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Event Team November Update

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With the beginning of a new month comes the onslaught of staff team update posts. There’s lots of information to discuss, so we’ll jump right into it.


ET Purge & Activity


No, there is not another ET purge coming anytime soon. While a highly debated, and heated, topic at the time, the purge has proven to be a resounding success.


Although the team was forced to reboot over a week into November (and cut down to less than half the previous amount), nearly twice as many events took place. Skylez goes into this in further detail, but the amount of work our team did was simply amazing and I need to give them their credit. Awesome job.



Proactive vs Reactive Activity Checks


In an attempt to prune the roster of inactive members while encouraging active members to continue their hard work, management has taken a proactive approach and replaced the reactive activity checks of old.


Previously, logs were looked over at the end of the month. If an individual was found to be lackluster, they’d have their talk/warning and given another month to tow the line. After a second month of inactivity, they were removed.


This was found to promote laziness throughout the month and ensure that a flood of smaller and lackluster events took place at the end of the month. Or, an individual would slack for an entire month knowing they had a second month to make changes, simply sitting on PEX and a slot in a team that’s meant to be active.


Now, the management team meets with members twice a month (15th and 30th) and looks at logs together. Much like progress reports/interim reports in a school setting, we sit with our members to ensure they are on track for a successful month and see if there’s anything we, as management, can do to make their events better. Individuals that seem to be struggling are spoken to, receiving their warning earlier on and then reevaluated on the 30th.


We felt that this would cull the herd of inactive members quicker(30 days faster) and ensure our members are receiving any assistance we can give them. With the results from this month, we feel this system was a success and look forward to see how it continues forward.



Transition Event


New map means transition event. This brings excitement to some and a sigh to others.


We get it. Transition events aren’t for everyone.


We’ve taken the input from player base and staff alike to try and find a happy medium. Skylez will be going into more detail about it in his section, along with the transition event post itself.


However, know that you are not forced to partake in the event should you choose to opt out of it.


6.0 and Krugsmas


The team is(and has been) in talks with LT to ensure there are numerous events and stories to discover upon the shores of Atlas.


Be on the lookout for region specific events, region specific creatures, and several dungeons that you can interact with to discover the history of Atlas.


While we know a lot of attention is going towards the transition and 6.0, we haven’t forgotten about Krugsmas. Ideas are being tossed about in management chat to ensure it brings everyone some fun during the holidays.





As one month closes, another opens. Which means applications are open once more for both actors and builders. We will be recruiting more than normal, with the workload of 6.0 and Krugsmas hitting us at the same time. This may not mean a permanent position on the team, but more like seasonal work. However, if you’re a good team member, it may be one!


If you have questions about actors feel free to send Skylez1 a message. If you have questions about builders feel free to send SeventhCircle a message.

And with that, let me pass this update to my managers who will go into greater detail about their specific teams.








ET Actor Manager here!


My job roughly entails selecting and training new Actors, conducting check ins on the 15th and 30th of each month, reviewing logged events as well evaluating members, I could go on and on, yet I’ll keep this short.


Actor Roster












This Month:

Beginning our count on the 12th of November (right after the ET purge) there has been 60 events logged.

I’m very proud of the Actors for such a high number despite the hiccup we experienced in the beginning of the month.


Rough Statistics:

70% of events logged this month were performed on Tahn.

19% of the events logged where hosted on Ceru.

Lastly, 11% of the events logged were on Asul.




Gold Star Award

And the most active actor award goes to......



This guy!


Congrats, papa_liam!


One of the newest recruits, his passion for events shows no bounds. Always willing to lend a hand and jump into a situation to give some fun events to the players. He makes his rounds, hitting up numerous settlements such as Krugmar, Sutica, Fort Lumen, Santegia, and Jorenheim!


If you see him around, give him a pat on the back for a job well done!


Prominent Event Lines:


Mordskov - Tahn




Mordskov can roughly be compared to ‘the Zone’ in the STALKER series of games: a thanhium-ridden wasteland of mutants, men, and supernatural occurrences.

Lead by: Oncenoeda



War for Ceru - Ceru



A circle of seemingly corrupted Druids emerges from the forest with the destruction of Ceru as their goal. Their reasoning seems to be a mystery, but as their numbers fall, more of their story and their desire to shatter the "Heart of Ceru" becomes more clear.

Lead by: Squirtgun




The Tomb of Vaz'Karell - Tahn





A lone mercenary seeks aid after his company is wiped out, delving in a forgotten tomb. He recruits a group to aid him in avenging his fallen comrades and assaulting the Tomb of Vaz'Karell. In order to do such they must seek out four keys of power from various sites scattered across the lands, so that they may open the door that protects the tomb and finally put down the evil that rests within.

Lead by: White_Wolf



The Memory of Atlas - Tahn



What would you do if everyone you ever loved suddenly.....forgot you existed? Their blank stares as you approach them, their confused looks as you move to embrace them, and disbelief being your only gift from them. Who, or what, caused this to you? Your only memory, foggy and unclear at that, being of a brilliant lightning storm and a dagger of some strange origin...

Lead by: Torkoal_Tom




Currently Actors are working to wrap up active event lines so as to ensure ends are tied and we all go into Atlas with a clean slate.


Next Month:


Looking forward to December we the team is preparing the events that will lead up to Atlas, more on that coming very soon. Our goal is to integrate bits and pieces of the proverbial keys to 6.0 in concurrent event lines, rather than spring up something entirely new and foreign to the community.


We are looking for new members for the ET, so get your applications in soon if you would like a chance to be a part of the team!


See you around,








Greetings from the ET Builders!


Over the past half a month or so, since major changes took place, we've made some amazing builds.


This includes both event builds and 6.0.


But before we get into admiring some of the builds, let's get the introductions over with. Let's welcome...


Builder Roster








Now, with the introductions of our current Build Team out of the way, I'd like to showcase some our work!


Tomb of Vaz'karell





Created by: drfate786, Starfelt, and Asimulum



The team was able to complete six builds this month. While that seems like a small number, this wasn't a full month and Thansgiving for Americans occupied some time. However, all six builds were rather large builds. Plus, many of the builders are currently focusing on 6.0 to ensure it's timely, and stunning, release!



Gold Star Reward

Finally, a shout out to the best performing builder this month:




Congrats to drfate786!

His proactive mindset and positive attitude in the Builder chat is a welcome addition. His creativity and design when it comes to creatures is impressive, creating basilisks, krakens, minotaurs, and more. I'm sure you'll be challenged by one of his creations soon enough as you traverse Atlas!








With Atlas nearing and Krugsmas following close being, we're always looking for builders! If you're interested, put an application up!


That's all for now!



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Well done, I was a skeptic at the new wipe but it's clear you've all got your ducks in a row. I was wrong.

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This is the most proactive I've seen the Event Team during my entire time on the server asides from Kai's team. Excellent job, keep up the good work, I rest assured knowing the story is in good hands. I had my doubts, but those have been lain to rest. 

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Magnificent work! I've honestly been surprised myself with the quality and magnitude of events as of recent. I makes me all the more excited to see what Atlas will have in store. Keep on trucking.

Edited by ThatGuy_777

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2 minutes ago, ThatGuy_777 said:

Magnificent work! I've honestly been surprised myself with the quality of events as of recent. I makes me all the more excited to see what Atlas will have in store. Keep on trucking.



Oh don't worry, we still have a lot in store for 5.0. Look forward to it. :)

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Pleasantly surprised.


Gold star sticker for you guys!


We just need more Aussie events. Poor ol Australia

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2 hours ago, Jaeden said:

We just need more Aussie events. Poor ol Australia

I thought this new ET would be well, ****. But these events seem to be of high quality so a nice surprise

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2 hours ago, Jaeden said:

We just need more Aussie events. Poor ol Australia



I'll try provide more events for this timezone more often.

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Impressive as hell, I must say. Good on you, ET. I haven't been this happy with the team in... A very very long time. You're all doing great, and I'm excited to see what the future holds. 

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