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Forum Ranks and Reputation

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Hey everyone, 


Recently the forums were automatically updated for a critical security feature. This has caused a couple of issues and we wanted to thank you guys for your patience during this time.


One issue is that reputation has disappeared. I'd like to make clear that reputation hasn't been removed, yet does no longer fit onto the current theme we've use. We have a couple of web developers working on updating the theme, but this may take a little time to fix as they have both been quite busy. We know how important it is for us to have reputation as a feature on the forums, and to be as clear as possible surrounding this so you don't lose your coveted 1:1 rep ratios during this time. 


Secondly, it seems several forum ranks have been jumbled or lost. This is incredibly unfortunate, and is something i'll be aiming to fix over the coming days. We already have a thread up for people to use to regain their rank, and i'd ask you to post there. Obviously, you may not have a screenshot and that's okay aslong as we can prove it another, such as checking your PEX groups in-game for VIP ranks. I've drafted in a couple of staff members to help me put this right quickly, and we hope that if you post in the thread, it'll be handled as fast as possible. Other special contest ranks, should post the contest they won it from in the screenshot part of the form. This would include Creative Wizard, and the like. 


Click Here For The Thread


Rest assured, i'm keeping tabs on the first issue and i'm now actively handling the second.


Any other issues you can contact me on Discord (harold#4045) or email [email protected]






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I'm additionally handling this situation so if you cannot get in contact with Harold please contact me.


Mitto#3919 Discord

Mittosaurus Skype

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