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[✓] Kevintarianism ban appeal

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  • Minecraft Name (s): (Include any alts) Kevintarianism
  • Ban Reason: (State the reason listed when you try to log on) Letting a banned player onto my account
  • Individuals Involved: (Include anyone who was a witness, or directly involved in the situation) Malgonious
  • Event Details: (Explain what happened and why you did what you did) Malgonious used my account while he was banned. He wanted to use it during a warclaim and was caught and therefore I was punished. That's pretty much all of it.
  • Why should you be unbanned?: (Why should we unban you?) I have waited my one month ban and have changed my password and I am really sorry.
  • Additional Screenshots/Videos: (Link, if applicable) No

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