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Star's "Pay for my LC" Skin Shop

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Request Type(See Prices.): Outfit.

Skin Type(Alex/Steve?): steve

Character Name(Curious.): Lyulen Daemyr

Character Race: Dark Elf

Character Age: 56

Character Gender: Male

Character Hair Color: Black

Character Skin Color: Darkish grey?

Character Eye Color: Red

Character Hairstyle: Neat?

Character Description: standing at 5'10 he'd weigh in at 196 pounds.

Character Outfit Description: I has this picture that is how I'd like it too look.

Color Pallet: I'd how it looks like in the pic.

Reference Picture(You need one in order for me to even consider it.):PEE2XSw.png.b7bcbfc5a955d99074004b500dd29186.png

please and thank you.



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Save one for Pie.

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Request Type(See Prices.) Full skin

Skin Type(Alex/Steve?): Alex

Character Name(Curious.): Haven't come up with it yet

Character Race: High Elf

Character Age: 482

Character Gender: Female

Character Hair Color: Blonde

Character Skin Color: Pale

Character Eye Color: Blue

Character Hairstyle: Short, bob

Character Description: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1sBJ473-4qoTNtfziYlHuw0kFgGp4I_jYFckOmo2oz-w/edit#gid=0 <-- I literally rolled for every aspect of this character

Character Outfit Description: As close to below as you can, but take whatever artistic license is necessary to get a great looking skin.

Color Pallet: Shown below. Dark blues, grays, and golds

Reference Picture(You need one in order for me to even consider it.): high_elf_commission_by_robertmallinson-d

something like this by robert mallinson


alternatively i like the uniform tanya (the one on the right) wears here but idk how that'd look on a minecraft skin lol



Final note I'll throw in extra mina and/or stuff the nicer the skin is! Plan on using it a v long time

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This shop is inactive, should you believe it to be active please message the forum moderator who made this post.

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