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37 minutes ago, Sir K Andruske said:



So you know how Elves go insane eventually? Why not have the major repercussion be easier insanity/weaker minds.


So because snow elves got a "physical buff" at the cost of magic being less viable having them prone to mental illness via the use of too much magic (3-4 subtypes) and going insane at an earlier age (500-600) seems like a good way yo approach it. 


Another way you can describe it would be having the first snow elves that were granted power to truly have dominion over cryomancy. After Lomal's fall that power would eventually degrade to its current state.



I like your ideas so I integrated the first couple!


33 minutes ago, Luv said:

But I have a serious question?


Why write this at all? 


Why play a snow elf at all?


These are the hard-hitting questions, that I need answers for.



1. Because I was asked to and I had nothing better to do.


Kypris'dionne (High Elf)

Amina Kharadeen-Staunton (Farfolk Emiress, Courlander Princess)

Estelle Ruric de Frey (Norlander Princess)

Lenaylu (High Elf Fi Mage)

Zaya'Ruk (Uruk Dark Shaman)

Aileen (Wood Elf Druid)

Why play any of these races or cultures at all? This question was too hard for me to answer.

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Thank you for submitting your piece! It is now under review and a verdict will be given in roughly a week.

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Edit: Changes have been made and this lore piece is now accepted.

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