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PSA Vault Closing Date

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Vault Closing Date

Hey guys,

Our time on the Isles of Axios is coming to a halt. Just making a quick announcement to clarify that vaults will be closing on the 14th of December when we board the boats heading to Atlas. This means that you should have items you want to keep from your inventories and ender chest stored away within the next 4 days, as they will both be wiped. Remember to place a modreq in-game if you still need your role-play items signed.

Here’s more information on the vault system, if you missed the thread previously:

We apologize to those who thought they had more time. If there are any issues that arise from this after we arrive on 6.0, please contact a member of the Administration Team. Excited to see you all in the realm of Atlas the 16th of December!


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I need to schedule an appointment with one of the vault techs to get one of my trophies signed as an rp item. I was supposed to get cloaked to sign it for the enderchest but we're never on at the same time.

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If vault tec would release FEV virus on Norland id be very grateful.

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