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[✗] [✗] No WC's For Two Weeks? REEEEEEEEE~

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Hello all, according to our dev team the server will not be having Warclaims for two weeks yet the Warzone remains open. For this reason, I propose to you all an idea.

We resolve the last warclaim as a two week long war zone all across the western Urguani desert.


Day 1-4

Both sides enter a stalemate, Urguan will push the frostbeards out of Kal'omith and will take the fort here:




The Frostbeards will own the fort opposite to it and will be allowed to fortify it.




Siege weaponry and LC will be given to both sides for the period of the next four days.


Day 4-12


It Begins..


The battle will at last begin, both sides would have built their own forward posts (seven for each side) along the war ravaged wasteland. These posts will act as capture points and must be destroyed by the opposing side to win.  Destroying a forward post will NOT be easy, they will be highly fortified and will have siege weaponry on them, acting as a mini-siege of sorts. Only one post can be captured each day, turning this war-zone into a tug of war. 


In order to decide who gets attacked first, a small skirmish will occur inside the warzone. Whichever side dominates the other by eliminating their men will get to siege their forward post as they retreat to it. Once they retreat inside the forward post both sides will be able to call in reinforcements to help defend/siege the post. Whichever side captures/destroys the most forward posts wins this phase of the Warzone.


Day 12-16


Dominion Over The Tahnari


The side that has destroyed the majority of the opposing side's forward posts will gain dominion over the desert, they will be able to rebuild ALL captured/destroyed forward posts over the course of the next two days. The losing side will be forced to retreat into their stronghold where they will have to commence a war of attrition until day 16, by this time the warzone has deteriorated into a hellscape. During the next four days the winning side will attempt to take the last forward post of the losing side to turn it into a siege camp for day 16.



Day 16-18


The Elimination


The winning side will siege the opposing side's stronghold for two days. They must obliterate the opposing side's stronghold and kill everyone inside to be victorious, war (minor nation) leaders that are inside the fortress MUST be slain and or captured for assured victory.


Day 18-20 (Optional)




 During the two to three week long war minor events will occur. These will range from minor tremors and quakes to crevices and sinkholes appearing all over the western side of the desert. On day 18 these fissures will erupt causing a volcanic cataclysm all across the region, the skies will darken and PVE events will begin. The winning side will get to face off against whatever terrors their efforts have unleashed while the losing side retreats. Should they be victorious they will have secured the region and may do the following:


Kaz'Ulrah and Allies: Due to the devastation of the region and the oppositions tragic loss, the forces of Kaz'Ulrah and friends will be allowed to march straight to Urguan's capital. No skirmish will be required.


Urguan and Allies: Due to the devastation of the region and the oppositions tragic loss, the forces of Urguan will be able to march straight to Kaz'Ulrah's capital and siege it. No skirmish will be required.


The winning side will also be given free siege weaponry to be used for the Warclaim. Possibly even a special weapon recovered from the event.. (ET be blessed if they allow it.)











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Let's just make them run the gauntlet parkour course for 7 hours, lot less fighting and more working together!

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Topic moved to 'Denied Server Ideas'.

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Topic moved to 'Denied Server Ideas'.

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