineer, Chief Scientist and the Chief Executive of the Colony. They would discuss the future of the Colony, though even they were not fully aware of the long term plans of creating a new society, separate from Earths and that of other Colonies, aiming to achieve full self sufficiency and eventually take the to the stars themselves one day.


However the meetings documentation which would be part of public record in the Colony would include surveying the planet for resources and for the Engineering Corps to research methods to create Mech Suits for Soldiers and Civil Use. Attempting to use Mechanization to make up for the lack of manpower that they have as a newly fledged colony. 




Resource Surveying would be conducted around the surrounding territories of the Colony (3AP)


The Engineers would begin to research methods to begin a project to research how to construct and use Mech Suits in both a Military and Civil Capacity (1AP)

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United States Of North America


Arcturus system




“That's 429 votes from Paulsen outpost… Bringing the final count to 68,768 to 21,490. Ladies and gentlemen that's all of them. With a majority of nearly 80% James Hallsworth is now the 72nd president of the United States Of North America!” Cheers erupted along the presidium of the capital of the colony, Brent’s Landing. The newly elected President Hallsworth smiled broadly as he popped the cork of the champagne bottle, spraying everywhere before he began pouring it into glasses for the people around him. Eventually the crowd began to quiet down and the President elect took the stage tapping the microphone as he began to speak.

“My fellow countrymen, our fortunes since that fateful day far away from here as we left our home planet has been quite bleak. We have been struggling to continue as a people, striving for success but without a goal. We have embarked on a voyage the same as our ancestors made long ago. Leaving behind an uncertain home for an equally uncertain destination, fortunately our ingenuity and will to go has overshadowed the seeds of doubt and naysayers. But we have passed those trying times. We must push forth once more to succeed as a people and as a race. We do not know where the others are, or if they survived but rest assured if they did survive we will find them and unite as a race once more. But for now my friends we must go on.” The crowd began clapping as President Hallsworth took his leave walking back into his apartment behind him. His wife sat at the kitchen table a face of uncertainty drawn across her.

“It would've been nice if you were there.” James said blandly as he loosened his tie and sat down on the couch letting out a deep breath. His wife Samantha shrugged. Her brother dying in the chemical explosion that rocked the capital last month had taken its toll. Coupled with her third trimester of pregnancy she was quite literally an unstable wreck, but for that he did not blame her. James stood up walking towards the bedroom “I'm gonna go get some rest.” he said looking back to her gazing a bit upwards to the clock that displayed 1am. “Coming?” He asked as he walked in and turned the light on. His wife followed in suit. James lay his head on the pillow as he waved his hand, the light of the room fading automatically with the grace of a sunset. In the dark outlined by the shining blue of the gas giant that still loomed above them he turned his head “You just watch Sam. I'm gonna make this our home.”




The place that the United States Of North America now called home is the moon Artemis, a planet covered in tropical jungles and white sand beach lines. With only one major continent the size of Australia a majority of the moon's landmass consisted of the hundreds of thousands of islands that dotted the horizon stretching on for miles.




When the six arks each much smaller than the arks of other nations arrived in orbit the settlement council decided to place the capital city nearly 30km inland of the large continent. The city which was sheltered from the waves and coastal winds still had access to the ocean via the large inlet that stretched from the coast to the city. The planet the moon orbited was a blue gas giant nearly 10 times larger than Jupiter known as, Rhea. Artemis is one of  30 moons that orbits Rhea. Preliminary scans showed that 23 were nothing but large rocks and asteroids but the 7 that remained varied in size and type. The moon that showed promise and the second choice of the council was the icy moon of Iris. Due to the elliptical orbit of Iris it possessed a climate similar of that which what was once known as Siberia. Mountains and pine forests cover the moon. Iris which is only the size of Luna possesses the starting of many mines and foundries awaiting the final materials from the arks before beginning operation 8400 people live there.



The third and final choice of the council was Hermes, the celestial neighbor of Artemis and orbiting closer to the star is a planet the size of old Earth. Covered in rocky sandstone mountains jutting up from the dune seas, plant life is scarce and centered around the numerous oasis’ that dotted the surface. Although livable, Artemis was chosen for its much more habitable environment. Currently only a few small research stations dot the surface of Hermes bringing the planetary population to 63.



The planets Hermes and Rhea were two of the eleven planets ranging from icy rocks to gas giants. Although many have moon's more detailed scans will be required to determine if any are viable for future habitation. There also consists of a large asteroid belt between Artemis and the outer planets. In such the planets orbit a G class main sequence star. Formerly known as HD 20962b at nearly 243 light years from Earth. HD 20962b, a mouthful. Was quickly renamed to Arcturus.





1Ap spent on docking the arks together to form the Vantage Spaceport


1Ap spent on fully establishing the mining bases on Iris


2AP spent on reverse engineering the ftl drives salvaged from the arks after their docking.







USNA Army - 900 full time soldiers

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Aurorian Imperium


“Alright everyone it's a new day lets get to work” says August; the leader of the Auroran Imperium while she walks through the new section of the colonies complex. They had just finished expanding the colony through the mountainside. August would come to a stop staring out of the reinforced window looking at the view that showed her the planet that they had only arrived on a year ago and already the area at the base of the mountain was busy building and expanding.


They would have arrived, confused and shocked that they were the only one’s around; in front of them a planet that looked nothing like the one they had planned for. Immediately a few scans are done of the planet while some of the crew voice worries over the malfunctioning hyperdrive. Once the proper scans are done the colonists reluctantly gather and eventually descend to the Alpine World, the world would be covered in mountains or alpine forests. The planet would seem to have a stable atmosphere and plenty strange creatures roam the world some are huge; going as tall as the trees and the weather would switch between cold winters or warm humid springs and summers. Soon the colony would have been established and only then the group of scientists, engineers and groups of normal citizens gather and discuss the need for a government. Eventually they would all come to a decision; the simplest government they believed would work out currently would be a simple leader with a council to help guide them; and so August would be named the Leader of the Aurora colony.


They would have made an indoor garden to grow the food that the colony needed at first, at least until they figured out and learned that most of the plants could survive in this planet's soil. Soon the colony would be properly set up in one of the larger mountain area’s on the planet and more building is done. Soon expeditions are sent out searching for mineral and ore deposits or simply anything unnatural. While this is being done the majority of the populace agree that the hyper drive that brought them here needed to be looked over and broken down; they must learn how to make it more accurate and stable for future space related missions. 


~Ap points~

  • 2 AP is used sending out multiple expeditions around the colony for minerals, ores or anything unnatural.

  • 2 AP is used taking apart the hyperdrive and learning how it works for the first time, trying to make it work how it was predicted to work.
  • ~Logistics~

  • Population: 100,000 Total Population

  • Military: 15,000 soldiers

  • Ships:

    Colony Aurora: Current status is being used as a storage hub/home.

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The Company that works for YOU!


It all seemed such a short while ago, Steven would recall, when he was first informed of the Earth's doom. Sure, it was scary, but it wasn't insurmountable. He remembered how annoyed he was when almost all of his employees refrained from showing up to work that day.




If there was one thing Steven hated, it was slackers. Slackers, and thieves. More often than not, they were the same thing. He inherited a company that had supposedly reached it's zenith in 2075. He was barely out of school back then. In just ten years, he had purchased a country. Then three more! His company was poised on the brink of profits greater than any in history! And then that miserable sun decided to rain on his parade by going nova?! The bloody nerve! The nerve of that bastard, ball of gas. And then, instead of making plans, the labour he had purchased with his money decided to take a sickie?


Well, joke's on them. They're dead. People with guts and gumption colonise the galaxy. Everyone else burns on dying worlds.


"Excuse me, Mr Penrith, sir? The Board is waiting for you." Phillip Narau. The Corp's top economic forecaster. Maori by birth, he found his true passion in accountancy, though one wouldn't know this by the look of him--the score of tribal tattoos and his 6-foot height made him more intimidating than he really was. Sadly, Steven Penrith, CEO of Hephaestus Holdings, was in no mood for being disturbed just yet.


"I'm reminiscing, Phil. Start the meeting. Show them the new ad and get their take on it. I want this thing sleek and catchy by the end of the quarter."


"Er, yes sir. Would you like me to send in your secretary...?"

"I said bugger off, Phil."


"Right, right..."


Steven turned his attention back out his window... 




His office had the finest view of Hades' worthless surface in all the colony. He could just barely make out a local bio-dome still being constructed in the far distance. Hopefully they would be growing caffeine plants, or whatever makes coffee. He couldn't stay awake most days. Going from a trillion-dollar industry to a measly space colony had given him organisational whiplash. But this was life, now. Better than being dead, of course. Only slackers died like that...


There were positives to this move, of course. Hades had no atmosphere or biosphere, so no hippies were getting antsy about industrial waste (not that there were any hippies here, mind. They were also dead on "failure-central" [Earth]). The planet was absolutely teeming in copper, iron, tin, and every other useful resource imaginable with the added advantage of no trees being in the way. Prefabricated and post-fabricated homes dotted the landscape, connected by underground hab-paths. Even a reasonable amount of gold was separated from the minerals, which supported a viable currency. So with resources, food, habitation, and money secured, what was left?


"Trade." Steven Penrith smacked his palm down on the table for emphasis. "We need us some bloody trade." The gathering of board members nodded and mumbled in agreement. All were men and women incorporated into Hephaestus along with their companies. They were given considerable leeway in their dealings, so long as they sent the profits to the right place. 

"Now, we're working among ourselves just fine here--buying and selling and so-on. But we lack a certain edge that gives the free market the prosperity, stability, and creativity we know and love." Standing up, he stalked around the boardroom and twirled his moustache daintily.


"Competition. Competition and foreign markets to expand into. We are sitting on a slew of prefabricated factories, and nothing to produce! We could supply a whole other colony with the labour and resources we're pulling! And our shareholders can only buy so many refrigerators and microwaves..." 


Arriving at the end of the table, he looked at each of the talented marketeers individually before speaking firmly.

"I want half of those idle engineers working on pulling apart those funny warp-drive thingos that got us here, and I want the other half building some smaller, sight-seeing spaceships. By the end of this quarter I want to see some blueprints. By the end of the next quarter, I want to see them being built. By the end of the third, I want to see those ships in orbit, do I make myself clear?


Confused and frazzled agreement ensued as the board-members looked between each-other with uncertainty.


I don't care if our customers are boggle-eyed, grey-skinned freaks, or Ents from Lord of the ******* Rings. We are going to sell them some reasonably-priced cars and toilet paper. This year, you will be earning your paychecks."





-3AP into disassembling, reverse-engineering, and constructing five interstellar drives and scouting vessels.


-1AP into expanding mining networks around the colony with zero regard to waste-management.





100,000 shareholders. 


4,000 security personnel


1 colony ship, mostly being used for storage and power.


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The Saga Initiative


Ben stepped out onto the balcony of his house. The governor's mansion some would call it but it was no bigger than a modern day two story home with a tall iron fence around and a gate blocking the walkway up towards his door. It was guarded by a contingent of Initiative guards, it seemed like a lot to a kid who just turned twenty but was appointed as the leader of the Initiative by the board..


Before Ben was selected he was a college student, about to end his fourth semester of school. He still does not have a clue on why he was selected, a lot of the people on the initiative were either extremely smart engineers and scientist, or soldiers, or younger age families whose sole purpose was pretty self explanatory. For them to reproduce with their superior genetic qualities that would increase the survival rate of the colony. But then again here was Ben, who was never told why or how he was selected or what was his ‘quality’ that led them to believe he was fit to run a colony. He couldn’t worry about it, but it has been a year since the last contact so worrying was what he was suppose to do. He plugged in his favorite classic playlist he had downloaded onto his Initiative touchpad which was a combination between Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Post Malone, and so on. He got to work on the planning of the next steps the colony would take.  


It had been a little over six months since the last Grand Marshall was killed in a rock slide during a scouting expedition. Ben had let others prove that they were worthy before they had any choosing of the sort. When it boiled down to it the race was between Colin “One Eye” Smith and Zach Johnson. Colin was a grizzled mercenary who had a background in Black Ops and was a Navy Seal, he got the nickname ‘one eye’ from an assassination attempt on an african warlord. Zach was green compared to Colin but to say he was inexperienced was foolish, he was apart of the world renown SAS which some would consider tougher to get into than the Seals. Ben had a tough choice to make. Either one would be a capable leader, but he’d lose a mentor in one of them. He had sealed his vote awaiting for the other four councilors to pick.



Chief Engineer Lucas Thrope

Doctor Aubrey Needler

Chief Economist Logan Dial

Chief P.E. Advisor Jared Smith


As Ben open each and every envelope it came down to a tie between the two, Ben had his mind made up. But he wanted to keep the other one involved in some sort of way so the loser of the vote would lead the planetary exploration and protection outfits for the Initiative’s HVTs. Ben decided that Zach would lead the military and Colin would lead the protection outfit and P.E. units in unison with Jared.




Zach wanted the military of the Initiative to be top notch and organized. He wanted them split into divisions on what they would specialize in. Engineers, aviation, first contact, survey and protection crews. He would also begin organizing an elite special forces unit, one similar to the SAS and SEALS. His ambitions were big right now considering the lack of military equipment they had compared to what they had on Earth but most these men were professionals they knew had to handle themselves.




Survey crews sent out to find resources further out from the already surveyed zones. Sent with mining equipment to establish a resource node if they discovered anything. (3 AP)


Scientist begin looking into reverse engineering the Ark’s Jump Drive so that they may reach home or nearby Galaxies. (1 AP)   

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The Republic of Xie


Remarkably, the survey yields vast amounts of materials, as if they were just thrown on the ground for someone to pick up. Perhaps due to the prolonged thousands of years of exploiting Earth's resources, mankind has forgotten what natural abundance was like. The moon, untouched, it's rocky deposits rich with most known metals, should give an excellent basis for mining operations. The drill teams agree, that the need for materials will be covered for the coming years with ease.


Without so much of an idea where to go, the potential improvement of the existing farming technology which is running almost flawlessly falls rather short. In an auto-harvester model an energy hiccup was discovered that lead to increased consumption of such, but that was easily fixed by reprogramming some of its software.


The Imperial Republic of Mankind


Not unlike the distant Republic of Xie, minerals and ores are found in sheer abundance on the planet. Deposits are plentiful about and a nearby location promises great things for future mining operations.


For a barren planet with little atmosphere, artificially increasing the amount of CO2 might do the trick, but at the current rate it will take much longer before a natural greenhouse effect can occur. Nontheless, it's a good idea and things certainly move the right direction.


The Terran Federation


Unlucky enough, the survey reveals that the Arctic world they have set foot upon is a poor orb of salt and rock. A huge and very deep going underground chasm has been discovered, the first few hundred meters filled with fantastic crystalline formations, and it going much much deeper, yet there was no time spared to explore further. Just as it so happens, the crystals appear to be quite solid in consistence, a man with a steel pick unable as so much as scratch it.


The remains of the strange jump drive give the scientists one riddle after the next. The way they were constructed made them horrifyingly inefficient, consuming swathes of energy in a single jump, rendering a second jump impossible due to the resulting lack of energy. What also is meant as a guidance system for the drive has completely failed and the reason for that is unclear to them. This requires a lot of time and effort to find out.


New Sephoria


Briefly, after a few promising locations have been found, one of the survey team leaders reports something completely different. It appears they have stumbled across some kind of... facility, which is definitely not human by design nor a natural occurence. Sunken mostly under year-old overgrowth, a "clean" flat surface has been found revealing melded steel plates and showing to be a wall or of the sort. Scans were unable to penetrate it at the current technological level, and a normal entrance was unable to be found, due to the overgrowth that has occured.


With efforts from the people who were glad that god gave them the chance to live on, the construction of the church is well underway.


Silver Knight Company 


Discovering several potential mining locations with sufficient resources, one tosses up questions. A very dark metallic ore which is completely unknown to every scientist amonst the company refuses to budge to any conventional means of mining. Only when one scientists sets down an electro-spectrometer to analyze its density, it shows to be off the charts.


Picking up the old exo-skeleton technology from Earth, it will take a while to make adjustments and modifications which would fulfill the potentially required parameters, but existing exo-skeleton suits should suffice for the time being. After all, they are being used by the construction teams and so forth.


United States Of North America


The two rather massive ships dock together just fine, as was within the parameters of constructing them in the first place. Slowly hovering in orbit about, the small transport vessels and dropships begin to assume traffic between surface and this now floating station, requiring refuels every time though.


The time and effort invested into the mining facilities should be helpful, boosting the output from there substantially, as the planet proves to be rich in much needed materials. The energy and fuel issue remains.


With the drives no longer needed for the huge now floating station, the scientists proceeded to examine, thoroughly what can be found out about them. Whereas they come up with no result why so much energy gets consumed by the drives, the guidance systems fault were discovered by happen chance. The guidance system anchors itself in the quantum plane, calculating a point of exit elsewhere, bridging the two locations and funneling the energy of the drive through this tunnel. The only issue was that the technology behind it was so weak and insufficient that the quantum tunnel broke under the flux which is consistently present in this plane of energy. Breaking the tunnel midway, the ships were randomly steered out to another location when the quantum bridge lost its energy supply. Generally speaking it was happen chance and quite frankly sheer luck that these two ships landed at the same location. Who knew?




As the expeditions come around, one reports just within one hour. They have found ship wreckage. Wreckage not of human origin. It appears to be a heavily damaged and grounded ship, in the size of a destroyer on sea. The airlocks are broken up, and the remnants of what appears to be one of it's dead crew members is lying besides it. Skeletal the remains inside his suit, it reveals it has broken several ribs and bled to death, judging from the holes and stains on the suit it was wearing. A box with withered and overgrown strange medical supplies lie next to it. A futile attempt to stay alive. The ship appears to be unpowered and empty, besides the remains of one or the other fallen comrade of the being outside.


The scientists can not fathom what has made this drive work. The results are inconclusive in their entirety. The leader of the team tasked with studying suggests that the drive breaks several laws of physics and should not have been able to function. As it did, was either a phenomena or luck.




Disassembling went smoothly. But that was all there was to it. There were no records of construction plans to the drive anywhere in any available database. Not that they got deleted, they were never there to begin with it seems. Building more of them, even under reverse-engineering appears to be futile as no part appears to fit together with another, resulting in garbled and non-functional heaps of machinery, eating energy but not producing anything but EMP waves, noise and radiation. The chief engineer suggests to turn to another project instead.


Several independent groups which rapidly formed amongst the population began to grab what they could for themselves in terms of mining and survey equipment, ravaging a nearby region, beginning to ruthlessly dig a quarry into the landscape. Whilst the yield may not be very... rich and the miners greedy for their own profit, it makes progress with little effort.


The Saga Initiative


In the closest ore-rich location where a mining site has already been erected, the survey teams stumble across a deposit of strange dark and incredibly resistant ore. Studies show that it appears to be a super dense metal, unknown to mankind, not showing on the periodic table. Further research would be an idea. In the meantime the mining teams expand the site and dig the ores which offer... less resistance.


Weeks of no results end in a quarrel and fistfight between two science team members. Personal grudges, a shortage of staff and lazy and inconclusive studies result in nothing of value, the drive remaining a mysterium to all.




Population growth


Republic of Xie - 102,500

Imperial Republic of Mankind - 102,000

Terran Federation - 103,000

New Sephoria - 104,500

Silver Knight Company - 102,000

United States of North America - 102,500

Aurora - 103,000

Hephaestus Holdings - 101,800

Saga Initiative - 102,500






Faith and family bring the people of New Sephoria more together than ever. In hope of god's guidance, with enough room and resources, more children are born.


Radar beacons strike multiple times on Hades for the Haephastus Holdings.  Visual reports indicate that a strange object not unlike a ship has entered the outer regions of the solar system, remaining in orbit around one of the outlying rocky planets. What could that mean?




Year 2109 by Earth's calendar.

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The Terran Federation

02.29.2109, Unknown System, Planet Terra


“It is the duty of all people, to work together despite past relations we may have had as Nations..it isn’t easy to forgive or forget, but understand we are all in this together now..each and every single one of you forms a small part of a larger picture, from the leaders to the janitorial staff, we all hold an importance to the success of the Federation and it’s mission to preserve Humanity..”

Head Councillor Vira Artemivna Usenko


The Federation Council held an emergency meeting after the troubling reports from the Survey Teams came forth.


Uri as ever is the most vocal of the group “So we have a frozen hunk of worthless useless rock!?” he exclaims as he stands from his seat. Unlike before however Councillor Usenko was present at this meeting and she would have none of it

“Uri Vatsiznov sit back down, the last thing we need is anger..” she glares at him, Uri glares back at the Ukrainian woman before slowly seating himself with a silent sneer.


“Councillor Wilhelm will you please read the report?” she asks still holding her eyes on Uri as Wilhelm stood holding the report in hand “Minerals and Ores are at a horrid minimum, we can’t rely on the planet to provide us with the materials we are used too.” he looks at Vira Usenko “However a chasm has been discovered which holds vasts amounts of..perfectly formed crystals, which reportedly broke a steel pick..” he says


The council looks about at one another murmuring before falling silent as Councillor Usenko looks to the frenchman “Dr. Lalone, you have anything to report on your staff’s assignments?” she asks as Lalone stands “No Head Councillor, it appears the Drive System’s were so desperately assembled and put together...not only are they greatly inefficient but they lack any sort of guidance..we are still trying to figure out what went wrong.” he states before sitting back down.


Vira stood looking them over “While the lack of minerals is no immediate issue, it is one that will have consequences in the future..we must find another way to supply ourselves, either with new materials or another place to find them. Now I move forward the idea that we disassemble the Ark..to provide the materials and power needed for Sol to construct both a facility capable of producing small ships capable of flight within the solar system, perhaps we can find another planet or moon to provide us with materials. Who agrees?” she asks


Councillor Wilhelm nods “Aye”

Councillor Lalone agrees “Aye”

Councillor Sun-Mi bows her head “I vote yes.”

The rest look to Uri as he nods “I agree as well..”


Now within the Colony of Sol the Ark that had given them so much would give once again, as technicians and engineers carefully deconstruct the massive vessel to provide the colony of Sol the Materials and Power Supply necessary to move forward with the Council’s plans.


Several small teams of Federation Miners and Explorers move deeper into the chasm of crystals looking about with their flashlights "My God...it's..beautiful.."



Colony of Terra

Capital City, Sol

Population: 103,000




The Ark ‘Sol’s Hope’ is deconstructed carefully to supply the Colony with materials and it’s power core for the construction of a ‘Shipyard’ Facility capable of creating smaller Transport Class ships for travel within the solar system. (2 AP)


Federation Science Division continues its research of the Drive ‘Jump’ System (1 AP)

A small expedition force goes to study and explore the Crystal Chasm (1 AP)

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New Sephoria



Date: March, 2109

Location: Overgrown Facility, Angelos-4

Documented Event: First Discovery of Previous Life on Angelos-4




Scientists and Military personnel run around the site, establishing a perimeter around the facility, and setting up equipment to begin clearing the overgrowth in search of an entrance. Off to the side, General Luciano and Head Researcher Maria stand, observing everyone work.


General Luciano turns to HR Maria. "You said that scans couldn't penetrate it?" Maria nods. "Yes. We can scan the part of the structure that's above ground, but we can't actually scan what's inside of the entire structure. Right now, we're preparing to clear out this undergrowth, and hopefully find a way inside that doesn't involve damaging the structure anymore than it might already be. If that fails, we plan to cut through the exterior, and try and get inside that way."


Luciano nods, and watches several new recruits pace back and forth. "I'll have a military escort ready for your scientists then, once they've managed to get inside."


HR Maria nods, and goes off the help another scientist set up equipment. General Luciano takes a look around once more, and returns to his vehicle, which takes him back to the colony.




(1 AP) Continuing work on the church at the colony.


(2 AP) Clearing away overgrowth from the Alien Facility, searching for an entrance into the facility.


(1 AP) The Military spends time training, so they are prepared to deal with any threats that may arise.




Population: 104,500





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Imperial Republic of Mankind


The emperor stroked his chin as he observed the results of establishing the first mines.

It seemed that there was a large amount of ore around the colony that could be used for many purposes.


Yet something bothered him; he did not know what was on the planet and what might be on the planet except the red wastes and the large amount of minerals.

He then went and typed onto his computer the following orders " Organise a scout party and start scouting the direct area around the colony and do a preliminary search for any possible intelligent life on the planet, secondary objectives: Find any materials and plants native to this planet, observe native life form and finally look for methane and other materials or gasses that create a large amount of carbon dioxide."


The emperor then put his hand through his hair and then went with his hands across the face.

Alexander Varellion was a normal man with no special powers; he was just a simple, well not exactly simple but still just a man but he felt the responsibilities.


Then he heard a door opening and as he looked up he saw a woman with a warm smile and may he say it rather pretty.

It was his head assistant Lily Amber, she had: dark brown hair and a slight tan.

She was the only reason that he did not have even more stress  and that he didn't drown in a mountain of paperwork, well it is digital but it is the idea that counts.


"So Alexander more work ?" She would say with a friendly and slightly joking voice.

"Don't talk to me about it,"He would say with a sigh of desperation though he would smile a little and get a joking tone "Shouldn't you talk to me as my emperor or your grace." 

Lily would roll his eyes and smack Alexander lightly behind his head" oh yes, your the great leader of the Imperial Republic and the savior of mankind."

"It is not as if I have known you before you were a cocky Emperor "Hearing this Alexander would let his chest rise and speak in a fake cocky and arrogant tone "I will not simply let this be."


It was a tense moment until both Alexander and Lily started laughing.

For a few moments this would continue until both Alexander and Lily composed themselves.

"So is there anything you want to speak of ?"Alexander asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Well I first came to you to give you your lunch since you sometimes forget to eat,"Lily would roll her eyes"yet I also wanted to suggest to you that some of the police force would be converted into a proper army since we don't have that at the moment."

The emperor stroke his beard and seemed to be in thought for a moment.


"Well that is a good idea but I first need to focus on other goals but thank you for the suggestion."The Emperor would then nod and motion his hand towards the door which Lily took as her command to leave.

"Have a nice day, my lord."She would say the last part with a small jest.


Alexander then smiled and put his order into his computer



2 ap, expanding the Industry of Novam Domum 


2 ap, scouting the area around Novam Domum with the main objective being to find Remnants of or intelligent life and secondary objective being to find Native materials or lifeforms of the planet and to find Materials or gasses that have a high Co2 output.


Industry and mining


3 ap for mining


1 ap for industry 



5000 men are recruited into the military






Population: 102,000


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United States Of North America


Arcturus system





From President Hallsworth’s office he could clearly hear the small transports zooming overhead. Peering out his window looking over the capital his gaze was drawn upwards to the icy white ball that hung in the sky. Mining was going quite successful there. Minerals were being sniped back to Artemis in small supply runs. James looked back down to his desk where he began scrolling through his daily reports. The population had increased by nearly 2% since last year. Slowly but surely their home was becoming more viable. There still remained the basic of facts though. They could not continue to advance as a society relying on small shuttle craft. The two craft available were designed to take people and materials from orbit to the surface. Not to Iris and back. The US needed some form of transport to haul minerals and other materials between Iris, Artemis and the Vantage. So that's what was going to be done. With the current materials and manpower, James was sure two small freighters could easily be commissioned within the year. Another obstacle remained however fuel. For now the best course of action is to capitalise on the fuel sources located on Iris without those the people would be stuck and industry would stagnate. The FTL drive research would have to wait. There was still however a matter of concern. The name of the nation. Unfortunately North America was gone. They needed a new name. A name to give hope and inspire future generations. The United States Of Arcturus. Otherwise known as. The good ol’ USA.






2AP for construction of two M-class light freighters


-With the development of mining on Iris the small scout vessels designed to transport colony pods to the surface were I'll equipped to haul goods between Artemis and Iris. Thus it was decided that the M class freighter, tried and true designed for the USNA Navy by the Europa Shipyards, the M class. Would be produced.



2AP for development of fuel refineries on Iris


-As the colony was coming up on two years President Hallsworth had made good on his promise. Industry and manufacturing along the warm coastline of Artemis was booming. The same could be said for the icy moon of Iris. With the mines in production for just under a year minerals and metals flowed freely. However the industry on Iris still needed more development. They needed fuel and Iris was going to make it.









USNA army 900




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