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ET Update Log - July

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Save the worst for last.. Wait I mean BEST for last. Hey all, it’s me again. I’m starting to get back into the monthly posts, which is great because I have the time. I’ve got things to discuss, I’m very happy with the amount of work that I’ve gotten done this month. I’ve got even more to do, but needlessly to say I’m proud of not only myself - but this team.  When you're finished the post, please check out this link: 


I'd like to get some feedback on the Event Team!


Now that the introduction is squared away with, here’s our latest ET picks!

  • BathRugMan
  • Elrith_
  • Yopplwasupxxx
  • Dragonslayerelf
  • Paleo
  • Jaeden
  • Squirtgun


I’m quite happy with this round of ET, I’m looking forward to the result of their work in the next month or two!

We unfortunately had to say goodbye to:

  • Finalhazard (as a manager, however he is welcome to return to the management at any point. Final is on hiatus for now)
  • TehLulu (staff conduct & inactivity)
  • Dtrik (abuse of permissions)
  • Smawton (inactivity)
  • Balthasar (inactivity)


Iblees, Storylines, and Lizardmen..oh no!
This was mentioned at the community meeting, and my response to most questions are: “Wait until we start making posts and doing more interactions.”  Needless to say, if you’ve seen me roleplaying a few characters - perhaps you’ve spotted something of importance! Keep an eye out!


New “Quota” Enforced:
The ET management and I have imposed a recommended quota on the ET. Really, it’s a quota that ET can reach to be safe of their position (I’m not a dictator I swear).  Essentially, I’ve recommended that ET do 3-4 events monthly, and maybe help out with 1-2 extra.  It’s just a trial, if it doesn’t work out I’ll revisit the situation.  


Updated Roster:
We currently have 35 people on the team, including myself - which makes us the largest department on LotC. I’m rather happy with that size. Excluding both myself and the management, it makes us 30 (which is my self-imposed team limit).'


Lead / Temporary Actor Manager

  • Arockstar28


General Manager

  • Rudi
  • Luka
  • Ebonsquire


Build Manager

  • Josh3738



  • ArcticPenguinZS
  • DivineJustice
  • Dragonslayerelf
  • TheBulter
  • Ebonsquire
  • Finalhazard
  • Aesopian
  • Jaeden
  • Luka
  • Malgonious
  • MisterGoosey
  • Nolan
  • Oncenoeda
  • Paleo
  • Rudi
  • Salier
  • Ski
  • Skylez1
  • Squirtgun
  • SpiffyTaylor
  • Xarkly
  • Yopplwasupxxx



  • Angmarzku (amazing builder)
  • Bathrugman (amazing builder)
  • Cpt_Noobman (fantasy, largescale)
  • _DropKoala (medieval, fantasy)
  • Elrith_ (fantasy, medieval)
  • Finalhazard (a great man in general)
  • Gobbo (fantasy, medieval)
  • Ioannis (fantasy, largescale builds)
  • SeventhCircle (fantasy, largescale builds)
  • Shambleau (fantasy, dungeons)
  • Zindran (voxel’r & terraformer)

Thinking of applying for the ET?
Do so! We’re always looking to have more members who look to improve the quality of the server.  If you think you can handle the responsibilities, check out this post:


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Go ET! Also first, hehe

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also 2nd

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