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The Expedition of a Lifetime ~ Latauman

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The Expedition of a Lifetime





In sight of future travels the Orc’s spirits uplifted,

Through the training his father’s face was gifted.

Indulging further in comfort and green,

council and revelations are to be foreseen.


The loss of a father took a drastic toll,

For the life of him the murderers stole.

Once lost as an orphan indulging in war,

Through great trials he felt as a man and less torn.


As the Ages of Axios dragged on for what seemed like days,

Left the Orc approaching a new phase.

In many battles and trials shall his voice roar,

Mortal days will leave us what’s left in store.



Inside the Den of the Citadel, the hours of the night caused a silence to swallow the air as only a fire crackle could be heard of the burning pot before Falum. As the Thunderkrug lifted into the air from under the pot while food roasted, a chilling sensation touched the Shaman’s skin creating a dense high that penetrated the air and anyone surrounding. Though, isolation is was Falum seeked to conduct such a ritual as he experienced time and time again with Shagarath. He held the Staff of his father before him creating the Tether between the Realms, and slowly through his chanting and meditation found himself in the lands of Stargûsh’Stroh. A familiar Lur Wolf appeared before the Shaman and guided him through the vast forest while a faint feeling washes over him as if he were a cub again chasing Lur Wolves.


Before long, a darkened figure lingered in a small grove of the forest almost as if he was expecting Falum.


“It is good to see you, Father. I know it hasn’t been long since I last seen you, but to be able to visit you myself is a whole other experience.” the Shaman entered the Grove as the Lur Wolf disappeared into the thickets.


“It seems Shagarath has taught you well, Falum. It fills me with great pride that my son is capable of performing such rituals.” The Ashen Orc’s form extends forward meeting his Son with a headbutt


As the two created a small campfire, the two sat and enjoyed one another’s company though they might have been separated by Realms. The visit brings great relief to Falum’s mind as they spoke for what seemed like an eternity.


“Son, you have lived a long and good life. Better than I could have ever imagined to happen for you since I left the Mortal Realm. You are truly an Orc of great honor as your father was.” Vorgo’Yar leans over the campfire admiring the reputation his son made for himself


“Father, my time is not over yet of that Realm. I will strive forward in making my name worthy of a place alongside you in Stargush’Stroh. Now that you’ve found your rest here, I wish for you to continue watching over me and my endeavours. I will make you proud, Vorgo.” Falum visual projects great determination and confidence of himself.


After speaking further, Falum finds it time to return back to the Mortal Realm and say his farewell to his father. He embraces Vorgo one more time before casting himself back using the Staff to pull himself back into his Mortal body. A small fire grows in Falum’s eyes as he slowly pulls himself from the seat and sets off towards his blarg, ready to rest off the adventure he made into the Spirit Realm.



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