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[Denied]Dewper - Game Moderator Application

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Memeing, sometimes I will admit that I can meme a bit too much when it's not needed. Though I am calming down on this a bit and not really participated in it in excessive amounts for a bit now and keep it at a tame level.


- Opinions, sometimes I can have some strong opinions on certain things. While this can cause a clash of heads and issues in places. Of course I will make best attempts at not bringing up strong opinions if it is likely to cause issues.




EDIT: Seems my continued writing never made the post. I believe that these traits run rampant with you and that it'll hinder you as a global moderator. I do believe you're a fantastic guy that can joke and have fun, but those types of GM's that turn from "memers" and let their opinions get the best of them typically don't last long, are corrupt, or go rogue very shortly after their induction.


I believe that you have potential, as cliché as that sounds: however I do not believe that this run isn't the time for you.



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I've seen worse.

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