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[✗] [Magic Lore] Soul Augmentation.

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  • This magic requires a separate MA from Soul Puppetry.
  • This magic takes up a teaching slot.
  • This is a teacher-locked magic.
  • It follows all current red-lines of soul puppetry unless specified otherwise.
  • A google document will be up to keep track of how much Élan collected.



Soul Augmentation


Written By:

ttwesten / Evocress


Soul Augmentation is an application to manipulate soul essence also known as Élan collected from the art of soul puppetry puppets bound and connected. This Élan is then manipulated into tangible energy when fermented inside constructed containers, the Élan once correctly collected and fermented are then able to bind several curses or boons to objects submerged within it.


How it works

The magic operates through corporation of soul puppetry being it’s second hand, Élan is created through the bridge between the caster and the individual bound from a puppet passively accumulating energy from siphoning from the two and storing it within the puppet, the bridge. From this Élan can be created into a tangible force of energy which is able to be utilized, however to get to this stage you’ll be required to go through three steps; Collection, Preparation and Activation.



The collection stage works with the puppet itself as what was described above with harvesting potential soul essence from within the core between both connected individuals. The rate of collecting this energy would be slow and unable to be boostered into accumulating it more effectively as it takes a certain percentage from the individual(s) bound from the link over the course of it’s duration. The Élan would only gather more energy at an effective rate if one would succumb to death, trapping an abundance of Élan inside of the puppets core from either individual bound.


The process of Élan being stored would be at a minuscule amount unable to be noticed by the individual(s) bound. The exception to this being if multiple puppets are at use which’ll be felt by the holder of these puppets draining themselves at a steady rate in a vise-versa if multiple puppets are connected to the same individual they’ll also feel a steady drain effect upon them.


  • One Day: 1 Élan.

  • One Week: 7 Élan.

  • One Month: 28 Élan


If one would fall victim to death while connected, the puppet would accumulate One Day worth of Élan being; 1 Élan. If the death was a PK, you'll get a whole week work of Élan being; 7 Élan.




Once the Élan has been collected the second stage it is required to go through is storage which gives the energy time to ferment and become tangible. The storage container itself being made from the puppet itself, deconstructed to find the expired biological blueprint used to first bind the individual(s) connected. From deconstructing the puppet you are to reconstruct it into a container enwrapping the biological blueprint around the shell so that the Élan is unable to escape, if in the case of the biological blueprint being gathered through the spell soul concordat you’re required to have it entrapped inside the shell.


As the container has been constructed the Élan gathered would be unable to escape, leaving it to rest and ferment down towards a liquid base structure. Although not instant it’ll take time for all the Élan to reconstruct itself into a more liquid form, this process would take exactly an elven week to ferment correctly. When the Élan is fully fermented the container is no longer required and you’re able to remove the fermented Élan. It’ll pour out similar to liquid nitrogen having a misty appearance towards it. If you would run your hand through the liquid you’ll soon realize it has no feeling or resistance towards it, the liquid moving around your hand as one would expect however have no pressure against you, holding the liquid would appear to have no sense of weight towards it, the liquid acting more like air. If the fermented or activated liquid is met with any other liquid to overpower it, the Élan will cease to exist churning out of existence. A single piece of Élan is comprised of 1L of normal liquid.





The Activation is the last stage of the progression one has to go into before applying the use of Élan. For this activation one is required to get the previous fermented soul essence and release some of their own magical energy into the pool of liquid and applying forced pressure with manipulating the fermented Élan into conjoining with your own direct energy to accept it’s embrace once overpowering the liquid with your energy it’ll begin to radiate the colour of the users aura fully commencing the activation progress. Once activated the substance would gain a new property of decomposure. Organic substances near or on direct touch will begin to have the liquid attracted towards them and crawl over the skin if touched. If the liquid remains upon the user for a certain time the Élan will tether itself towards the being and giving them a curse that’ll erode the organic substance giving them an everlasting curse till healed by a specific mage of the rotting composure. If the user would fall to this curse after a single day of it being afflicted, the connection will snap back towards the activated Élan taking a single day of Élan energy and skipping all stages activating it. If the user is fully submerged however, the liquid will tether itself to any individual with a soul blueprint and the curse will take five elven minutes to fully enact on the user.

This tether however will only work on those individuals with a soul blueprint.







With the now activated Élan, one is able to finally manipulate the liquid into binding it within objects giving them a unique style of curse or boon attached to them by substituting some of the liquid into coating the object. Once the object has been correctly coated once is able to apply the knowledge they’ve gained from soul puppetry into creating curses or boons and bind it to the object choosing three modes of curse effects being radial, touch or lingering.

Radial augments having a limit of 3 blocks around themselves, however if an enclosed room have all been set as a radial curse on each wall, roof and floor it’ll entrap the whole area with the curse/boon effect.

Touch augments limit the user to only activating the curse/boon attached upon touch. However they have a quicker application of the curse/boon on the individual. (By one emote).

Lingering augments have a unique property that they’re able to bind with the two above augmentations giving the curse/boon a lingering effect even when not within the radius of the curse/boon. If you don’t place this augment with any other, it’ll directly affect the object imbuing itself inside of it for anyone that’ll break it or investigate it within magical means get the curse/boon.

Each stage of curse/boon and augment attached however take a set amount of Élan attached to it, a graph of it being presented below.

  • Tier 1: 10 Élan.

  • Tier 2: 20 Élan.

  • Tier 3: 30 Élan.

  • Tier 4: 40 Élan

  • Tier 5: 50 Élan

One augmentation is allowed by default, however having the additional lingering augment will require the user to spend an additional 10 Élan. The curse/boon attached to the object however taking a bit longer to enact on the individual then a mage being an extra two emotes to naturally cast the selected curse/boon placed upon the individual(s) affected. If the user decides to place an extra curse/boon attached however, they’re required to repeat this process of Élan required to attach the curse/boon.

Depending on the size of the object would have the outcome if the curse/boon is able to be successfully attached to the object. If an object is too small to store the abundance of curses/boons attached or the curse/boon is too powerful to attach to the object the item itself will shatter destroying all the Élan used. An example would be applying a T5 curse/boon into a small ring.

Any object however that would inflict death or physically changing the person into a material will however require an object the size of one foot in any diameter (Eg: Gauntlet).

These augmentations with attaches curses/boons will last indefinitely until the object has been broken. Due to this flaw, the object has a boost in resilience against most attacks, physical brawn only being the thing to fully break the object.


The art of the augment can also be applied to eatables and liquid specifically for ingestion, these type of augments wouldn't have the extra resilience. 

It one would drain all the Élan from the object, it’ll lay dormant until it can collect more to restart the augment. Although comes a similar effect to those around areas protected from the augment working, such as when one resides within a Brazier a connection cannot be made towards any newcomer and cease working.









Contracts follow a similar design to how they’re presented in common day, however written differently. The contract itself needs to be grafted from the hide of an organic being entrapping some of its Élan inside the skin, next would be the ink. The ink required would be activated soul essence into providing a demise or blessing upon the individual bound. The Élan ink used for this regard only has the power to decide such as it’ll work with only willing souls that attach themselves into signing a signature upon the contract sealing whatever deal set. However due to the soul having to consent no magical influence can assist as the ink will not work with a tainted soul.

The contract works purely due to the individuals will, they push part of the own energy, be it emotional or forced into the quill as the Élan will soak it up binding whoever would sign to the current written words on the contract. One will know however, once a signature is signed on the page the contract will be set into a frozen state unable to be edited and tethering itself to all individuals bound. If one would break the contracts rules would face the punishment of the set curse or boon attached.

The set curse/boon will last a certain duration of a single hour, unless specified correctly upon the contract the duration if it’ll cross bloodlines or until (MC)death. It should be noted that the curse of death is disallowed upon the contract.

Due to how the contract is formed, offering no sense of escape the only way to fully break your bond from the contract would be to destroy it. No one else has the ability to remove this tether attached directly to your soul, not even deities hold that blessing as you consented towards what’s written. If the rules of the contract have been broken and you’re left stuck with the curse or boon you’re also at false hope. The effect would be unable to be deterred or healed, only postponed by other means of magic which is able to seduce such an effect, these contracts can be bound to any individual soul misplaced in other realms or not, even while under barriers that protect the soul (such as a Brazier).

Due to the potential of these contracts being everlasting they’re required to have an abundance of Élan, due to the amount of potential a set amount is required for how long the curse/boon will last set below;


  • <12 hours: 10 Élan

  • One Day: 20 Élan.

  • One Week: 50 Élan.

  • One Month: 100 Élan.

  • Lifetime: 150 Élan

  • Bloodlines: 200 Élan.


With to the demand that these contracts are required to hold, they’re needed to be posted on the forums or have any other official documentation so no party can decide to neglect to go back on consequences which they signed up for.

  • The bloodline contract will only affect any future children born within the bloodline.
  • Lifetime and bloodline contracts would require MT approval.
  • If one would make a contract that would bind someone to acquire a magical resource such as magic, you are unable to bind the person to a Lifetime and or Bloodline contract, having to do monthly deals and be moderated by the MT.

Contract Examples:

Liar contract:
The most basic contract made, these contracts would simply inquire the user to speak the truth. If any individual that has signed the contract speaks a lie, the user would be designated to act out the consequence written as punishment.

Timed contract:
A contract that is based on time, having a set duration once the first signature has been signed upon the contract. Once the duration of time has ran-out the contract will exit it’s frozen state disconnecting all individuals involved.

Conditional contract:
A conditional contract will have a set condition(s) written on the page and the individual that has signed the contract will be forced to confirm to the condition set in place, otherwise they’ll be met with the consequence written as punishment.

Trading contract:
The contract requiring at least two signatures, the contract allowing the trade of anything and requiring for the set trade to be complete before the concluding. These trades however can happen on the spot, in a specified time-frame, when one party hands over the agreed trade item then the other party will hand over the agreed trade item. For the specific time-frame if one party doesn’t conclude the trade they’ll fall through with breaking the contract rules, if neither have completed both will have to face the consequences written.

Promise contract:
The one(s) who signed are required to accomplish the promise written on the contract unless they wish to break the contract rules, following the consequence written for failing the promise.

Life Contract:
These contracts are bound to the individual for life, unable to be break the bond of the contract unless the contract itself has been destroyed or what has been written on the contract has concluded.

Bloodline Contract:
The bloodline contract being the most extreme, these contracts bind towards the individual for life and throughout any future brood they spawn. These contracts like the Life Contract are unable to be broken unless the contract itself has been destroyed or what has been written on the contract has concluded.







A Synth is a construct made in two separate parts, the first being the body followed by the soul. The Synth’s body is comprised of materials constructed by soul puppeteers imbuing the energy they hold into each singular part of the construct in order to create a network that the construct would be able to utilize, without this energy the Synth wouldn’t be able to move any pieces upon its body. The second stage would be the formation of the soul, once the augment mage has collected enough Élan they’ll be able to create a formation of the collected energy into imbuing it with more Élan direct from the mage themselves siphoning the life they have into the puppet separating pieces of the soul blueprint in order to create a mirror of themselves and apply it towards the pool around them to create a synchronized soul to join together and find the host that was constructed for them, being the Synth’s body. Once these stages are completed the Synth would be alive, however emotionless. The Synth itself has no personalities or given traits to it besides the strength just above an average human. For the Synth to be given personalities the augment mage would require to imbue as they’ve done so before with objects the Synth with boons and or curses. This will comprise the Synth’s personality and give the Synth the ability to utilize augments themselves in radial, touch or lingering on beings around them. Once the body of the Synth has been destroyed or the Synth wishes to transfer body the memory of the last 30 minutes or the previous encounter that lead up to a transfer to happen a Synth can enter their stored body of upto seven. Once all bodies have been destroyed the Synth would be no more and would have to be recreated with a new original soul. The creation of these counterparts would take the original soul and split it up, tethering towards the body. This is what the consciousness of the Synth will travel to once it’s decided. If a body is destroy then so is the Synth, one would be required to repair the soul for a fraction of the Élan used to create the original.

The specific amount of Élan required for the creation of a Synth would be;

  • 300 Élan for original creation.

  • 50 Élan for repairs to the soul.

The Synth itself has no dark energy inside of it or from how the creation works, it’ll be similar to a weaker version of a golem, gold piercing the body effectively however the art of holy magic having no effect on the Synth itself. Being comprised of a severity of parts and attachments to makeup a body for the Synth one cannot have anymore weight than 110 kg of weight(240 pounds) which includes full plate armor being at the max weight of 50kg (110 pounds). The Synths body however can be equipped with tools that’ll assist it as long as the body structure follows the soul blueprint assigned to the Synth. A Synth would find themselves movement wise not as fast however, moving roughly just less than speed of a golem with reaction times, unable to fully defend themselves from a skilled fighter.











The possibilities of this magic as a whole opens the door for various new opportunities of magic and regrouping an old unique magic to the server in the idea of contract magic. However to directly talk about the possibilities of what is suggested above we’ll go in order from top to bottom.


Soul Well -

The well filled with activated Élan, it can pursue a factor of no escape as any being thrown within would be unable to swim out of and only move down, all hope of escape lost as your body is converted into the very thing consuming you.


Happiness Ring -

A ring bound with the boon of happiness, when one would wear the ring it’ll seem like nothing would ever turn the smile upside down, every moment is a happy moment even at a funeral you’ll be busting out with glee and smiles like the psychopath you are.


Soul Bake -

A simple bakery with the hint of soul, on consumption of the food it’ll feel like you’ll hunger for more, the charm of gluttony pushed on to you with the only sensible thing would be to devor more of the delicious treats until you’ll fall flat or die.


Contracts -

Bound to your word, bound to your soul. You are to required to enlist into the Dominion as a footsoldier to assist and protect your great nation, as you are bound to this agreement you will not be able to sway or be removed from your position unless honorably discharged, if you are dishonorably discharged or leave the Dominion force you’ll be met with a curse struck down on your bloodline of cowardness, may you fight till your last breath. This contract will last until the seventh son that raises (7 IRL days) before breaking.


Synth calmness -

A Synth bound to the only personality it’ll know, calmness . The Synth like a daisy strolls down the path before it’ll encounter a fellow elven kin going to tussle with a human over stolen bakery goods. Before the little elf has had time to charge up to the human the Synth would place a hand upon the shoulder of the elf, not preventing his movements but simple touch augmenting his personality of calmness on the being. Eventually the elf would calm down and turn away from starting a fight, thanking the Synth for it’s assistance.




Other reference pictures:






















Happy New Years Everyone! (First lore post of 2018)

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Well, it's a really nice addition to what Sp already got. It is also requiring an actually energysource, which we barely have in magic right now, so a big +1 from me.

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I read the contract part and it seems like you really didn't heed anything I said. This is bad for dynamic roleplay and seems like a near carbon copy of original soul contracts. Consider the harm this has on the server and why it was removed in the first place. That's all.

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So I'm seeing contracts with no effort to fix the issues that the old contract magic had, do you have plans to fix this? Otherwise I don't see it passing.

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2 hours ago, The Pink Lion said:

So I'm seeing contracts with no effort to fix the issues that the old contract magic had, do you have plans to fix this? Otherwise I don't see it passing.


I wanted to see some feedback on contracts, Gladous and I had the discussion over discord and I tried to remedy the fact however the way it was implemented didn't feel solid. I'll be comfortable to work with someone on the magic team to assist me in finding a good solution.

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Thank you for submitting your piece! This will be our final vote until the end of February and due to the amount of lore currently submitted, will take 2 weeks to finish. Expect a verdict here on the 30th/31st.

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Unfortunately, due to the large amount of lore pieces (32 or so) that we're reviewing this time around, I am extending the current vote. A verdict will be posted here around the 5th. I'll post here again to keep you updated if anything else arises.

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