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Letters from The Grand City of Yolwin

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As the early morning dew would slowly disperse from the grass Grumbis would wake up to a new day, readying himself for another day of splendor. Having just awoken he would crack his back and stand up, after doing many of his early morning routines he would then walk up to his old oaken desk. The dwed slowly dipping the quill into a small pot of ink and firmly pressing the tip onto the paper inscribing a symbol, thinking of what the letter should say. He then would slowly think out and write;


"Lo! Travelers I am the High Consul of  Kal'Olmith and a ambassador of the Grand City of Yolwin. You have been selected as a potential candidate for citizenship in the city of Yolwin. I implore you to consider this opportunity as it is not given to everyone and is a special right to have, as the people of Yolwin are chosen by Belka herself and blessed by the Brathmordakin.    

Signed, Grumbis Frostbeard"                                                                      



Once his first copy is done the old dwed would walk up to a runic device which would create many more copies of the letter, that eventually would be sent to all the candidates. Grumbis then would step into a coop full of elegant snow owls and hawks, fastening a loop with the letter to each birds leg sending them off into the world. After the deed was done the old dwed would walk to The Stone Tusked Tavern holding a large stack of  parchment, propping the excess parchment against a wall with a note saying "Schnub'nub go pass these out lad." The tired slumberous old dwarf would spend the rest of his day sleeping under a tree awaiting for candidates.


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