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Old Blah ~ The Tongue of the Spirits

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Old Blah ~ The Spirit Tongue



Disclaimer: This language is not public knowledge. Usage of this language on a character that has no Shaman or Dark Shaman magic application, or has't learned this from in character lessons [one must have proof and a shaman vouching] (meaning no backstory-teaching, under no circumstance can your character know this before even having rp'd on the server) is considered Metagaming and is punishable! (Of course some words of this tongue have found their way into the regular orcish blah and it's safe to use these.) This disclaimer only addresses full comprehension of the knowledge to the extend where one can have an entire conversation in this tongue. This is the language as spoken by the Spirits in all respective planes - and the shamans that seek to commune with them.


I finally decided to replace the old dusty google-doc that shamans have been using to translate into a neat forum post. Not only for the record, but also for ease of use and transparency. All server lore is posted on LotC's forum, this is part of the Shaman Lore. Should you wish to recommend any changes, feel free to leave a comment and @ me in them. The disclaimer above is clear enough ;) for those that want to translate: use CRTL + F 





Tolkien Sources

  • AO = 1st Age Angband Orkish

  • BOLT = Book of Lost Tales

  • BS = Black Speech

  • CBS = Classical Black Speech

  • DBS = Debased Black Speech

  • LOTR = Lord of the Rings

  • SD = Sauron Defeated

  • SIL = The Silmarillion

  • TH = The Hobbit

Other Inventors

  • TK = Tolkien

  • LL = Lalaith

  • EL = Elerrina

  • AN = Andrew

  • AA = A. Appleyard

  • LOS = Mordor, Land of Shadow Message Board

  • 7N = Seventh Nazgul

  • RE = Rob Eaglestone, author of the Horngoth Orkish Dialect

  • MB = Mugbûrz Orkish (from a now defunct web site)

  • SV = from Svartiska, a Swedish LARP site. I believe the authors are Mikael "Adragoor" Bynke and David "Meldon" Burström. This site uses many of the Mugbûrz words.


































































Weights and Measurements

  • glâd (approx 1.3 feet)

  • bur (approx 2 pounds)

  • parz (approx 1.5 cups)


  • talân (North)

  • latân (South)

  • ghânsh (East)

  • ânud (West)

  • Army Ranks



The Dictionary




âdh-     leave, abandon verb RE

âdhûn     alone adj RE

aan     sun noun LOS {Quenya anar}

aanash     dawn verb RE

aanud     South noun RE

aanug     morning noun RE

aaps     meat noun LOS {Quenya apsa}

aar     early adv LOS {Quenya arinya}

aarsh     day noun LOS

aaraarsh     morning, dawn noun LOS

aarshlût     yesterday noun LOS

aarshu     tomorrow noun LOS

aarûrz     soon adj LOS

aath     dog noun LOS

af-     throw, cast verb LOS

agh     and conj TK

agon     twilight, dusk noun SV

ak-     cut or stab verb LOS {Quenya ecet, "short stabbing sword"}

akash     half adj LOS

akashuga     hobbit, halfling noun LOS {ak + ash + uga, = one who was cut in half}

akashuga-hai     hobbit-people noun LOS

akh     yes adv LOS

akh-     agree verb LOS

akhoth     "Yes, Sir!" int UKN (said to a superior officer in the orc army)

akhum     agreement noun LOS

aklash     music noun SV

akul     chest, torso noun LOS

akr-     drink verb LOS

akrum     alcoholic drink noun LOS

akrûrz     drunk adj LOS

akûl     ice, glacier noun SV

alai     animal noun SV

amal     where relative EL [where the shadows…]

amat     why relative LOS [explain why you did that]

âmbal     pretty adj SV

amol     how relative LOS [he told me how to do it]

amirz     who relative LOS [the person who…]

amub     more than det RE

amubnar     'as soon as' RE (not more than)

amukh     when relative LOS [when we were…]

âmul     calm adj SV

amut     which relative LOS [the knife, which I broke…]/p

ana     edge noun SV

aandar     mystery noun SV

aandartûrz     mysterious adj SV

ânghâsh     anvil noun RE

ângh-     forge verb RE

aanghum     forge noun LOS RE

aquu-     bribe verb LOS

aquum     bribe noun LOS

ar     nut noun SV

arkû     ever adv LOS

arth     artisan noun SV

ash     one cardinal TK

ash-     start, begin verb RE

ashbazg     rather adv SV

ashdurbûk     despotism noun SV

ashpar     rugged adj SV

ashrokil     breakfast noun SV

asht     skeleton, bone noun SV

ashûk     alone adj SV

âshûrz     first ordinal SV

asr     knot noun SV

atâr     fact noun SV

atîg     over there adv SV

atish     container noun SV

atish-     keep verb SV

ats-     catch verb LOS {Quenya, atsa}

aurok     mortar noun SV

auru     few adj LOS

âvul     steam, fumes noun SV

az-     kill verb (LOS)

Azog     an orc-leader of Moria name LOTR III p441 TH (not 1st edition) {"Man-killer", Azat + ogh, man}



ba     lock noun SV

ba-     lock verb SV

baab     pipe noun RE

baabghûd     pipeweed noun RE

baal-     breed verb LOS

baalum     breed noun LOS

baalak     half-breed noun LOS

baak     shame, embarrassment noun MB

bârzuga     finished past participle SV

baduzg-     reveal, show verb LOS

badz     an opening noun RE

badz-     open verb RE

badzûrz     open adj RE

bag     excrement, dung noun TK

baga     poison noun SV

bagronk     dung-pit, cess-pool noun TK DBS

bagûrz     poisonous adj SV

bai     danger noun MB

baiark     clan noun SV

baiûrz     dangerous adj LOS (used to describe a situation, not person)

bak     shock noun SV

bak-     shock verb SV

balt     marsh noun SV

banôs     farm noun SV

bar     grass noun SV

barash-     crush verb SV

barkh     curve, arch noun SV`

bartaas     roar, yell noun SV

bartaas-     roar, yell verb SV

barz     throat noun MB

bash     regular noun SV

bashkaum     alliance noun SV

bashkuga     allied past participle SV

batar     shower, squall noun SV

baug     fork noun SV

baush     tail noun SV

bauz-     shoot verb SV

bazg-     reach verb SV

bhadûr     a change noun RE

bhadûr-     to change verb RE

bhoghad     all right, very well, okay int RE

bhraf     smoke noun MB

bhraf-     smoke verb MB

bhûl-     accept verb LOS

bidroi     revenge noun LOS 7N

bîshûk     heath, moor noun SV

blagh      boring adj SV

blâghor     fold noun RE

blâghorsha     complex noun RE

blâghorsh-     complicate verb RE

blâghorshûrz     complex adj RE

blâghorshuga     complicated past participle RE

blaaghr-     fold verb RE

blord-     weep verb LOS

blotaz     birch noun SV

bloz     soot noun SV

blûg     grain, seed, corn noun SV

blûg-     grind verb SV

bo, -bo     off prep RE

bok     wine jar noun SV

bolb     catastrophe, disaster noun SV

Bolg     an orc-leader name TH p293 SV (son of Azog, slain by Beorn) {"Bloodthirsty"}

bolk-     need verb RE

bolkum     need noun RE (= lack of)

bos     cult noun SV

boshok     highlands noun SV

bot     world, clay noun SV

brish     sheep noun SV

brishzel     would subj verb SV

brî     horn noun SV

brîz     horny adj LOS SV

brodh     pine, needle noun SV

brogb-     like, fancy, favor verb RE

brogbûrzum     favourite noun RE

brogud     nibble, small bite noun SV

brogud-     take a small bite, gnaw verb SV

brogudskoi     Biting flies (e.g. gadfly, horsefly, warble fly, or botfly) (literally “bite-fly”)

brosh     hey int SV

broshan     welcome noun SV

broshn-     welcome verb SV

broz     belt, zone SV

bruk     collar, cowl SV

brumug     grumble, complaint noun RE

brumg-     grumble verb RE

brun     group of people, committee noun MB

brus-     have verb LOS

brûf     insect, ant noun MB {MB brûv}

bug     opposite, opponent noun MB

bugd-     call verb LL

bugduga     named past participle RE

bugh     root, origin noun MB

bughnrakh     potato noun SV

bugab     contradiction noun SV

bugb-     contradict verb SV

bugnakh     fracture noun SV

bugud     name noun RE

bukoi     civil adj RE {bukot + goi}

bukol     thin adj SV

bukot     peace noun SV

bukra     clan, gang, lot noun SV

bulmos     spice SV

bum     drumbeat, loud sound MB

bumbullaum     thunder noun SV

bun     angle, corner noun MB

bungo     dent noun SV

bur     weight noun MB (also a measure of weight)

bûb     pig noun DBS TK

bûbhosh     pig-guts noun; great adj TK

bûf     loss, defeat noun MB

bûkasî     agriculture noun SV

burûrz     heavy adj LOS (note difference between bûrz, dark)

bûrgulu     shadows noun EL

bûrz     dark adj TK; night noun AA

burzash     balance noun SV

bûrzum     darkness noun TK

bûsh     chair, seat noun LOS

bûshn-     mix, muddle up verb MB

bûshnûrz     mixed up adj LOS

bûshum     mixture noun LOS

bûsn     scattered past participle, adj SV

bûth     chance, opportunity noun LOS

bûzog     mess noun RE

buthagh-     annoy, pester, bother verb SV

buz     streak, stripe noun SV



dâg     child noun SV

dâgal     childhood noun SV

dâgalûr     demon noun SV

dâl     still conj RE; plane noun LOS (flat area) {MB dal}

daalt     table noun LOS (= large table for eating)

dâr     house, hut noun SV

daash     still noun LOS

dabg-     deport verb SV

dafr-     party, carouse verb SV

dafrim     sport noun SV

dafrum     party noun SV

dardt     standard noun SV

dagam bûrz     fat adj SV

dagrî     goat noun SV

dagronk     door noun SV

dahâmab     tusk, incisor noun SV

dakg-     disembowel verb SV

dalg-     rid, clear out, remove verb LOS

dalgum     garbage, trash noun LOS

dalug-hai     rabble, gang noun RE

dangh-     punish verb SV

danghum     punishment noun SV

darg     blunt adj LOS

darg-     send verb SV

dargum     ambassador, emissary SV

darug     sent past participle SV

darûk     ingratiating fool, hypocrite, Wormtongue noun SV

darûkûrz     silly, weak adj SV

dath     conservative adj SV

daul     drum noun SV

dauman     winter noun SV

daur     cage noun LOS

dhaar     rank, grade, status noun LOS (army rank)

dhaaryonk     promotion noun LOS

dhak     ceremony noun LOS (positive, e.g., coronation or promotion)

dhaub     agony noun SV

dhaub-     agonise verb SV

dhît     fraction noun SV

-dhog     near, next to prep LOS

dhognûrz     far adj RE

dhurz     because conj LOS

dhûl-     sleep verb LOS

dhûrum     secret noun LOS

dhûr-     confess verb RE

dhûrz     secret adj LOS

dhûzud     just conj RE

diis-     attack verb LOS

diisum     attack noun LOS

dik-     capture verb LOS

dob     field noun SV

dolpan     fox noun SV

dolpan     bull noun SV

doraz     gate noun SV

dorozg-     capitulate, surrender verb SV

dorût     cattle, livestock noun SV

dot     sea, ocean noun SV

drau-     shine, gleam verb SV

draug     coin noun LOS

dursh     bridge noun LOS

draagh     hammer noun RE

draagh-     build, construct; demolish, knock down verb RE

drît     straight, honest, absolute adj SV

dromdas     nervous adj SV

drû     timber, wood noun SV (not forest)

drûsh-     drown verb SV

drûth     bush noun SV

du-     charge verb LOS (army maneuvre)

duf     knife noun LOS

dulg-     point verb LOS RE

dulug     point, weapon noun RE

dum     charge, responsibility, duty noun LOS

dumûl     quick adj RE

dumûlarz     quickly adv RE dumûl

dûl     wax noun SV

dûmp-     doom verb EL

dur     large, big adj LOS

durb-     rule verb TK

durb-artha     masterpiece noun SV

durbûrz     strong, mighty adj LOS

durubârz     'as a rule', 'per rules' RE

durgaz     size noun RE

durub     ruler noun EL

durlob     female ruler noun LOS

durt     certain, sure adj LOS

dush     sorcery noun TK AA

dush-     to make magic, to cast a spell on someone verb LOS

dushak     oak noun SV

dushatâr     wizard, magician, sorcerer noun SV

Dushgoi     Minas Morgul name SD TK

Dushgoizagh     Morgul Pass name AA

dushtala     storm noun SV

dushum     spell noun LOS

dushûrz     magical adj LOS

duughord     produce noun RE

duughord-     produce verb RE

dûnud     stretch noun RE

dûndr-     stretch verb RE

dûndrogh-     extend verb RE

dûndroghuga     extended past part RE

duurfit-     have luck verb RE {duurun + fitg}

dûth-     polish, clean verb MB

duz-     sit verb RE


faal     beach, shore noun LOS {Quenya falas}

faash     accident noun LOS

faasharz     accidentally adverb LOS

fakhthal     butcher noun SV

fal-     charm verb SV

falgashud     chance noun RE (lit. 'bone toss', probability)

faltor     temple noun SV

falum     charm noun SV

farghat     jump noun SV

farkh     left adj SV

farmak     lizard noun SV

fatoft     depressing, dismal adj SV

fauldush     ivory, marble noun SV

faus     manor noun SV

fauth-     lie hidden, hide, wait verb EL RE

fauthûrz     hidden adj LOS

fîg-     humiliate verb SV

fîgû     insult noun SV

fîgûrz     humiliating adj SV

fiil     bird noun LOS {Quenya filik}

fiim     youth, young age, youngster noun LOS {Quenya vinya}

fiin     new adj LOS {Quenya vinya}

"Can me come in? Mes nub familiar wit latfiimûrz     young adj LOS

fiith-     hold verb LOS

fik     bad adj LOS {Quenya feg, bad}

fil     cave, crack noun LOS RE {Quenya felya}

fitg-     win verb SV

fitum     winner noun SV

fkha     massive adj SV

flâgît     idiot noun SV

flaguz     monster noun SV

flak     chest, box noun LOS

flakas     sling noun RE SV

flaks-     sling verb RE SV

flauth     feather noun SV

flogr-     sleep verb RE SV

flok     hair noun SV

flokolgûl-     'give the creeps to' verb RE {hair + walk + ghoul}not

flûst     celebrate verb LOS (as in, evil dead or victory)

fogl-     dig, excavate verb {MB fegl}

fogl     spade noun SV< MB

fol     whole adj RE

folok     hoard noun LOS 7N

folk-     hoard verb LOS 7N

forzunk     thorn noun SV

foshân     baby noun SV

fotak     fanaticism noun SV

fotkûrz     fanatical adj SV

foz     egg noun SV

fra     foot noun SV

fraatûrz     tired, weary adj SV

frangîz     syphilis noun SV

frapog     march verb SV

frau     pause noun SV

frau-     pause verb SV

fraut-     rest, sit down verb SVspirit

friib     bladder, blister noun SV

frîghat     swell verb RE SV

frûm     mind, spirit noun SV

frûshkul     bullwhip noun SV

frûz     lazy, irresponsible adj LOS

fulg-     to dwell verb RE

fulug     dwelling noun RE

fulak     damage noun RE SV

fulaknar     safe adj RE

fulk-     damage verb LOS RE

furgh     front noun RE {SV fro}

furr     oven noun SV

furtun     storm noun SV

fukaush     dangerous adj SV (meant as a compliment)

fûkî     neighbor noun SV

fûr-     lie verb LOS (tell an untruth) {Quenya, fu'ru}

fûsh     slow adj LOS

fûth-     awaken verb LOS (Note: don't use the preposition "up", as in English)

fûthûrz     awake adj LOS



gaab     distance, range noun MB

gâdhm-     be ugly, be nasty, be foul verb RE SV

gâdhûmûrz     foul adj RE SV

gaakh     let it be that, may it be that AN {Quenya nai} [Gaakh uruk-hai azubulûk! = may the uruk-hai kill them all! LOS]

gaam     disease, illness noun MB

gâmzhurm     cough noun SV

gaamûrz     sick adj MB LOS

gaat     punishment noun SV

gaath     leaf of a tree, page, sheet of a scroll noun MB

gadhaal     promise noun RE SV

gadhâlug     promising past participle RE SV

gadhl-     promise verb RE SV

gâdhûp     vulture noun RE SV

gadûd-     carve verb SV

gai-     chain verb LOS {Quenya Angainur} [chain up]

gaium     chain noun LOS

gakh     three cardinal EL

gakh-     care verb RE

gal     ten cardinal LOS

galin     crazy, mad adj SV

gâmum     illness, sickness, disease noun SV

gank     hook noun SV

garmadh     ruin noun SV

garmog     demand noun SV

garmog-     demand verb SV

garn     "go on…" expression of contempt TK

garzog-     swing noun SV

gat     light, simple, easy adj SV

gathrok-   nbsp; prepare verb SV

gabhîk     wine noun SV

gaz     small, little, short adj MB

gazat     dwarf, dwarves noun EL

gazog     wild adj SV

ghaamp     earth noun LOS

ghaamul     down adj RE

ghaampronk     mine, cellar noun LOS

ghaansh     East noun RE

ghaash     fire noun TK

ghaash-     burn verb LOS

ghaashug     flaming, burning present participle LOS

Ghaash     an orc of Kirith Ungol name

ghaashum     heat noun LL

ghashan     word, command noun RE

ghashanum     dictionary noun LOS

ghashanuz     story, tale noun LOS

ghashdurb-     swear verb LOS {ghash, to speak + durb, strong}

ghashkrum     answer noun LOS {ghash + krum, back}

ghashkrut-     answer verb LOS {ghash + krut, back}

ghashn-     tell, command, say verb RE {pukhl- = speak language}

ghashnum     speech noun LOS (as in Black Speech, not language)

ghaur-     roast verb LOS

ghug     likely; presumably adv SV

ghugsh     event noun SV

ghûd     weed noun RE

ghûk     complete, entire adj SV

ghûkarz     completely adv SV

ghûlb-     help verb RE

ghûlum     aid, help noun RE

ghung     if conj SV

ghru     stick, club, pole, vulgar word for erect penis noun MB SV

ghurn     well noun SV

gîl     meal time noun SV

gîmog     groan noun SV

gîmog-     groan verb SV

gîmtog-     main verb SV

gîrakûn     falcon, hawk noun SV

gîrdan     necklace noun SV

gîth     verdure, greenery noun SV

gilrol     ordinary adj SV

gimb-     find verb TK

gimbakl-     expect verb RE {gimb + kul}

gimub     discovery, the thing found noun RE

gimbuga     found participle LOS

glâd     measure of distance noun MB

glat     instrument, tool, machine noun MB

glim-     wrestle verb RE SV

glob     filth, fool noun DBS) TK

glob-     to fool someone verb LOS

globlob     female fool noun LOS

globûrz     filthy, foolish adj LOS

glok     tooth noun

glok-     bite verb

glu     piss, poison, brackish water noun {MB glu}

glu-     piss verb

glup     nose noun MB

gogân     broad, wide, extensive adj SV

goi     city noun TK AA

gokut     flat adj RE SV

golb     warning, danger, risk noun SV

Golfimbul     leader of orcs of Mount Gram, slain at Greenfields name TH

golm     offer noun SV

golm-     offer verb SV

golnauk     steel noun SV

Golug     elf, elves noun TK {Angband Orkish (without suffix) for "Noldor" pl.}

gon-     stare verb SV`

gor     work, job noun SV

gorosh     right side SV

gortag     madman noun SV

gorûrz     tough adj LOS

Gorbag     an orc-leader of Minas Morgul, killed by Shagrat name LOTR III {'Tough ****'}

gorgulb-     use, utilize, employ verb SV (= work something/one hard)

goth     lord, master, enemy noun AO SIL {in Gothmog and Morgoth from 1930's in BOLT II p67}

gothlob     Queen noun LOS

glothrok!     go on! RE {'garn' filth + eat}

Gothmog     see 'goth' name TK {'Lord-Voice'}

gothûrz     powerful adj LOS

gotl-     forgive verb SV

gozad     nail noun SV

grak     trap, pitfall noun SV

grat     chief(s), leader(s) noun LOS

grat-     intend verb RE

gratum     plan, intention noun RE

gratûrz     useful adj SV (= person)

graug     flock noun SV

graur-     touch verb MB

graus     toe noun SV

graz     cool, cold adj SV

grazadh-     decay, degenerate, rot verb SV

grish     blood noun LOS

grish-     bleed verb LOS

grishûrz     bloody adj LOS

Grishnaakh     an orc of Mordor, slain by Rohirrim name LOTR II p437 {'Blood Hand'}

gropor     valley noun SV

grosh     bean noun SV

groth     grey adj SV

groll     quarry noun SV

gru     brown, woman SV (woman only in SV dialect)

grugulum     dress noun SV

grumbull     high, elevated, tall, lofty adj SV

grûmbull     store noun SV

grush-     hit, strike, punch verb SV

gûg     chance noun SV

gugsh     event, occurrence, happening noun MB

gukh     down adv MB

gull-     soak verb SV

gund     stone noun EL

gund-     stand verb RE

gundat-ir     insist verb RE (stand on) {gundat-ob}

gundul     guard noun LOS

gundul-     guard verb LOS

gundum     stand noun RE

gûg     past, previous adj MB

gûk-     pour, fill verb SV

gûkh     quite, completely adv MB

gûkr-     close, block, jam verb MB SV

gûkrûrz     shut, closed adj LOS MB

gûl     wraith noun TK

gur     cheese noun LOS

gûr-     shake, agitate, tremble, quake, quiver, vibrate verb SV

gus     about, regarding, concerning verb MB

gûth     almost adv LOS



hag     unpleasant man noun LOS

haglob     unpleasant female noun LOS

hanrun     spy noun LOS RF

harna     bonfire noun SVhiis

has-     beg, plead verb LOS

hasum     plea noun LOS

hau     beggar noun LOS

haz     dependent adj SV

hiil-     follow verb LOS {Quenya hilya}

hiis     quick, fast adj LOS

hiisarz     quickly adverb LOS

hiisht     ash noun SV

hiist-     send verb LOS

hin     any adv MB

hlu-     sew, stitch, connect with thread or rope verb MB

hluth     flag, banner, ensign noun MB

hokarul     laugh, laughter noun RE

hokarl-     laugh verb RE

hon-     watch, see, look at verb LOS

hont     eye noun LOS {Quenya hend, 'eye'}

hontum     glance, look noun LOS

horm     serious adj SV

horn     beast, animal noun LOS

hornfik     monster noun LOS

horngaz     pet, tame animal LOS

horngoth     cowboy RE

hosh     guts, intestines, viscera noun DBS TK

hru     fertile adj SV

htol-     have sex with verb SV (vulgar)

hul-     flow verb MB

hul     flow, drain noun MB

hûn     heart noun LOS {Quenya hón}

hûr     courage, bravery noun LOS

hûr-     dare verb LOS

hûrûrz     brave adj LOS

hush     doubt, uncertainty, opinion noun MB



in-     remember verb {Quenya enyal}

iist-     know verb LOS {Quenya ista}

iistash-     inform verb LOS

iistum     information noun LOS

iis-     begin verb LOS {Quenya yesse}

-ik     before prep LOS

ikh-     force verb LOS

ikhûrz     forceful adj LOS

ilz     star noun LOS {Quenya elen}

ilzkaal     starlight noun LOS

-ir     on prep LOS

irz-     run verb LOS

ish     enemy noun LOS

isl     plant noun MB

isl-     plant, cultivate verb MB

-it     behind prep LOS

-izg     suffix indicating 'I' / first person singular subject

-izish     suffix indicating 'me' / first person singular object LOS

-izishu     suffix indicating 'us' / first person plural object LOS

-izub     suffix indicating 'mine' or 'my' / first person singular possesive LOS

-izubu     suffix indicating "our" or 'ours' / first person plural possesive LOS



kaal     light noun LOS {Quenya cala}

kaal-     light verb LOS

kaam     bed noun LOS {Quenya caima}

kaan-     trust verb RE

kaar     head noun LOS {Quenya ca'r}

kaasak     bait noun SV

kaat     lie verb {Quenya caita} [lie down]

kabor     precept noun RE

kafaaz     cage noun SV

kafsog     important adj SV

kakok     bellows noun SV

kala     castle, fortress, stronghold noun SV

kalaum     archery noun SV

kalus     archer noun SV

karn     red adj LOS {Quenya carnë}

kau     against prep LOS

kaushar     ceremony noun SV (negative, such as an execution)

khak     coffee noun LOS

Khamûl     second in command in the Nazgûl name TK

khatûn     intelligence noun RE (quality, not information)

khatûrz     intelligent, shrewd adj RE

khl-     ask verb RE

khlaar-     hear verb LOS {Quenya hlar}

khlaarum     sound noun LOS

khlaat     ear noun LOS

khlark-     make noise verb RE

khûr-     rip, tear verb LOS {Quenya kho'r}

kol     carry verb LOS ( Quenya col-)

kolauz     cell noun SV

koth     claw noun LOS

koz-     hear verb RE

krak     five cardinal LL

kraash     part noun MB

kraat     away adj LOS

krai-     feel verb LOS

kraibag     sad adj LOS {krai + bag}

kramp-     do verb LOS

krampum     duty, task, chore noun LOS

krampûrz     loyal adj RE

krank     father noun LOS

krank-     father verb LOS

kranklob     mother noun LOS

kranklûb     sister noun LOS {"fatherdaughter"}

kranklûk     brother noun LOS {"fatherson"}

kraur     body noun MB

krimp     rope noun RE

krimp-     bind verb TK

krimpash     monograph noun RE

krimpum     tie noun RE

krith     nine cardinal EL

krûklak     crossbow noun SV

krul     two cardinal LOS

krum     back noun LOS

kûhom     example noun RE

krumnaakh     clumsy adj LOS

-krut     back preposition LOS

kû     old, long time adj, noun LOS

kûf     ugly adj LOS

kul-     to be, is verb LOS (copula)

kumon     bell noun SV

kun-     bend verb LOS {Quenya cúna}

kunum     bend noun LOS

kur     ball noun LOS {Quenya coro}

kruf     prostitute noun SV

kruf-     prostitute oneself reflexive verb SV

krûf-     rub, file, annoy verb {MB krûv} [rub the wrong way]

krûr     finger noun MB

kulûk     anything, all things noun, pronoun, adv RE

kurn     around adj LOS {Quenya corna}

kusn     while adj MB

kûtotaz     citadel noun SV

kûz-     reckon verb RE



-la     after prep LOS

laam     tongue, language noun LOS (body part and language) {Quenya lambë}

lak     misunderstanding noun SV

lam     arena noun SV

lapus     lead, metal noun SV

larg-     make verb SV

lârz     important adj MB (person)

lâz     cover noun MB

lâz-     cover verb MB

laazg     shield noun MB

-lab     suffix indicating 'your' or 'yours' singular / second person singular possesive RE {lat + -ab}

lag-     to break verb LOS

Lagduf     an orc of Cirith Ungol, killed by Morgul Orcs noun LOTR III 222 {'Knife-breaker'}

lagl     pocket, sag, bag noun MB

lagûrz     broken adj LOS

lat     you pro AN

lata-     under prep EL

lataan     South noun RE

liik     candle noun LOS {Quenya, lícuma}

lik     barrel, cask noun LOS

-lob     feminine word ending, refers to any female LOS

lobûrz     feminine, womanly, also insult "effeminate" adj LOS

logon     bowl, tub noun SV

loik     corpse noun LOS {Quenya loico}

lorûz     several adj RE

lorz     stupid adj LOS

lozudurkh     at last, finally adv RE

lug     tower noun TK

lugbûrzum     the very dark patch of dark around Barad-dûr name AA

Lugbûrz     Barad-dûr name TK

Lugdush     an orc of Isengard, slain by Rohirrim name LOTR II {'Tower Sorcery'}

Lughorn     an orc name SD p26 {Lagduf, 'Tower Beast'}

lûb     daughter noun LOS

lûk     son noun LOS {Ashlûk = "One Son"}

lûl     flower noun SV

lûmp-     to fall verb LOS

lûnt     boat noun {Quenya luntë}

lûp-     ask for, pray verb SV

lûr     gold noun LOS {Quenya laurie}

lûrkh     ornament, pattern, decoration noun MB

lûrûrz     golden adj LOS {Quenya laurie}

-lût     suffix denoting 'out' prep LOS

lûtom-     plead verb SV



m-     root of interrogative words EL

mal     where adv EL

mal latum     "what's up?", informal orc greeting RE

mâdr-     free, to let go verb RE

mâdûr     freedom, liberty noun RE

mâdûrz     free adj RE

maal     yellow adj LOS {Quenya, malina}

maamar     best adj SV

maaz     better adj SV

maarubh     law noun RE

maarbh-     to make a law or a rule; to levy a ransom, tax, or tribute verb RE

mâsl     neck noun MB

maath     sweet adj MB

maatharz     sweetly adv LOS

maathum     honey noun LOS

mat-     die verb EL

mat     most likely dead RE

matnar     most likely not dead RE

matuga     dying participle LOS

matum     death noun LOS

matûrz     mortal, dead adj EL LOS

mazl     point, destination, target noun MB

mau     warrior(s), soldier(s) noun LOS

maubûr     orc company of 100 soldiers, led by sergeant noun LOS

maudhûl     camp, bivouac noun LOS

maufulug     barracks noun LOS

Maugoth     General noun LOS (Commands several orc armies.)

Mauhûr     an orc of Isengard, slain by Rohirrim name LOTR II {'Brave Warrior'}

mauk-     fight verb LOS

maukum     fight, fistfight, rumble noun LOS

maukûrz     scrappy, prone to fight adj LOS

maushflokh     ink noun SV

Mautor     Lieutenant noun LOS (Commands an army of 1000 orcs.)

mazauk     war noun LOS {mau + az-}

mazauk-     make war, declare war verb LOS

mbursh     fit, match noun MB

mi     cat noun LOS

mirz     who? adv LOS

mirzob     whose? adv LOS {mirz + -ob}

mog     voice noun AO {in 'Gothmog' 1930's in LR p406) TK}

mok-     hate verb LOS

mokh     home noun RE

mokum     hatred noun LOS

mokûrz     hateful adj

mol     how? adv RE

molkû     however adv, conj RE

mor     black adj LOS

morûrz     hard adj LOS

Morgoth     see 'goth' name (elsewhere treated as Sindarin) {'Hard / Black Lord'}

mos     center noun SV

motsham     antique, ancient adj SV

moz     wind, fart noun {MB mez}

mudhun     worry noun RE

mudhn-     worry, trouble verb RE

mûdku     sometimes adv RE

mugsh     dough, paste, vomit noun MB

mukh     when? adv LOS

mum-     mar, mark verb RE

mupsh     some adj MB

mur     room, door noun SV RE

murûk     bear noun LOS {Quenya, Morok}

mush     nearly adv MB

mut     which? adv

mûk     gentle adj RE

mûkarz     gently adv RE

mûl     road noun LOS {Quenya malle'}

mûz     bread noun LOS {Quenya masta}

muzûrz     hot adj LOS

Muzgaash     an orc of KCirith Ungol, killed by Morgul Orcs name LOTR III 222 {'Hot Fire'}



naadar     among prep SV

naakh     hand noun LOS

naakhum     greed noun RE

naakhûrz     greedy adj LOS

naal-     complain verb LOS

naan     but, although conj LOS {Quenya nan}

naga     other adj MB

nalmâd-     slip, lose verb RE {forget + let go}

nalmâdûrz     loose adj RE

nanulg     alternative, otherwise noun, adv SV

nar     not adv LOS AA; expression of contempt RE

narash     nothing LOS

narbai     safety MB

nardur     small adj LOS

narfik     not bad adj LOS

narghaash     cold adj LOS {nar + ghaash, not hot}

nargzab-     need, want verb SV

nariin-     forget verb LOS {nar + iin, remember, from Quenya enyal}

narish     ally, allies noun {nar + ish, enemy}

narkramp-     refuse verb LOS {nar + kramp-, not do}

narkû     never adv AN

narmok-     like verb LOS {nar + mok, not hate}

narnûlubat     Orkish way of expressing thanks {"I will not hurt you"}

nartul     not here, absent adj LOS

nartum     absence noun LOS

nau     end noun LOS

naur     werewolf noun LOS {Quenya nauro}

naz-     spin verb MB

nazg     ring noun TK

Nazgûl     Ring-wraith noun TK {'nazg + guul'}

nazt-     sting verb LOS {Quenya nasta}

nazt     sting noun LOS

niin     water noun LOS {Quenya ne'n}

nink     white adj LOS {Queny ninquë}

nokh     once adv RE

nork-     take verb LOS

nûkhud     next adj RE

nûl     pain noun LOS {Quenya nwalya}

nûl-     hurt, injure verb LOSdefend

nûlum     injury noun LOS

nûm-     mean, signify verb RE

lnûrl-     learn verb RE

nûrz     hostile, angry adj LOS

nûrzum     anger, wrath noun LOS

nûst     beget verb {Quenya, nosta}

nût     sky noun EL

nur     relation, kin to, family noun MB



ogh     way noun RE

oghor     Drûadan name TK AO

oghûk     all the way back RE

olkûrz     body noun RE {'walker'}

olog     Mordor light-tolerant troll noun TK

oloz     usual adj RE

-ord     forward adj, adv, verb, noun RE

orsk-     steal verb LOS

oshadhûr     another det RE

ozût, ozt-     seem, appear verb RE



paak     picture, image noun LOS

par     vessel noun LOS

parz     unit of measure, volume noun LOS

paash-     is able to, can verb LOS

paashnar     cannot verb LOS

paashum     ability noun LOS

piil     arrow noun LOS {Quenya pilim}

piilak     cover, lid, top noun SV

pilik     axe noun LOS {Quenya pelecco}

piz     arm noun LOS

piz-     arm verb LOS

pizbûr     sergeant noun LOS (commands company of 100 soldiers)

pizdur     Captain in orc army noun LOS (commands 5 companies)

pizgal     corporal in orc army noun LOS (commands a troop of 10 soldiers)

piztor     army noun LOS {piz + tor, 1000}

pizumu     arms noun LOS (plural only: an army's weapons; dulug refers to a single weapon)

pizurk     soldier, private in an orc regiment noun {piz + uruk}

ponii-     detest, despise, loathe verb SV

prakh-     lure verb LL

prakhum     inclination, fancy, crush noun SV

prakûth     ambush noun SV

praush-     exchange verb SV

pu     mouth noun LOS {Quenya pe = mouth}

pugh     arse noun MB

pukhal     language noun RE

pukhl-     speak verb RE (to speak a language; gashn- = 'say')

pukhlor     report noun RE

pul-     copulate verb LOS FLE

pûlp-     beat verb LOS

pûlpum     drum noun LOS

push     excrement noun TK; problem, trouble noun LOS

pushdug     stinking adj, participle DBS TK; dung-filth noun TK

pushi     having problems, in trouble {kulat push + ishi = to be in ****}

puzg-     stop verb LOS {Quenya pusta}

puzughl-     stop up verb RE



quiin     bow, weapon noun LOS {Quenya quinga}

quiil     quiet, still adj LOS {Quenua quildë}


raakh     cleft noun RE

raakh-     cleave verb RE

raakhuga     cloven past participle RE

rad     now, immediately, yet adv LOS

Radbug     an orc of Minas Morgul, killed by Shagrat name LOTR III {'Calls Now'}

rai     kettle, pot noun MB

rak     class, race, clan, family noun SV

rakothûrz     uncanny, weird adj SV

ran     moon, month noun LOS {Quenya Rana}

rar     sand noun SV

ras     horn noun LOS {Quenya rass}

rat     ransom, loot, booty noun LOS

rau     ale, beer noun LOS

raulik     beerbarrel noun LOS

raz     odd, strange, weird adj MB

-ri     between prep LOS

riink-     shake verb {Quenya, rince'}

riip-     skin verb SV

riip     skin noun SV

riit     web, net noun SV

rim     copper noun SV

ro     cloud noun SV

rok-     seize hold of verb SV

ronk     pit, pool noun TK

ronkûrz     deep adj LOS

roth     circle noun SV

roz     stable noun SV

rukh     horror noun LOS {Quenya rucin}

ru     hall noun LOS

rukul     wheel noun SV

rul-     damage verb LOS

rulum     damage noun LOS

rûm-     move verb LOS {Quenya rûma}

rung     avalanche noun SV

runk-     hang verb MB

rut     six cardinal LOS

rûgh     every det RE

rûk     horse noun LOS {Quenya rocco}

rûk-     ride verb LOS

rûp     leather strap noun SV

rûz     sure adj REairbre



saakaf     falcon noun mall>SV

saar     bitter taste adj LOS {Quenya sara}

sadaauk     attack of disease noun SV

sagrûrz     of bitter disposition adj SV

sapat     axe noun

Saruman     the wizard name TK {Mannish word}

sat-     begin verb MB

sat     dust, powder noun SV

satum     beginning noun LOS

sha     together with prep DBS) TK; expression of disgust TK

shaataz     troublemaker noun SV

shaatii     spear noun SV

shadûrz     deaf adj small SV

shag-     demand, ask verb LOS

Shagrat     an orc of Mordor name LOTR III {'Demand Ransom'}

shakal     stairs noun SV

shakatrog-     devastate, ruin verb SV

shakh     lord noun EL

shakol-     kick verb SV

shakop     club, weapon noun SV

shakrop-     stay verb SV

-shakgriig-     melt, forge verb SV

shalk     group noun SV

shapat     short sword noun SV

shaplag-     rinse, wash verb SV

shapog     vegeance noun SV

shapog-     avenge verb SV

shapogataar     avenger noun SV

shaporrûrz     offensive, rude adj SV

shar-     keep quiet verb SV

-shar     among prep RE

shara     man noun EL (human man)

sharlob     woman noun LOS

sharkû     old man noun TK {Isengard Orkish}

sharkûlob     old woman noun LOS

sharr     saw noun SV

shatauz     lance noun SV

shatiig-     press verb SV

shatog     track noun SV

shatogtar     nomad noun SV

shator-     build verb SV (wall, or with bricks)

shatraug     hag, witch noun SV

shatûl     post, column, pillar noun SV

shatûp-     crush, shatter, destroy verb SV

shau     quiet adj LOS

shauarz     quietly adv LOS

shaûk     companion noun RE

shaûkûrzum     company noun RE

shaut     almost adv LOS

Shelob     the giant spider monster of Cirith Ungol name LOTR III

Shelobzagh     Cirith Ungol name AA

shiik     scream noun LOS

shiik-     scream verb LOS

shiipog-     taste verb SV

shon     symbol, sign, omen noun SV

shra     person noun SV

shrak     assembly, gathering noun SV

shrakh-     assemble verb SV

shuk     ball, globe, sphere noun SV

shulg-     would verb SV

shum     greatly, very much adv SV

sig-     lengthen, stretch verb LOS

sigûrz     long adj LOS

skaat-     come verb LOS

skai     gah! exclamation DBS TK

skamm-     recite verb SV

skazg-     injure verb SV

skessa-     very ugly woman, female troll noun SV

skhelll-   tortoise, tortoise shell noun

skoi     fly, any flying non-stinging insect noun LOS

skoi-     fly verb LOS

skoir     wing noun LOS

skoiug     flying present participle LOS

skort     basket noun SV

skri     eight cardinal LOS

skrithûrz     mean, cruel adj LOS

skrizg-     creep, crawl verb SV

skugga     run aground past participle SV

skût     shield noun SV

skûtog-     defend, parry, fend off verb SV

skûtûrz     defensive adj SV

skûm-     smell verb LOS

skûm     odor noun LOS

slai-     live verb LOS

slaium     life noun LOS

slaiug     living pres participle LOS

slaiûrz     alive adj LOS

sloi-     accuse verb LOS

sloiuga     accused past participle LOS

snaag     soft, tender, gentle, weak adj SV

snaagbûrz     dark gray adj SV

snag-     labor, work verb LOS

Snaga     an orc of Isengard, slain by Rohirrim name TK

Snaga     an orc of Kirith Ungol, slain by Sam Gamgee name TK

snaga     slave noun TK (and used by Uruk-hai as = 'orc of smaller breed')

snak     rapid, quick, hasty adj SV

snork     worthless adj LOS

snû     than adj MB

sorgh-     split, cleave verb SV

sorr     crow noun SV

spaz     point, spike noun SV

srinkh     class, kind noun RE

srinkh-     gather verb LL

srinkhsha-     understand verb LOS

sripsh     know-it-all, expert noun SV MB

sriz     expert in, skilled, good at adj {MB sripsh}

sru     grain, corn, wheat noun MB

stargûsh     ancestor noun SV

starkok     raven noun SV

stauk     spark noun SV

staun     season noun SV

staaz     monster noun

stazg     place noun SV

stral     flint noun SV

strok     refuge, sanctuary noun {SV stroh}

sul     famous, well-known adj SV

sulmog     raid noun SV

sulmûrz     aggressive adj

sulum     rumor, report noun

sû-     breathe verb LOS

sûm     breath noun

sûr     up prep LOS



ta     he pro EL

-ta     suffix meaning 'him' / third person singular objective pro EL

taal     floor noun LOS {Quenya, talan}

taar     high adj LOS {Quenya ta'ra}

taaraan     noon noun {taar + aan}

târpukhlanr-     enquire verb RE {high speak + not know}

tab     his pro EL {ta + ob}

tabz-     own verb SV

tail     play, exercise, training noun MB {Quenya tyalin}

tail-     play, train verb MB

takhbork     spider noun SV

-tala     suffix meaning 'over' prep LOS

tala     above prep EL

talaan     North noun RE

talum     upper side, top noun SV

talûn     butter noun SV

talûn-karkû     semen noun SV

tarbaam     fury, frenzy noun SV

tarbûrz     insane adj SV

tark     man of Nûmenoorean descent noun TK {Quenya tarkil)

tarshan     oats noun SV

tau     forest, wood noun LOS {Sindarin taw, forest}

Taubûrz     Mirkwood name

taugan     frying pan noun SV

taun     tub, vat noun SV

thag     drought noun SV

thag-     dry out verb SV

thagûrz     dry adj SV

thaguzg     desert noun SV

thak     face noun LOS

tharb     acid noun SV

tharbûrz     acrid adj SV

thauk     dagger noun SV

thil     often adv SV

thlûk!     Enough! int SV

thlûk     enough, sufficient det, adj SV

thlûn     stomach noun SV

thor-     massacre verb SV

thoror     altar noun SV

thos     sack noun SV

thraang     rage noun SV

thrang     furthermore, still conj SV

throquûrz     edible adj LOS

thrug     murderer noun SV

thumbog-     embroider verb SV

thundar     hoof noun SV

thup-     whip verb SV

thrak     tribute noun RE

thrak-     bring verb TK

thrakum     obsequious, submissive adj RE

throqu-     devour verb LL

throqum     hunger noun LOS

throquûrz     hungry adj LOS

thrul-     cook verb LOS

-thu     beyond prep LOS

tiil     last adj LOS {Quenya tella}

tiimor     dread, terror noun SV

tiimûrz     dreadful, terrible adj SV

tiir     right adj, adv, noun LOS {Quenya téra}

tith     bat noun LOS (animal)

tog     bench, seat noun SV

to     her pro LOS

-tob     suffix meaning her, hers / third person singular possessive pro LOS

tonphrakh-     suppose verb SV

tor     pleasant, beautiful, comfortable adj SV

torû     dangerous adj (used to describe a person)

tra     beam of wood noun SV

traf     meeting noun SV

tram     rape noun SV

tram-     rape verb SV

tramug     rebellion, riot noun SV

traum-     show verb SV

triin     mad, crazy adj SV

trod     castration noun SV

trog     market noun SV

trosh     sudden adj SV

trosharz     suddenly adv

trov     territory noun

trû     brain noun

trul     floor, story noun

trupp     lamp noun SV

tû     fat, fleshy, flabby adj MB

tug     only adj EL

tugl-     attempt, try verb SV

-tuk     through prep LOS

tul     here adj LOS

tulk-     lift noun SV

tulum-     pump verb SV

tum     belief noun SV

tur     opinion noun SV

turk     value, worth noun SV

turk-     value verb SV

turkûrz     valuable, worthy adj SV

turr     embankment noun SV

tûm     oil, grease noun LOS

tûr-     cause verb LOS {Quenya tyar}

tûrum     cause noun LOS

turu     many adj LOS

tûzantar     engineer noun

tûzg-     admit verb LOS



-u     to prep TK

udalg-     connect verb RE

udalgum     connection noun RE

udalgûrz     connected adj RE

udalug     message noun RE

udu     seven cardinal EL

uf-     frighten verb LOS

uf     frightening, scary adj LOS

ufum     fear noun LOS

ufur-     fear verb LOS

ufûrz     fearful adj LOS

Ufthak     an orc of Cirith Ungol, caught by Shelob name LOTR III ('Scary Face')

ufum     fear noun LOS

ugadhol     island noun SV

ugh     each det RE

-ugil     before prep SV

ugl-     slay, massacre verb AA (as in large numbers of people or creatures)

Uglûk     an orc-leader of Isengard, slain by Eomer name LOTR II ('Slayer of All')

Ugûrz     terrible, ghastly adj SV

uk     all adj TK

ukh-     go verb LOS

ukhurk-     forsake verb LOS {ukh + urk}

ukmash     both det SV

ukû     eternal adj LOS

ulb     blue adj LOS {Quenya ulban}

uliima     throne noun EL

ulkum     evil noun LOS {Quenya word, ulca}

ulkûrz     evil adj LOS

-ul     suffix meaning 'them' / third person plural objective pro LOS TK

ulmakh     alongside, along prep, adv

uloga     crippled past participle SV

ulu     they pro LOS

-ulub     suffix meaning their, theirs / third person plural posessive pro LOS

uludhu     easy adj RE

ulur-     howl, bellow verb SV

ump     board noun LOS

unur     hold noun RE

unr-     hold verb RE

unudh-     detain verb RE

unudhu     detention noun RE

ûgh-     suffice verb RE

ûghûrz     sufficient adj RE

ûkil     always adv SV

ûn     new adj RE

ûndûrz     fresh adj LOS

urauk     hedgehog noun SV

urauth     mole noun SV

urbh-     pile, mountain noun RE

urbhrum     height noun RE

urdan     decision noun SV

urdan-     decide verb SV

urgai-     place, arrange, put verb SV

urk     damn! int LOS

urk-     condemn verb LOS

urrhak-     make a mistake verb RE

urro     revulsion, disgust noun SV

urrog-     hate with revulsion, feel disgust verb SV

urrûrz     disgusting, repulsive adj LOS SV

uruk     one of a breed of big orcs noun TK

uruk-hai     the uruk-people name TK

urzkû     again adv RE

ush     brawl, tavern fight verb SV

ush-     brawl, brangle verb SV

ushd-     to use a thing or tool verb)RE

ushdûn     usefulness of a tool or object noun RE

ushdûrz     useful object or tool noun RE (gratûrz = useful person)

ushk-     feed verb SV

ûgh     each det RE

ûn     new adj RE

ûsht-     argue verb LOS

ûshtum     argument noun LOS

ushum     challenge to a fight noun SV

ûs-     think verb LOS {Quenya, osanwe'}

ûsum     thought noun LOS

ûtot     village noun SV

uzg     land noun EL



Yagûl     an orc name SD p13 ('Gorbag')

yonk     more det, adv LOS

yûl     less det, adv LOS


za     this det EL

za     that det RE

zam     such adj, det LOS

zaa-     grip verb SV

zaabr-     descend, climb down verb SV

zaan     cup noun SV

zaanûrz     loud-mouthed adj SV

zaarsh     today noun LOS

zabiis     gang noun SV

zaboth     pale adj SV

zabûrz     tonight noun LOS

zabrûz     empty, hollow adj SV+

zag     four cardinal LOS

zagaaf-     bury verb SV

zagaafum     grave noun SV

zagh     mountain pass noun AA

zaagiira     okay int SV

zaagiir-     joke verb SV

zaahof     jewel noun SV

zakrif-     butt against verb SV

zamal     that pro RE [horn zamal throquat uruk, beast that devoured the orc]

zark     fine adj SV

zarza     vegetable noun SV

zash     like, same as adj SV

zaashil     while, meantime adv SV

zatal     so, therefore conj RE

zau     stew, soup noun SV

zau-     cook, boil, stew verb SV

zaug     debt, fault noun SV

zaug-     must, have to verb LOS SV

zer     snot noun SV

-zi     until prep LOS

zigl     edge, cut from a knife noun MB

zgur     thunder noun MB

zgur-     thunder verb MB

zhaf     hollow adj SV

zhol     rag noun SV

zholuga     ragged past participle SV

ziim-     brew verb SV

ziimarum     peace noun SV

ziimarp     coward noun SV

ziimûrz     cowardly adj SV

zim     quantity, amount, volume noun SV

zna     form, shape noun MB

znûg     regret noun MB

znûg-     regret verb MB

zogtark     bare, naked adj SV

zongot     engineer noun SV

zorr-     disembowel, plunder, pillage verb SV

zoshk     bronze noun SV

zof-     crawl verb SV

zooza-marz     hangover noun SV

zrii     joy, amusement, sadistic pleasure noun MB

zriium     sadism noun SV

zu-     suck verb MB

zûbardh     silver noun SV

zug     lip, border noun MB

zurm     noise, racket noun SV

zung-     pierce verb SV

zûr     sly, wise adj MB

zûrz     official adj SV

zuzar     villain, scoundrel noun SV



Old Blah Grammar



Personal nouns become plural by adding "-rim" for words ending in a hard consonant or "-im" for words ending in a soft consonant. Object nouns become plural by adding "-ri" for words ending in a hard consonant or "-i" for words ending in a soft consonant. Words ending in a vowel are pluralized by adding "-z".

The verb "to be" is used very seldom. A typical sentence structure for "I am hungry and I want to hunt some food." would be "(name) hungry. Want hunt food."

Pronouns are also quite rare. When proper nouns are not known, the person or thing spoken of is referred to as an object. (i.e. "That woman is ugly" = "Woman ugly" and "Get me that knife" = "Give knife.")

AdjectivesAdejctives generally come before the noun, although alternately they are used after in cases where this makes the word more pronounceable.



  • prefixed to an interrogative makes it into a relative EL [mal = where?, amal = where (as in, where the shadows lie)]

  • third person pronoun prefix RE azagh = he of the mountain pass, agondor, = he of Gondor


  • suffix that turns verb into noun SV [hoitat = to hunt; hoital = hunter]

-ar snû

  • more comparative ending [gothûrzar snû = more powerful than]


  • across (prep) LOS


  • verb infinitive TK [gimbat = to find]

  • third person singular verb ending


  • common Black Speech adverb ending LOS


  • most comparative ending [gothûrzaz = most powerful] LOS


  • off (prep) [kulat-bo = to be off]


  • near, next to [Orodruin-dhog, = near Orodruin.]


  • from (case suffix) LOS [Mordor-ghaara = from Mordor]


  • people (collective plural) TK (BS and AO) [uruk-hai = the uruk-people]


  • in (case suffix) TK [Mordor-ishi = in Mordor]


  • I or me (used as a suffix, not as a 1st person singular pronoun) [kul-izg = I am]


  • by (case suffix) LOS


  • feminine word ending [Shelob]


  • of (prep) EL [Mordor-ob = of Mordor]


  • at (prep) LOS [Orthanc-or = at Orthanc]

-ri agh

  • between (prep) LOS [Rohan-ri agh Gondor = between Rohan and Gondor]


  • beyond (prep) LOS [Minas Morgul-thu = beyond Minas Morgul]


  • through (prep) LOS [Ru-tuk, through the hall]


  • noun plural after consonant LL [Nazgu = rings] (note that the words for peoples, like uruk, ilid, Nazgûl, gazat, etc., do not have plurals.)

  • to (prep) [Mordor-û = "to Mordor"; but note that "u bagronk," meaning "to the cesspool" is poor orkish grammar in DBS.]


  • verb future tense suffix AN [gimbub = will find, gimbubut = they will find]


  • verb present active participle EL [pushdug = stinking]


  • verb past passive participle EL [dûmpuga = doomed]


  • all TK [thrakatulûk = to bring them all]


  • them TK [gimbatul = to find them]


  • -ness, -yness (noun) TK, LL [bûrzum = darkness]


  • for (case suffix) EL [durub-ûr = for the ruler.]


  • a common BS adjective-forming suffix EL [matûrz = mortal]


  • third person plural verb ending [gimbut = they find, gimbubut = they will find] EL


  • verb past tense suffix LOS [gimbuz = found, gimbuzat = he found]


  • noun plural after vowel EL


"-at" Verb Infinitive

"-ob" Of (case suffix)

"-uk" All (also "-uuk")

"-um" -ness

"-uurz" Adjectival suffix

"-hai" Great, superior

"-ishi" Within

"-ub" Future tense suffix

"-ul" Them, those

"-ug" -ing, present participle

"-an" "to", i.e. to make a verb of a noun (“to be like a [preceeding]”)

(example: "Kurv" (*****) "Kurvan" (copulate) "Kurvanug" (copulation) etc)


Useful words



Basic Words:

lat     you pro AN

zatal     so, therefore conj RE

kul-     to be, is verb LOS (copular)



akashuga     hobbit, halfling noun LOS {ak + ash + uga, = one who was cut in half}

akashuga-hai     hobbit-people noun LOS

brish     sheep noun SV

bûb     pig noun DBS TK

Golug     elf, elves noun TK {Angband Orkish (without suffix) for "Noldor" pl.}

staaz     monster noun



stazg     place noun SV

ûtot     village noun SV

uzg     land noun EL



zaarsh     today noun LOS

zabûrz     tonight noun LOS

staun     season noun SV



duf     knife noun LOS

zult sword noun LOTC

lusk axe noun LOTC

stauk     spark noun SV

skût     shield noun SV



(note: when describing an object, i.e. “diamond sword”, syntax is [noun]-ob [material] Example: skutob’zoshk, for “bronze shield”)

riip     skin noun SV

zoshk     bronze noun SV/

golnauk     steel noun SV

lûr     gold noun LOS {Quenya laurie}

zaahof     jewel noun SV (could mean “diamond”?)



zabiis     gang noun SV

stargûsh     ancestor noun SV



zriium     sadism noun SV

ziimarum     peace noun SV

ûsum     thought noun LOS



kul-     to be, is verb LOS (copula)

zorr-     disembowel, plunder, pillage verb SV

zof-     crawl verb SV

zu-     suck verb MB

pul-     copulate verb LOS FLE

mazauk-     make war, declare war verb LOS

pûlp-     beat verb LOS

ûs-     think verb LOS {Quenya, osanwe'}

narmok-     like verb LOS {nar + mok, not hate}


Adjectives: (describing words)

darûkûrz     silly, weak adj SV

gothûrz     powerful adj LOS


zûr     sly, wise adj MB

zûrz     official adj SV

zogtark     bare, naked adj SV


Insults, Curses:

ziimarp     coward noun SV

snaag     soft, tender, gentle, weak adj SV

darûkûrz     silly, weak adj SV



hûrûrz     brave adj LOS



Useful phrase




  • Ashdautus Vrasubatlat: ” Someday I will kill you.”

  • Dulugobi-Dâr ob Griish: “Weapon of the blood smiths.” (Compliment)

  • Nar Udautas: “Not Today.”

  • Nar Mat Kordh-Ishi: “Do not die in bed.”

  • Ang Gijak-Ishi: “Iron in the Blood.” (Compliment)

  • Lul Gijak-Ishi: “Flowers in the Blood.” (Insult)

  • Amal shufar, at rrug: “Where there’s a whip, there’s a way.”

  • Snaga nar baj lufut: “Slaves don’t make war.”

  • Ambor mabas lufut: “Liquor after war.”

  • Vras gruiuk: “Kill the women.”

  • Mabaj nar armauk: “I have no enemies.” (Lament)

  • Mabaj bot ob armauk: “I have a world of enemies.” (Boast)

  • Mirdautas vras: “It is a good day to kill.”

  • Afâr’Ilzgûl, Lûp’Ilzgûl: “Fear the Spirits, Praise the Spirits”




  • Afar Angathfark: “By the forge of my soul!”

  • Afar Vadokanuk: “By all the dead!”




  • Zanbaur: “Elf Son”

  • Nar Thos: “No Sack” (Balls)

  • Undur Kurv: “Fat *****”



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