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A Passing of The Torch

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A Passing of The Torch

The 21st of Snow’s Maiden, 1646


On this day I am sadly here to announce, that Erolas Ba’ikana, Protector of the Bokolos, Patriach of the Ba’ikana Clan, Rightful Prince of the Mali’ker kin and most importantly Chieftain of the Warhawkes. has stepped down from his position as Chieftain, but fear not, for I Lockezi Ba’ikana, Adopted son of Erolas Ba’ikana has risen up to become the new Chieftain of the Warhawkes, as requested from Erolas himself, Inaction of me stepping up, I have decided to take action in adding new additions to the Warhawkian Council, changes to the Tahorran’okar and information about the Den mothers, that will be listed shortly,


In light of Erolas stepping down, I have many new ideas and plans to bring to the Warhawkes, such being having more events open for all to come, such as festivals, hunts and to have more community meetings, reason for those meetings would be to hear the Warhawkian community and listen to everyone's suggestion and changes that should be made, As a new change, every four years a conclave will be held, in that meeting it will be decided on what major changes should be made, such as having important events or even adding someone to the council or even removing someone.


Finally, we are going to get into the Council and the Tahorran’okar or known as the Hawks Guard, and a bit into Den mothers, First let's start with the Tahorran’okar, as of this day I remove three rankings out of the six, leaving the most important and useful in the guard force, A guard force is a thing of tradition in the tribe, the duty originally only given to the Ba’ikana of exceptional skill, known for their strength and scouting ability. The Cosmic Guard were the original guard of the Warhawkes, not something written onto paper but a tradition passed down by generations. Knowing this, the leaders of the Tahorran’okar place the Cosmic Guard at the leadership of their ranks, The weapons of the Tahorran’okar are the traditional tomahawk, sword, or bow. Guards will have all of these available to them.


Ranks of the Tahorran’okar

(In order starting from Vira’khel)


Vira’khel - The Vira’khel is a step up from Elokar’ii, they are the more seasoned guards of the bunch and tend to know how to handle most situations. They keep a watchful eye on the Elokar’ii and teach them what they can. A veteran Vira’khel can understand and follow orders with little to no help.They’re a stepping stone to higher positions in the Tahorran’okar.


Elnealuir -  These are the second highest rank in the Tahorran’okar, their job is to assist the Cosmic Guard in trialing the recruits, making sure they are fit for service. In addition, they are to make sure the guards do their duty in protecting the nation and the city, a job similar to an overseer. These soldiers must also carry out the same duties as the Elokar’ii.


Cosmic Guard - The final say in the Tahorran’okar, these men and women report directly to the Chieftains for their orders but order the lower ranks of the guard to do their daily routines. The Cosmic Guard is a selective rank only fit for the most competent leaders and warriors.



Den Mother Lore


Before a Den Mother dies, a ceremony is held for a young woman to take her place. This woman has to be from the family. Den Mothers would teach their daughter the role(s) they hold so they can one day take on the title.  

Den Mothers have a specific role in combat as well. Some will stay behind and take care of the wounded with the head medic Tamiche, giving them food and bringing them away from the fight. Others will be in action with the combat leader Eris, fighting alongside the males as equals. The Den Mother's main role in combat is to make sure that none of their fellow Warhawkes die. Den Mothers can answer any questions you have about the Warhawkes and direct you to where you need to go. They don't just help Warhawkes but anyone who comes into the city with need. Den Mothers don't just protect their own family, but everyone. It is against all rules for a Den Mother to do anything but good to another Warhawke. If they do something other than good, they are provoked from their title and cast out, Each Den Mother is given a main role to help out with the community, some having more than others but that doesn’t make them any more important than the others. The Den Mothers use their skills to teach the kids at Little Feather Academy.




After going in depth about the Tahorran’okar and the Denmothers lets talk about the changes and additions to the Warhawkian Council, I have saw it fit to remove some members off the council and add some, along with a few new roles for people take up, I’d like to welcome a few new Warhawkes to the council, starting with Alydril Daemyr, head of the Tahorran’okar taking the role of Cosmic Guard, Smano, a relatively new Warhawke, but often a large help being given the title of Grand Steward, and Erwin, coming back as Steward with a plan to to help the community and make decisions with the rest of the council, also welcoming Goulal Pyreshard, Wordsmith of Warhawkes, keeping track of all information so we don't go crazy. Last but not least Nerrin Delevoye, promoted from Taskmaster to Cosmic Inquisitor, secondary leader of the Warhawkes, right under the Chieftain.


Council Ranks

Chieftain: Lockezi Ba’ikana (_Lackless_)

Cosmic Inquisitor: Nerrin Delevoye (CelluLoser)

Taskmaster: Empty (N/A)

Cosmic Guard: Alydril Daemyr (EagleEyeKK)

Ambassador: Arabella Delevoye (TheCheshireNeko)

Grand Steward: Smano (MyNameIsMason)

Steward: Erwin (OtakuPan)

Wordsmith: Goulal Pyreshard (JagerMaster)

Head Shaman & Priest: Thalrian and Elinor (Fury_Fire and Voidal)

Chieftain Importance: The Leader of the Warhawkes and the top of the Chiefdom Hierarchy. They hold all the power and makes the final decisions for the Tribe. Said decisions can only be vetoed by a majority of the council.


Cosmic Inquisitor Importance: The Leader of the Tahorran'Okar, The Guard Force of the Tahorran Chiefdom. Second-in-command when the Chieftain isn't present.


Taskmaster Importance: The head of the Task Givers; those who give jobs and tasks to possible future Warhawkes to prove their worth before they are given their trials.


Ambassador Importance: Maintains diplomatic relationships with foreign parties in order to ensure alliances and treaties are followed thoroughly. The face and chair of the Warhawke Diplomatic Committee.


Cosmic Guard Importance: The final say in the Tahorran’okar, these men report directly to the Chieftains for their orders but order the lower ranks of the guard to do their daily routines.


Grand Steward Importance: One person at the head of the team that ensures that the stewards meet their given job's expectations, and gives the final say in any matter related to the stewards


Steward Importance: an appointed individual that looks out for the well being of a town's citizens, and assigns those in need of housing to a house


Wordsmith Importance: They are scribes that would record information and keep track of all things numbers like stocks of food and weapons and armor, take care of the small things, mostly an information gatherer and knowledge keeper


Head Shaman & Priest Importance: a Warhawke Shaman is not so much of a mage, but some do possess the ability to use Lutamancy, a form of Shamanism, The Priest performs funerals, marriages, and other holy events, and usually create new customs with the crazy ideas that they think of. Though they may seem crazy, most of them are gifted with a wide amount of wisdom.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Signed by

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Lockezi Ba'ikana

Edited by _Lackless_

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A dark shaman peers to the Warhawkes and grins.

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Prince Erolas Ba'ikana nods in approval as he hangs a new portrait of the event in his home



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Ecaeris took in a breath of relief as she worried that Erolas had died.

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A joyous smile curls on Elinor's lips as she views the role she had been assigned.

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Mor would dip her head and smile, removing her circlet from her head and watching Erolas exchange the torch with Lockezi.

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A youthful Taloha scowls, disgusted by the family which allows themselves to rule her family's clan. "Vile and gruesome; have they no respect for the rightful bloodline of Chieftains?"

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