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[RP Thread] Nightfall II

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Republic of Indonesia



GDP: $1 Trillion, $20 Billion

Growth: $30 Billion (5/10)

AP: 5


President Anwaruddin sighs in resignation upon hearing the news from the north. Victory on all fronts, only to be set back by the meddling Chinese. For now, there is little that can be done: Indonesia’s army may still stand strong, but its air force was decimated, its navy half gone. A war with the communists could be prolonged, but not won. And so the Indonesian forces on Borneo withdraw from their occupied territory, pulling back behind the Indonesian border...but only just. Barely any of the units assigned to the invasion return to their original postings, and instead long-term camps are erected in the jungle, in the border towns, in strategic cities. Artillery is brought en masse to the northern coast of Sumatra and the western coast of Borneo. It’s clear that although the Indonesians may have acquiesced to the Chinese demands, they are ready to fight against further encroachment.


As Asrul’s battered navy returns south, East Timor and Papua New Guinea are officially annexed, designated the two newest states of the Indonesian Republic. Most troops are pulled out, leaving only the small number necessary to control the weak populations of both territories. The admiral soon returns to his pirate-hunting activities, though with no less bravado than usual: his descriptions of the glorious but doomed battle that Indonesian sailors fought against the Chinese menace gain a rabid following in some segments of the population. It seems that the military has settled down for now, and Anwaruddin turns to domestic matters.


The Indonesian bureaucracy is even now being cleansed of the curse of corruption, but the problem goes all the way to the top: the People’s Representative Council, the highest legislative body of the country, is widely considered among the worst offenders.




Anwaruddin’s proposal to put an end to this is simple: a system of strict oversight in political financing, as well as perpetual conflict-of-interest audits throughout the Indonesian bureaucracy and legislature. There is one snag here though: the targets of this initiative are the very people who must vote it into law. But Anwaruddin is not helpless here: he is, after all, the richest man in Indonesia.


The president declares his intention to fully serve his country, and this year begins selling off his corporate empire, beginning with his geothermal energy. What may not reach the public eye is that he is mostly selling it to members of his own party at considerable discounts. This is part of a scheme to gain support for his main initiative this year in the battle against corruption: a constitutional change to institute public disclosure of all political financing, as well as constant audits to ensure that non conflicts of interest go unreported either in the government bureaucracy or in its legislature. Once in place, the administration will begin aggressively seeking out such violations within the bureaucracy and making sure that problematic assignments never occur. Each and every public official should be dedicated to the public, and to nothing else. (3 AP)


Meanwhile, the legislature announces the beginning of the first major public works project of the new administration. While the islands of Indonesia enjoy impressive tropical rainfall, vast swaths of the population have no improved water supply, and nearly half must cope with inadequate sanitation. Only 2% of the nation’s urban population has access to sewers. As well as being a public health hazard, the situation is already having detrimental effects on infrastructure: in Jakarta, illegal groundwater siphoning has been causing the city to sink further and further into the sea for years. Declaring this a national emergency, Anwaruddin and the legislature declare their intention to bring clean water and proper sanitation to every city in the country, starting with Jakarta. In the interior of Java, river purification and sustainable groundwater collection facilities are built, while an expansion of the city’s sewage system in underway. For the dry season, during which Java often faces inadequate water supplies, the legislature draws up plans for import from islands with a greater surplus. This is coupled with a crackdown on the aforementioned siphoning. It is the firm intention of the Indonesian government that Jakarta become a symbol of what Indonesia will become. (2 AP)

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After the Christian community expresses its concerns, President Foduye puts a hold on the state's building of mosques in Christian-majority areas, though of course privately or communally funded ones are still allowed to be built, and charity work done by mosques remains publicly funded as long as it isn't expressing bias towards Muslims. He makes a short address as part of a press conference in Lagos in order to try and allay any concerns the Christian population may have.


"Whether we follow the crescent, or the cross, every one of us is a child of Africa. Whether we are Hausa, Igbo, Fulani, Yoruba, or Urhobo, every one of us in this city and across our great nation is a child of Africa. And I shall always remember this, as should we all. I may be Muslim, but I serve this country and its people above all else. 


And so I think it is right for you to voice your concerns, as it is right for me to give you a solution. Henceforth, I guarantee the Nigerian government shall not be the builder of new mosques, but the builder of new hospitals, schools, roads and railways. I will always uphold the well-being of my people before my faith and my tribe."


And so Usman starts to makes good on his promise. With a modernised railway network finishing up towards the end of last year, the government focuses its attention on an issue of vital importance in Nigeria and West Africa as a whole: health. Plans focus on rural regions where doctors are in far shorter supply, but improvement and modernisation across the nation is the aim. Soon construction crews roll out across Nigeria to build new hospitals and expand old ones, and new equipment is purchased. [5AP invested]




The ECOWAS nations are invited to Abuja to discuss the desired closer ties, and requirements each nation may have in order to move into further federalisation. ECOWAS is already composed of two currency unions, but the agenda will be trying to see if that can be reduced to a single one, as well as increasing political integration with each other, and what the various member states want in order to make this happen. [MOD]

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As New Zealand was enjoying there prosperous bounties of the increase of educational funding with increased test scores and overall higher knowledge throughout the country, a board meeting would be held between David Matteos and the business tycoon council. "My friends! We are gathered here today because of the Indonesian attacks against islands near our waters! China has been so kind as to start the removal of Indonesian agression from these island states. I propose the sending of funds towards China and the creation of water military vehicles." David pauses, looking around the room "For as long as New Zealand has existed, we have stayed out of world affairs, letting others choose for us. Well that time is gone! Now we will help and spread our vision for what is right to the rest of the world!" An eruption of clapping and cheering would come from the Tycoons, David would wait for the crowd to die down. "I propose the sending of 5 billion dollars in aid towards China and the creation of a new Zealandic Navy." He states to the crowd, the tycoons having their secretaries jot this all down. David would look towards his speech paper, finding the next topic. "As our next order of business I believe we should expand our trade deals not only to Australia, but we shall include China and Canada aswell. This new deal alliance shall be called Z.A.C.C. and we will focus on the expansion of science and trade across the pacific waters!"

With that David would end the board meeting, heading to his private quarters to think. 

David now calls in his trusted advisor, Leon, to enter his room. "Hello Leon," He says with a smile "How is the White Feather Project coming along?" Leon scrambles for his papers, looking at the research data "I-it's going swimmingly. If we keep this pace it w-will be done in no time" He says, looking up at David. "Good, good." David says, sitting in his chair "Dismissed." And with that his advisor would leave the room, letting David and his thoughts be alone once more.

Finally David would head out to the millions of people awaiting his take away on the presentation. David would hold a hand out to stop any questions. "I will say this, and you will listen." He looks down amongst the crowd, authority booming from his voice. "We have decided to send 5 billion dollars in aid towards China, and will be creating a new Zealandic Navy. This is a new age for New Zealand! We will no longer let others make decisions for us! We will rise up and spread our beliefs across the Pacific Ocean, with our new trade deal: Z.A.C.C." He looks amongst the crowd, they wait for him to finish his speech before cheering. "And we will continue to invest funds into our schools! Long Live New Zealand!" With that he leaves the crowd as they erupt in cheering and clapping.




GPA: 1.019 Trillion Dollars.

Spent this turn: 13 Billion Dollars (5 as aid to China, 5 to the creation of a Zealandic Navy, 3 to the continued investment in the school system.)

Growth: 20 Billion Dollars.



15 Patrol Boats, 10 Submarines, 1 Destroyer. 

Militia of 10,000 and growing. 


AP spending:

3 Towards White Feather Project (The collection of Materials and the research behind it's creation) (Total: 6)

1 Towards the continued support of the Militia

1 Towards the continued investment in schooling.


Trade Deals:

Z.A.C.C: Exchange of resources across the Pacific Ocean. (Will all be messaged privately) (Need MOD to act as china)


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The People's Republic of Catalonia


GDP: 1.02 Trillion Dollars

Growth: 20 billion

Action Points: 5




Catalonia would largely abandon the frontier, unable to get there in time, and rush its artillery and newly trained troops to the cities of Lleida, Tortosa and Sant Carles de la Rapita, forming a thin front line between them with most of the troops concentrated in and around the besieged cities.


Internal Affairs:


The besieged nation would put all its resources into the war, it hardly being worth investing in an economy that would otherwise soon be destroyed.

  • Catalonia would ramp up its conscription, training another 30,000 troops behind its front lines. (3 AP)
  • It would also purchase 100 main battle tanks. (2 AP)

Foreign Affairs:


Catalonia would send offers for trade to the following countries:

  • Russia (along with a private request for equipment)
  • Portugal (accepting the offer already sent)
  • Venezuela
  • Morocco


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GDP 1.02 Trillion


Growth 20 Bullion


AP: 5





“I am here today.” The Supreme leader begins with, standing outside the state house “Proudly announcing the creation of the Arab league. The nations of Iran, Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Pakistan make a pledge to stand together against outside threats.”





After the early success of the university, more funding is poured into the institution and significant effort is put into recruiting american and british intellectuals. There is hope among its leadership that The University of Iran might become the most prestigious university in the region. (⅕ AP) (Counting towards econ) (MOD)





Millions are poured into the reopening of the Iranian Space Agency, with a launch site prepared on the outskirts of Tehran. Tentative plans are put into place to get into space within the decade.

(⅗ AP) (Counting towards econ) (MOD)







The freeway project continues, with millions more being poured into its development

(⅕ AP per turn for 5 turns) (MOD)





  • Trade deals are accepted with Egypt, Spain, Germany and Syria

  • University of Iran (⅕ AP)

  • Iranian Space Agency (⅗ AP)

  • Iranian Freeway Project (⅕ AP)

  • (5/5) To improving the economy

  • Creation of Arab League, consisting of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan and Egypt


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France Flag by think0




The Republic of France




With the highway and railway projects completed, more work in the French homeland still had some work to do. The French education system in the math department was already at an elite level through the world ranks, however Macron seeked to increase the standard for all other educational fields. (2 AP)


In southern France, a new housing construction committee is formed. This committee would be used to modernize the underdeveloped housing that plagues France. With migration at an all-time high, this was an extremely important project (2AP)


(4/10 Investment AP - 8/10 after this turn.)




Project Napoleon (1 AP)  


The Italy build up on the French-Italian border was quiet concerning to Marcon and the French populus as a whole, and in a response. 20k troops are stationed in the French Alps.


The fleet consisting of 6 Submarines, 5 Frigates, and 2 Destroyers are moved to base in Corsica




Nothing of note.




GDP: 1,020,000,000,000

Growth: $30,000,000,000


Investment AP (8/10)

Project Napoleon (1AP)

Trade Partners:



Great Britain



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Kingdom of Spain



GDP: $1.02 trillion

Growth: $30 billion

AP: 5


"How dare they?!” The King exclaimed, much to the surprise of his royal court. “They support us wholeheartedly five years ago and now they turn their backs on us for the communists. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.” He’d sigh then, slumping back into his throne in resignation as he turns to his generals.


"Halt the advance, have the men take defensive positions and hold where they are. Increase the amount of men patrolling in the North. If the US advances despite our halt, the world will know of it. Amp up recruitment as well. If the world comes bearing down on us, I will not have Spain be protected by armies of ghosts.” The royal figure would then turn, facing his chancellor. “Send an emissary to the Catalonians, inviting them to treat with us and see to an end to this war. Send one to Italy as well. Let us keep our allies informed.@James2k


"Dismissed.” The entire court would bow then and swiftly exit the court, leaving the King to his thoughts.



- Italy's offer of a Royal Marriage is accepted. @seannie

- A diplomat would be sent to Catalonia, informing them of the King’s desire to travel to Barcelona to discuss an armistice and potentially an end to the war. @James2k

- An additional 20,000 men would be recruited and trained. (2 AP)

- Current officers and officer training schools and reworked and retrained with the assistance of Canadian forces. (2 AP)

- Spain would continue to invest in its economy, intending to grow its GDP. (1 AP) (5/10 AP)

- Behind the scenes talks occur.


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Aircraft: 32

Naval Vessels: 21

Tanks: 30

Other Armored Combat Vehicles: 150

Towed Artillery: 12

Active Members: 27,000

Reserve Members: 80,000


GDP: $1.02 Trillion

Population: 63,000,000

Tier 1- Tech


John smiled as he looked over his nation. The farms were doing better, but there were still a great many issues to be tackled, and tackle them he would.


Waste continued still to plague Tanzania, and John knew that he had to deal with it. On top of that, there was the fact that Albania still needed to find trade partners. They had a few, yes, but they could still maximize on their trade.


Tanzania is currently trading with Japan, Colombia, and Egypt, and extends out an offer to trade to Albania.


AP Spending


Tanzania will continue to attempt and set up sanitation plants and preform other measures in order to take care of the clean water issue within the country. [3 AP]


Tanzania will also begin properly cleaning up and properly disposing of waste away from public areas in case that has in any way harmed the people of Tanzania or the water supply. [2 AP]

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2022 - The Year in Review

United Kingdom
In regards to the Moroccan Affair, humanitarian aid to rebellious Western Sahara groups is greatly appreciated by those rebels, and their morale increases as they fight for independence. The West Saharans petition the British government for aid in the form of military equipment, or otherwise to host peace talks with Morocco to allow them to gain their independence from the North African state.

UK anti-terror activities against Hezbollah see a varying degree of success, too often ending up doing damage to non-military targets and wounding the reputation of the Lebanese government as a whole. If Lebanon wants to clean up Hezbollah, it will be a fight it will have to wage with its own boots on its own soil.

Development of the Sea-Hawk continues, though it’s a long ways away from achieving the long-term goal of sustained flight over the ocean for incredibly long periods of time. This would require significant investment into a new generation of batteries capable of powering such a craft.

The development and strengthening of commerce in the form of tax relief to private corporations would do quite a bit to encourage a rise in British markets and consumer confidence. With a slashing of corporate taxes in Britain, domestic countries begin to repatriate their money from offshore accounts and banks, bringing in more tax revenue for the government as a whole. Foreign companies, especially American corporations, growing and in search of European headquarters, now view London as an attractive place to establish a foothold in Europe. [+4 toward Growth]


Communist State of Cuba
The Cuban economy continues to flourish under the new and considerably more open reforms undertaken by the new regime. Many small businesses grow out of the new market-focused economy, and government subsidies go a long way in allowing these businesses to establish themselves and compete with growing foreign competition. Where locals are losing however, is in the luxury hotel business. Dozens of foreign investors look toward Cuba to open massive resorts, a boon for the local economy but damaging to smaller, family run spots that dominated the island for years. Regardless, more work and more business is good, at least for now, for the Cubans. [+5 toward Growth]

Deutsches Kaiserreich
The United States accepts the offer to join the talks, though encourages a mostly European solution.

In response to Indonesian aggression, Singapore accepts the offer of military aid from Germany. By the end of the year, the German ships arrive and dock in Singapore without issue. The troops are welcomed and housed in relatively comfortable lodgings near their ships. The Singaporean military offers to conduct some joint exercises as well. The Singapore Navy also conducts exercises with the German navy in the Straits of Malacca, warning the Indonesians outright that their small but very modern navy is not to be trifled with.

By the end of the year, very little progress has been made on fusion energy and no new innovations have been made. A very promising source of energy though, there is plenty of reason to keep pushing at such a powerful energy source even if it will take significant investment.

Infrastructure projects put low-skilled labor to work and the economy, for the most part, continues a trend of upward growth. [+2 toward Growth]

Unfortunately, “The World of Bismarck” makes a rather lackluster debut with many criticizing it for its overt nationalistic and militaristic tones.

The Abweher, under Minister Müller, establishes a headquarters in Frankfurt where it begins conducting operations at the discretion of the Kaiser.

2nd Federal Republic of Austria
More investment into renewing Austrian infrastructure allows the Austrian government to sustain and efficiently distribute the increasingly abundant energy generated domestically. It quickly becomes apparent that there is excess, and across the border in Hungary, where energy is becoming increasingly expensive due to an outdated power grid, there is interest in bringing in the Austrians to help them modernize [Encounter w/ Hungary][+2 toward Growth].

With the additional investment into Austrian health-care, several once underfunded and struggling hospitals in more rural areas of Austria are capable of purchasing modern equipment that allows them to take better care of their patients. Consequently, Krainzmeier becomes substantially more popular with medical professionals, given that their wages have increased as a result of less strain on the system.

Similar to efforts elsewhere, no significant breakthroughs are made in the field of Fusion energy this year. A very powerful source of energy with unlimited potential, physicists and engineers press the government to continue funding their efforts despite the lack of any substantial breakthroughs.


Reconstruction efforts go a long way to restore some sense of normalcy in a Syria devastated by almost a decade of brutal civil war, waged largely at their expense for the gain of foreign interests. Using the military as the chief supplier of aid proves a brilliant strategy on the part of the Assad regime, for until this point, especially in formerly rebel-held towns, the military was seen as a negative entity. Allowing these people to put faces and experiences to their interactions with these soldiers at least provides some comfort and healing. Still a long ways off from completion, an astounding amount of work has been done to clear up the rubble in even the most devastated of towns. Admiring their relief efforts, and offering to find some good standing in the Middle East [and, subtly trying to gain influence there], India offers to send its military forces and invest into the region, should Syria allow them and be interested in the deal [Encounter w/ India, on Skype][+5 toward Growth].

With limited resources during Reconstruction, the falconry classes are not as widespread as the government hopes, but where they do get off the ground they do a lot of good in establishing a sense of community for young men. Establishing new schools also helps to bring the Syrian youth a sense of normalcy post-war. Like the Reconstruction effort, using military personnel in these efforts helps the Syrian army with its reputation.

Only about 50% of Reserve personnel report, the rest having either fled Syria, or for the time being, no longer wishing to serve in the armed forces and hiding from service.

Jordan accepts the offer of an alliance.

These bases need to be funded. No bases are constructed this turn [require AP].

The funding and resources begin making their way to the Syrian government, and next year the Assad premiership will be able to utilise them. [+2 AP for Syria next turn]


Continued efforts to improve Egyptian industry and infrastructure proceed well enough. The trend of industrial growth started last year is compounded upon, and the further modernisation of Egyptian roads and rails does good for business and employment. The military’s distribution of food and assistance in the aforementioned government projects facilitates this, and though there is some minor dissent in the military about being forced to do public works while tensions with Israel build, on the whole it does have the desired effect of promoting national unity. [+3 toward growth]


The humanitarian projects in both the Democratic Republic of Congo and Syria have the best intentions, and the Egyptian men and women sent are able to do some education and minor assistance. However, without the necessary resources [AP], very little is actually improved in either nation, and it is largely seen as a bit of an embarrassment for the Egyptian government.


The neighbouring nation of Libya, still in the recovery process since the Civil War, approaches the Egyptian government for an investment opportunity. [Skype Alex A (hellfiazz)]


The Russian Federation

The commissioned Helicopter Carrier rolls out of the Vasilyevsky Island shipyards on the Baltic coast and makes her first maiden patrol in the icy waters, before returning to whichever naval base she has been assigned to.

Educational investment in Eastern Russia does very little to improve the circumstances there as most children end up leaving school at a young age anyway to either work in factories or the fields. The construction of schools in the East, as it stands now, seems rather pointless.

The troops are moved to the border with Ukraine, sparking a large amount of alarm there [see Events section].

Tajikistan and Uzbekistan are largely disinterested in a military alliance with Russia, preferring their independence and neutrality if possible.


While the Polish Republic’s government was all too happy to sign away Prussia, Pomerania, and Silesia, the selling off of well over half of Poland’s territory and a huge portion of their population, industrial capacity, and mineral resources provokes a massive wave of anger from the Polish people on both sides of the new border. In Poland, hundreds of thousands take to the streets every day, sometimes millions, in order to protest at not only the government’s decision to give away all of this at all, but also the meagre compensation that the Republic was getting in return.


The mass unrest at the government’s decision mean that the projects outlined for this year go largely uncompleted [No growth from investment]. What’s more, the loss some of Poland’s most industrialised, resource-rich, and populous regions means that the Polish economy undergoes severe shock, and their GDP actually recedes. [-3 toward growth]


The Lithuanian government spurns any and all discussion the Polish government attempts to have regarding reunification of a centuries-old Polish-dominated Commonwealth. Even normally, there was no appetite among the Lithuanian people or politicians for it, but it is even less attractive given the state of the Polish Republic after this year.


War rages in the streets all across Mexico between the Cartels and the Mexican government. In the most open fighting to date, brutal atrocities occur on both sides. Acting ruthlessly as they feel their power slipping away from them, the Cartels take brutal action against both civilians and military personnel. Almost 20,000 Mexican civilians and 32,000 Soldiers are dead by the end of 2022 with an untold number of cartel members killed or captured. Though their power is declining, the massive amount of funds that they possess allow these powerful groups to keep up their fighting against the government for at least another year. [-1 toward Growth]

With civil war, the investments made by the Mexican government require diversion to military groups or civilian relief efforts [+1 toward Growth].


South Africa

Both nations of Lesotho and Swaziland, for now, express their own and their people’s lack of desire for unity with South Africa at this moment in time. They do both, however, recognise that South Africa is a relatively prosperous nation in the south of the continent, and perhaps with some material demonstration of the benefits they could see under South African rule, they could be persuaded.


As had been demonstrated in Nigeria the year before, the updating of the South African railways greatly assists the growth of industries both heavy and light in the nation. It is of particular utility to the recently developed mining operations in South Africa, and resources move in much more expeditious a fashion to the main coastal cities where they can be traded or distributed. The modernisation of the ports also facilitates a rise in South African productivity, although in that regard more work will need to be done to bring them up to par with developed nations. [+3 towards growth]


The inspection does well in pulling the health officials and doctors up by their boots and ensuring standards are adhered to, which has a slight effect in improving conditions, though not much. The inspectors appear to believe that improving health infrastructure in the rural regions in particular is the most pressing concern, given that there is a huge discrepancy in doctors per capita between the more developed areas of South Africa and the outlying regions. [+1 towards growth]


Building up a larger base of skilled workers in South Africa is a wise move indeed by President Isaacs, and the provision of free tertiary tuition to poorer South Africans proves both effective and popular. It is a good step towards bringing South Africa out of the backwardness that has plagued the rest of the continent for decades. [+1 toward growth]


The Federated Republic of Albania

Of the three world powers Albania reaches out to, China actually seems the most eager to partake, given that over the past decade or so it has risen to the forefront of global investment. The other two express interest but have thus far not made any commitments, unlike China. [Skype]


In some of the more historically prosperous nations such as Germany, Italy, and the USA, the parts of the Albanian diaspora have integrated to some extent, and are on the whole content to remain in the nations which they have built their new lives in. Elsewhere, in places like Greece and Turkey, where the former has had a history of economic failure and the latter of political repression, the Albanian populations more readily take up the prospect of returning to their homeland. The rest of the infrastructure and housing development projects achieve their desired goal of a minor economic boost and increasing ease of access to more rural parts. [+2 toward growth]

The Albanian Polytechnic University is initially somewhat successful, attracting a number of young Albanians to its halls from both inside their homeland, and from the diaspora, helping to start the reversal of the emigration of science and technology human resources in the Nineties and early Noughties. More work will need to be done to make the University truly world-class, but Albania’s future seems like it will be filled with more scientists, engineers, and architects. [+1 towards growth]


Construction of solar power grids in the the Albanian Pindos and the Ceraunian mountains and hills is completed with in the year. Although it does well at bolstering the Albanian economy and diversifying the hydroelectric-dependent energy sector, there are more than a few complaints from both local residents and activists more generally that the panels are ruining the natural beauty of either of these mountain ranges. [+2 towards growth]


The Republic of Macedonia’s government refuses to give in to external pressure to give autonomy to its ethnic Albanians, which number around 28%, denouncing Albania’s treading on the former Yugoslav state’s sovereignty. While there is a sizable minority of Albanians in Macedonia who are indeed nationalists or autonomists, most wish to remain integrated into their current home. The clandestine arming of the nationalist minority that Albania does support does not proceed as planned, as the Albanian government provided insufficient funding and arms [AP] in order to do so.



The additional investment by the Canadian government into finishing the QCI Launch Centre manages to get the job done, with it completing in late Autumn and opening a few weeks after. It is truly the crown jewel of the Canadian Space Agency, and the aerospace capabilities of Canada have been expanded considerably, not to mention the economic benefits the construction and operation of the QCI Launch Centre has brought and will continue to bring. [+2 toward growth]


Extending the Trans-Canada Highway up to Prince Rupert was no small project, but with sufficient funding from Parliament Hill it is completed largely in coincidence with the QCI Launch Centre. The extension provides a short-term boost to employment and industrial consumption, in addition to the long-term productivity boon and complement to the newly built launch platform. [+3 toward growth]


Multiple aerospace corporations, such as SpaceX and SPAR Aerospace, express an interest in launching from the QCI Launch Centre, given it is as of right now one of the most high-tech platforms in North America and perhaps the world. They offer considerable sums in order to utilise the CSA’s newly finished project. [+$40 billion to GDP]

The US Department of Defense, however, declines the Canadian offer, as they do not really have a need to pay a premium for use of foreign launch centres given the number of domestic US ones available to them.

Japan’s healthcare system was already rather high quality and comprehensive, but additional investment is always welcome. While the majority of the funds are diverted to public healthcare services, most already have what they need, and so a large portion end up in research and development for new vaccines, cures, and anti-biotics, which goes on to further improve Japan’s already excellent quality of health. [+5 toward growth]


Portuguese Republic

Continual investment into the private sector by the Portuguese government helps the Portuguese economy to grow even more. More and more domestic corporations expand their operations, and yet more foreign businesses move into Portugal to establish themselves further in the Iberian nation. If current trends go on as projected, Portugal will grow to become rather prosperous quite quickly. [+4 towards growth]


Another division of 10,000 Portuguese infantrymen roll out of bootcamp, eager to serve their fatherland in this turbulent time.



For the most part, the Australian power grid, water piping, and waste disposal systems were all fairly modernised and comprehensive. However by improving access and making those infrastructural systems more secure, prices for power and water see a small drop, especially in the more isolated areas of Australia. Waste disposal increases in expediency and cleanliness, helping sanitation somewhat. [+2 toward growth]


Australia is a prime location for solar power, possessing huge amounts of flat, arid land with a great deal of perdurable sunlight. The starting of construction of these plants does well to make Australia less dependent on nonrenewable energy as well as helping to cheapen energy in the continent nation, facilitating some minor economic growth. There is still much more that could be done with solar power in Australia, however. [+2 toward growth]


Yet more amphibious warfare specialists are recruited and inducted into the Australian Army, numbering some 5,000. Perhaps it is time for Australia to create a specialise Marine Corps allowing these troops to operate independently, rather than being fully integrated with the rest of the ground troops?


Australia’s warning is largely brushed off by the People’s Republic, to whom Australia poses no real threat. China in turn warns Australia that assisting Indonesia in a war of aggression would warrant retaliation from them.


Korean Republic

The plethora of actions taken by Seoul in the North have done well to help bring the North Koreans out of the darkness of the Kim regime, both mentally and economically. The setting up of a new university in Pyongyang will likely go on to help dejucheisation efforts in addition to allowing the North Korean economy gain more specialisation in its populace. Modern power production helps bring clean electricity to many across the North, modern machines help free up many to pursue less menial and more specialised careers or educations, and modern electronics bring the many amenities of the 21st century to people who’ve been kept in the dark for decades. South Korean industries and businesses begin building factories and offices in the North and hiring Northern employees. The economy there is still a vast distance behind the South, but the catch up process has definitely begun and more and more people there are becoming grateful for what they now see as a liberation. [ +5 toward growth]


China joins Korea in condemning the removal of Article 9 by the Japanese and implores the island nation to reinstate it, but makes no suggestion that it will make a forceful intervention right now. They will definitely keep a closer eye on the Japanese, however.


Republic of Argentina

Further investment by the government continues to benefit Argentine businesses, a greater number of workers being hired and goods being produced. The economic benefits continue to grow and it won’t be long before a tangible effect is had on Argentina’s GDP. [+3 towards growth]


The reservists manage to get drawn up without issue, as do the 20 attack aircraft, though questions arise among the media and the population as to why reservists are being brought into service.


Research into a new Argentine standard service rifle begins, and though blueprints have been produced, a great deal more money and effort will need to be invested in order to see a prototype and then a viable product.


Work on bunkers and forts across the Western Italian Alps begins, with a number of bunkers being placed in advantageous positions in the rock of the mountains. It will take considerably more work until a defensive line has been comprehensively and intensively fortified, but troops crossing over from the French side will still have a harder time right now.

The purge among the Italian officers goes moderately well. While the purgees naturally protest to the purge as stepping on their ‘illustrious’ careers, many soldiers and citizens are glad to see this military corruption and ineptitude finally being dealt with. The new military academies are a good start to getting a more professional officer corps, but they will need a greater degree of investment in order to start producing qualified and adept officers.


Work on the secret project of the Italians continues.


The attempts by the Italian government to inject anti-American sentiment into global media in places it is not already negative doesn’t bear much fruit. Compared to the USA itself and her close allies, Italy is rather lacking in soft power and so can do little to contend.

The attempts at luring Italian-Americans to their ancestral homeland are also met with a degree of inertia, as most of the families have been well-established and integrated in the States for over a century. Still, some resonance is felt and a couple dozen or so Italians, mostly poorer families, begin streaming back over the Atlantic.

Considering a lack of any United States naval forces in the Mediterranean, wary of entering through the Strait of Gibraltar, Italian defensive maneuvers would be largely focused on keeping the strait locked down in conjunction with the Spanish Navy. For now, the US Navy appears reluctant to conduct any overtly offensive maneuvers against the two naval forces, preferring a peaceful resolution to the conflict.


Republic of China

The US declines to enter into a close trading relationship with Taiwan, for concern over the Chinese seeing it as Americans going back on their word over withdrawal from the Pacific.


The stimulus package into the RoC’s light industry and high-tech is an intelligent move by Wen-Qiang, and it pays off quite well. With Taiwanese electronics being produced in greater quantity and quality, the island’s economy becomes a lot more competitive, resulting in a notable increase in its yearly productivity growth. [+5 toward growth]


Republic of Lebanon

Continuing the investment in education assists to some extent in improving Lebanon’s somewhat mediocre literacy rate and secondary education participation. There will need to be a greater degree of education investment in order to bring levels up to modern, developed standards, and more beyond that to see results similar to those in the West, but it it’s a solid start. [+1 toward growth]


The CPP coalition’s actions in government have proved very popular among many, and in the recent election the party made sizable gains. The CPP have consolidated and extended their hold on Lebanese politics, to the extent that if they wished they could eschew the support of their coalitions partners in the FPM and FM, rule alone, and still maintain a majority in Parliament, should they wish.


Growth in industry and mining is highly desirable in Lebanon, where import value vastly outstrips that of exports. The influx of more domestically produced minerals, materials, and products into the Lebanese export market does a lot to begin the amelioration of this problem, but it may take some time and much effort to see a balance. [+2 toward growth]


20 new fighters roll out onto the Lebanese airfields, considerably more advanced than anything else in the Lebanon’s Air Force thanks to British, Israeli, and Australian technical and engineering guidance.


Republic of Brazil

Assistance in Mexico proves rather effective, providing support to the struggling nation. 


The combination of subsidies for entrepreneurial industrial ventures and the cheapening of the startup of them provides sufficient impetus for prospective industrialists to begin their foray into business. A variety of Brazilian-produced goods increase in number on the world market, and many inhabitants of slums find themselves able to find work and begin the climb up the prosperity ladder. [+2 toward growth]

The Greater Republic of Congo
The polls and surveys conducted in the neighboring central african states yield little information of value. These states, embroiled in intense conflict and lacking any strong central government, cannot coherently respond to such surveys. On a more individual basis, people seem far too concerned with their self-preservation than the growth of their neighbor in Kinshasa.

The new approach instituted by N’Golo and under the direction of civilian leadership appears to work brilliantly, focusing the previously dispersed and far too widespread resources of the Congo into specific zones of need. Though not completed by the end of the year by any means, this newly found focus allows a significant amount of work to get done throughout the course of the year. Similarly, the Congolese plan to improve transportation infrastructure goes off without much issue, seeing significant improvements by the end of the year, though far from reaching a desired effect [+4 toward growth].

Improvement of the mineral exploitation of the Congo proves very profitable as Chinese state-run corporations sweep into the Congo over the course of 2022, establishing massive Coltan mines that put the people of the Congo to work with well paying, though not necessarily safe, jobs. Congolese efforts to improve diamond extraction and the acquisition of those mines by Kongamoto Diamonds also employees many otherwise unskilled Congolese, providing them with money previously unseen in Congolese society. Meanwhile, many diamond companies across the non-western world prove interested in opening mines in the Congo. [+1 toward growth][+1 bonus toward growth, Chinese employments][Encounter]

Many of the largest rebel groups accept N’Golo’s offer, however those groups led by some of the least desirable of peoples in Congolese society come together to form a more coherent resistance against the N’Golo led government. Though this group has yet to act out openly, they prepare for their opportunity to topple the N’Golo regime.

La República de Colombia
More minefields are cleared at the cost of about a dozen lives, but their deaths do not go in vain for, by the end of the year, nearly 90% of the estimated number of mines in Colombia have been identified and destroyed. A truly remarkable effort undertaken by the Galvez regime, and an admirable one.

Infrastructure in Colombia, across the board, sees significant improvement. Most of these infrastructural improvements, for the year 2021, center around reforming the area in and around Bogota, an already very modern city. Most of the slums are cleaned up and turned into more sustainable, but still low-income, housing on the model of American “projects” with sewage and power. Transportation in the capital becomes more accessible and efficient, making travel both cheaper and more convenient. Across the board, Colombia appears in very good shape [+4 toward growth].

None of the South American nations to whom Colombia reaches out request any aid at the present moment, preferring to tough it out alone for the time being.

Republic of Indonesia

The rather crafty gamble taken by the President pays off as public officials vote in favor of his anti-corruption reforms, blinded by their own corruption. Immediately after the bill's passing, several of those officials who voted for it are audited and outed on charges of corruption, though the President’s own corrupt deals are left off any official records. Slowly but surely, the Indonesian government is pulling itself away from the ineffectiveness that plagued it and closer to modern efficiency.

By the end of 2022, Jakarta sees a vast improvement in quality of life as sewage reaches the city’s poorest denizens alongside clean water. The new water purification facilities go a long way in providing every citizen with untainted drinking water, and the surplus programs also prove effective in keeping the city from going thirsty. As water becomes more abundant and accessible to the people of Jakarta, the illegal siphoning also comes to an end and the crackdown on that practice further encourages that conclusion.

Assuaged by the words of their President, the Nigerian Christian community feels largely acknowledged and at ease with the actions of the government, putting to rest any sense of unrest there.

Healthcare, a problem plaguing much of West Africa, greatly improves in Nigeria as a result of Foduye’s projects as dozens of hospitals are built or expanded. New, clean facilities act as beacons of prosperity in growing new communities and quality life in the more rural corners of Nigeria begins to increase. One issue that arises from this rapid, maybe hasty, construction of new hospitals is a lack in adequate doctors to staff all of these new facilities. As such, many sit idle as they wait for staff to man the equipment and care for patients [+4 toward growth]

ECOWAS Encounter [Skype]

New Zealand
The White Feather Project continues onwards at a relatively steady pace. Similarly, the Militia continues to grow and develop, gaining an additional 8,000 very well trained and equipped troops. Additionally, investments in the education of young Kiwis sees an increase in general literacy and aptitude across all academic fields. Though it will take some time for these to have any real consequential effects on society, it’s a step in the right direction [+1 toward growth].

China accepts the offer to trade with New Zealand.

The People's Republic of Catalonia
Immediately upon the declaration of war against the small People’s Republic, the quota desired by Catalonia is filled. More than 60,000 men volunteer, rather than being conscripted, and swell the ranks of the small Catalonian army. What these men lack in experience or training, they make up for in nationalistic zeal and they froth at the mouth to maintain the independence of their young nation. One hundred main battle tanks [what kind?] are purchased from the United States, though they would not reach Catalonia in time to be effective in fighting the Spanish in 2022.

More funding into the university produces more results as many foreigners, persuaded by the quality of the education and stability of that part of the world in comparison with the rest of the Middle East, conduct their studies in Tehran [+1 toward growth].

The Iranian Space Agency continues to receive massive investments, establishing a massive launching site by the end of the year outside of Tehran. Plans are made, in accordance with the desires of the Khomeini government, for the next decade of Iranian space innovation [+3 toward growth].

The freeways in and around Tehran receive a significant upgrade, allowing for easier access to the increasingly modern city [+1 toward growth].

The Republic of France

Education in France continues to see its standards raised as millions of dollars are poured into the lycées [+2 toward growth].

Housing in the south of France sees significant improvements and construction of new developments increases tenfold over the course of the year, providing low-income housing to thousands of new migrant families from Africa and the Middle East [+2 toward growth].

Project Napoleon progresses.

Kingdom of Spain
Resulting from a second wave in nationalism after the invasion of Catalonia, 40,000 men, double the desired number of conscripts desired by the Kingdom, volunteer to serve in the armed forces of Spain. These men would enter the new programs established with the help of Canadian officers, receiving training superior to that received by current officers in the field fighting Catalonia.
Despite war, the economy of Spain continues to rebound from the Great Recession of 2019 and growth continues at a steady pace, though fears of a prolonged war spark some instability in the markets at the end of the year [+1 toward growth].

More sanitation plants are established and clean drinking water, once a luxury, becomes more commonplace and affordable to the everyday citizen. Similarly, sanitation in the form of waste disposal proves very effective as the streets appear far cleaner than before and the general health of the public improves as a result [+5 toward growth].


Thanks to the Wrocław Accords, millions of Poles on both sides of the newly established border between Germany and Poland rise up in protest and riots, with a far greater degree of militancy on the German side. Very rapidly, this movement grows and organises, with the anger of the ceded peoples being directed at both Germany and the Polish government. The German officials who only just moved into administrative buildings in the newly acquired regions soon find themselves being ousted through means of popular revolt.


Before long, a provisional government in the ‘German territories’ has been established and a unilateral declaration issued, announcing the independence of the Wrocław Republic. The entirety of the Polish Navy defects to this new Republic, as does some 50% of the Polish Air Forces and the Polish Land Forces. While the Polish people and the government in the Wrocław Republic desire unification with their brothers in the east, they will not reunify with a government that many of them see as a mere German puppet. The USA was petitioned for a guarantee of independence, to which they responded that the US Government sought to preserve peace in Europe and desires to see a unified Poland, but recognises the concerns in Wrocław. The Vratislavians also petition the governments of the UK, France, Italy, Scandinavia, and Russia for guarantees of independence until the issue can be resolved.



Borders of the new Wrocław Republic


In the Iberian Peninsula, the initial surge of Spanish forces over the border slows as a line is established from Lleida in the North and Tortosa in the South. The fighting is brutal, and as the weather cools hundreds of Catalonian and Spanish lives have been lost. The United States, with its carriers now arriving in the Bay of Biscay near the end of the year, warn the Spanish to cease their hostilities and continue to take steps toward armistice, as they have already signalled.


Map of the World, 2022



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Communist State of Cuba





National Activity:

Public Report -

Many of the locals begin to rejoice at the introduction of a foreign economic superpower begins to flourish on the small island of Cuba. Among many other things in which the low-level civilians earn their income from, the recent introduction of resorts bring in several thousand applications to each one coming from those within the local area of each resort.


Industrial Report -

Industry stays placid for the time being. Although many begin to wonder what will come from the foreign investors that are slowly invading the Cuban coastlines, many do not bother as a very small percentage of the resorts are locally owned. Plenty of men and women continue working at their locally owned businesses, selling whatever they can to the incoming flux of tourists.


Military Report -

With the training of thousands of new recruits and the continuous training of the marines, a discovery is made upon the weaponry of the Cuban military. The issue is that the outdated rifles they are using, the AKM, is simply not reliable enough to be a standard weapon. Alternatives are considered before a deal is struck with the Austrians and the military ships in 75,000 rifles for their army.


Political Report -

Questionable actions begin to occur within parliament as President El’Suavo T’Oussaint begins to question the legitimacy of the other islands of the Greater Antilles, claiming that he wishes to reclaim the Spanish colonies of the Caribbean and restore glory to the nation islands as a whole and bring back the flowing economy that had left the Caribbean hundreds of years ago. Public speeches are made to the military, while meetings are held with the generals and admirals of each respective branch of the military.


Total Population:

13,500,000 Citizens


Population Dispersion:

Cuba -

13,500,000 Citizens


Researched Technologies:

Tech Level 1 -


Tech Level 2 -


Tech Level 3 -



Total Manpower:

Active Duty -

140,000 Active Duty

Reserves -

425,000 Reservist


Manpower Dispersion:

Army -

70,000 Active Duty

210,000 Reservist

Navy -

15,000 Active Duty

55,000 Reservist

Marines -

55,000 Active Duty

160,000 Reservist


Army Strength:

Armored -

50x Light Tanks

50x PT-76

1,180x Main Battle Tanks

800x T-55M

380x T-62M

1,900x Armored Fighting Vehicles

120x BMP-1

300x BTR-50

1,300x BTR-60

180x BTR-152

Artillery -

150x Self-Propelled Artillery

100x 2S1 Gvozdika

50x 2S3 Akatsiya

300x Towed Artillery

200x D-30

100x M-46

1,150x Anti-Aircraft Guns

650x 20mm-25mm Cannons

500x 37mm-100mm Cannons

350x SAMs

150x Mobile SAM Platforms

200x Stationary SAM Platforms


Air Power:

Combat Planes -

60x Fighter Planes

40x MiG-23

15x MiG-21

5x MiG-29

40x Attack Planes

20x Su-17

10x B-25

10x Su-25

Non-Combat Planes -

15x Transport Aircraft

10x An-26

4x Il-76

1x Il-18

25x Trainer Aircraft

25x Aero L-39

Helicopters -

10x Logistics Helicopters

10x Mi-8

5x Attack Helicopters

5x Mi-24

5x Recon Helicopters

5x Mi-2


Navy Strength:

Boats -

10x Missile Boats

10x Osa-II-Class Missile Boat

2x Corvettes

2x Pauk-Class Corvette

Ships -

2x Missile Frigates

2x Koni-Class Missile Frigate

2x Helicopter Carriers

2x Damouji-Class Helicopter Carrier

Submarines -

4x Midget Submarines

4x Delfin-Class Submarine


Trade Partners (Types of Trade):

Austria (Military/Commercial)

Argentina (Commercial)

Mexico (Commercial)

South Africa (Commercial)



Total GDP -


GDP Growth Per Turn -



AP Activity (5 Total):


Civilian -



Military -

A full shipment of 75,000 AUG A3 is received from Austria. (1 AP)


Searches begin to improve the standard issue military, ranging from implementing newer plate carriers to combat troops, and acquiring a better rifle to make standard issue instead of the AKM. (4 AP)


Research -


Edited by Quackers

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GDP: 1 Trillion(GDP increase: 20 Billion)

Economy investment: [4/10 AP]

Sofia Brandenberger sighs lightly, standing in front of large glass windows looking over the streets of Bern watching the bustling people head to their jobs or just to places they were meeting people. She had just recently finished stabilizing the Federal council under her party's control and the people were just now adjusting to the way the government was ran. Checking her phone she would nod and stretch a bit before preparing herself to speak with her party’s people. Now it was time to head into the Council room and speak with the newly arranged council about the future of Switzerland.


It had taken them a many years, their progress slow to reach this position of power in Switzerland; previous party leaders always to weak or scared to rise up and take the power of Switzerland. But now Sofia was leading and she and many of her party members had carefully planned and plotted; manipulating and making deals with a few key figures in other parties before soon she was elected Prime Minister leading the Swiss people with a council serving her. This is the same Council she was going to meet with to discuss the future of Switzerland; a modern nation known for its neutral part for many...many years.


Swinging the doors open to the Council chambers which would be filled with a low rumble of voices; she would stride to her chair before taking a seat “Let us begin” she says in a clear voice to which the rest of the Counselors nod and take their seats. “Switzerland has been the nation known for its Armed Neutrality and while I don't want to change this I fear that we must make certain arrangements to further prevent foreign aggression on our own soil.” Sofia says cutting to the chase “We must make sure our children and their children's children don't have to worry about threats from the outside; our mountains can only protect us for so long…”. Clearing her throat she would stand up “We must secure our position in Europe as a Neutral party like we have been for so long, We must form deals with Germany, France, Italy and Austria along with Liechtenstein-our neighbors to know who we should possibly worry about.” The rest of the Counselors would murmur in agreement and soon the Council Chambers would be filled with the hum of multiple voices suggesting ways to improve upon the Swiss nation.


  • The Swiss government would begin to improve upon the already great Swiss Education system; subtly improving the scientific part of education. Funding would also go into improving upon the economy. [4 AP]

  • Research in the robotics field would grow, attempting to improve upon the already established robotics for military and industrial purposes. [1 AP]

  • Trade Propositions are sent to the following: Germany, Japan, Nigeria, Congo, United StatesItaly, Austria and France along with Liechtenstein aiming to further relations and the economy.


Tech Level: Tier 3 - Modern

Total Population: 8,179,294

Active Military: 21,000

Active Air Force: 183

Armored forces:

  • Combat Tanks: 134

  • Armored Fighting Vehicles: 1,032

  • Self-Propelled Artillery: 224

Edited by Angel~
Trade stuff!

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General Events:


Journal of Sgt. Lepeo Ronaldo,

3rd Platoon, Diablo Company

January 22nd


“The fighting in Mexico city has been relentless, we’ve lost half our platoon within the first two months of fighting the cartels. My squad personally has lost two men, Ramirez and Pedrae, the remaining seven men are beginning to show duress at the situation. We’ve been deployed in the worst part of the city, the slums. The combat position we’ve set up is nothing more than a small sandbag wall on the main road with some cots inside the house behind it. The amount of times we’ve been assailed in the past week has increased to almost every six hours, I personally haven’t slept in two days and I honestly can’t even see straight, let alone fire accurately. I’ve requested for a relief unit from the Lieutenant, he hasn’t responded to me and it’s been two hours…”


    The fires of war spread panic and fear into the citizens of Mexico, the Cartels were striking back and thus were strongly posing against a Modern army due to their extensive finances. Citizens died simply for being in the street, no one was safe from the Cartel. The only safe way to traverse the Mexican roads were in an APC, even then the occasional RPG would fire towards you.


Journal of Cpl. Fernandez Sinkovitz

1st Platoon, Perro Company

August 13th


“Our platoon was the first to get hit this morning, I was on post when in the distance I saw a couple trucks driving up to our COP. I alerted Sergeant Aldi who immediately ordered the rest of the squad to prepare the SMAW and set up the automatic rifle on the wall. Within five minutes we came under heavy SPG and Dshkm fire from the Cartel rebels. Sergeant Aldi had prepared us for this situation extensively and before the enemy could truly gain fire superiority, Pvt. Sagan fired his SMAW round towards one of the five Toyota trucks igniting one in a massive explosion. The other four began to turn tail but two of them were cut down by our combined automatic fire, the two surviving trucks would have definitely learned to not mess with First platoon.”


    The Mexican military was receiving a taste of what it’s like to fight in a modern war, there was no frontline or ROE, just pure chaotic warfare. Their air force was incapable of providing support and their navy was null in the situation of land warfare… it was a disaster.. Or was it?



Population: 150,116,749 Mexican Citizens


Tech Level: Tier II

GDP: 1,040,000,000,000$

20,000,000,000 $ Per turn

6/10 for investment.

Trade Partners:




Action Points: 5


[3 AP] With the deaths of 32,000 soldiers the Mexican government quickly moves to replenish its troops by recruiting 30,000 more soldiers.


[2 AP] The purchase of the Dassault Rafale schematics from the French. (Fighter) (2 AP to Sneaky)

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Current Nation Leader

Bashar Al-Assad

Total Population


Maher Al-Assad returns home with the agreement of Iran,Pakistan,Iraq,Egypt,Syria All joining together in a alliance.

Bashar would smile warmly happy that jordan accepts the alliance as well with syria, to make things better India seeing Syria come back requests to send Help, Bashar picks up the phone and talks with India on the matter[MOD]. Bashar orders to keep up the same process that they have been doing the building and such. Bashar would read the Report on the Military from the general taking note of the general displeasure with the report and angre of it… “General, I Understand your displeasure, but I will pardon those who did not wish to enter the military in the reserves Though it will not be accepted again...but I will make a public announcement about the men who did not report for duty…” Bashar would smile and contenu  “For now i wish you to begin recruiting volunteers into the army, i think people will Join seeing the military’s help with the communities, as well as The Syrian People Know All to well with the tensions of Israel….And I trust we will get some volunteers.” Bashar would assemble a news team and make a statement

“assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, People Of Syria, I Promise to Make Syria Return to its former Glory. I have received a report on many of the reserves decided not to enter into the army and hid or fled the country. I PARDON THEM ALL! I understand why you would, But I request from the syrian people for volunteers to join the army, We Know all to well of the growing tensions of Israel as well as Lebanon, But That is not the reason i request for volunteers...We need More Men to help Make Syria Better, I Have a Plan to Make Syria The place of Knowledge,Honnur,And Strength, I WILL MAKE SYRIA THE LAND OF ORCHARDS AND SWEET FRUITS AND SMELLS AGAIN!  I request for the volunteers to Join the army as active military...There is no Forcement, But As we knew before the syrian civil war and the wars the syrian military while in times of peace, Did Community services, they kept the people safe. Inshallah Brave Men and women will join, But if you can not, I ask For the Brave and Proud People of Syria to Help Work with the Military to get things done...I also want to inform those who have not heard of the Falcon program for the young men and women, To help them keep off the streets. Long Live Syria, Long Live the Syrian Army AND LONG LIVE THE PEOPLE OF SYRIA! MAY I BE YOUR SERVANT TILL MY DEATH!” Bashar would then kneel to the camera And Salute. Bashar would Also Begin a speech to the global world

“assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, I wish to tell the world, that I Have Plans to Make the Middle East a Better Place, And I request Help For Help On Humanitarian Aid, And to send The BEST of Teachers, The Best of Researchers, And the best of doctors and the Best of every profession, I will grant citizenship and give the money needed to those who wish to come to Syria To help...Though you must be Approved By your Govt. With Proof of you being Actual people of Knowledge. I want To Give my people The opportunities to be whatever they want to be, I want to Make the middle east better...With you sending these people to help teach syrian people I can have them teach many others as well as send them to the rest of the middle east to help Make the middle east a better place...The People of the Middle east are tired of conflict and they deserve every right to Live a better life….I request any help to make the world a better place. I want to also inform that Syria Is a place where All faiths and cultures live together, No faith is treated better than the other, and Syria in all it’s history was the land of Knowledge...if you wanted to become anything you would go to Syria. It was the place of orchards, and smells of sweets. Let's make it come back. And to All those nations who disliked me in power, Do not do this For Me, DO it for the Syrian People, If you all truly want peace in this world then Help me achieve these dreams and hopes of the middle east! Thank you all, And I pray that we can make the world a better place again.”


[5AP] Rebuild Syrian cities and homes with the military and working on making everyone happy, when the army head to help use their helicopters and other equipment to help move rubble as well as use their supply trucks to bring LARGE amounts of food,blankets, and other needs, as well as set up a tent and set up soup kitchens for the people, as well as have the soldier's play and help the families and restore the feeling of family bonds between the people. The main builds are homes, shops, schools, farms, as well as playgrounds for children.(will get 1 ap from egypt as well and i plan on investing more in the next post)(Syria will then in total have 13 Ap set into rebuilding as well as the ap from egypt This Should Fix Syria COMPLETELY)


[0AP] keep the  falconry classes for young teens and families to help keep children off the streets doing drugs and to help them gain a self confidence, as well as be able to supply a small amount of food for their families. The military will be teach btw, and it will be to teach them about birds and inspire them to do great things one day. Also Supply those who want to do falconry with EVERYTHING they need as well as classes and apprenticeship to learn how to do such with their military falconry teacher.(this is to help the people content with the military and govt.)


[0AP] Gather the smartest men within the country’s military and send them to teach children, math, history and things they need for a good future (this will have the children and families grow a strong bond with the military and govt. And help keep children off the streets)


[0AP] Set Up a volunteer system and begin training volunteers


[0AP] Talk With India On Helping with Syria


[0AP] Set up soup kitchens and humanitarian aid areas all around


[0AP] Begin Setting Up A Sheep,chicken  and goat as well as alpaca farms to help youth keep off the streets and in these farms, people will be able to take a animal home after reasonable classes and begin their own farms to help feed their families and can come and do work at these farms to help bring more jobs in(btw irl there is a law where people can have animals in their backyards to be able to eat whatever they produce cuz they have that right XP)


[0AP] START A VOTE POLL from the people to see WHAT they want as Jobs, community serves, or type of jobs they want to be able to have As well as whatever they want to See Done to help them personally!.


"Syria begins playing with Iran [+1 Player Political, Military allies ]

"Syria begins playing with Iraq[+1 Political, Military allies ]

"Syria begins playing with Pakistan[+1 Political, Military allies ]

"Syria begins playing with Jordan [+1 Political, Military allies ]

"Syria begins playing with India [+1 allows small amount of troops to enter(10,000 allowed to be exact) Talking to them on helping syria with other things [MOD] ]

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Egypt After many Arguments and discussion Begin putting more effort into sending aid into Congo and Syria [ {1AP Syria} {2AP Congo} ]


After a Successful Operation The Egyptian Army Return Back to Bases and to their family.

Begin investing into economy [ {2/10AP]


As the Libyan Ambassador heads into the room, many were not so sure due to many Believe the govt has fallen by Terrorist Organization [Begin talks with Libya} [MOD]


[Deal between Russia and Egypt went with Success]


Tension between Israel and Egypt should have died down Dramatically due to No aggression has happen on either side or Intents of war for 2 years since last meeting to discuss how to fix the problem in Israel and Palestine.


[Egypt join Alliance with Iran, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan and Jordan]


[Calls USA to discuss a deal {MOD} ]


[Request trade agreement with Iraq, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Pakistan, Yemen.]


[Begin setting up poll station for the people to set up their votes on what the people want.]


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