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Orc RP: The Curse of Bloodlust

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The Curse of Bloodlust



The Curse of Bloodlust that Iblees cast upon Krug and his children causes a perpetual form of thought often thinking about the thrill of battle where the Red Mist (blood) fills their vision. The curse works in a way that is similar to a person with an addiction for drugs. The more an Orc fights the more the curse provides a sensation, however eventually like a drug addict if an Orc continues down a path of combat and battle their bodies will become more resistant to the high of bloodlust. This means an orc that's susceptible will want to continue battling perpetually. It is simply a strength of will to maintain themselves but it is easier for some than others.


Due to this, the Bloodlust often splits the Orcs into 2 separate sections of a  combined group. There are those who try to resist the curse who often consist of the Shamans and their followers with aid and guidance of the Spirits. Which leaves us with those who must often embrace the curse as the shield and sword for the Orcish people which often consists of the Rex and his warriors. Both sects commonly have an intimidating presence whether it’s from great Orcish strength or their great magical abilities of communing with the Spirits.



(( Thank you, @Tythus for your contribution of Orc lore

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3 hours ago, Star Platinum said:

about the only thing we can thank tythus for. amirite?


that and dealing with the whole load of bull that's called lotc for over 6 years i guess amirite

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