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Kani - The Art of the Oscillit

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The art of the Oscillit


Written by

Bestscarface76 (Writer)


Aehab (Proofreader/Editor)



Key vocabulary



Metaphysic - Literally beyond physics. Refers to a universally constant form of physics mostly unknown to both mortal and immortal alike. Its own nature of being beyond causes it to be extremely difficult to be measured by both those on the mortal planes and deific forces.

Resonance - The core anomaly that Kani harnesses. If there was a way to measure it, it would appear similar to a pressure/sound wave

Oscillit - Any individual who can cause the resonant anomaly.



The One With Tarnished Lungs



As with anything known by the descendants their must have been a discovery, a first time and first person to use. Among the Oscillits it is spoken of one with damaged lungs, lungs that were scarred by flame, lungs that created difficulty in the regular act of breathing. This individual's patterns in breath were irregular, taking great amounts of effort to mimic the breath of the average person, a breath that often didn't supply enough air. But what it took was for him to notice a curiosity, his own curiosity to explore said curiosity, and then the determination to push, leading to the birth of what would be later titled Kani.




The Resonant Anomaly



Resonance is a curious effect within the metaphysics of the formless engines of reality, in which the energy displaces another and in turn displaces that around it, creating an effect similar to a sound wave. As within everything exists a form of energy it can translate to physical effects on the environment, as well as curious interactions with raw energy based forces.


With certain harmonizations of Resonance it leads forth to a control of inertia and friction. Liquids are the most receptive to these effects, while large solids are the least receptive with a rule that can be explained in simplicity. A solid is less receptive to manipulation. If a single particle in its construction moves all other particles must move simultaneously, whereas a liquid does not require this, meaning waves of resonance may more easily form. The less tangibly solid a medium the more it may be manipulated by frequencies, meaning things such as liquids, powders, and fabrics are easy to manipulate while a solid block of hardened steel the least. Naturally this effect isn’t one or two, it's one, two and every decimal in between, meaning every material is affected slightly differently. By following the rule between a hard solid and a soft liquid, it shouldn’t be too difficult to understand how a material would respond.


The Resonance effects having a basis in energy it can be assumed that there will be effects upon such, and in which there are. With the Resonant effect stemming from a Oscillit’s body, it allows for a form of contact and interaction with energies. Now as with energy’s existence within every factor of reality that which exists in the air, the walls, and the ground won’t be any more tangible than as it already is, it's when energy exists outside of the normal physical forces that this effect comes into play. It isn’t practical to list every single phenomena involving the energies, but the point remains. The Oscillite must also be Resonating in some form to bring forth these effects, meaning interaction is selective and varies in intensities.


Resonance happens across a large range of frequencies that can be controlled by the Oscillit. The two main ranges are passive and aggressive, but they do not act in a binary fashion. The distinction between passive and aggressive stems from an effect in the aggressive resonance range where the most common form of energy, mana, begins to act as though it were tasked, thus being considered active and burning away into aura as active mana tends to do. This burning, or consumption, or any synonym persists universally with aggressive resonance causing energy to pass into its relative depleted state. With the ranges not being fully binary, a resonant frequency can slightly enter into aggressive ranges with a slow burn, or delve fully in and create a brightly burning aura with powerful effect while passive ranges fail to burn and produce no aura. The more of an aggressive frequency that is used the faster energy will deplete while creating more intense effects. Less aggressive frequencies will deplete at a slower rate, conserving it while creating less intense effects.


The Aura produced from an aggressive Resonance frequency regularly deviates from the regular smokes, glows, and wisps of typical aura. Due to the nature of Resonance it tends to manifest in more chaotic patterns such as arcs of electricity or licks of flame. Really it may appear as almost anything imaginable in any combination of color so long as it never produces enough light to interfere with vision. Its respective in intensity to how intense of an aggressive frequency it stems from, and comes from the locations in which the resonance is occurring. Often times more creative examples of Oscillits will purposefully train to tune the shape and color of the aura into their own artform, although this requires active thought and is something that should not be bothered with during combat, but rather reserved for display and demonstration.


As the Oscillit’s abilities stem primarily from mana which is already present in the environment the usage of their pool does not tire them like that of a typical mage. The normal mage’s mana pool stems from the soul, while an Oscillit’s pool does not, it stems from the environment. When an Oscillit’s pool runs low, it manifests as energy in either (or both), the body and the environment thinning out until it reaches a point where it simply won't respond to attempts at inciting Resonance. With the natural functions of the world, the mana (and some energies) will eventually restore after extended periods of time, but in extremely rare circumstances it may restore faster. Typically it's an unnatural occurrence caused by something outside of the Oscillit’s control, but the specific details belong to other lores.


Note: All states of energy are susceptible to the resonance effect except the post burn state. Post burn state counts as aura produced from active mana (or any other form of energy that has been used up) not aura produced by passive energies in excess sweeping itself away (or any other form of enenrgy leaving a host for similar reason).

It’s important to note that an Oscillit’s Resonance has range, though it’s very difficult to give exact numbers considering the myriad of materials and elements in the world with varying solidity and toughness, along with the flexible nature of the art. The manipulative range of water tends to push roughly six meters, whereas the manipulative range of hard solids tends to sit around a few millimeters.








Effects are not required to be used in solo and are designed with the intention to be used in combination, although still may be useful in solo.



Delaying of Inertia

Force is delayed for a short period on a striking point, an aggressive aura will engulf the Oscillit’s weapon/fist and a faint aura will begin to grow upon the point that's struck. As more force is channeled into the striking point the aura will become more intense before flashing away when the force is released. Each consecutive strike against a chosen point will essentially reset an unseen timer placed upon it, a timer that scales with the material being struck. Something that is the epitome of solid will maintain a two second timer while a liquid will maintain a ten second timer.

The timer resets only when striking the same spot, striking an object in multiple different just sets multiple different delays.

Holding/grappling an object will not continuously add force, but it may delay the timer.

Multiple different Oscillits may contribute to the same delay.

This does not permit for "You are already dead." No single strike will ever increase the released power, multiple must be used.

Aggressive resonance is required to delay a timer.

A strike will not be felt until the point of release.


Selective/Penetrative Inertia

It is possible to cause force to bypass an object. It's easy to think of this in a similar manner to a Newton’s cradle where a single weight strikes a series of weights who don't move until ejecting the rear weight, except with the manipulation of resonance it may reengage force in the center of a series. This allows for a penetrative effect towards armor, while it won't damage the armor the force passes as if their was no armor. With ultra hard solids, like carbon steel, the force may penetrate up to 3/16th an inch (7 gauge, 4.7mm) and with softer solids, like hardwood, it may pass up to two inches. (50mm) (If you can’t conjure a clear picture in your head, the measurements are well past what could reasonably be worn as armor and exist in the lower ranges of what would be considered structural.) In its own curious manner this effect does not produce the desirable effect when torque is brought into the equation, meaning nothing of importance would happen should one attempt to channel this through a large stick and strike an opponent across the head. Meanwhile, a direct strike from one of the body’s extremities, such as an Oscillit’s fist, carries the effect just fine. The effect is only possible in the aggressive ranges, making the feat impossible to perform without burning off mana.

An Oscillit is not required to see or know his target, only make a guess on distance bypassed.

Only unarmed and thrusting attacks.

Aggressive resonance is required. 



It is possible to cause liquids and softer solid matter to temporarily harden. While creating a durable membrane out of the surface of a pond for easy passage would call for a passive frequency, a fabric fixed to behave as armor would require aggressive resonance. By using more aggressive frequencies it is possible to further the influence of the effect. A good 3 meters could be achieved on fabric while six meters could be achieved in liquid. Hardened matter behaves with plasticity, as in a material that holds a molded shape, not a polymeric material. Piercing and cutting instruments would not bounce off without a mark, they’d cut into the material, but face heavy amounts of resistance. The hardening itself comes on at a tapering rate with properties of moist clay appearing almost instantly and quickly rising with the properties of hot steel being the cap on what's practical. Theoretically it is possible to create a perfectly solid material but doing so would burn energy at an insane rate making it essentially impossible.

 If you create a membrane on the surface of a liquid it persists on both sides of the surface.

Using the effect on ones own flesh will cause internal tearing around the edges of influence should significant force be applied.

A hard and stiff object is both hard and stiff. You cannot force a fabric to behave as armor and have the fabric flex or flow at the same time.

Any effect that could halt a blow would be in the aggressive frequencies.


Addition of Friction

An amount of friction may be added to a surface, whether this be a martial purpose of planting one's footing or a feat of scaling a waterfall. A simple amount of friction required to prevent one from slipping on a surface may be done within passive resonance while something that carries body weight will require aggressive resonance. It would be impossible to scale a sheer 90 degree stone wall regardless, as the material simply isn’t receptive enough.

Could be used to assist in climbing a vertical surface that could be climbed normally. Eg, rock climbing.

Can not be used to climb surfaces spider man style.


Subtraction of Friction

A surface may be made more slick, but on your average flooring this effect doesn’t have enough influence to affect any individual other than the Oscillit themselves. While on a surface that consists of a receptive material it may be done to cause something beyond oneself to slip, but doing so would require the usage of an aggressive resonance and more aggressive resonance with the more range required, eventually capping out at six meters.

Aggressive resonance is required to tamper with another person.

The ground must have something notable resonance could be applied to. Eg; wet.


Tangible Energy

Tangibility can be created within a formless energy, of course the energies that naturally exist within anything physical and natural will not somehow be more tangible than they already are but it's that which isn't physically bound that gains tangibility. At passive frequencies the response is weak, only able to cause minor distortions with little practical usage. Aggressive frequencies give a much more usable response, allowing the Oscillit to handle energy as if it were physical matter. Naturally energy behaves based upon how it manifests, meaning if you attempted to grasp energy traveling at velocity it may not be the wisest of ideas. Something that's manifesting in a gaseous state is likely to behave as an overfilled water balloon, with it quite simply washing over the appendage used. Something manifesting as a solid is likely to behave as if you were attempting to catch a baseball or knife without any protective hand gear, and any overwhelmingly large moving object is quite simply a bad idea. When the energy in question is at lower relative velocities the effects are quite different. If the resonant source has a higher relative velocity it has the tendency to bludgeon, allowing the Oscillit to strike at the nonphysical in the same way they would strike the physical. When the relative velocities aren't largely different the Oscillit may grab or induce the curious effect of latching. Latching quite simply locks the resonant source onto a body of energy, allowing the ability to grab something that's too large or too smooth, as well with force that varies depending on the way energy is manifest. Something that isn't manifesting to be a strong force may be pushed and pulled while something that is might lead to time consuming acts of physical savagery.

 Latching works both ways, if the energy suddenly pulls away the Oscillit will be dragged along with it, should they refuse to release.

Latching does not lock onto an entire body of energy, only whats in close proximity to a resonant source.

Cannot be used to catch spells projectile spells, at least not without consequence.



It is possible to cause particulate matter to condense together. This isn't condensing in a traditional sense of a gas turning to a liquid, but rather a mimicry where particles are drawn together as though they were condensing. The condensing effect works against vapors, powders, liquids, gasses, and essentially anything that can be described matter that can move past its self. Anything atmospheric maintains a mostly consistent range of six meters while settled solids have a six foot range and a ten pound limit. Already condensed liquids maintain a two gallon limit. Interestingly the effect holds substances around an inch off the skin, allowing it to be used in defense of chemical attacks.

 Nothing being condensed will ever directly touch the Oscillit.

If something like rain is under the effect and is being forced together into a ball it will eventually be subject to the gallon limit.

Solids that are forced together will eventually become subject to the ten pound limit.

 You cannot flick the ground or anybody of water into the air on a whim, you must physically interact with it.







Factors that cannot be controlled in character. Mostly notable things pertaining to, and caused by the functions of meta physics.


hidden contents why must you do this?

Enchantment Interference

Due to the Oscillit's energy pool stemming from whats naturally existing energy in their physical body and what exists around them, enchanted objects will drain at an accelerated rate or face a diminished return. Items that have a finite pool of energy will not last as long and items that have a regenerating pool, or infinite pool, will have a diminished potency. Should an Oscillit refuse to use their powers then this will not be in effect, but as soon as an aggressive resonant frequency is hit anything in their possession will be effected. On the other side, should an Oscillit attempt to abuse the natural drain of aggressive resonance to nullify an enchanted object, while it may work, it will also drain their own pool.


No Connection

Metaphysical magics do not use a traditional connection. It stems from something physical and no souls are involved.


Ignorance of Deities

Unless a deity explicitly is dedicated to studying a portion of metaphysics its unlikely for one to be aware of metaphysics. A deity has the power to simply will something to happen within their own realm, meaning that the tedium of setting up the conditions for a metaphysical reaction to manifest then carefully learning to manipulate these conditions is extremely impractical.


Environmentally Based Energy Pool

Nothing that adds energy will be able to undermine resonance as that is similar to putting out a fire with gasoline. Additionally it would be unwise to lead an Oscillit into the rare area where energy is explicitly more abundant or to set up a condition where energy is more abundant. When the environment explicitly has more energy for whatever reason this does count towards the energy an Oscillit is able to utilize.


Requirement of Organs

Internal organs are required to become an Oscillit, more specifically respiratory organs. Anything with the ability to breath could possibly use Kani. Due to the potential any balance may be violently skewed or destroyed by certain creatures Kani may not be taught to any creature until an amendment is passed. The amendment is to establish balancing factors or create balancing factors, ham handedly if need be. 


Energy Based Creatures

Energy based creatures will be able to perceive the drain from aggressive resonance. This is not to say aggressive resonance will give the scorching agony of holy magics as no two Energy Based Creatures will feel the same thing as a result of resonance. How something will perceive and respond to this is up to the player of the creature.


Armor and Weaponry



Large amounts of heavy solid armor inhibits resonance by being both a non-receptive material and increasing the complexity in which the Resonance frequency must travel through. The interference of strong solids vastly cuts down upon potency and range of Resonance while also cutting into the control the Oscillit has as the common shapes of armor begins to distort frequency.

Light gear and non-solids provide less interference than heavy solids. Varying levels of rigidity and density will have various levels of interference but in simplicity less direct protection means less interference.




In addition, it is easiest to incite Resonance within an object through physical contact with the Oscillit’s extremities. Though they may use weaponry, attempting to incite Resonance through a wooden club (Just as an example) into something else would dampen the effects.

No metal weapon will work with resonance.





Since learning Kani is an experience of learning how to create and use Resonance, as well learning an unarmed martial art, it’s difficult to give a learning time. The floor limit would be three months, but in most cases it would be much longer. To make progress, a student must roleplay training, on top of that they’d need to train with other Oscillits.

Floor limit assumes the student already fully understands and has already overcome the learning curve. Learning will take longer for any other individual. 




T1- The soon-to-be Oscillit is just learning proper breathing techniques, along with how to incite Resonance.

T2- The Oscillit is able to create and manipulate the more passive ranges of Resonance, but not without an active effort and full concentration.

T3- The user has gotten the basics of manipulating Passive-range Resonance down, able to perform passive tasks with only mild difficulty, and is now taking their first steps into more aggressive ranges of Resonance. This tier would be spent learning the proper breathing techniques, along with optimal movements.

T4- The user is able to harness and manipulate Passive-range Resonance near effortlessly, commonly performing tasks subconsciously with muscle memory (Without direct thought and effort). They have learned to create and properly utilize Aggressive-range reverberation, though by no means have perfect form. Reverberation may be used too lightly or heavily in some areas, producing potentially erratic results. Creating and roleplaying your own flaws is encouraged.

T5- The user, now a master of both Passive and Aggressive-range Resonance, they can harness and manipulate any range of Resonance with ease.




Red Lines 

  • Being physically unable to breathe would prevent you from being able to learn Kani.

  • An Oscillit cannot create resonance in the air past a short distance. (In other words no, you cannot shoot Ki Blasts)

  • An Oscillit cannot use Resonance to ‘bend’ elements. They may influence an object, but not to such a refined point that they could manipulate it as though they were using transfiguration or elementalism.

  • Touching back on the previous red line about air, Resonance cannot be directly used for ranged attacks. Indirect methods are possible by using Resonance to interact with certain objects in the environment, though you’d have to get quite creative.

  • As the magic relies heavily on breathing, speaking will upset your breathing rhythm, preventing you from inciting Resonance.

  • Resonance does not scale the strength of your strikes.





Continuous Resonance

Note: This is a feat that may be taken after reaching T5 in Kani



Continuous resonance is a technique that may be taken upon by someone who is skilled with Kani, but still wishes to study the arts of the void in their full extent. By training oneself to maintain a minor state of passive Resonance in the body through daily life it is possible to resist the corruptive forces of a strong voidal connection while bolstering one's physical condition, effectively negating the typical mage weakness. This does not fully nullify any down sides but merely shifts the downsides into another factor. With a state of constant resonance you begin to develop a constriction on your own ability to pull from the void while the continuous frequency causes mana leaving from the regular mage pool to burn. This provides the effect that resonant aura accompanies casting, casting times are doubled (three emote becomes six), and mana pool is halved. (If you could do it four times you now can only do it twice, round down on odd numbers.)

The rebalance of Continuous Resonance is explicitly designed that should halfing ones magical potency prove not harsh enough, or to harsh, the numbers may be changed with minimal effect towards written lore.




-Added changelog.

-Removed Players guide/writers dump box AKA: Place where I jammed all my rants.

-Added quirks category

-Dissociated metaphysics from mana and the void. It is now a flat, constant, and simple; energy.

-Abilities re-titled to effects, changed the note about usage.

-Greylines and Redlines added throughout ability page.

-Quirks category filled out.

-Redline added to weaponry.

-Grey line added as explanation to floor learning time.

-Grey line added to Continuous Resonance as explanation to its design and permission to change its rebalance.

Johnny the dull boy finally did it again.


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21 minutes ago, Sug said:

Yes +1

"I never really liked casting magic. Takes away the rush. Connecting to the void, it's like ordering takeout. Now this. This is the thing. This is the pulse. This is what I do."


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Pending. There are a few issues that have been raised which I or another LM will be contacting you about.

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