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[RP Thread] Nightfall II

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credit Praetor for banner!

Rules, Guidelines, Addressing FAQs
- No Metagaming

- No Powergaming

- Turns Are 3 Days, meaning you have 3 days to post. First offense, I’ll let it slide. Second offense, you’re out. If you go on vacation or know you’re going to be busy w/ exams and stuff, just LET ME KNOW so we can work something out.

- Do not attempt to manipulate your numbers or be dishonest in your posts with regards to them. This will result in immediate dismissal.

- Note all technological investments and current GDP level in your posts, first offense is warning, second offense is a debuffing/negative event, third is dismissal.

- Nuclear Weapons Are Banned

- ‘Real life’ alliances and events still apply, but I’ll be somewhat flexible with allowing new, fun relationships to begin. Just nothing absurd right off the bat, RP repairing relations at least if historically you’ve been enemies (ie. US & Cuba or something).

-  “Investment” that contributes toward AP growth is an umbrella for whatever non-research, non-military kind of projects you want to conduct this is included, but not limited to:
→ Economic Development
→ Infrastructure
→ Construction/Urban Development
→ Humanitarian aid/intervention (in some cases…)
→ Space Programs (w/ non-military intent)
→ anything related to the economy in some consequential way

*Note, I may tell you that an AP value doesn’t count toward Investment. If that’s the case, since it’s rather unclear right now (11/4), I’ll allow you to re-allocate AP if you want to invest. Ie. I’m not sure if I’m going to allow ‘repairing relations with rebels’ to count toward investment in some developing countries. You’ll still need to spend AP on that stuff, just may not count toward investment. Gametime decision.

- Trade between players for Growth is capped at 1 for an extra boost

-  Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I’d prefer over Skype instead of LoTC PMs.

The World of Nightfall, 2023


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United Kingdom


5 AP

GDP- 1 Trillion

Growth This Turn- 20 Billion


Things have been very different since the 2019 market crash, and subsequent events. Many of the U.K’s former parties and leaders paid the most. They could simply not adapt the the rising modern age and massive problems. Many parties simply broke apart into smaller groups. Like little attack dogs, they all barked at each other. And through it all the Pound plummeted. Thankfully Brexit and conservative ideals meant the U.K was partially sheltered. But regardless, parliament was in turmoil.


Elizabeth had died soon after the crash, the last vestige of an old British ideal. With her death came a revolving door of Kings. As they later called it. In the moment it was sheer panic. Most history is lost and the tale of what truly happened is blurred. But in the present, King George Alexander Louis reigns at the ripe age of five. Most of the older politicians had been ousted in all this time.

As the older population died off, younger ones step into their place. But the parties and ideals had all been changed in the swirl of events leading up to now. There had been a lot of misinformation by the media, and sequestered events. What people did know was for the best however. Cutting through all these shattered policies, had first been the British Nationalist Party.


The BNP was made up mainly of young to middle aged men and women. From all spectrums, be it immigrant, Lord, or anything in between. They were a Staunchly Conservative party. However they retained many of the social liberties they grew up. In the U.K the economics have been conservative. But gay marriage, trans issues, religion and state, and many others had been solved. Mostly for the better too, the liberal ideas spreading across the Isle.


The British Nationalist Party currently holds the majority of seats in Parliament. Led by Prime Minister Hughbert Cunningham. Him and his coalition were the top members of the party. Most of them were on His Majesty’s privy council, working together. They had many other friends, and rivals to…


The United Front was made a few years after the 2019 collapse. Primarily a conservative party as well. However their ideals did somewhat clash with the leading BNP. And they did not want to see a one party parliament. And so they had splintered, gathering their own base. Minister of State Nat Billingsley and Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Jane Penny championed this party. They were more business focused, ignoring some policy issues.


There were other important parties too, all to be revealed in time. But for now these two main parties were the ones making the true calls. They had streamlines local districts, centralizing U.K power back into parliament's hands. They had solved many problems and were well on their way to paving a true British road. These parties all convened to decide their new policy



((Mod Please))

Intelligence Officer Sir Logan Moyra was sweating profusely before they even reached the desert. In the Nuclear Submarine that had carried him, he was dreadfully cold. But as that great tub surfaced, the evening heat had hit him in a wave. Him and his small team had rafted the last few miles in. Disposing of it, they went further inland. A tall, strapping man of twenty five, he was an extremely young agent. But that’s how most people were now anyway. In with the new, out with the old! As they would chant in their groups as they roamed cities.


And these new had wanted him in this rank, and in this goddamn desert. Over the next week they had slowly wound their way further and further in. Avoiding the frequent Moroccan patrols in these areas. Eventually they got to the right point, and met their contact.


In the ass of the western Sahara, Sir Logan and his men found themselves suddenly surrounded. Men had literally popped out of tunnels all around them. But of course Logan thought. It’s the only way they can fight. Making the proper greetings and protocol signs, the men lowered their weathered Ak’s. A older man wrapped head to toe beckoned Sir Moyra over, and sat. Their they shared a simple meal of rice and goat.


When the food was over, Sir Moyra coughed into his hand to begin. Wiping sweat away from his eyes, he met the man’s. “I’m an agent working for a special interest group. We are aware for decades now your people have been in open revolt against a Moroccan regime. We are also aware there have been genocides. On both sides.” Logan holds up a hand to stop the man’s protest. “We are prepared to overlook that so long as it stops. Convey to your people that if we get a firm treaty proposed to our state we will support your sovereignty”




Officially parliament seeks to restore its global connections. They are worried as they watch current events develop. Hughbert himself is heard talking about restoring some form of order. It has always been a dream to keep some ‘good neighbors’. They had thankfully found that in old Commonwealth members. The proud Canadians, and Stark Australians are celebrated as allies. Trade deals are offered to both, as U.K commerce expands. Following this U.K statesmen are sent to France. There the government is assured U.K interference is not a possible factor. They just ask for trade and a mutual defense pact to start the foundation of an alliance.


Israel is another diplomatic matter concerning the U.K. The BNP cities publicly that they can not let the great Israel western project die in Gaza. For now though they are not their to escalate the violence. They merely wish to keep Israel safe, as it seems enemy's line the gates. And following a deal the U.K will do just that.



General Arthur Eld and his entourage touched down in Jerusalem a few days after the deal. With him were a military staff and a few guards. They met with some Israeli statesmen, and had a dinner. And than for Eld, it was straight to business. Him and his staff toured the coast with Israeli guides. From there they’d pick a suitable location to make a military base/port/airfield. Troops and equipment will begin to roll in as construction begins.


The same fort construction begins in Lebanon. U.K ships will also fill up a small port, but there will mainly be ground forces here. Anything from Special forces trainers to logistics officers find themselves posted in Lebanon. Their task to assist local forces in training a true security force. The British Expeditionary Force soon finds itself called into service. Only a single division of support staff for now, but it will grow.




Right now though the U.K military had far closer and more pressing issues. Trouble had been fermenting in Ulster for months now. The secular lines between race and religion were coming to a crash. Riots were spreading, some rumored to be started by football hooligans susceptible to bribes. But it soon shot out of the cities and into the countries. It was turning ugly, family against family.


And so a state of emergency is called. Riots will likely spread over into surrounding Irish territory. The U.K home guard will be moved in to help put down the riots. Their main goal is to restore order, and end looting. Attached to them however is a very large contingent of U.K regular divisions. Alongside a large portion of the U.K navy. They are taking no risk with this rioting.



((Mod Please))

In other news the U.K GDP is being put to good use! The public is assured the majority of the nation's money will always go back into the economy. Even now, fourth/fifths of the nation’s economy is put back into ‘commerce’. The London Stock Exchange will receive a massive overhaul. It is by and large meant for the U.K. They want a place where their currency can be used to invest and make deals.


However a small portion of the GDP will be utilised for a new technology. ‘Sea Hawks’ will be the U.K’s newest drone endeavor. Modern drones as they stand in the U.K were by and large good enough. But they want a true hunter/killer in the ocean. A Drone able to navigate the ocean, and strike from very high altitudes. They will also provide surveillance for navies, making coordination far easier.


Investment into London Stock Exchange/Commerce (4 AP)

Beginning Drone Research (1 AP)

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al-Jumhūrīyah al-Lubnānīyah



Lebanese Parliament.png

Composition of the Lebanese Parliament. From the left: FPM (Free Patriotic Movement), CPP (Christian People’s Party), FM (Future Movement), BP (Ba’ath Party), SP (Socialist Progressives), SSN (Syrian Socialist National), MM (Majd Movement). The area highlighted represents the National Government.




GDP: 1 Trillion Dollars (1 Thousand Billion - growing at 30 billion/turn due to FTAs)


Action Points: 5


Leader: Abraham of Beirut (Ibrahim min Bayrut, next election: 2025)


Party: CPP in coalition with the FPM and FM


Lebanon is transforming demographically. Christian refugees (Bayrut denied the entry of Moslem ones) from across the Middle East have streamed into the country - over a million over the last 8 years and showing no signs of stopping. This is a deliberate attempt to turn the country into an ‘Israel for Christians.’ To secure the country from future unrest, the National Government proposes four bills in the Lebanese Parliament:


The Economic Stimulation and Recovery Bill - A huge programme of public works begins. This is not only to reduce unemployment and stimulate the economy but also to help integrate the refugees as citizens by putting them in work - as they are mostly Arabic-speaking and are placed near their co-religionists it is hoped they will integrate quickly. Roads, railways, gaols, schools and airports are updated or built anew. Iron ore mines and marble quarries are built. The new architectural style is uniquely Arabic and Lebanese, modelling itself on Beirut in the 1940s. Two entirely new towns are built - Huriyat Al Masih and Mukhad estimated to house some 50,000 each. [2 action points, mod]


Image result for lebanon infrastructure

One of the new streets.


The National Security Bill- “Hezbollah is a threat to our country, and has been for the last few years. They strayed from their noble aims of defending the country regardless of faith to terrorism and slaughter. Their terrorist plots threaten to unravel the very fabric of our society. Therefore we say this: we shall crack down.” Strong words from the Prime Minister, a moderate Shia known as Imran Alawiye - strong words followed, in a first for politicians, by strong action. Hezbollah and other Islamist parties are banned (They had been temporarily banned and now they are permanently), and their agents are hunted down, put in gaol, or shot. It is hoped they can crush these organisations before they become a threat.  [1 action point,mod]


The Military Review Bill- Lebanon’s regular army is 96,000 strong and is given a new commander-in-chief - reform is the agenda. It is decided that Lebanon will have a small, professional army. The army is put through a very vigourous boot camp. The army’s size is shaved to 70,000 - 26,000 of those who performed worst in the camp are made reservists. Political or religious-based promotions are very strongly discouraged - a system based on meritocracy is supposed to bring fresh standards of professionalism. The army is modeled on the British, Commonwealth, Israeli and French armies. A British-Commonwealth style regimental system and system of ranks is combined with Israeli and French methods of training and procedure. With British, French, Israeli and Commonwealth military advisors, Lebanon is sure to come out with a professional force.[1 action point,mod]


Image result for lebanese army

One of the new regiments parades before the National Flag.


The ‘Butler’ Act-A tripartite system of education is created in order to give Lebanon the most effective education system in the Middle East. Over 500 Grammar Schools (Modeled on British and French schools) are built, as well as 200 technical schools to teach children gifted in engineering,computer science and other technocratic activities. The compulsory school leaving age is raised to 16. The teaching of Lebanese Nationalism, the English and French languages, as well as Syriac and Arabic, and a traditional and rigorous education are made priorities.  [1 action point per turn over next 4,mod]

In Foreign Affairs


‘Lebanon, model thy inward greatness...for too long have we bickered with those whom we ought to be befriending.’


Reconciliation is made the priority with none other than ISRAEL. After a formal invitation for the PM of Israel to Beirut, the two nations stamped out a FREE TRADE AGREEMENT, Israeli military advisors to help develop the Lebanese army, and for Lebanon to withdraw her condemnation of the Golan Heights occupation. This has caused outrage amongst many Lebanese people.


Agreements are also stamped out with Australia, Canada, the UK and France for free trade. These Commonwealth countries also take a front-seat role in advising and developing the country's armed forces. In return, they (Except Canada) are given the right to station troops and use Lebanese ports.


Clergy of the country from all Christian denominations gather at the Syriac Catholic Church in Tripoli. Papal envoys and legates from Rome are invited; it is hoped a compromise can be struck to put Lebanese Christians under the Vatican (Whilst retaining many Syriac and Orthodox traditions), thus unifying the various denominations under a loosely Catholic banner.

                 Syriac Catholic Church, Damascus 01.jpg                      The Council of Tripoli takes place in a relatively humble church.

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1 Trillion GDP, 20 billion growth, 5 AP.


Internal Affairs (Military, Economic, etc.):

Economical: Past the 2019 Recession, President Putin and several ministers met in the President’s office to discuss an economical reform and shift in taxes, in an attempt to improve Russia’s current situation. What is decided:

-Taxes on the eastern part are raised for industry, while the farmer taxes on the east, Siberia, are increased aswell.

-Foreign investors who wish to implant factories in russian soil will have to create a partnership with a local, sharing 25% of the factory or chain of factories with the local [1 Action Point for each, Mod Please]


Military: Investments are made into technology to modernize the Navy and the Tanks & Motorized divisions\fleets in the Russian Army. 15% of current GDP. [2 AP, Mod Please]


Political: A referendum is held to decide wether elections should be held or if the current government should be kept [1 AP (Last one), Mod Pls]


(Protest in Yekaterinburg)


Foreign Affairs:

China: The Chinese Government is approached by the Russians to reform the Xangai Cooperation, that deals with Anti-Terrorism, Security and Trade. [Mod, since China is an NPC]

Kazakhstan: An ultimatum is sent to Kazakhstan to hand over the country to Russian rule, allowing them to have a certain level of authority [Whoever’s PLaying Kazakh, or Mod]

Indonesia: Approached for a trade deal.

Spain: A message is sent to the Spanish government requesting that the Spanish do not attack of put pressure in the Catalan state, claiming they are protected by Russia.

Syria: Approached by Russian officials offering aid to the Syrian government.

Chile: Approached for a trade deal.

Poland: Approached to improve relations.


(Formatting got weird, sorry)

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The Greater Republic of Congo



Joseph N’Golo frowned as he looked at the crowd through a large screen set backstage. It stretched out far into the open field and was filled with the posters of protestors and supporters alike. People jostled for space like a million ants jostled amongst themselves while working. They were all black, not a single white face stuck out amongst the crowd, he had made sure that they were turned back at the gates of the meeting by his loyalists. A small smile creased his weatherbeaten face and he glanced down one more time at the simple watch around his wrist before rising.


“It is time.” He said to the entourage of somber-looking men and women around him. His closest advisors and loyalists who had supported him from the very beginning. There stood Quisavait Maldono, the man who had led his his diplomatic efforts from the first days of their uprising, talking quietly to Gloire Denongo, the woman with a wit as hard as her body, who had somehow risen amongst the ranks and beaten his army into shape. They fell silent and turned to him as he rose. “Show the people the better path we offer, and they will throw themselves in front of a bullet for you.”


“There is a better path,” intoned his cabinet in unison, some smiling, some anxious, all prepared.


Then, Joseph N’Golo stepped out from the backstage and in front of the roaring crowd. He was dressed for the occasion, his clothes chosen to evoke exactly the emotions that he wanted. There were no western cut suits for him, or military apparel of previous warlords. No, N’Golo wore simple clothes.





Clothes of the people, not of the rulers. As he stood before the massive, roaring crowd, that crept back and forth across the fields like a gluttonous tide, he smiled once more and rose his hands high. It was said that he inspired people wherever he went, and today it was once more proven true. The flock fell silent before the shepherd.




“I hate imperialists and I detest colonialists. I am determined that our nation, shall not be the plaything of one small corner of the world.” He paused as his words reverberated through heart and air. “If you must remember a single line from the many speeches I have given, and have yet to give. Remember that. For I promise most sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, that these words are the TRUTH. That for as long as I guide you, faithful people of the Congo, they will remain the TRUTH and we will never be the toys of lesser nations. Belgium and its western allies broke our backs, so many years ago, took the hands of our men, but we have healed, and returned stronger than ever before!”


An ear-rupturing cheer tore through the crowd, thrown forth by the throats of a million hopeful souls. “This year, we will show the world why we do NOT need the white man to guide us and that we are a proud nation of Africa that can give birth to children without fear of death, drink water without fear of disease and live lives without fear of murder, war and famine! This year marks the beginning of a new era, an era where the congolese people, nay, the african people, need no longer fear the yoke of the white man, as he feeds us his scraps like a dog! This year marks our rise, the rise of the Congo, and the breaking of the chains set by the white man so long ago!”


The Congo would face many upheavals in the coming years, but N’Golo brought good change with him, and the people worshipped him despite the iron law that followed in his trail.


5 AP

GDP of $


Trade deals are cut with Nigeria, Egypt, Brazil and Indonesia. (0AP)


The Democratic Republic of Congo is renamed into the Greater Republic of Congo. The Capital, which remains in the same geographical location, is renamed to Umoja. (0AP)


Joseph N’Golo takes the title of President of the Greater Republic of Congo, to be counciled by a senat of sorts, constituted of the largest cultural groups and tribes in the GRC. His intention with this is to keep cultural identity while unifying the people to further their general well being. (0AP)


Radio, newspaper and TV begins to spread the word of N’Golo to the people, as well as a series of educational and propaganda videos and scripts. (0AP)


Congolese people in the US or EU who left for education or a better life are called back by letters usually personally written by N’Golo, asking them to return home to better their homeland and use their knowledge for the good of the Congo, and Africa as a whole. It also promises a hefty paycheck for those with very important skills. (0AP)


Some of the best Congolese diplomats and economists are sent to request talks with China’s higher functionairies. (MOD)


A massive modernization project begins that focuses majorly on infrastructure. Experts from asian countries are hired by the GRC for lucrative deals. They will aid in the restructuring of the once shattered nation. Old roads will be repaired, rebuilt and expanded. Highways will carve their way through the nation from important areas, railroads will be lain and new roads will be created. At the same time, it becomes a priority to rework sewer systems and bring clean, drinkable water to villages and cities alike.


The same goes for electricity. Power plants are built. Hospitals are built, doctors are hired to teach their knowledge. The teaching system is completely revamped into a more modern one, and school becomes mandatory in cities, while in villages, you must attend a certain amount of hours. There are so many things to do, experts to hire, schools to build and universities to reforge from the ground up. Specialists also begin to travel amongst the more backwater places of the nation to raise awareness amongst the people, and begin abolishing brutal or contrary traditions and superstitions. Industry is also reworked with fairer wages, safer working conditions and better production. The project is simply named, Project UFUFUO. The focus is on bringing the GRC out of the chaotic pit that it is in now. (4AP)




Loyalist forces root out and destroy now illegal ‘Blood Diamond’-esque operations throughout the GRC and beginning to replace them by legal, safer mines or industrial production zones, where workers receive fair wages and safer working conditions and living conditions. This is a subsidiary project of UFUFUO. (1AP)


These projects are long terms, and while many planes are outlines, they are not intended to all be accomplished within a single year.

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Current Nation Leader

Bashar Al-Assad

Total Population



It's been Three Years after the civil war in syria, with the Govt. winning its war against the terror groups and restoring peace, Syria made it to deir ezzor beating the SDF to liberate it,

Syrian govt forces was able to reach the eastern Syrian-Iraq border and managed to wipe isis out of Syria, they then taken the lower area owned by rebels and then pushed north taking back syrian area from the rebels that were backed by Turkey, Turkey seen the end of the rebels and turn sides and helped the govt. , with the recent proof of syrian rebel groups using chemical weapons, and the main stories of govt forces doing harm to families was proven false and that rebel forces put the families at gunpoint to make the claims It made sense why Turkey would Side with Govt. . with most of syria re-taken the US backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) was abandoned by the US, Do to the war was to costly in money and risking a war with the syrian govt. would have most likely started WW3, Syria and her Allies Russia, Iran, Hezbollah prepared to go and talk to SDF, but the intensity with the SDF became too great, the SDF decided to make a Move and Took deir ezzor from the Syrian Govt. With this Assad sent His Elite soldiers Syrian tiger forces, to retake deir ezzor as well as push north, with russia giving a small handful of russian modern weapons in the past they taken all their land back, But threw out the Civil  war Israel droned, and bombed Syrian govt. forces which in resulted many times in losing areas to Isis,rebel groups as well as SDF. Once the war was over and Syria Was liberated by Syrian govt. They then worked on rebuilding the war torn country and many seen Assad and the govt. as liberators, All was fine but Israel still owned the Golan Heights that was occupied by israel so many years ago. with a small tension with Syria And Israel over this as well as Syria upset with the bombings and such and funding the rebel groups which turned into isis and other terror in syria and making the war go on for so long there was a peace but still tension between the two. Now with the war over and in history of syria from the beginning of the nation being a military country and one of the largest place of knowledge in the middle east,and now with the end of the war, syria Has a well trained and experienced army with most of the soldiers from fighting isis, rebel groups, terror groups as well as a highly trained SDF and all of their air pilots and tank crews trained by the russians during the war, with the famed Tiger forces, Syria was in good hands, It is three years after the war, and most of the country has been rebuilt, and the instability calmed with the now peace and training of the police force to handle anything that may come their way. Syria Also swears to protect the Egyptian people, and began a trade agreement with the nation to help both nations. Syria also starts trade with Cuba, and Australia Syria also worked on its army and works on its economy…

as well as when Hezbollah was kicked out of Lebanon, hazbollah Joined the syrian arab army uniting the two army's 


"Syria begins playing with Egypt [+1 Player Trade Partner, Military, Economical and Political. ]

"Syria begins playing with Cuba [+1 Player Trade Partner]

"Syria begins playing with Australia  [+1 Player Trade Partner]

"Syria begins playing with Korea  [+1 Player Trade Partner]

"Syria begins playing with Russia  [+1 Player Military, Political.]

"Syria begins playing with Palestine  [+1 Player Military, and Political.]

[Phone calls Israeli president to try open up negotiation for the palestine people {via skype} ]

[Hezbollah and syrian arab army combine under syria]

[4AP] research to get into tier 3 Aircraft(MOD)

[1AP] work on economy

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7 years After Egypt's civil war and economy collapse Egypt thrive, with her economy thriving once more and her Military power returned. the people elected Maher Abdullah as their Leader from that moment as he giving his speech to the people there were already great signs of hope he promise the welfare of the people and the promise of liberation of the Palestinian people in hopes through diplomatic negotiation,but he then said “However if negotiation fail and the Israeli Regime do any aggression towards the Nation of Palestine we shall be there to defend the Palestine people and her rights! Inshallah if negotiation passes we can all celebrate, and it won't have to come to bloodshed but i know we are not afraid to shed blood if needs be, I support peace in the region but any threats to the Palestine Nation is a threat upon our country.”


[ Egypt begins playing with Syria {+1 Player Military, Economical and Political. } ]

[Egypt begin playing with Iran {+1 Player Trade Partner} ]

[Egypt begin playing with Congo {+1 Player Trade Partner} ]

[Egypt begin playing with Nigeria  {+1 Player Trade Partner} ]

[Egypt begins playing with Palestine {+1 Player Military and Political} ] 

[Phone calls Israeli president to try open up negotiation for the Palestine people {via skype} ]

[Phone calls Syrian president to discuss important matter of the state. {via skype} ]

2 [AP] Begin reconstruction and manufacture.

3 [AP] begin research for tech tier 3.[MOD]

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Deutsches Kaiserreich





5 AP

4 AP invested in Economy

1 AP invested in military operation

GDP - 1 trillion


GDP increase - 20 billion



Domestic Affairs:


The government of the German Kaiserreich is a semi-constitutional monarchy with a single chamber of parliament called the reichstag .  The country is ruled exclusively by the Kaiser with minimal oversight from the reichstag, which is subordinate to the powerful executive. With a population of 82 million, a modern military, and powerful industry, Germany stands as one of the primary powers of Europe.  


“Germany stands alone!” begins the Kaiser’s speech from the bundestag. “We have been abandoned by the United States of America, who has relinquished her commitments to her European allies.  It is now time for Europe to decide her own destiny, independent of Washington!  Germany hereby annulls the Potsdam agreement imposed on her by America, which had limited her army size, in the name of self-preservation.”


  • Wilhelm V’s speech outlined a new vision for Germany.  Increasing the military strength of the Kaiserreich would be a priority for the young Kaiser, to better protect his nation and its allies from the troublesome climate of the world. As a beginning gesture, he would introduce a media program to encourage patriotism and military service as well as introducing a rearmament program. (1 AP invested, MOD)

  • For the economy, the Kaiser sought to implement a series of public works programs to alleviate the effects of the recession and stimulate the German economy.  (4/10  AP invested)

  • To revive a stagnant birth rate, the Kaiser has announced a new subsidy for children to encourage population growth. (MOD)


Foreign Affairs


The Kaiserreich formally extends a hand to her western European neighbors and other nations of interest for mutual cooperation.  (Diplomats are sent to Canada, France, South Africa, and Ca-tal-oni-a[Trade agreement was retracted and the slot is changed to Iran] to discuss a trade agreement.)  


"The German people have for too long stood disunited in the face of common problems!", the Kaiser roared, "It is believed that our future lies alongside our brethren, and for this reason the Kaissereich hereby offers its protection to all Germanic nations in the name of brotherhood and solidarity between the Germanic peoples during this period of global strife."   


      As dictated in the Kaiser's speech, delegates are sent to the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, and Austria to discuss possible ties.  (MOD)


"The good Germans of Poland suffer within the confines of Silesia and Prussia, lands taken from the Reich long ago. They call out to the fatherland for protection, for guidance once more.  The time has come for Germany to tend to her people abroad once again, "  the Kaiser would announce in a secret cabinet meeting after his initial speech in the Reichstag.  He would turn with a look of determination to his ministers. "Make preparations for a special envoy to meet with the Polish government to discuss terms for a return of the eastern border to its former state in 1914, before the weltkrieg. We must retake what is ours, at any cost.


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General Events:


Vivian Del Poro stepped out on the stage greeted by millions of ecstatically cheering mexican people. He had been elected with 78% of the votes over his opponent, Brendan Boscova, the man was seen as someone with no backbone as he mumbled over the mic and could barely bring up valid answers to any debate. Vivian was born and raised in Mexico city, he was a lucky kid growing up as his father was a senator, despite being one of the rich kids he saw how much the mexican environment was changing for the worse both geographically and morally. He used to sit and watch out on his balcony the smogged filled sky, the crime in the streets and worst of all the occasional murder. When Vivian turned sixteen he was victim to watching his mother be shot right in front of him, he then ruthlessly fought for the gun and beat the man to death crushing his head in with his shoe. This day forever changed Vivian, he had no sympathy for criminals and as such he would set out to end the crime in Mexico and restore its economy.


Within the first few weeks of being president Vivian would cut spending on many projects and pointless organizations, this funding would then go into businesses and the military. The large patrol fleet of 131 ships would also be downsized to 60 vessels, this would hopefully bring more funds into the police forces of Mexico. Laws would be changed to better fit the current political atmosphere with a large focus on drug usage and firearms. Vivian would also order for a crackdown on corruption, if you are caught working against the state for your own intention you would be given life imprisonment. These radical steps would helpfully improve the atmosphere in Mexico, while the effects would not be immediate over time they will eventually show results.



Population: 123,166,749 Mexican Citizens

Military: 380,000 Total Personnel

Marines: 45,000 Soldiers

Army: 225,000 Soldiers

Navy: 56,000 Soldiers

Air force: 50,000 Soldiers


Planes: 452 Aircraft

IFV’s: 695

SPA: 12

Towed Arty: 375

Navy: 9 Vessels



Tech Level: Tier II

GDP: 1,000,000,000,000$

20,000,000,000 $ Per turn

3/10 for investment.

Action Points: 5

[1 AP] The increased funding into the Police state, establishment of more checkpoints, new tactics on searching vehicles, increased police power to help combat the flow of drugs. The Employment of armed forces such as the army and navy would be used to augment the police and destroy cartel headquarters. The money for this radical change in tactics would come from the downsizing of  the patrol fleet and decreased spending on pointless programs.


[3/10 AP] Investment into the economy for increase GDP


[1 AP] The Mexican military is using outdated equipment and the wear and tear is starting to show. Research would begin in earnest on a unique and effective series of firearms. Weapons ranging from pistols to light machine guns would be tested. The main requirements of these are listed as such.

  • 7.62 Ammunition for rifles up, 9mm for Pistols to Submachine Guns

  • Assault Rifle, Pistol, Light Machine Gun, and a Submachine gun

  • Compact and affordable also very reliable in all weather conditions.

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The Republic of Chile





Domestic affairs


Augusto Leigh, a descendant of one of the Junta of old that seized power from the traitor Salvador Allende was elected to the office of President along with taking a large congressional majority for the new Pinochetist movement within Chile. Bringing Chile back an era of prosperity and ensuring the Socialist or Communist shackles will never attempt to take hold of the great Republic. The President himself addresses the nation during his inauguration 


"To the Republic of Chile! I am proud to say you have chosen me to lead our glorious Republic, our beacon of prosperity in South America is like no other Country within our region. We do not suffer from Rebellion, insurrection or dissent like our neighbors. We did not shill to the Narcos like our Bolivian neighbors nor did we seize the rightful property of our citizenry like the criminal who sits in the Bolivian Presidential office. I promise to you, the people that I will protect your rights and ensure that our prosperity is spread across South America through the wonders of trade and our ever growing economy. From this day forth we will no longer allow the Socialist revisionists who revere Allende to try and bismerch the name of our Countries savior, the patriot known to us as Augusto Pinochet, the General and President of Chile. We will remember the sacrifice between loyalty to a President and Loyalty to the People he made to ensure we did not become the Client State of the Castro's."


Revisions to history and pro-Pinochet propaganda would begin to spread across Chile. Painting him a savior of the nation, that he brought the economy back from the brink of total collapse and defeated Allende's paramilitaries who attempted to seize the Country for the Castro's in the 70's. The Socialist Party itself is allowed to operate, at this point in time it is largely a minor party and the Pinochetist Party would point out consistently Allende attempted to destroy the constitution and congress. 


Diplomatic affairs


Trade would be struck up with many Countries, from Canada, to Brazil, to Japan and The Greater Kongo Republic. Allowing Chile to have access to advance manufacturing and large amounts of natural resources. 


The Bolivians would be sent a diplomatic missive. It would request that the Bolivians stop the manufacture of coca plants and take action against the distribution of narcotics. (Mod)


Action Points


The Chilean Government would invest heavily in its Private Industry sector, seeking to create new possibilities in regards to arms manufacturing, the tech industry and services (4AP)


The Chilean Government would covertly use its special forces to set up a border attack on the Chilean-Bolivian Border to make it look like the Narcotics based Cartels in Bolivia are responsible (1AP)


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The People's Republic of Catalonia


GDP: 1 Trillion Dollars

Growth: 20 billion

Action Points: 5


Internal Affairs:


4 years since Catalonia first declared independence, the small nation has gotten off to a rocky start. As the new leaders quickly realised, communism had actually been tried before. And it was failing badly yet again, with the economy in ruins. Nevertheless, Dan the Catalan was not about to change course or accept that he was wrong. He would fix this economy and form the perfect socialist state, but first he had war to think of.


Spain had never been happy about letting Catalonia go, having been forced into it by its neighbours and a fear of civil war. And in recent years the greatest power of the Iberian peninsula had been building its army as nationalist sentiment increased. Catalonia would not survive a war with Spain in its current state, its military had to be expanded massively - and rapidly.


  • Therefore, the Catalonian government immediately ordered the conscription and training 30,000 new infantry and the purchase of 150 towed artillery guns. (4 AP invested)
  • They also funded a public works project, creating work for Catalonians in repairing the crumbling infrastructure of the region. Purely to stop the starving peasants from just welcoming the Spaniards in open arms. (1 AP invested)


Foreign Affairs:


Catalonia would send offers for trade to the following countries:

  • Canada
  • Germany (accepting the offer Germany already sent)
  • South Africa
  • Portugal


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Statsminister Gustaf Henriksson

Population: 15,257,685

GDP: 1 Trillion Dollars

Growth: 20 billion

Action Points: 5


Scandinavia had been on the beaten path of the west. Norway had been part of Nato, and had US bases on its soil. They had not been a part of the EU, but been forced into following their laws so that they would not be embargoed by the rest of EU.
Sweden, part of the EU, had slowly been giving more and more of its governing power to the inept officials in Brussels, and the people had grown feelings of resentment against the so called "Mainlanders". 
Following the formation of Scandinavia both Sweden's and Norway's memberships and deals with the EU got cancelled, as per EU regulations. But Scandinavia did not come back to the negotiations table as was expected.

The Norwegians and the Swedes had grown tired of the federalisation of Europe, and they were tired of Nato. For ages Norway and Sweden had been attempting to further peace with its neighbours, but with the growing influence of America found themselves forced to cooperate or find it harder to export their goods. 

With American influence waning all across the world, Scandinavia took the opportunity to oust the American Army from their lands. 



Foreign Relations: 
The Scandinavians, now in control of their peninsula, sent envoys to Russia and Great Britain seeking trade deals and closer diplomatic ties. Scandinavia, not all too thrilled about German expansionist ideas, sends their well wishes and regards to the German Kaiser though politely refuses any mutual cooperation for now. 
They also extend a diplomatic hand to Denmark to gage the danish populations willingness to eventually perhaps join Scandinavia (MOD)




Scandinavia invests heavily on technological advancements surrounding Nuclear fission/fusion power, using the worlds second largest unused uranium deposit as fuel (http://www.world-nuclear-news.org/ENF-Swedish_resource_worlds_second_largest-2308128.html),
but also looking into alternative fuels such as Thorium.

They invest in the startup of food and military/tech production, beginning with subsidising farmers and expanding already existing Iron, Copper, Gold and Tungsten mines. The idea being that in the future be self-sufficient on food production, and having resources ready for future industrial improvements.



Edited by Algoda

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Kingdom of Spain



GDP: $1 trillion

Growth: $20 billion

AP: 5


King Felipe IV stepped out onto a balcony of the Palace of Zarzuela, taking in the view and the fresh air. Beneath him in the plaza stood hundreds of people, tourists, media, and loving countrymen alike. The roars, the cheers of his people, crying out to him. This must be what the kings before him felt, and he loved it. Cameras flashed, people cried out to get the King’s attention, and the crowd surged towards the balcony with the hope of getting a better view of the royal figure. With a quick wave, and at the behest of his security guard, Felipe entered back into the safety of his chambers, and hurried to a meeting of his privy council.


As he entered the room, the members of the council stood, all of whom he quickly ordered at ease. His Marshal, General Fernando Martinez spoke first.

"Your Majesty, in accordance with your orders, I have seen to the mobilization of troops on our eastern border with Catalonia, as well as an increased number of patrols along the Portuguese border."

Very good, General. Are the men ready?"

"We will strike on your command, sire."


"Do it."


The general rose then and, with a quick bow, hurried out of the room. The King then turned to the rest of his privy council, and discussed the happenings of the world with them.


Catalonian War

With the full intent of reclaiming the lost Catalonian provinces, Felipe had ordered the mobilization of nearly 40,000 soldiers and 100 tanks along the western border, forming a battle line stretching from the town of Fraga to the coast. As soon as he gave the order, the line would move forward, with assaults held on the ancient city of Lleida, as well as the port town of Sant Carles de la Rapita. (MOD please)




In addition, airplanes would fly over cities and towns, dropping fliers in order to gain the attention of Spanish sympathisers, those who were opposed to Catalonian independence back in 2017. The hope was that these men would disrupt army movements through traps, or even stage ambushes against the Catalonians, to do as much damage as possible. (MOD please)



- To Russia’s ultimatum, the Kingdom sends a quick letter of denial.

- Diplomats with trade deals would be sent to the countries of Nigeria, Korea, Iran, and Israel.

- A diplomat would also be sent to the court of the German Emperor.

- Work would begin on improving officer schools and training programs to better prepare the young men of the Kingdom, as well as reorganization of the armed forces to better allow high command to maintain discipline and order. (2 AP)

- Spain would begin to invest in its economy, intending to grow its GDP. (3/10 AP)


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Deutsches Kaiserreich



 - November 8th 2021 -




Kaiser Wilhelm would emerge from the halls of the Reichstag to speak before the members of the press.  He would begin, "The crisis in Iberia is one of great concern to the Kaiserreich.  It has a great potential to escalate into a conflict hence unrivaled in the 21st century.  For the protection of German enterprises, lives, and the desire to stay neutral in this conflict, Germany hereby retracts its trade agreement with Catalonia.  Such an agreement may be resumed post-conflict. 


In an effort to divert our interests, we instead offer a trade agreement to Iran, in the hopes that a mutually beneficial relationship can be established."



- = - 





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South Africa




GDP: 1 trillion USD

Increase this turn: $20B USD


With the decline of the United States government, things for the relatively young South African republic did not bode well. A majority of the country’s trade relied on the success of the United States, and every South African knew that. However, the leaders of the republic rode the waves of the decline- 2001, 2008, and finally 2019. An election year- long predicted as the most crucial year in the history of South Africa. The National Assembly elections revealed the sentiment of the people- the long standing, first non-apartheid ruling party was overthrown in a landslide. A new party known as the Patriot Party of South Africa (PPSA)gained a majority of seats, leaving the ANC in the dust. Soon after followed the President, Theto Isaacs. The young, charismatic leader of the PPSA was now also the leader of the shining example of African Democracy.


The PPSA seized governmental power on the promises of a truly economic independent South Africa, quality public education for all peoples, and a plethora of public works to improve the overall standard of living. They had results to prove their commitment to the cause- a series of PPSA provincial leaders had brought forth genuine reform on a smaller scale, succeeding in all but eliminating racial tensions in their provinces. This was all before 2019- before the recession.



With his newfound power in the National Assembly, President Isaacs did not waste time in bringing PPSA policy to Pretoria. The diplomat from Germany was well received, and free trade was soon negotiated between the two countries. (+$10B per turn) Diplomats are dispatched soon after to Chile and Israel to discuss similar agreements to that which was reached with the Germans.


Internal Affairs:

A majority of the countries resources are soon poured inwards to the means of repairing the economy. Several concerns are addressed- the inefficiency of South African mining operations, the education system, the infrastructure of the country,and the poverty levels. The following reforms are enacted

  • Improved policy and training are introduced to the existing mines. Scans of the country are contracted to discover untapped sources of material wealth, with plans being developed for how to best utilize them. (2 AP)

  • Grammar schools are constructed across the country, especially in poverty-stricken areas where there is little formal education and skill specialization. Reforms are enacted across the board, uniforming all school’s available resources regardless of the wealth of the surrounding area. A program of “school-choice” is introduced, offering school-age children access to government funding to attend private schools that exist already in their areas (South African private school is considered a large market). Regulation is passed that put a ceiling on the tuition of these private schools with the reasoning that the lost income will be made up by the increased attendance of more students due to government funding. (2 AP)

  • Survey teams are sent across the nation to investigate the state of general infrastructure, like roads, bridges, etc. Minor construction is begun closest to the large cities to repair damage, slowly extending outward to the countryside. (1 AP)



  • ⅝ AP devoted to investment. (8 needed due to region buff)

  • Free-trade offers are sent to Chile and Israel.

  • Free-trade is established between South Africa and Germany.


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