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[Completed] Top five most influential human houses

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1. Horen

2. Chivay

3. Carrion

4. Hightower

5. Flays


Honorable mention: Bedevere. 


I can't even defend some of my choices, but without Bedevere failure in Salvus....human roleplay would probably be different from how it currently is. 

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1) Horen

2) My house

3) Other large house to make me seem unbiased

4) Non-Orenian house

5) My friend's house

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16 hours ago, magical girl max said:

1. Horen

2. Carrion

3. Chivay

4. Rovin

5. De Sola


This is assuming we're counting cadet branches. I put Carrion above Chivay because, while House Chivay may have had a slightly more prominent effect on LotC than House Carrion, House Carrion's cadet branches have shaped a tremendous amount of the rp world of LotC in a way that those of House Chivay have not. 


Rovin is also seeming underrated here and I think that's a TRAGEDY! Aesterwald and Waldenian culture were both huge and extremely influential, still to this day. The OSL took the roots of military order rp from the Teutons and the White Rose and essentially modernized them. I think it's a tragedy that they aren't listed for so many people. De Sola is responsible for toppling the Chivay monarchy and their cadet branches (D'Amaury) are now kings of their own right in Lorraine. Despite being more modern, they have a very significant legacy and have made a large enough impact to secure a number 5 spot.


Staunton is a speck in server history. Having taken out the 5th empire is impressive, but not impressive enough to get a spot on the top 5 considering they have contributed nothing else besides a small and insignificant kingdom that collapsed on its second ruler. No offense to the Stauntons there, I'm not trying to downplay the impressive feats by vegetarianism and co.


Ruric is also not on the top 5. They're even less so than house Staunton and its p laughable that anyone would consider them influential. They have no real influence on anything, the most they can claim is having been a catalyst for an anti oren coalition that failed back in vailor. They're important in modern day lotc, but not influential.


Savoy was powerful to be sure, but I don't think they were influential or culturally significant in the way the others are. They're probably number 6.


I didn't list DeNurem because, while the Teutons were certainly hugely influential, they weren't all DeNurems or a DeNurem order.


no h8




rovin is the biggest meme house of them all

but they did rise from peasantry to nobility in a generation ;)


however savoy literally were around longer + did more **** than house rovin tbf and no one does military orders anymore



also fam if we give all of the credit for a religious military order to house rovin then we gotta give denurems credit for the teutonic order because after gaiusmarius that was all denurem

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